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Toradora! 24

So while waiting for the edit on Toradora, I was linked to a True Tears episode subbed by m.3.3.w on youtube. After watching it, I kinda reflected on fansubbing as a whole.

18 months ago, I just started to watch fansubs. The first group I’ve followed was m.3.3.w, starting from Myself;Yourself, up until I started fansubbing. I remember camping out on m.3.3.w’s website waiting for the next episode of Shigofumi/True Tears to be released, it was kind of a weekly thing to do and I kinda enjoyed doing so. I even chatted on their cbox, talking to others about random stuff, etc.

Then I made one really retarded mistake: Deciding to fansub.

I thought it’d be AWSOME to subtitle anime like the guys who did as of that moment. I thought fansubbing would be fun where everyone is nice to each other and help each other out, but I was wrong.

Fansubbing is a job for niggers. It is not fun at all because fansubbers themselves take away the fun. It is more of a competition and trollfest rather than trying to bring out subs to fans. Moreover, you have to deal with intergroup drama and bullshit other niggers give to you. Most people (including me) find it more fun to ruin other groups and bash the fuck out of them than to actually sub something, because that’ is the definition of “fansubbing”  nowadays. That’s why you get lazy fucking groups who takes weeks to get an episode out, while as the whole process takes less than 24 hours. Guess what they’re doing? Discussing how other subs suck (I do that sometimes too and I enjoy it; feels good, man).

As you can imagine, it’s somewhat of a nightmare. Ever since I started it, I couldn’t enjoy anime like I used to. Shit like WARPSHARPING and ALPHATIMING grasps my attention more than panty shots. In other words, fansubbing ruined my anime watching experience, it’s just a price you’ve got to pay for fansubbing. Shit sucks. And the worst thing of all: Once you get into it, you can’t get out of it (I do it for epenis 8D).

I sincerely hope Crunchyroll simulcasts everything so that there will be no excuses of fansubbing to live on anymore.

tl;dr If you truly like anime, do yourself a favor and don’t ever fansub because fansubbing is for egoistical niggers who think they’re better than all the others but they’re not.

That is my rant for today, enjoy your shitty confession scene (wtf jcstaff)

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