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Chihiro, please take fansubbing seriously

Since we’d probably be doing only one show next season – K-ON!, I thought I’ll take a look and see what type of competition we’ve got.

I came across:

I seriously don’t know how anyone can fuck up a 30 second trailer this badly.

  • Dialogue: 0,0:00:03.26,0:00:05.51,KON,,0000,0000,0000,,Well, it’s ABOUT to be abolished.


  • Dialogue: 0,0:00:07.39,0:00:09.17,KON,,0000,0000,0000,,We’ll join the club!

Dear Chihiro’s translator-kun, the line is “入部希望者を待つ”, 入部希望者 = people who wish to join the club , を = subject particle, 待つ = verb for wait. The correct translation is “I will wait for club applicants.” I honestly have no idea how the fuck you get “We’ll join the club!” because 入部希望者 is one noun and therefore 入部 is not a verb. But hey, on the bright side, you got half of it correct!

  • Dialogue: 0,0:00:05.93,0:00:07.39,KON,,0000,0000,0000,,What are you going to do?
    Dialogue: 0,0:00:07.39,0:00:09.17,KON,,0000,0000,0000,,We’ll join the club

Subject-object agreement, learn it for fucks sake. I mean, when I catch shitty editing like this, the editor must be pretty awful.

Also, they’re even using the same dialog font as us! Jesus christ, 7/10

So Chihiro, about how you fucked up a 30 second trailer with less than 10 lines
I am not happy.

Hopefully, with closed captions, you won’t make silly mistakes like these.


Dear Chihiro:

Dear Chihiro,
After seeing this, I was really, really, really, really touched.
I mean, what else could you say after seeing a man goes on a pilgrimage to Meiji Shrine for the sake of his dream?

That’s right, nothing else, because a man’s dream is to be respected; a man with a dream for the sake of benefiting others should be respected even more.

We are willing to offer a chance to make a man’s dream come true, in other words a joint on K-ON!. I think it will be an honor and an extraordinary experience to work with such unique staff.

Please consider it, I’m sure we can learn lots and lots from each other. On top of that, you can also make a man’s dream come true.

Please do contact us if you’re interested!


Akikan! 03 and more drama

So, some people (yes, you, Kristen) just don’t fucking get it. Fine, whatever.

Translation: Sub-par at best. I cannot claim too much about this, since I don’t know Japanese, but there are some things that we obviously wrong, such as “I talked to a girl with big breasts” for the Haiku instead of “I met a girl with big breasts and talked with her.” It is the type of things I’d expect to see on a C->E TL, since it cut out part of the line to get the point across, but does not accurately convey the Japanese. 4/10.

Let’s dissect this.

>but there are some things that we obviously wrong, such as “I talked to a girl with big breasts” for the Haiku instead of “I met a girl with big breasts and talked with her.”

The original line is おっぱいの大きな女子と会話した. Kristen, I’m sorry. 1) “I talked to a girl with big breasts” and “I met a girl with big breasts and talked with her” means the same thing. It delievers the same message as a whole. If someone can tell me how these two lines are so different in context that it’ll cause misunderstanding, please to tell me. 2) Translating it as a “I met a girl with…” is wrong. I see how you got “met with and talk to her”, but it is an error from understanding that lines (that proves your translator is still an amateur, yeah you, Kylaran). 会話 is one verb in this sentence, so it literally means “to talk” or “conversation”, but Chihiro’s translator interpreted it as 会 (to meet) and + 話 (to talk), which is a really retarded mistake if you view it from a translator’s point of view. It also makes me wonder the quality of Chihiro’s translation because they misinterpreted something so simple but important. By the way, closed captions are not that special, you know. Please try harder next time and not make your own translator look like an idiot, you’re just making me look better, honestly.

Editing: Some noticeable errors. For instance “It was something I thought up to remember when we first met.” That does not make much sense at all, and if someone needs to explain what it means, then the editing is poor. Or “This happened this morning too”. 4/10

I admit the first line is a bit lol, but it’s just an error you nitpicked. I mean, errors are within our margin of quality, since we don’t really have any qc’s (tl note: we’re just a team of 2, so our abilities are pretty limited), and also the editor wasn’t feeling well (inb4 excuses). The second line could be reworded to sound better, but it’s okay, I guess. But this is nothing compared to the typos/editing mistake in Chihiro’s release.

Typesetting: Could’ve typeset the sign for the school instead of putting it on top. Also, the titles font does not match. 4/10

We rather have \an8 notes than half-assed typeset (again, we aim to do what we can in a reasonable period of time). Also, I don’t think there’s a problem with title font. Again, nitpicking.

Encoding: VERY VERY Blurry. Lots of little details were cut out do to over-blurring. 3/10

Quoted from Chihiro who is known to upscale, thinking everything is superpal and nuking the fuck out of their videos. But I admit, it was a bit blurry due to the it being the only source when we started. Unlike Chihiro, we’re not aiming to be perfect. Moreover, we’ll be doing the 16:9 version w/ BS11 caps. But honestly,  I still don’t see how you get 3/10 from, what scale are you using?

Overall, definitely not a complete shitsub, but definitely not something to archive either. I wasn’t too much of a fan of the style they used either. So, I’m going to give it a 5 for mediocre, 1/2 way between babelfish (1) and perfect (10)

Overall, I think your judgment is pretty fucking biased. I have my own policy to not judge others on the same show I’m working on, because I know I will try and nitpick the fuck out of it. But I think that policy only applies to me. Try harder next time and stop making your group look bad from criticizing another group’s release.

tl;dr Kristen, just fucking cut it out and leave me alone. I’m not perfect and neither are you. If you really want to start drama, go find someone else, I’m tired of your fucking idiotic “PEOPLE ARE BASHING US, I MUST NITPICK OTHERS TO MAKE MYSELF FEEL BETTER”. Don’t make me check every single episode of your releases and write essays on the errors they have, it’ll make me look like an asshole (which I am not known for, I am generally a nice guy who avoids drama) and waste my time, and it’ll make you look bad.

Anyway, sorry for the rant.

Enjoy your quality not QUALITY this time.

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