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Henneko Group Switch

We’re going to continue subbing Henneko under [gg], so visit for future episodes. Thanks. (Yes, it’s the same team)

Henneko – 01

The story behind doing this is:

Anyway, enjoy.

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Ano Natsu de Matteru – 03

Welp. No more direct downloads. I guess my goal of making 7 digits right out of college isn’t that bad. Money is power in this world, after all.

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Guily Crown – 11

This show is fucking filled with cliche and more cliche. DON’T KNOW WHAT TO MAKE OF IT.

Toradora after the break, guys.

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Guilty Crown – 10

Sorry, finals happened. One per day, four days in a row, somewhat.

This is the question which made me go crazy. Do you think you’re man enough to solve it? [you need to know MIPS & C]. Also, assume mystery resides in 0xF0000000 if that even matters. And ignore the unsigned declaration of mystery. Mystery call in main() is calling that MIPS function. Tell me if you get the answer!

Back to GC, I feel like it’s a bit too rushed… Everything spilling over in one episode? What?

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Guilty Crown – 09

Fucking Verizon. How dare they lock down a nexus phone. Fuck you and I imported mine. Speaking of which, ICS is okay… I guess I expected way too much from it. iOS is still vastly superior in terms of usability, though. Oh, android devs, when will you make UI rendering a priority thread? 🙁

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Guilty Crown – 08

Wow, I’m surprised everything went smoothly this week: i.e. TS DIDN’T BREAK.

Also, with regards to the show… I feel really bad for Shu 🙁 hopefully he will become less of a faggot.

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Guilty Crown – 07

Happy thanksgiving faggots!

No, it’s not a turkey eating day for me because I believe in God. Instead, I’ll have hotpot instead -v- Also, need good black friday deals…  ZzzzZzzz

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Guilty Crown – 06

Meh. I’m so lazy these days 🙁 I will fix it next week.

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Guilty Crown – 05


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