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Toradora status

As of this moment, Toradora is dropped.

No, seriously.

Even though we are in a bit of pressure due to subbing so many shows, we are doing our best to bring you subs. We hope you understand our decision that is based on our schedule and will not ask any questions about it.

idk who put up this post, but I had a good laugh.  whatever, now that finals are over (inb4 underage b&), time to start working 8D

Toradora! 15

It has been a while since we’ve done zero-days for Toradora! -v-;

Enjoy… ZzZzz

Download [ Torrent | Subtitle Script ]

Toradora! 14


Download [ Torrent | Subtitle Script ]

P.S. Just bear with the tracker issues for the moment… I can’t really do anything about it OTL

Merry X’mas and Toradora! 13


I’d really like a girlfriend to spend Christmas with… But anyways…

This is our Christmas present for you, enjoy! :3

Download: [ Torrent | Subtitle Script ]

Toradora! 12

Most delayed episode ever. 8D

Editor 1 went on a date.

Editor 2 was making out with his gf.

Editor 3 was playing persona 4.

So I had to qq everywhere for a editor 4. Feels good man. HE’S SUPER SPECIAL

Oh, we’ll be doing a xvid version for more epenis. -v-; too much effort

Also, ignore [CoalGuys] Toradora – 12 [9A9607F7].mkv, something was wrong with that.

Download [ Torrent | Subtitle Script ]

How we feel about Toradora!


Oh, episode 11 will be delayed because I currently feel like shit now… D8