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Everything dropped

Seems like I always run into bullshit when subbing alone. Basically, I don’t have the time for these two shows due to having 4 extra shows thrown at me at gg.

Tues – KnT, Kobato
Wed – Bakatest, Bund
Thurs – Durarara!!, Ookamikakushi
Sat – Qwaser
Sun – Some random H anime weekly to get $$ to pay for the server (lol paying for fansubbing)
???? – Thriller Restaurant
Other shit: Do stupid shit for another group, eden*

As you can see, I’m already pushing my own limit hard. I still have school to attend to and my valedictorian status to maintain. Despite that, I don’t even know how the fuck I would handle 7 shows.
CoalGuys is at the bottom of my list of concerns (this is just some stupid solo/whatnot project if you haven’t already realized), so if I were to cut down my work load, Bund and Qwaser would be the first ones to go.

I’m sorry for any inconveniences.
You can go download Qwaser from SubDESU. They sub the uncensored the version and that is the version you should be watching.
You can go download Bund from SFW, we use the same translator so they should be fine.

We will definitely be back next season for K-ON! S2.
Hopefully you all would be able to understand my situation. Thanks! m(_ _)m

Qwaser – 06

There’s a hole in my heart
Where you used to live.
There’s a place in my heart,
That you filled with love.

;_; you will only realize how important something is to you when you lose it

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Qwaser – 05

Subbing is getting boring and stupid now. Only get like 2 free days a week (without subbing). Note to self: don’t pick up more than 2 shows each season, especially shitty ones.

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Seikon no Qwaser – 04

Sorry, totally forgot about this show. Translated it on Saturday night… Got too carried away doing college application-related shit.
Will do the uncensored tomorrow, I suppose.

Edit: YATTA is awesome.

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Qwaser – 03

Few things first:
1) Bund will be on hold until I figure out how to work shit out.
2) Still recruiting translators. Before someone asks “WHY DON’T YOU DO IT YOURSELF,” I would like to point out translating two episodes in one night isn’t very reasonable.
3) K-ON BDs… Uh… IF SOMEONE IS WILLING TO DO IT FOR ME SURE BUT I’M NOT DOING IT MYSELF. The previous encoder was KIA’d. May he rest in peace ;_;
4) Qwaser uncensored… Waiting for ATX, but somehow I don’t think they’ll air the director’s cut. If someone is willing to pay and rip the streams from Biglobe leave a message. Otherwise, I’ll just use some random PD raw.

Enjoy your fucking censoring.

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Seikon no Qwaser – 02

The amount of censoring in this show is disgusting.

Also currently recruiting translator(s), if you’re interested please leave a message here with your email. I’ll email you back. You’re looking at lots of fun opportunities here!

Oh, Mafuyu is the only girl that makes this show worthwhile.

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Seikon no Qwaser – 01

Status this season:
Baka to Test to Shoukanju – tling/etc for gg
Durarara!! & Ookamikakushi – helping gg
Vampire Bund – probably will do it starting ep 2 since episode 1 was a fucking disaster
Seikon no Qwaser – what the fuck is this shit????
Sora no Woto – CR (told you faggots)

Some blogging:
To be fucking honest, I nearly wanted to just fuck this show. I spent 12 hours, yes 12 motherfucking hours, encoding it because the latest 32bit x264 was fucking bugged and had memory leaks, and that took me QUITE SOME TIME TO FIGURE THAT OUT. God fucking dammit. Argh, not to mention I only slept like 4 hours last night. Moral of the story: CLI x264-64bit.

Enjoy your terrible show with horribad censoring.

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