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No Akikan this week

^read the title -3-;

also, I recommend you guys watch White Album
it is the best show this season IMO -v-

edit by encoder : White Album sucks lol!

edit: no Akikan airing this week, some stupid seiyuu shit or 6.5 is taking its place

Asu no Yoichi! 06

inb4 gundam

Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script | DDL (1 week) ]

Toradora! 19

It has been quite a while since I cried from an episode. ;___; (No, I don’t watch Clanand because I’m against Key and their mentally retarded main female characters.)

Anyway, enjoy.

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Recovered links

Sigh, finally got time to fix this. Toradora 19 should be out in an hour or two.
These files are from previously deleted page links:

Asu no Yoichi 01 WS : [ Torrent | Script ]

Akikan 05 : [ Torrent | Script ]

Toradora! 18 [ Torrent | Script ]

Asu no Yoichi! 05 & Akikan! 06

Sorry for the delay, to make up for it, dual release -v- (my hands are hurting like fuck from subbing 3 episodes in one day, I think this is a record for me).

Well, if you want to know, the delay was caused by a short circuiting reset button on my new PC which caused random reboots, it took me over 10 hours to figure it out… OTL Anyhow, windows 7 is :awesome:

We’ll also like to announce that we’re picking up K-ON! in the spring season of 2009. It’s by KyoAni, adapted from some 4-koma comic strip. Yeah, our type of show -3-

Anyway, enjoy.

Download AnY 05: [ Torrent | Subtitle Script ]

Download Akikan 06: [ Torrent | Subtitle Script ]

P.S. Website is a bit fucked atm, I’ll fix it tomorrow.

Asu no Yoichi! 04

Fell asleep, got to go to a practice exam now, bye.

Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script ]

Toradora! 17

This episode took longer with the new OP/ED and fucking retarded tl;dr dialogue (well, I also decided Toradora wasn’t worth losing sleep because there was no competition).

I would personally like to thank StillDaggerX for translating the OP/ED, Kokizzzle for editing it, and Koda for styling it -v-;

A few things:

1) You will need the latest vsfilter to view the OP properly (old vsfilter will still work, but it won’t be as fabulous), so please download the latest CCCP. You can choose to just update the vsfilter.

2) I would like to thank the people who donated. And also, the donation list has been updated with a target/goal amount and what it will be used for (We’re not going to put a huge TARGET IS $X, because we believe people who don’t want to donate shouldn’t be bothered by it).

3) Please visit our editor’s blog. I promised to link him, so lol -v-;

Anyway, enjoy your new OP/ED and the leadin to the final arc.

Dowload : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script ]

Akikan! 04

Sorry, I didn’t really feel like subbing yesterday… It’s just one of those days. -v-;

Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script ]

Asu no Yoichi! 03

Oh god, this scene in the OP always gets me ;_;

Enjoy -v-;

Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script ]

Toradora! 16

Wow, I didn’t know that many people cared about Toradora… lol… -v-;

So about our new and fabulous donation button:
*insert your usual comment about WE NEED MONEY $_$* Actually, it’s for getting a faster server (specs/speed/etc) for faster encoding/releasing purpose (contradictory to popular belief, no one here is bothered to rape their own PCs for >6 hours ). So, uh, yeah, if you something to spare, donate it to us; if you don’t, don’t bother and ignore the button. thanks.

Anyway, enjoy your bitch fight.

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