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K-ON! Blu-ray 01 & 02

Hi guys.

So uh K-ON! came out on Blu-ray. We’re bored so we encoded it and put our widescreen scripts (which went through extra editing and QC’ing) on it, and made it available. There’s like two episodes released per month or something, so expect them at that pace. These look far better than the original raws, obviously. That said, we don’t think it is actually 1080p. It’s probably somewhere below that, but it still looks good.

The audio is 384kbps AC3 and the video is approx. 4400kbps for the 1080p version and 2200kbps for the 720p version.
It’s fully softsubbed and chaptered and no hardsubs were used.

01 1080p download: [ Torrent | DDL ]

01 720p download: [ Torrent | DDL ]

02 1080p download: [ Torrent | DDL ]

02 720p download: [ Torrent | DDL ]

As for other series, chances are we won’t be doing anything soon, though knowing us, we might get bored and sub something just for fun.

K-ON! 10 & Announcements

Hi fags, since I haven’t blogged in a week or so~ I’m going to blog like a nigger now.

  1. First of all, faggots who care will know that AnimeExpo 2009 is coming soon. I’m wondering if we should hold a meetup (lol) since I live darn close to LA and LACC is pretty close. Come on our IRC and discuss it w/ me or other niggers who’s going. Or just leave your email/a comment here.
  2. TtT is on hold because our precious translator for it ran away, he said something about it turning shit! Oh well,  unless I find a new one, we won’t be continuing on it. Meanwhile, you could download Solstice’s fabulous COMIC SANS SUBS.
  3. K-ON WS is also on hold (Trying to get moving again). Read here for in depth explanation.
  4. Poll for what-to-do next season is up. Yeah, anime sucks, I’m beginning to realize that. (Note: Only one show because HARUHI will be ongoing.)
  5. ANN is more stupid than ASUKI.
  6. SankakuComplex stinx.
  7. OK THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE OUT OF ALL: PLEASE TAKE 10 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME AND WATCH THE NEW SERIES WE’RE PRODUCING. IT WILL BE BATCHED WITH K-ON FROM NOW ON. The name is 黒人の王 (Kokujin no Ou). It’s highly entertaining and fun to watch! If you enjoy K-ON, you’ll enjoy that too! We put a lot of effort into producing this video, so please watch it with your utter most sincerity. Thanks!


Download : [ Torrent | DDL (KON) | DDL (KnO) | Script ]

Edit: Where the fuck did you faggots get the idea that K-ON is dropped for the last 2 episodes? Derp.

Reuploaded Torrents


Torrents are on our tracker :

Scripts are here : (will be updated… soon)

P.S. After another 4 hours of discussion, we decide to play LUNIA ONLINE right now. (Come join us… if you want to)

Tears to Tiara 01

Well, just felt like I had to do something so I had to choose between Polyphonica and this…

And yeah, I went with TtT because I heard it’ll get interesting later on (wincest) and I want something with a plot, not to mention HD as a bonus.

Enjoy your shitty seeding and fuck yeah Yuko Goto!

Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script | DDL ]

P.S. Main script errors on K-ON will be fixed in the widescreen version (thanks to those who pointed the errors out, no thanks to shitty editing by Calan), opening will be fixed next episode (Refined translation + more serious “typesetting” <?>).

Asu no Yoichi! 09 & Updates

So uh… it’s here (not that I wanted to stall it) -3-

Regarding Akikan: Stalled until further notice because I don’t really have time and the show takes motivation away from me.

Anyway, enjoy your AYAME this episode!

Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script | DDL ]

P.S. Visit editor-kun’s blog for pictures or something

Toradora! 22

Somehow I made it, woah -3- (turned out I had some SRSBSNS flu and I got assigned some fucking strong medicine which makes me @[email protected] the whole time)

Also, Ryuuji needs to grow some balls. FUCK.

Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script | DDL ]

P.S. Visit and discuss on editor-kun’s blog, I guess

Asu no Yoichi! 08

Hey guys, remember when anime was good? I’m not sure if I do

Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script | DDL ]

P.S. Regarding our donations, our target is now 58e/month, we changed it because we realized we’ll never get an encoding server (IT’S LIKE A DREAM), moreover, I already spend 600$ myself getting a new computer, so whatever. Once again, thanks to those who have already donated. (donations.txt will be updated soon)

P.S.2 Visit editor-kun’s blog for discussion of this episode

Toradora! 21

In before I get a fever tomorrow. ;_;

Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script | DDL ]


Akikan! 07

A few things:

1) I apologize for being late for these past few episodes, because I have Munto on Tues, Toradora on Wed/Thur, Asu on Fri and Akikan on Sat, one tiny shift cause my whole schedule to fuck up. so… – -;;

2) What the fuck is with all this fansub drama accusation shit? I was offering the joint out of pure good will, well, mainly because doing everything by your fucking self is fucking annoying, but still. If you can’t think of anything intelligent to say, please shut the fuck up and leave me alone. (X’_________’)

3) CoulGuys wasn’t us in a sense, well, the script was leaked and some people thought it was :coal: to do it, so whatever.

4) Visit our editor’s blog, derp

5) Dear NEET, you’re a fucking idiot. (it’s not shooped you dickweed)

Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script | DDL ]

Asu no Yoichi! 07 & RECRUIT

I am a lazy faggot. :< All right, I think I should go on a recruiting spree (getting lazy, w/e, etc).

We are currently recruiting:

1) A timer for shifting scripts and time stuff when I don’t feel like timing (especially AnY widescreen).

2) Translator for next season. Requirements: idk, contact me if you’re interested (it’s nice to have another tl in the group, but I can already do everything myself, so it’s just like icing on cake 8D)

pm me at `Mango/Mango-chan @


Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script | DDL ]

P.S. Visit the editor’s blog