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K-ON! Blu-ray 01 & 02

Hi guys.

So uh K-ON! came out on Blu-ray. We’re bored so we encoded it and put our widescreen scripts (which went through extra editing and QC’ing) on it, and made it available. There’s like two episodes released per month or something, so expect them at that pace. These look far better than the original raws, obviously. That said, we don’t think it is actually 1080p. It’s probably somewhere below that, but it still looks good.

The audio is 384kbps AC3 and the video is approx. 4400kbps for the 1080p version and 2200kbps for the 720p version.
It’s fully softsubbed and chaptered and no hardsubs were used.

01 1080p download: [ Torrent | DDL ]

01 720p download: [ Torrent | DDL ]

02 1080p download: [ Torrent | DDL ]

02 720p download: [ Torrent | DDL ]

As for other series, chances are we won’t be doing anything soon, though knowing us, we might get bored and sub something just for fun.

K-ON! 13 (End)

6 hours, new record -v-! (俺たちは負けない)

Another show completed, time flies by really quick. I think I’m going to miss thursdays a lot ;__________;
Hopefully they’ll make a season 2. I highly doubt it, though.

Anyways, enjoy the final episode!

Download : [ Torrent | Script | DDL ]

P.S. For fellow vocaloid fans: <- even though it’s a fandub, her singing is fucking awesome.

P.S2 I need to go slavedrive the editor. Hopefully WS starts moving again soon.

K-ON! 12

Kool, some nigger jumped in on episode 11 and made me lose some sleep. Jesus fucking christ, kids these days.

Anyway, might be taking a break from fansubbing due to *EVENTS* (yeah, that, don’t ask). Maybe forever? Maybe for a season or two? Who knows.

Will still finish K-ON! WS though.


Download : [ Torrents | DDL | Script ]


K-ON! 11

Feels good making you niggers wait for the best show of this season.

Also, I’m pretty darn glad that there’s no S2 of K-ON! However, I’m sad that next season looks like shit.

Download : [ Torrent | DDL | Script ]

P.S. ETA till all K-ON! WS : 1 week. Hurry the fuck up, Calan.

K-ON! 10 & Announcements

Hi fags, since I haven’t blogged in a week or so~ I’m going to blog like a nigger now.

  1. First of all, faggots who care will know that AnimeExpo 2009 is coming soon. I’m wondering if we should hold a meetup (lol) since I live darn close to LA and LACC is pretty close. Come on our IRC and discuss it w/ me or other niggers who’s going. Or just leave your email/a comment here.
  2. TtT is on hold because our precious translator for it ran away, he said something about it turning shit! Oh well,  unless I find a new one, we won’t be continuing on it. Meanwhile, you could download Solstice’s fabulous COMIC SANS SUBS.
  3. K-ON WS is also on hold (Trying to get moving again). Read here for in depth explanation.
  4. Poll for what-to-do next season is up. Yeah, anime sucks, I’m beginning to realize that. (Note: Only one show because HARUHI will be ongoing.)
  5. ANN is more stupid than ASUKI.
  6. SankakuComplex stinx.
  7. OK THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE OUT OF ALL: PLEASE TAKE 10 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME AND WATCH THE NEW SERIES WE’RE PRODUCING. IT WILL BE BATCHED WITH K-ON FROM NOW ON. The name is 黒人の王 (Kokujin no Ou). It’s highly entertaining and fun to watch! If you enjoy K-ON, you’ll enjoy that too! We put a lot of effort into producing this video, so please watch it with your utter most sincerity. Thanks!


Download : [ Torrent | DDL (KON) | DDL (KnO) | Script ]

Edit: Where the fuck did you faggots get the idea that K-ON is dropped for the last 2 episodes? Derp.

K-ON! 09

After 3 blackouts and 1 starbucks run, I think I finally made it! -v-

Well, there are a lot of things I’d like to bitch about but I guess I’ll save my energy for grinding Perfect World tomorrow.

Oh and by the way, there are only 1-2 things I remotely give a shit about and this (K-ON) being one of them.


Download : [ Torrent | DDL | Script ]

P.S. If you think there’s something wrong with using nigger, you’re a fucking racist.


Right now at this moment I’m being a nigger sitting in starbucks and stealing their internet.



So unless I get my power back any time soon, K-ON will be delayed. (not for long, I’m prepared to ditch school tomorrow to fagsub)

That is all. So now, go do something more productive.
Disregard that I suck cocks


K-ON! 08 & Haruhi S2 01

Haruhi S2 (joint w/ Koda even though she kirai’s me) and K-ON! 08.

After subbing two fucking shows (With one being >400 lines of HIRANO AYA) within 10 hours I’m fucking exhausted so I’m not going to blog.

Haruhi S2 01: [ Torrent ] ( Scripts etc, go visit gg’s page )

K-ON! 08 : [ Torrent | DDL | Script ]

P.S. The preview-title should’ve been “Freshmen!” last episode, it will be changed on the WS.

K-ON! 04 (Widescreen)

Was MMO’ing (Lineage 2 pserv with like 20 other faggots) for the past 3 days -v-; getting addicted again… orz.

Anyway, looking for a translator preferably J>E, drop me a message (`Jaka/Mango-chan) on irc if you’re interested. (Seriously)

Enjoy your WS.

Download : [ Torrent | DDL | Script ]