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K-ON! Movie

Woke up at 12pm and started working on it till now, which is 7am. Subbing a movie is fucking grueling. Regardless, this was an amazing movie. The details… the animation… the characters… everything was just perfect. There’s just so much budget put into it and was used well. K-ON definitely has to be one of my favorite slice-of-life shows. Once again, thanks for supporting us!

Have to sleep now. Gotta work on E7AO tomorrow.

Special thanks to:
Vale (translator)
Sindalf (timer)
matt (encoder)
koda, kusion (styling the songs)
me (what did I even do)

Download : [ Torrent (720p) | Torrent (1080p) | ASS ]

K-ON!! S2 – 12

Perhaps it’s better to actually watch the episode before subbing it. Watching while subbing compared to watching before subbing is a totally different experience (in a bad way).

Download : [ Torrent | DDL | ASS ]

P.S. What to sub this summer? There should be a poll up soon. Fuck the poll. High School of the Dead it is.

P.S. I never said part one wasn’t true.

B Gata 10 & K-ON!! 10

Lots of stuff happened. Busy week. Shitty orientation. Lots of brainwashing.

Seriously need to get a job… Too bad there are none around here. Fuck.

B Gata Download : [ Torrent | ASS | DDL ]

K-ON Download: [ Torrent | ASS | DDL ]

P.S. Call me a faggot for playing this. But if you’re playing Atlantica @ Sikion, drop a message at Grapes to say hi :3 Need to kill time somehow.

K-ON!! S2 – 09

Somehow I found this episode quite touching… Maybe I just have a soft spot for the elderly -3-

Download : [ Torrent | ASS | DDL (Use at your own risk, or check CRC after complete) ]

P.S. Anyone good at MATLAB (or perhaps in general programming and has taken calc 3 or above) and is willing to help/tutor me in doing something real basic? Thanks for those who offered. Being the teacher’s pet, I got an automatic A in the class. Feels good, man.

K-ON!! S2 – 08

Fuck verizon. It’s like, everything bad happens on the day I sub K-ON… I’ve gotten two blackouts, and now, some internet connection bullshit. Derp.

Download : [ Torrent | DDL | ASS ]

K-ON!! S2 – 03

I hate you all.

Download : [ Torrent | ASS | DDL ]

Update: DDL fixed

K-ON!! S2 – 02

Fuck, had to do like 80% of the crap today and I still have a lot of homework.

Btw, enjoy 24 episodes of this terrible show. -v-

Download : [ Torrent | ASS ]

P.S. It’s over, Japan.

K-ON!! S2 – 01


After a year, finally! I kind of missed subbing this show.

Jesus Christ, the OP and ED this time were tough. Had to ask like multiple Japanese people before even getting a clue about what they were singing. The ED was awesome though… I can already see the cosplay shitstorm coming up -v-

Anyways, here you go!

Download : [ Torrent | ASS ]

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P.S. Don’t use the donate function, there’s no need at this time to do so! I need to change it…

P.S.S. If you have BFBC2, come on IRC and message Mango-chan… I need niggers to play with -3-

K-ON! 14 (OVA)

This episode is the “special episode” announced for vol 7. of the BD.

I haven’t had so much fun subbing something since K-ON!… ;_; I guess this is called nostalgia, huh?

Anyways, once again:
Also currently recruiting translator(s), if you’re interested please leave a message here with your email. I’ll email you back. You’re looking at lots of fun/enjoyable opportunities here!

Enjoy and see you season 2!

Download: [ Torrent ]

P.S. Despite the file size, it’s 720p. Ripped directly from the BD. Guess KyoAni likes to smooth the fuck out of things!

New Project & Happy New Year!

1. Excuse me, why would we want help from a group led by some Canadian (Inferior Country to Japan and America) who is ever so ignorant (to the level which made xris agree with the fluff!), thinks he’s important ((笑) and doesn’t even try to understand what code does before asking questions about it? I’d say your overestimating you’reself here.

2. 俺わ12歳、これは何ですか tl note: wat

3. I sincerely apologize for offending you’re stance of Importance on the Internet. But maybe if you had ever been half as popular as us, you’re history might actually get blogged on the internets! And I supposed you’ve heard wrong, because I’ve been there; done that, multiple times.

4. Okay, lol. I must say you’re bullshitting skills are not high enough, if you know what I mean. Personally, I don’t think you guys are doing Eden* because you’re translator is not as good as me and you’re hacker is not really good enough since our hacker Easily Hacked Minori’s Revolutionary DRM. Oh BTW, I think it’s pretty cool to release EXEs that don’t do shit and claim that they’re the next big thing ever since the gibson was hacked.

P.S. (The most important bit) Derp. Seriously though, I was trying to help you guys gain attention the attention you want for god knows what reason, but apparently, it can’t be helped. People were more interested in me blogging about a nigger than blogging about some Legitimate Visual Novel Drama from some group that has been exerting its influence on the Scene since the beginning of Time. I am disappoint.

Lesson learned: VN Drama is nowhere even close to Fansub Drama. Dammit.


We were originally planning on subbing animé for winter season. BUT… There’s nothing to sub!
CrunchyRoll will be doing:
Hanamaru Kindergarten
So ra no wo to (Sora no oto)
Omamori Himari

and the Fansubbing CABAL will be doing the rest (I will be subbing bund with faggots) and that leaves basically nothing.

So I put on my Drama Goggles and decided to translate Eden* with some fellow EROGE LOVERS. TBH, the reasons for picking this were simply Drama & Short (only 10k lines!). Before the day of the public announcement of the project, some stupid faggots, NNL, known for their idiocy, past records of Retarded Logic (TM), breaking fandisks and love of Minori stuff, asked us for a joint. Knowing that these people are huge faggots (LLStarks is nowhere even near them), our team rejected them.

The result?
A terribly friendly HNY message (eurofags) with doses of Extreme Butthurt. (Backup link)

Man, I must say that 2009 has the best end I’ve ever experienced.
– K-ON! Season 2! (Yeah, obv. we will sub it)
– Stupid faggots making my day!

Enough blogging. I wish all of you a Happy New Year!

P.S. Thought these guys should have a little skills backing up their Elitism, but I guess not.
lol. (See: their “old” translation; what the flying fuck)
what. (cool font, bros)