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Guilty Crown – 08

Wow, I’m surprised everything went smoothly this week: i.e. TS DIDN’T BREAK.

Also, with regards to the show… I feel really bad for Shu 🙁 hopefully he will become less of a faggot.

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Guilty Crown – 07

Happy thanksgiving faggots!

No, it’s not a turkey eating day for me because I believe in God. Instead, I’ll have hotpot instead -v- Also, need good black friday deals…  ZzzzZzzz

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Guilty Crown – 06

Meh. I’m so lazy these days 🙁 I will fix it next week.

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Guilty Crown – 05


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Guilty Crown – 04

I don’t get it. Well, actually, there’s two things I don’t get:

1) This show? Hilariously cliche, yet it does manage to give me good vibes while watching it.

2) Why dumb groups like Hadena/Doki still fansub.

Hadena: C301V3? What the flying fuck? How do you even v3 something. Either you’re retarded or incompetent or both or fucking stupid. If you hadn’t realized yet, we have never done a V2 because you know: we check our shit. Of course, we have some errors here or there but it’s not worth it to create fragmentation. Doki… yeah, they’re stupid too. This is coming from the best fansubber. These groups should just really take my advice and quit.

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Guilty Crown – 03

How much does fanservice sell? I don’t know, man.

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Guilty Crown – 02


Oh, Gai can have my babies too 😉

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P.S. Some changes:

1) Fyu-Neru -> Funnel (Dear god why the fuck did I put that?)

2) Undertaker -> Funeral Parlor (Makes more sense in context)

3) Don’t speak to me -> Don’t leave me (LOL DID I REALLY TRANSLATE HANASANAIDE TO DON’T SPEAK TO ME)

P.P.P.P.S hi10p is immature technology and doesn’t have much support – yet – [read: I’m too fucking lazy to install the latest cccp to playback hi10p l0l]

Guilty Crown – 01

Man, I can’t believe I miss subbing. The thrill. The race against time.

Yeah, I know it’s simulcasted but all other shows suck this season. Also, the simulcast makes the subbing of this more exciting, I guess…

Oh, by the way, this show kinda sucks too. The main character is a huge faggot but he seems promising. Whatever, enjoy.

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K-ON!! 27

Well, as promised. This show is always so heartwarming and fuzzy -v- I wish I could have such friends ;_;

There will be no bots because IRC is shit.

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Yes, I’ll do K-ON 27… by Monday. Currently spending time with my beautiful princess.

Pic related; it’s what I just ate… brb throwing up.