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Ano Natsu de Matteru – 06

So who’s going to play TERA (with me)? Already bought the game -v-

And NO I’m not going to roll an Elin because it’s pedoshit. Grow up, fellow manchildren.

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Ano Natsu de Matteru – 05

So I have class and in order to do Ano Natsu I have to do this shit in a public cafe; however, I forgot to bring my earphones today. I was like, okay, I’ll play it off cool and pretend to be normal. Then magi-fucking-ly a (female) friend came over to the table I was sitting at on the day I have to fansub without earphones to sit down.

“Hey, is that Japanese?”


The conversation sort of went downhill from there but no power levels were leaked. This, son, is what you need to master in order to become the Best Fansubber (AKA me).

This brings me to another point (Hayaku’s Ano Natsu):

Translator: w0lf [AD]
Editors: NavyCherub [AH], Arche2 [AD], the1 [ET]
Typesetting: peeaivo [AH], Jaeyjay [AD], Belldandy-sama [AD]
Timer: lygerzero0zero [ET]
TLC: lygerzero0zero [ET]
QC: Treize-kun [ET], Tormaid [AH]
Encoding: Tormaid [AH]
Distro: Tormaid [AH]

Shit nigger… Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? LOL. These guys must be fucking terribad or mentally incapable (sure, you might call me conceited because I’m fucking smart, but still…) if you need that many faggots to sub one episode, you’re clearly a) fucking stupid b) mentally retarded c) poor and uneducated and therefore have so much free time d) any combination of a-c). Also, it’s worthy to note that they take god knows how long to sub one episode. MORE PEOPLE = FASTER, NO?

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P.S. This episode confirms that Ano Natsu is the best show of the season. It has also put faith back into me that there are still good anime being produced. If you want to read more about interesting observations on the show, which I really recommend you do so, head to: (he’s the translator for this show).

Ano Natsu de Matteru – 04

Oh boy, truly the BEST SHOW OF THE SEASON (nagi is like 99% of this claim). This is probably episode 0, the last episode was probably episode -1, etc. Episode 1 starts next week.

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P.S. To all Justin Bieber haters: you’re all faggots. Don’t be jealous because he’s way more successful than you will ever be.

Ano Natsu de Matteru – 03

Welp. No more direct downloads. I guess my goal of making 7 digits right out of college isn’t that bad. Money is power in this world, after all.

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Ano Natsu de Matteru – 02

Now that CrunchyRoll is streaming 1080p, it is safe to say that, despite their faggotry, they have secured their spot as the KING OF ANIME. Hence, we’re not subbing guilty crown anymore. If it makes you feel better, download commie’s rips, change the styles, and potentially the filename, and you will get our release! I might just automate that some day.

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I’ll Be Waiting That Summer – 01 & Why Crunchyroll Sucks

EDIT: Why commie subs are still bad

Yes, we know Crunchyroll is “simulcasting” it, and they’re going to be late. However, rumor has it that Crunchyroll subtitles are shitty; I’m here to clear up some misunderstandings.

First of all, the main argument against CR subtitles is that they have bad scripts/translations. That is NOT the true in any measure. The translator for Mainichi Kaasan is probably the best in this business, as with most of their other translators. Hang on, “the best in this business.” What does that even imply or mean? Understanding this will put you a step ahead in understanding why Crunchyroll is shit and why you shouldn’t watch their stuff.

First of all, I assume we all agree that the vast majority of people who major in language are not as capable of intelligence in the most basic sense as compared to say, a Business Major. I apologize to those who I happen to offend. Now, those who graduate and get a job in translation are the worst, with the exception of those who work at the United Nations. A translator makes really shitty pay and has absolutely no job security. Putting one and one together, we can come to the conclusion that translators, or even sub staff in general, who work at CR are fucking terrible human beings with absolutely no worth and intelligence.

Compare that picture to me. I’m fucking smart with perfect academic track records, and I’ll be making millions upon graduation. Who would you trust to do your subtitles? Worthless bags of shit or a demigod? The answer is pretty obvious.

Just watch fansubs, gentleman. It’s not just the script quality that matters but also the people working behind it. Remember, idiocy as well as the art of being perfect are both highly contagious. Choose wisely.

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P.S. HOLY SHIT THE ED IS DONE BY [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#

Toradora! – OVA

It’s been a long time since I’ve subbed someone >400 lines… So painful. It’s also sad to see that hardly any shows have topped the writing and execution of Toradora! One could only hope…

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Guily Crown – 11

This show is fucking filled with cliche and more cliche. DON’T KNOW WHAT TO MAKE OF IT.

Toradora after the break, guys.

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Guilty Crown – 10

Sorry, finals happened. One per day, four days in a row, somewhat.

This is the question which made me go crazy. Do you think you’re man enough to solve it? [you need to know MIPS & C]. Also, assume mystery resides in 0xF0000000 if that even matters. And ignore the unsigned declaration of mystery. Mystery call in main() is calling that MIPS function. Tell me if you get the answer!

Back to GC, I feel like it’s a bit too rushed… Everything spilling over in one episode? What?

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Guilty Crown – 09

Fucking Verizon. How dare they lock down a nexus phone. Fuck you and I imported mine. Speaking of which, ICS is okay… I guess I expected way too much from it. iOS is still vastly superior in terms of usability, though. Oh, android devs, when will you make UI rendering a priority thread? 🙁

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