Ano Natsu de Matteru – 12 (END)

Well, what can I say. Show has had its ups and downs, but the ending was simply amazing. It’s been a good series!

Translation: Eighthsin
Timing: Sindalf
Everything else: Me

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76 Responses to “Ano Natsu de Matteru – 12 (END)”

  1. 1 Aupato

    ¡Excelente! Thanks you for your hard work 😀

  2. 2 FD

    Thanks bro

  3. 3 Ichika

    So sad it’s over. Thanks for subbing this show!

  4. 4 Anonymous

    Love you guys.
    I hope you’ll keep subbing good shows.

  5. 5 Anonymous

    Excellent end for an excellent series. Thanks!

  6. 6 anon

    you always pick up the good series. good work, thanks!

  7. 7 whodapanda

    not sure if you care, but there is a TL error at about 5:12. Ichika says “baka” which should be idiot or dummy in context, but is TL’d as cow. Although that is technically a translation of “baka”, but only in the Philippines.

  8. 8 Hi

    It’s them trolling at their best. I’m sure they have their justification for it – but alas, it’s much more fun to poke at pitiful leechers.

  9. 9 macxxx007

    I see… it’s over… oh well…

    Thanks so much for this episode and the many episodes before it that you’ve worked on with such dedication and fervor! YOU GUYS WERE GREAT! I REALLY LIKED YOUR SUBS!

    Can’t wait to see what else you sub!


  10. 10 Myskaros

    Thank you for subbing this wonderful show!

  11. 11 Someguy

    Thank you so much for subbing!

    Animu of 2012. ;_;

  12. 12 flipr

    you’re the best person.

  13. 13 Dorian

    LOL, baka, that one caught me off guard.

  14. 14 carboncopy

    I saw what you did here:

    Anyway, thanks for bringing us this awesome series. Keep up the excellent work. 😀

  15. 15 Kata

    can some1 clarify what Kaito said at 7:31?

    i think he said chigaimasu that means “wrong”?

    it’s bugging me since it’s his answer to Ichika’s question.

    I hope i’m wrong. so some1 clarify it to me 🙁

  16. 16 brub

    Thx ^^

  17. 17 whodapanda

    @kata…he says chiKaimasu….so the translation is correct

  18. 18 burazekun

    This was a surprisingly good ending. I was thinking such a great show would flop at the end, it didn’t. Now I am all sad it’s over! But happy I saw it.

  19. 19 Kata


    thanks a lot! chikaimasu = oathing, similar to promising.

    soka, soka… yukatta!

  20. 20 anon-kun

    baka = cow

    I lol’d

  21. 21 Aria

    Yet another series which had an unsatisfying ending. I am actually glad you made the right decision and dropped GC.

  22. 22 RRRAAAA

    lol, is 8thsin a filipino?

  23. 23 Someone Else

    Baka = cow wut you filipino or sumthin!? XD

  24. 24 Fully Sick Brah

    Shit anime

  25. 25 Who Am I?

    I don’t care what you’re subbing next season… cos I’ll watch it anyway!!! 😛

  26. 26 Vitu

    I’ll watch wharever you guys are subbing, you just pick the good stuff.

  27. 27 Equil

    sub acchi kocchi for killing some nutbladder!

  28. 28 Equil

    Is this the point where we wont be hearing anything from you for another year?

  29. 29 MagicPower

    O really it’s finally that moment? :O

  30. 30 buttdriver

    inb4 hyouka

  31. 31 Apex

    good job guys, any ETA on the batch? :\

  32. 32 Cinematic

    Are you going to sub the K-On movie? Coming out on BD and DVD soon.

  33. 33 Super man!

    Cinematic don’t you saw what Equil [email protected]!

    this the point where we wont be hearing anything from them for another year so be Quiet! let the poor guy play diablo 3 in peace!

    ahh on who i kidding? We want you back =(((((((( so quit from Tera and come back to fansub : o

  34. 34 Joel

    K-ON! movie dvd release is on July 18th! how long will you take to sub it? 1 week?

  35. 35 Panaru

    Almost time for jaka to wake the fuck up again.

  36. 36 niggaz

    better get ready to speedsub. i heard niggaz are fast.

  37. 37 SS1MGS

    K-ON! Movie is out on DVD & Blu Ray tommorrow are you ready to get this sub done?
    Personally me & my friends can’t wait

  38. 38 xKiYoMiNaTiONx

    I hope you guys will sub the K-ON Movie!! =) Been waiting a whole year for it! ^_^

  39. 39 Clearly, fansubbers owe us.

    Jaka you said you would sub this movie. I trust you are a man of your word.

    (What am I supposed to do? Go with a faster, better group? How absurd.)

  40. 40 MASTER FANG


  41. 41 SS1MGS
  42. 42 1KyzZi


  43. 43 Personwhosenameyoubotheredtoread

    IT’S ON.

  44. 44 Sayuri

    on a totally unrelated topic. the K-ON Movie raws are out
    just giving a heads up. (Totally not requesting you guys to sub this or anything)

  45. 45 Chell

    where is my k-on movie?? get to work nigger >:)

  46. 46 Seppp

    Thanks for this movie.

  47. 47 Cyrus V. Hammond

    Is the same thing!! really, sometimes i kei kusanagi and mizuho-sensei in cosplay?? :S The story is very very very similar, the personalities of characters, etc Ano natsu de matteru has better animation.

  48. 48 หนังx

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for ดูหนังx

  49. 49 diablo guide

    Well it is supposed to be a good thing, airing at the same time as the US. It’s a different time zone you know! It will be on at prime time the same day. Record it and watch over your breakfast, or watch in the evening as the previous 3 seasons.

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  52. 52 snfltfrfys

    Ano Natsu de Matteru – 12 (END) at CoalGuys

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