I’ll Be Waiting That Summer – 01 & Why Crunchyroll Sucks

EDIT: Why commie subs are still bad

Yes, we know Crunchyroll is “simulcasting” it, and they’re going to be late. However, rumor has it that Crunchyroll subtitles are shitty; I’m here to clear up some misunderstandings.

First of all, the main argument against CR subtitles is that they have bad scripts/translations. That is NOT the true in any measure. The translator for Mainichi Kaasan is probably the best in this business, as with most of their other translators. Hang on, “the best in this business.” What does that even imply or mean? Understanding this will put you a step ahead in understanding why Crunchyroll is shit and why you shouldn’t watch their stuff.

First of all, I assume we all agree that the vast majority of people who major in language are not as capable of intelligence in the most basic sense as compared to say, a Business Major. I apologize to those who I happen to offend. Now, those who graduate and get a job in translation are the worst, with the exception of those who work at the United Nations. A translator makes really shitty pay and has absolutely no job security. Putting one and one together, we can come to the conclusion that translators, or even sub staff in general, who work at CR are fucking terrible human beings with absolutely no worth and intelligence.

Compare that picture to me. I’m fucking smart with perfect academic track records, and I’ll be making millions upon graduation. Who would you trust to do your subtitles? Worthless bags of shit or a demigod? The answer is pretty obvious.

Just watch fansubs, gentleman. It’s not just the script quality that matters but also the people working behind it. Remember, idiocy as well as the art of being perfect are both highly contagious. Choose wisely.

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65 Responses to “I’ll Be Waiting That Summer – 01 & Why Crunchyroll Sucks”

  1. 1 Kaor

    thanks for doing this project.

  2. 2 lol

    haha, you’re kidding right?
    This crap coming from a group that puts out troll subs?
    what a bad joke.

  3. 3 steviejones

    I wish I was this conceited.

  4. 4 Neisan

    Normally I have nothing positive to say but this post made me laugh so hard with so much truth behind it.

  5. 5 Neisan

    But better be sure not to get COMMIE or UNDERWATER angry with that statement, they still hide behind the fact ‘professional’ translations are better.

  6. 6 Anon

    >Calling linguistics majors retarded
    >857389452342345789 spelling errors in only a few sentences

  7. 7 Anon 2

    Re: Anon

    >implying linguistics is the same as majoring in a language
    >implying either linguistics or majoring in another language has anything to do with spelling


    A Linguistics major (which has nothing to do with learning foreign languages if you don’t want it to)

  8. 8 A whole entire

    I can actually hear Daiz weeping right now.

  9. 9 kamfreto

    thanks, now I don’t have to download commie shit

  10. 10 Anon

    Re: Anon

    The implication was directed to the lack of “basic ability and intelligence” to spell two-letter words and the pot calling the kettle black, not what fucking linguistics entails.

    w/e they were trolling anyway, I have no idea why I responded, too much free time on my hands I guess.

    typos happen

  11. 11 DeX

    By the way, it’s “gentlemen”.

    You said: “Just watch fansubs, gentleman.” Are you talking to one guy in particular? And what about the ladies?

    I guess geniuses are not so great with linguistics after all.

  12. 12 Anon

    Chineseses can’t learn to plural.

  13. 13 shani

    @DeX: I never cared about blogposts (grammar and/or common sense etc.) as long as the episodes were okay.

    But yes, it’s a shame though that CoalGuys had pointed out the silly mistakes from commies part. Well, we all know very well that they are at best, CR-QCers.

    @CoalGuys: Thanks for the release. But perhaps it would be wiser of you to not make fun of people who have chosen subbing as their profession.

  14. 14 taciturn

    Why did you choose one shitty show after another? Guilty Crown is shit. This is faeces.

    Gone are the days where anime like Toradora are so good yet people say it wasn’t the best.

    Anyway, I will watch anything as long as you sub it.

  15. 15 Hassy

    i have very short attention span so I skip all the reading part (except the topic) . ty for subbing this 🙂

  16. 16 wat

    You will never graduate.

  17. 17 DarkTigris

    I put my hat down in front of you. Not sure thats is correctly said but I think is a compliment. Great work as usual

  18. 18 Hmmm


    Ano Natsu is directed by the same guy as Toradora, just saying…

  19. 19 Julio

    Awesome! Yeah Commie sucks, they get a lot of things wrong.

  20. 20 Woto

    You still remain my favorite trolls. It’s amazing you can still get so many bites from such an obvious troll is why I keep coming back, that and I am a fine man who dines on fine translations of fine series.

  21. 21 Andromeda

    no I wonder I fell in love with the ending song right away.

  22. 22 anon

    thanks for the ass release.

  23. 23 So many Anons

    lol can’t believe some people took the post seriously, tools.

  24. 24 Anonymous Coward

    Commie subs are fansubs right? So the script under [EDIT: Why commie subs are still bad] is a fansub? Or is it Crunchyrolls? If so, why call them commie subs? Shouldn’t that be cappie subs?

    As for sub quality, either they’re good or not. You cannot say ‘they’re good, but that’s because they’re ling majors, which means they’re stupid and they’re going to mess up’. Either they’re stupid and mess up because of it, in which case you can’t call them good, or they are good and either not stupid or stupidity doesn’t matter for subbers.

    And you were arguing that you’re a good subber because of your galactic intelligence? That’s nice.

  25. 25 1Pantsu
  26. 26 Progeusz

    Wow. The worst arguments why CR sucks (they do) I’ve ever read.

    ACG Goods
    Yay, there’s Pokemon Heart Gold there.

  27. 27 Хуй

    Oh lol.

  28. 28 Pana

    Score. Thanks for picking this up. Although I’ll admit I prefer the girls wetting their panties translation from CR for that one particular line. (Joshi-tachi [kyaa kyaa] ii sou kamo) I think it was.

    That one line made me think of CoalGuys shit, actually.

  29. 29 Kamisami

    I’d like to see you show some evidence that you can even think that you’re going to be making milllions after graduating…. bullshit,


    12:06 > what the hell is SWTOR in your script? not a shit clue wtf that is.

  31. 31 wantei

    I CHOOSE A DEMIGOD!!! all hail goalguys!

  32. 32 Zan

    If only you know how to typeset properly.

  33. 33 random

    inb4 SWTOR – Star Wars The Old Republic
    though I don’t know why they went with that, liked the release though

  34. 34 Raven

    Remon(or Lemon) said she had a book of scripts she wrote for Lucas. (As in George Lucas) So the line about SWTOR makes sense, even though it’s not what she actually said.

  35. 35 pants
  36. 36 mulligan

    commie might have gotten some things wrong in their subbing (I’m no expert) but that Yamano Remon-chick really is “Lemon”. Even her name written in kanji is “Lemon” :\

  37. 37 Anonnn

    For someone claiming to be extremely intelligent, he sure is stupid. Insults, trolling, and “lol”s won’t help prove your point.

    Anyways, not everyone is out to make the most money possible. Some people might have another reason for choosing language. Anyways, a “unintelligent” person spending a lot of time on something can do much better than an intelligent person who has spent little time on it in almost every situation.

    We don’t care if your in college, if you will graduate, and how much money you will make. We also don’t care about your (idiotic attempt at) philosophy. Just make the subs and keep your mouth shut. By the way, your subs suck.

  38. 38 Pana

    ITT: People gettin’ trawled.

  39. 39 Tadhana

    Yo! First of all, I haven’t watched any of your subs before but I think it’s cool. Secondly, I think fansubs like these ones rock since they know 2 languages. Though trolling is a form of way for insecure pussies like you to feel good about yourself.

    So I ask you: Are you a fucking pussy?

    Motherfucking Homosexual Greetings!

  40. 40 Another


    “Anyways, a “unintelligent” person spending a lot of time on something can do much better than an intelligent person who has spent little time on it in almost every situation.”

    Sorry but that’s bs.

  41. 41 Persona

    Crunchyroll’s subs are good but commie subs are fucking horrible even i who is just a retard can hear what the characters say in persona 4 and i’m like wtf is that translation when i can relate what the word means.

    But even so i watch horrible translations from commie since they do some series that are not done by any other subgroup anyways, if only they would check their shit like our demigod..

  42. 42 Progeusz

    @Persona, your statement makes no sense, Commie edits CR’s/TAN’s scripts mostly, so there’s no way their release would be worse.

  43. 43 lmobile

    Guilty Crown, where?

  44. 44 VanDay

    where’s GC ?

  45. 45 Dat

    Apparently, I wasn’t the only one wondering;
    GC whar?
    Can’t lower myself to watch Commie, so I might just have to watch it on NicoNico instead.

  46. 46 derp

    C’mon faggot. Where’s the best GC?

  47. 47 Dreyle

    So why are there Commie subs on this episode’s torrent, even though it’s called Coalguys?

  48. 48 ThatOneGuy

    @mulligan, There are no Kanji for English words, you fuck nugget. Also, there is no Japanese word for “Lemon.” It’s just レモン

    I’ll take CoalGuys’ subs, any day. Their shit actually reads like what a real fucking person would say. Whereas, most other sub groups read like a fucking 4Kids dub job. Fuck that shit.

  49. 49 Dan

    Hurry up and psot episode 12 of GC [email protected]!

  50. 50 Hiroto

    Where is GC?

  51. 51 Anonymous Coward

    @ThatOneGuy: 檸檬 = (ateji) れもん / レモン = lemon

  52. 52 phro

    Even if your so called intelligence is superior to others, you can’t portray any of that knowledge with your illiteracy.

  53. 53 brub

    Umm Lemon the right one . . .

    Google says so

  54. 54 thomas

    Average salary for a Japanese translator is about $100,000/year average for a Dari (a dialect of Pushtu) is about $190,000/year.

  55. 55 C56

    No one is perfect, and at least other fansubs are subbing more animes, and they are more consistent in their job by didn’t simply drop a project.

  56. 56 ThatOneGuy

    @Anonymous Coward, Good show. I wasn’t aware of the existence of ateji. I’m not all that great with the written language; it takes me a long time to memorize Kanji so I avoid it as best I can.

  57. 57 Anononono

    Wow, what colossal arrogance. I want a front row seat when you and yours come crashing down.

  58. 58 Kertys

    I translate Japanese to English for a certain video game publisher. Except I’m also in med school.

    So yeah, I like to think I’m not the scum of the earth as the coalguy would have you believe 😉

  59. 59 skyhack

    When things move into motion…
    That’s heavy.

  60. 60 Zerotaku

    That’s all well and good, but who gives a fuck if you’re smart? If you know nothing of the language it doesn’t matter how good you are at doing calculations. Depending on the topic, everyone is smart, but if you judge the intelligence of an English major from their skill in trigonometry you’re setting them up to be considered an idiot. I’d rather have someone who knows the ins and outs of the language translate it than someone who majored in something completely unrelated like yourself.

    I’ve seen fansubs and I’ve seen CR subs. CR subs can range from a 5/10 to a 10/10 depending on the series. (keep in mind that a 5/10 in my book is an average, not a bad) And by your logic, that also means English Dub scripts and DVD releases are just as inaccurate as some CR subs, which is very far from the truth. Stop being so goddamn arrogant and just say your actual reason which is most likely “I have to pay them money”(which is also not required) even though you probably donate more money to fansub and scanlation groups currently, anyway.

  61. 61 lawl

    lawl, why so serious? why we getting so mad at this guy? cuz it’s mad funny and i love being arrogant too, ukr? ikr.

  62. 62 pfft

    The full stop should be after the quote not before it, asswipe.

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