Guily Crown – 11

This show is fucking filled with cliche and more cliche. DON’T KNOW WHAT TO MAKE OF IT.

Toradora after the break, guys.

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25 Responses to “Guily Crown – 11”

  1. 1 leon

    where did you find the raw?

  2. 2 leon is p.stupid

    >he still doesn’t know about transport streams


  3. 3 Raven

    Thanks for the fast GC release, as for Toradora, it can rot in hell. I didn’t hate the series but the ending was terrible, /welcome to JC Staff.

  4. 4 zombie

    K-On the movie!!!!

  5. 5 a random fan

    So, how is this gonna end? S2? OVA? Movie?

  6. 6 Raven

    @Random Fan…. what do you mean? Guilty Crown is a double season anime, so it has another 10-13 episodes to come.

  7. 7 el

    hgopefully, it won’t be full of shit like these last episodes have been.

    … I mean, look at episode 1-9. Those were actually good, I mean really good. And then came the shitstorm we call episode 10 and now it has evolved into one giant pile of shit no one could see coming…. it is just a pile of shit taking space in my hdd, barely memorable. If the rest of the 13 episodes are going to be this shitty, I’d rather they cancel it now spot on…. OR NOT I WILL S-S-SSTILL WATCH IT GODDAMNITALL I LOVE YOU INORI <3<3<3<3

  8. 8 Revonik

    Yeah. Autism is really attractive.

  9. 9 kamfreto

    thanks, you save my day. Now I dont’t have to download commie shit

  10. 10 kamfreto

    wut? ignore it. wrong place

  11. 11 Lalo Martins

    ohai Coal Guys —

    as noted above, this series took an undeniable turn to the compost heap side lately, so I wouldn’t blame you if you dropped it. That’s the reason I’m writing; not to be an annoying tamagotchi leach and ask you “are you done yet”, but to, er, politely check if you decided to drop it 😛 (much like el, I’m a masochist and I usually keep watching… if I couldn’t bring myself to drop Kiddy Girl-AND, as much as the ending made me wish I had, I don’t think I’m dropping Guilty Crown)

  12. 12 Jason

    Hey, there is still no episode 12 of guilty crown in your subs. please post it. ASAP. I’m counting on you. more power to coalguys! 🙂

  13. 13 c-man

    I hope they haven’t dropped it. Their GC releases are the best currently out there and they’re 8-bit. I’ll be lost if they do.

  14. 14 Lalo Martins

    I finally got around to updating my software for 10bit. But their subs are still the best, yes, so I’d be sad to lose them. Especially in a show with so much made-up terminology; switching groups would require a lot of figuring out what the TL called this and that thing. (IIRC, each group that subbed this series called the freedom fighter group a different name, for example.)

  15. 15 Maiya Kazehana

    If your going to continue this Series it would be nice if you would post ep 12 already even Maken Ki didn’t take this long to get out and if your planning on or have already dropped it that would be nice to know also.

    You’ve got the best GC release of all the Fansubbers doing GC so in a way if you drop it yet they continue your only admitting defeat to you Inferiors.

  16. 16 Lalo Martins

    Or they’re admitting the series sucks. It’s their right to decide not to waste time.

  17. 17 Maiya Kazehana

    But it’s also their responsibility to announce they are dropping it if in fact they are it’s very unprofessional not to.

  18. 18 he-man

    where is guilty crown new episode?????????????????????????

  19. 19 he-man


    can you just announce if u are dropping guilty crown.

    pls i am a fan of ur fansub service and i am still waiting even if guilty crown is at episode 13 already

  20. 20 Quite Annoyed

    Actually, Coal Guys should probably just finish/release ep 12 and call it a series. If you’ve watched up to the current (ep 16 as of this post), you’ll know this series is attempting to train wreck itself. It might still save itself, but it’s not looking promising.

    I did grab the 1-11 subs by Coalguys and did want to say you did an excellent job. I also want to say thanks for AnoNatsu (which, finding it here, is part of the reason I started Guilty Crown).

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