Guilty Crown – 09

Fucking Verizon. How dare they lock down a nexus phone. Fuck you and I imported mine. Speaking of which, ICS is okay… I guess I expected way too much from it. iOS is still vastly superior in terms of usability, though. Oh, android devs, when will you make UI rendering a priority thread? 🙁

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18 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 09”

  1. 1 pfish

    android best ever!!1 because linux!!1

    w/<3, linuxfag


  2. 2 Raven

    Haha… random Japanese Skyrim commercial? For a minute I was like, wtf just happened.

  3. 3 Jay

    UI rendering while be snappy when more phones have GPUs. Also, took a sweetroll to the knee, etc.

  4. 4 Jay

    Oh, I forgot.

  5. 5 APPLEFAN69



  6. 6 APPLEFAN69

    btw thanks for the ep!

  7. 7 teiglin

    iOS is only better than android if you’re willing to suffer shitty notifications and total lack of ability to change anything to get a wider selection of apps/games. Agree that ICS isn’t really all it seems to be cracked up by reviewers, but I’m looking forward to the handful of usability improvements that it will bring to my GS2.

  8. 8 Linkmstr

    Not to be rude, are the lyrics of the OP right? Because, I looked up the original lyrics and they’re pretty different when you combined them
    I’m not saying your subs are terrible! They’re great quality subs! But since the official lyrics are already out, can you use them? If you can’t, then it’s ok since it’s pretty much the same

    Yeah, I’ll fix them next week. I forgot about that. Thanks for mentioning it!

  9. 9 a random fan


  10. 10 Equil


    Aruuwo tuoo za knii

  11. 11 Equil

    Also sub some anime that isnt crappy shit like that one.
    The protagonist is a faggot, his bitch is a faggot too and the whole story doesn’t make sense, it makes me wanna go puke.

  12. 12 Kailas

    The protagonist is a faggot, the bitch is a bitch, the whole story is crap, the effect and audio are awesome.
    This show is confusing me, I predict the protagonist became Gai’s bitch at the end of the show.

    -Send from my PFP-

  13. 13 Asakura

    the UI thread priority thingy its a faux from some google ex intern that got his ass kicked out of the proyect.

    yes ICS its not yet completed they said so on its presentation android 4.1.1 its just the beginning,also with newer multicore cpus and tech multitasking in android will be smoother so dont fuse about it 😛

    and your subs are good i like oyur work since i picked up the series

    and those were my 2 cents


    THE K-ON! MOVIE IS OUUUUTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in japan, you should sub it ifwhen a theater cam copy leaks like mazui did for haruhi disappearance.


    although then again, good theater cams NEVER come from japan. come on, nihonjin, get on it, for the rest of our sakes!!!!

  16. 16 T.T

    God damn i went to japan for a week and just came back today. and didn’t watch the k-on movie. wtf. i didn’t know it was out. also, that skyrim ad was so randomly placed o.o

  17. 17 zombieomgwtfbbqlol

    I want my anime, ty n njoy

  18. 18 xataka android web

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