Guilty Crown – 08

Wow, I’m surprised everything went smoothly this week: i.e. TS DIDN’T BREAK.

Also, with regards to the show… I feel really bad for Shu 🙁 hopefully he will become less of a faggot.

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7 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 08”

  1. 1 pen15

    Guilty Crown b4 other groups AGAIN! :O You guys are so coal <3

  2. 2 jamvng


  3. 3 Soniko


    Shu’s gotta man up and stop shitting himself while secretly fantasizing about Inori >_>

  4. 4 Kailas

    Well fk, give the guy some slack. you would be shitting bricks too if a hot chick with that only-important-parts-covered dress is sleeping in the same house.

    On another hand, I hope he snaps and rape Inori, and turn this into a hentai.

  5. 5 Ungrateful slob

    Oi faggot, you gonna sub the new k-on movie? Make yourself useful why dont you.

  6. 6 Pana

    Yeah, because Jaka can sub shit directly from a movie theater screen, derp.

    And I wouldn’t want to watch camrips.

    Any way, we probably won’t be seeing K-ON! movie subs until the dvds/blu rays come out in several months.

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