Announcement regarding K-ON!! & HSOTD

Since there’s no transport streams out there, it’ll be delayed till tomorrow.

d/w it’s just a one time thing. 3 of the people I know didn’t cap it (2 thought it was only 13 episodes so they stopped), and I’m still waiting for a reply on the last one. And no, none on PD. Hell, there isn’t even a shitty share raw!

And I guess I’ll keep HSOTD. I just hope it won’t get in my way of maintaining a 4.0 @ college.

Meanwhile just loop the ED to get your weekly K-ON!! fix.

90 Responses to “Announcement regarding K-ON!! & HSOTD”

  1. 1 you

    awww sob..
    keep refreshing

  2. 2 Papaevil

    Thanks for the update man. Shits understandable i guess.

  3. 3 EdwardDFMA

    Sad story, hope it goes well.
    nuff said.

  4. 4 me

    i will stab u

  5. 5 lufi10

    this is disappointing. I hope you’ll release it soon tomorrow

  6. 6 Rai

    They really thought it was 13 episodes, I believe that KyoAni already announced 13 BD releases with an extra ep at the end

  7. 7 That Guy

    Disappointing, but oh well.

    I still think you should drop HOTD though.

  8. 8 wiggletuck mcrawly

    At least you sort of get the night off, right?

  9. 9 nyeguitarist


  10. 10 Darth Vader


  11. 11 piko

    if someone can’t seriously wait for this for one more day, well.. that’s pretty pathetic

    good news about HOTD, btw

  12. 12 Rai

    it is pathetic…but I can’t anyway, *loops K-On music while writing this*

  13. 13 nyeguitarist

    I can wait. It’s not like I *sniffle* liked this show or anything…

  14. 14 nippah

    looking forward to the meanwhile, looping
    you didnt like the OP? i β™₯ toyosaki’s voice lol, plus that OP is so kawaii

  15. 15 Aydan

    I can wait for K-On just get the fucker done when you can, and thanks for keeping HSOTD, also keep dem grades up bitch!

  16. 16 darksied89

    i think the raw is up on…….i will wait for your release its the best one around

  17. 17 Rizaria

    I thought it was 13 episodes too. Was really confused when I went to MAL to say I’d finished it and BAM! It said 26.

    I can wait, but brilliant to hear about HSOTD. Actually giving the manga a go now, and based on that, the first episode was a good interpretation. Eagerly awaiting more~

  18. 18 Anon



  19. 19 Milfeulle

    Oh no my K-ON!! (゚д゚)

  20. 20 h~

    I had a 4.0 in college in my first semester.

    Now it’s a 2.25

    Fuck yeah

  21. 21 baxcill3

    Ah! No!
    What a pain!!!!!

  22. 22 Ashitaka

    One day wait is no big deal guys, sheesh. Glad to hear about HOTD too.

  23. 23 SomeGuy

    Fucking awesome. HotD stays.
    Looking forward to those two, keep them going.
    Oh and yeah keep grades up and all that shit.
    Awesome. πŸ˜€

  24. 24 Anon


    Now where’s my DAT ASS file?

    not .ts too spoiled.

  25. 25 dhdh

    No problem dude, keep up your good work.

  26. 26 Anon

    Oh fine. Better have random commercials and flying kyoani lolis and shotas there.

    Thanks Mango

  27. 27 A_Hawkins

    Check it out from Tokyo Toshokan. There’re a few HD raw there.

  28. 28 sumi
  29. 29 ranmachua

    Hope we’ll get our weekly fix of K-ON!! soon

  30. 30 holy_

    U got 4.0 nice ^^

    I only got 4.0 once in 5th semester πŸ™

  31. 31 konaha

    went through HSOTD manga, was kind of… average. Guess zombies and apocalypse is kind of old now.

  32. 32 konaha

    on a side note, Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin wasn’t too bad for it’s first ep. xD

  33. 33 Anonymous

    Drop that K-on faggotry and focus on HSotD, I say.

  34. 34 venomqo

    leopard raws is up gogo

  35. 35 GRR

    Hey Anonymous. FUCK OFF!!

    K-on!! Rules

  36. 36 iWantPussy

    HOTD, for zombies and panty shots + booobies two. K-ON for girls doing ‘stuff’. Nice combination k thx for subbin

  37. 37 Rai

    I wish you luck on HOTD if you’re gonna sub overnight every Sunday, if not, I still wish you luck and…get K-On!! 14 done!!!!

  38. 38 Dgg

    If it interrupts with your college, then just have delays when necessary? No need to prioritize faggots wanting it subbed right after it aired over a real education.

  39. 39 anon

    LOL, 4.0 in cal? In your dreams. You’re going to be crushed with reality once you begin :]

  40. 40 Anonym

    Did these raw cappers not even see that there was a preview for another episode?

  41. 41 Kotaro kun

    I need to see Mio, or i die : ( and now i find this : D they are slacking off XD XD XD XD XD
    uguu : D how could you do this to me : D

  42. 42 garturo62

    cool story ill wait thanks for subbing

  43. 43 Rai

    If you like anime, but hate K-On, you deserve to die, and most people don’t look at the end of the show, I only do so for K-On!!

  44. 44 sumiyoshi

    zero-raw up up :lalala:

  45. 45 Salute!

    We appreciate it.

    All of it.

    Every inch.

  46. 46 Findns

    All the caps were fucked up because K-ON!! was delayed (again !)
    30 minutes after, it’s too late for the cappers it seems.

  47. 47 lawl

    lol 4.0 in college? If anyone can actually accomplish this without being a super-fucking-tensai, your school is a joke. Maybe U.S. colleges just suck ass, dunno.

  48. 48 A whole entire

    A weeaboo fansubber thinking they’ll get 4.0 in college? Hilarious.

    Enjoy going to college, getting a dick professor who can’t be assed teaching you or just hates humanity, and getting a D and a big slice of humble pie. The best part is where you pay for the privilege.

  49. 49 Richard

    WOW yer thank for the EPIC NEWS mad thank god your keeping HSOTD EPICNESS

  50. 50 Angry

    stop fucking breaking my site

  51. 51 Feuer

    >Theres an easy solution to the HsotD issue.<
    If it's too much trouble translating this on Sunday, you can wait for the uncensored version that airs every Friday, maybe that's a more pleasant time for you.

  52. 52 Osirisguard

    it’s okay, I understand… πŸ˜€ I’ll just wait for it tomorrow πŸ™‚

  53. 53 paan

    It already 7 july!!

  54. 54 megalith

    So… No K-ON! today?

  55. 55 Keeper

    That is one mighty fine ED =-)

  56. 56 paan

    I can’t wait anymore!!

  57. 57 Now and Then

    I’m having K-On!! withdrawal issues, but I’ll patiently wait. Been waiting for a week, what’s another day? ^_^

    Thank you for subbing the series for us people who couldn’t understand Japanese. More power to you! XD

    And I hope you do manage to maintain a grade of 4, I know someone who does a bunch of extracurriculars (inside and outside of college) yet still manages to be the top of the class. “It’s all matter of discipline and proper time management” he said.

  58. 58 koclokboy

    need more k-on!!


  59. 59 Francisco R

    people can wait for there K-on. Glad you guys are HoTD though.
    btw, do we have anything official about how long the season is going to be? Like an article. I’m hearing 13, 26. When I first heard the second season was announced, they said 52 episodes. Hope it’s the last πŸ˜€

  60. 60 Anonymous

    will be 26 episodes period

    and I jsut want to mention that the OP songs are clearly supirior to the endings just because Yui is singing them.

    and good choice keeping Highschool of the Dead it will be awesome

  61. 61 Name Required

    Well this is a little disappointing.

    Let me see if guruguru subs have come through on this one with one of their speedy jobs. Those guys are good.

  62. 62 nicky_008

    Get A and faggot now, Mango. I also fight to get them, too. lol

  63. 63 butsecks

    thanks for your hard work, i’ll wait patiently for it :3

  64. 64 hiyo!

    thanks for keeping HOTD. will continue to look forward to your releases yo

  65. 65 blahblahblah

    4.0 is for fags.. party a bit more and come down to where the cool kids are at 2.8

  66. 66 Merydia

    If I maintained a 4.0 and graduated Summa Cum Laude while watching anime 12 hours a day like a mouth breathing weeaboo, your faggot ass can definitely sub two shows and maintain a 4.0

    Oh also…and I’m only going to say this once, so pay attention. Thanks for keeping HSotD….

    Don’t look at me like that! …it’s not like I’m grateful or anything.

  67. 67 Penis Whacker

    So Episode 14 is the long anticipated ‘all about Mugi’ episode.

    I don’t mind waiting for this it all.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  68. 68 faggot

    where my k-on ??????? u fucking faggot

  69. 69 Unkown

    Here is the Raw ep. 14

    use it!

    Best regards


  70. 70 4.0 My Ass

    Keep dreaming buddy lol….

    Everyone gets a professor that seems to hate all of humanity and believes the letter A does not exist in the alphabet. And because his ass is tenured, the college will let him ruin the career goals of too many students every year.

    Welcome to “True Life: I’m a College Student in America”

  71. 71 TropicalPants

    FUCK YA! Sure mai K-ON!! will be a lil’ late but fuck ya i get some more HOTD!

  72. 72 Tom

    The awesome new ED balances out the fact that they had to focus on Mugi this time >.>

  73. 73 Nitcher

    Fucking awesome that you’re keeping HOTD

  74. 74 AAAnon

    Hey, I had a 4.0 GPA my senior year in high school, and I was a total delinquent, so it’s not as if it’s impossible.

    Important disclosure: my high school used an eight-point GPA. πŸ˜€

  75. 75 Milfeulle


    Shut up, beard boy.

  76. 76 kaitou

    found this k-on raw in nyaa tor, dunno if might help

  77. 77 Dist

    Wtf with you people saying you all thought it was 13 episodes ? Don’t you like … watch the ED and then there’s something called Preview for next episode ?

  78. 78 Asch

    ^ That, and episode 13 didn’t leave the impression that it was the last episode AT ALL

  79. 79 Dgg

    Previews are for faggots. They are spoilerish and can make you guess or, even at times, understand the whole episode.

    Much better to just wait a week and be surprised.

  80. 80 zasabi

    as for HOTD, are you going to release an uncensored version when the ep. airs on Friday?

  81. 81 Dist

    ^Btw, what does the uncensored version exactly have that the normal doesn’t. No pantsu at all ? Actually shows the zombies head getting smashed ? Something else ?

  82. 82 NO HEADBAND



  83. 83 Milfeulle

    If you don’t know how many episodes a show’s got, you could look it up on some reliable sources like ANN or MAL.

    Instead of being a faggot.

  84. 84 SonicGTR

    That’s cool. I’ll just go watch Clean-Up! again. That one is definitely my favorite episode so far.

  85. 85 A/L

    Hey noob. Speaking as a Cal alumni, forget about your 4.0 unless you forget about your life. 90% of the other people you’re competing on the curve against are valedictorians of whatever shithole they crawled out of.

  86. 86 carotte-chan

    yess! thanks for keeping it πŸ˜€

  87. 87 Beep

    If you’re talking about the UC system,specifically UC Berkeley or UCLA then a 4.0 depends very much on what kind of shit you’re studying.

    If you’re in humanities, 4.0 is definitely possible.Feel free to smoke weed while you’re at it and bang some hoes.

    If you’re pre-med 4.0 is definitely possible.No weed though.

    If you’re in a weak sauce pseudo-science major, 4.0 is definitely possible.Occasional wild parties and weed available.

    If you’re a math major, 4.0 is possible if you survive upper division math.No weed.

    If you’re in engineering, 4.0 = genius.No life.And ask yourself why the fuck aren’t you at MIT!?

  88. 88 anon

    Thank’s for keeping HOTD. On a side note i don’t understand how weabo’s can watch that k-on crap along with lucky star etc. rest of that bs genre.

  89. 89 Your Mom

    HSOTD is worth it! And if college gets in the way you can always quit doing other shows like K-ON…

  90. 90 Florance Battey

    hi I was wondering in the Homepage theme you’r using. What’s the name of it? Or is it a custom made one?

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