lol, the post generated quite a lot of shit (obviously well within my calculated range).

Okay, it seems that you guys understand that a little flaw here and there is okay. The definition of “good” here is “perfect”. I figured I didn’t have to mention that, but the intelligence shown from the replies tells me otherwise. Though this does not mean I changed my opinion that all fansub groups are shit.

HOWEVER. A little flaw does not mean something like this and this. These are from a group that has been HERE A LONG TIME AND “RESPECTED”. Seriously guys, stop fucking jumping on the bandwagon, develop your own standards, and judge your own shit. I mean, honestly, none of you think shit like that is perfectly acceptable, right…? Right…? Right?! Just because people say X group is good, you shouldn’t pocket their opinion without questioning it. Perhaps I’m trying to force my opinion down your throats, but just give some thought to it.

The fact that people wait 3 weeks to watch some utter shit like that still blows me out of the water.

Oh, and this too:

2. If you have never been in a situation where somebody sings along to an OP/ED, you are obviously unfamiliar with what people do when they watch anime. Try attending an anime club sometime after a show’s been playing for a few weeks with a good song. They sing.

You’re all faggots, thanks.


  1. 1 izmosmolnar

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

  2. 2 A/L

    I’ve got 12 years of watching subs and 10 years of playing H-games for Japanese proficiency. Why the fuck would anyone care what I have to say about fansubbing?

  3. 3 Indiana

    “Okay, it seems that you guys understand that a little flaw here and there is okay. The definition of “good” here is “perfect”. I figured I didn’t have to mention that, but the intelligence shown from the replies tells me otherwise. Though this does not mean I changed my opinion that all fansub groups are shit.”

    Then why not fucking call this article “There are no Perfect Fansub Groups” if that is what you fucking mean?

    then there wouldn’t be 150 replies, dumb fuck

  4. 4 wiggletuck mcrawly

    I just want to watch K-On!!, man. :c
    Though Pt. 1 did make me lol.

  5. 5 Indiana

    “then there wouldn’t be 150 replies, dumb fuck”

    Then don’t insult people for responding to one meaning if you meant something fucking different. Good means it would be graded a B, perhaps 80/100, perfect means it would be graded a A+ 100/100.

    A grade of a “B” or better, which a number of fansub groups would probably get if rated objectively, is not shit.

    insult? but they fucking suck.

  6. 6 African American

    I have your feed in my Google Reader. I see one new entry under “Fansub”. I see this shit. I come here and post. And I’m sad because I craved for something new to watch.
    Back to my Hokuto-no-Ken-down-the-throat marathon, then.

  7. 7 Tom

    You should’ve mentioned coalgirls in your last post

  8. 8 valadius

    not this shit again

  9. 9 DmonHiro
  10. 10 infinitah

    wot is troll

  11. 11 Smart /a/non

    Y’all posting in a troll thread

  12. 12 TheGreatGazoo


    Fansub Groups: faggots who sub anime.

    Fansub Groupies: loyalist faggots who spam and troll but don’t like getting butthurt.

    Conclusion: faggots who don’t know they’re faggots watch anime, not sub them.

  13. 13 Vietgeta



  14. 14 Fuckety Mcfuckfuck


    Seriously, you guys are idiots. I mean, you have actually worked with other fansub groups, yet you criticize their work. WAIT, THAT MEANS YOU’RE SHITTING ABOUT YOUR WORKS TOO, FAGGOTS. Did you realize that?

    gg, nutbladder, and so on. It’s not only their fault, you have your equal share in their shit too, you know. We don’t want to hear any bitching about fansubbing, because WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN FUCK about it. You have your own group, you can do subs as you like.

    You think you’re high and mighty? I didn’t watch B gata H whatever, but I saw the pictures of it. You guys fucking fail. You aren’t better than others, you belong to the shit tier fansub groups. I just got stuck with you, because you were the first group subbing K-On! S1.

    I don’t care about which group has better subs, there are some groups I prefer (because they have decent subs and sometimes good subs), and some are just too horrible to watch. I don’t need your wise advices to know which subs I want to watch. You don’t know what WE, the public want to see. So shut the fuck up, and get back to work.

  15. 15 EdwardDFMA

    Has anyone ever heard of “Fansub is dying”? That should really summarize the last post.

  16. 16 K-own

    Why not stop posting useless shit and bring us more subs instead. 🙂

  17. 17 Karas

    Well, regardless I will watch the subs you put out, mostly because they are the “better” quailty ones. Im not very good with japanese, but even I can tell when shit’s not translated properly. As DmonHiro pointed out, you kinda make shit up sometimes that sounds “close”. A Fansub group being slow doesnt matter, Being really fucking slow…yeah. Getting it soon is nice, but being able to make sense of what i’m reading is a bit more of what’s useally wanted.

  18. 18 Xciter

    Get your ass to subbing faggot!

  19. 19 Oraaa

    where’s mah k-on!!

  20. 20 name

    Trolling your way out to hell…

  21. 21 Old Man

    Back in my day, people could see past the satire and see the real point of things. These days, kids are so quick to anger and retaliate.
    To sum it up for the young’n, these guys are saying that you should try and form your own opinions and not let someone else set standards for you (despite them shoving that concept down your young throats.) You shouldn’t be afraid to voice your opinion about a sub group.

    Ah, youth.

  22. 22 lawl

    Coalfags, shut the fuck up already. This drama is exceeding retard levels. Just release K-On!! 12 and go back to your coalcave.

  23. 23 Drill

    This is genius. And by genius, I mean hilarious. I mean come on, can no one take any amount of criticism anymore?

  24. 24 Solar

    Intelligence?! Again what’s w/ the “no flaws” description on coalgays if you really mean there is no “perfect” fansubber. Before babbling some stupid things, think carefully. Haste makes waste.

  25. 25 X2

    CoalGuy’s must read. LOL!

  26. 26 Anonymous


    God, please tell me that’s fake.

  27. 27 m0c0m

    Im assuming Coalguys didnt bash at Dattebayo because they know they’ll get there ass kicked.
    >> they know who’s BOSS.

    and just end this shit go do you work.

    what’s there to bash? they’re the best

  28. 28 dx

    mhmmm some of these people slept on their penises the wrong way.

    fansubbers sub right?

    all I need to know.

  29. 29 Poopface

    Haha, cocks. Also K-On!! 12 pl0x. Also your stupid script couldn’t handle my email address [email protected]ũ

  30. 30 michglich

    I’ve actually noticed alot of the things you mentioned in part 1 and agree for the most part. There is no such thing as a good sub group anymore. Only ones that suck less than others.

  31. 31 Rosti

    Ah, I see now.
    You make the cunning distinction between intentional mistakes being ‘creative design choices’, and only unintentional mistakes count as imperfections 😛

    Either way, I commend your ability to troll, and the stupidity of half the people who have replied to both posts.

  32. 32 The_Dood

    Coal guys subs are the shit. Now where’s my watermelon?

  33. 33 Molasses


    Is it bad that I prefer the Coalguy’s subs because they made me laugh?

  34. 34 godspeedotaku

    =( I’m done subbing K-ON!!12 but there’s no RAW for me to work with.

  35. 35 Troll

    I know I’ll keep watching CoalGuys releases because I’m a stupid fuckshittwattardbitchcuntassholefaggotdickslurpmonkeyvagina. Where’s my fucking K-On?

  36. 36 adsf

    cool story bro

  37. 37 boys


    see ya later alligator! gettin’ me some KFC and some watermel’n!

    K-on!! 12?!?!?!!

  38. 38 sumi

    i liked watching goalguy’s B gata
    since its a humor anime whats wrong with adding more?
    i reckon the subs were funnier than the show itself xD

  39. 39 sumi

    oops i meant coalguys…..
    damn world cup

  40. 40 Desert_Fox

    i don’t give a damn about ur fucking troll, CoalGays…

    just give me a damn K-ON!!

  41. 41 qweawfa


  42. 42 garturo62

    cool story coalfags

  43. 43 minzy

    part 1 = true.

    KAA are also shit. kthx.

  44. 44 Keionfag

    No more of this shit please, deep down inside we faggots know that no fansub’s perfect – you guys aren’t even close to that. But we still watch ’em just because we’re too dumb to learn Nihon-go ourselves.

    Now where’s my K-ON!!, I need my weekly dose of Azu-nyan y’see.

  45. 45 Anonymous


    Because then it’s a re-write and because most fansubbers are high-school/college students who aren’t as funny as they think they are.

    (I haven’t seen the subs in question but I mean this to be a more general remark.)

    What would be awesome is if they had the original “proper” sub track set as default and the “funny” track containing the minor changes as a secondary selectable track. I would totally not be against someone doing that.

  46. 46 Azerik

    OldMan: Back in my day, people could see past the satire and see the real point of things. These days, kids are so quick to anger and retaliate.
    To sum it up for the young’n, these guys are saying that you should try and form your own opinions and not let someone else set standards for you (despite them shoving that concept down your young throats.) You shouldn’t be afraid to voice your opinion about a sub group.

    [email protected]: Shut up old man XD But seriously, all the flametards here need to get out a bit more, and maybe take some anger management classes (an English class that explains satirical writing wouldn’t hurt either). Everyone who took these posts seriously should go to 4chan and ask them how to fix your computer.

  47. 47 sumi

    bleh k-on ep 12 raws arent even out yet =.=

  48. 48 megalith

    Where’s mah k-on!? Oh and fuck you apple faggot!

  49. 49 TenshiZetsumei

    ok now more of this rant, Again I can say that I only watch subs coz most of us watchers are too lazy to learn japanese so we watch subbed anime, coalguys subs are indirect and mostly adlibbed but the hell with that as long as the meanings the same I dont even care about that, extra humor is xtra humor so stop this ranting and just go on subbing

  50. 50 PenautGoliantsus

    Stop trolling and give me my K on

  51. 51 Jen

    Why don’t you shut up about this and sub K-On!?!?!

  52. 52 Gars


    I’ll explain it. That shit’s hilarious, I was literally laughing my retarded wheezing laugh quite audibly.

    The in the first picture the CoalGuys subs make the asian guy say something black people usually say, but actually most high schoolers today talk like that and don’t use the perfect english seen in the picture on the right.

    In the second picture the CoalGuys subs compare the character of the show to Christina Aguilara (a popular musician) as opposed to Venus like in the line.

    In the third picture the phrase “attention whoring” is used, a fairly apt term in a show about sex and teenagers in that whore is a sexual terms, and teenagers use phrasing like that.

    In the fourth picture the Coalguys sub uses a more colloquial term for expressing that you have a time advantage in a race, as the other competitor was a dumbfuck.

    In the fifth and sixth screencaps the CoalGuys sub uses stronger language than the UTW sub, which is something a teenager is more likely to say in this situation.

    The rest of the screencaps are jokes about African Americans because Coalguys has a strict policy on discrimination against their kind and decides to play up racial tension with hilarious jokes.

    Anyways, I hope you’re not confused anymore as to why the Coalguys subs are amusing in that picture.

  53. 53 megalith


    You best be trollin or I’ll slap the nigger off your damn faces.

  54. 54 megalith


    To add to that… K-ON!! FUCKING WHERE!!!?!!?!!?!1!

  55. 55 Zom

    Chihiro has K-ON!! ep 12 out, you better hurry up.

  56. 56 BLeh

    Man whats up with the serious business replies. Don’t feed the troll. The troll needs to sub more K-On.

  57. 57 joeyjoejoe

    Did you seriously just explain the whole goddamn joke? I know some people around here are slow, but I don’t think anyone’s THAT slow.

  58. 58 holy_

    Pls K-On!! 12
    I’m waiting 😀

  59. 59 bobdole

    No good fansub groups? lol way to only include anime groups. Soshified is top tier compared to any others in the world. Oh and btw, practically every ep of your k-on subs have grammar errors in them :3

  60. 60 Anonymous Coward

    ‘They sing.’ Oh, that’s so true! I always sing along with the op and ed of anime, I can’t help it. I know my neighbours can hear me, and I know they think it’s weird, but the songs are just so good I can’t hold back.

  61. 61 junklol

    Chihiro’s K-On!! 12 is out

    the coal guys failed

  62. 62 ranmachua

    OMG! Chihiro beat Coalguys to release K-ON!! 12 first! Probably that previous post got them all fired up? Now you can’t slack either guys & keep it up.

  63. 63 Rizaria

    Son, I am disappoint.

    I need me some goddamn K-ON up in this bitch fo’ rizzle.

  64. 64 Who_Cares

    No one outside fansubbing cares.

    Fansubbers give subs.
    Viewers watch subs.
    End of story.

    Now give us K-ON!! 12

  65. 65 DarkTigris

    Your answer was quite clever man. I didn’t found funny those jokes at first but when I had time to think they were kind of funny. English is not my natural language so maybe that was part of it.
    On the other hand guys don’t take everything so literal.

    People used to complain about Dattebayo attitude to the fans but most groups start talking like them(maybe not so honestly open) when people star complaining about shit.
    They don’t want Xvid, some don’t want .mkv, some think a word was wrong so they ask for the entire episode to be redone, some don’t like the fonts, some don’t like the name of the group. There are as many opinions out there as there are thinking people(some of them take others thoughts borrowed, but thats another thing). They were right not to care about people complaining since they did a goos job for free.
    Personally I just look for groups that make subs that are understandable and let me follow the story, I don’t care for the little mistakes or what font they decided to use. I just enjoy the show. I don’t know Japanese and the people who translate help me more than they imagine and if they bitch about things I don’t take them personally. If their work is god they can think whatever they want.

  66. 66 Assface

    while you guys where writing about being faggots, chihiro got the new k-on out, wtf? thats not supposed to happen.

  67. 67 Tom

    Say what you will, but Mazui is a pretty decent fansub group in this generation. Same goes for SFW and FFFpeeps; they fill a needed niche. m.3.3.w. was a decent group once upon a time.

    I completely agree with the rest, and your little blog post served as a great a laugh in mocking the current state of fan subbing.

    Also, I hope gg stays dead this time. Most overrated, shit group ever.

  68. 68 name

    No one cares, where the fuck is k-on 12.

  69. 69 netvope

    @Assface: So competition leads to improvements 🙂

  70. 70 Jarol

    Wat. Seriously people fucking sing to that shit? Really? Fucking god damn.

    I watch my anime to enjoy whats there. Did you see lyrics in the raws of the anime you watch? With the exception of shows made for kids on weekends (One Piece) not very fucking many.

    If the song is in the background, I want it to stay in the background. Unless that song is of some significance, I do NOT want to know what the shit they are spewing on top of could of been a very heart warming scene.

    Like I said th first time ’round, I completely agree with the explainations of each group. None of them are perfect. Some are more bitchy than others. Some do it to feel like they are on top of the world. I don’t give a fuck about any of that as long as I can understand what is being said and that it is actually accurate (I’m no fucking idiot, I know when you are fucking around when the words they are saying have nothing to do with what is being subbed).

    In the end. To the faggots who got trolled into replying like some sorry shits (Coal Girls): go shit yourself in a van down by the river.

  71. 71 Shiawacchan

    Ahaha, I LOL’d again. Cheers. And thanks for K-ON!! 12.

  72. 72 Aramus

    What’s the name of the anime he used as examples in this post? Looks interesting..

  73. 73 Blah

    Late reply is late, when will I ever get to post first in this kind of troll post…

    I think there are lots of tsundere people around here. Not having to say anything, I always look at the download count of the group that releases first. Coalguys happen to always release first and the download count are in the 10,000 to 30,000 range. This means that probably 90% of you here who replied downloaded stuffs from coalguys.

    Face it people, we are a generation of bastards who like speed over quality. Besides, quality is subjective, but speed is never. You can’t argue against that.

  74. 74 aethon

    sup, play SUN Online with us instead of wasting time writing up blogs retarded fanboys will :rage: over.

  75. 75 Desert_Fox

    ahahahaa…Chihiro crush u, coalgays…..

    now, just shut up and sub anime for us, dammit…

  76. 76 >translators

    ITT: butthurt fags.

    srsly, take this shit to /a/ or something.

  77. 77 hide

    I don’t bother replying in the Part 1 cuz I know teh hell lotta shitheads would rampage the post with asshatic comments. So here’s my 2 cents

    All you shitheads should just go somewhere else or drop dead. You don’t like the shit, then don’t dl the shit.

    And if you are so much of a singer, go dl or BUY their singles and get lyrics yourself.

    Oh anddddddd if you are THAT good on picking all the errors, like you are real Japanese, why don’t you sub them yourself. You faggots!

    CoalGuys RULES

  78. 78 faggot

    Thanks for making Chihiro release K-On faster than they usually do! <3

    Yeah, Chihiro are slow. They also release in 1080p. Suck it.

  79. 79 ...1

    Most of us don’t really care if there are some minor errors in fansubs. As long as you generally understand what they say it’s fine. Obviously, some languages cannot be translated exactly. Minor errors such as spelling typos and the like are just nothing. Unless you are some kind of a perfectionist or a person with a obsessive compulsive sickness, you wont give a thought if the subs were perfect. Most of the watchers pays attention to what they watch not some phrases and words on the screen. Seriously, we won’t watch english subs if we don’t know the english language. So we also know how it is used. And to consider that fansubbing is free, you have no right to complain to others, if i paid 50 bucks for subbing an episode and the job is not up to standards, then that is where you should complain. Lastly, you’re the faggot because you waste your time to criticize and troll other groups than just sitting there and doing your job.

  80. 80 Ice-Man

    You are the biggest faggot I’ve ever seen. Your team is fucking bad compared with the others good teams. Just go and die, man with big uncoated ego!

  81. 81 pop

    i thought you guys were pretty good, but you remind me of the dattebayo team in a way now, they’re big assholes…
    anyways, the pictures are funny and true, i lol’d at the translation for sore ga tsuyosa datta

  82. 82 jew secks

    take your singing under shower you faggots

  83. 83 Desert_Fox

    you too, faggots…..

  84. 84 LOL

    LOL! You should put ads in pages like this

  85. 85 >implyinh implications

    >implying shithiro’s “1080p” is good
    >implying there are good fansub groups
    >implying you’re not a massive faggot for wanting karaoke

  86. 86 Kairxa

    Successful troll is successful.


  87. 87 Cool Guy

    It’s like a trainwreck in slow-mo.

  88. 88 Kirby

    Well said fgt.

  89. 89 Desert_Fox


  90. 90 Nashnir

    Well I just wanted to ask.
    A DmonHiro pointed out the differences.
    Is that Episode the only one or has this tendency been continuing for a long time ?

    Case if it is so I frankly want to drop this group. I understand creative and liberal translation but frankly when I watch any fansub I look look for good interpretation of the Language with out pathetic literal translation and too many liberties.

  91. 91 A whole entire

    My favorite part is where people give a shit about the faggots who subtitle their Japanese cartoons more than to just greedily torrent the latest episode of some series.

    You people actually care about Coalguys or Static or whatever? Shit, man, I just care about watching my fucking show.

  92. 92 Cream of What!?

    I’m curious, what’s your take on professional subtitles for DVDs? The translations for El Cazador de la Bruja’s episodes titles were shit(despite being piss easy relative clauses). Granted, the fansub versions weren’t much better, but at least they didn’t cost money.

  93. 93 SeriousDann

    Holy shit dude! You hit the jackpot this time around. No, seriously. My opinion hasn’t changed that much, but you are so fucking right. That is what I was talking about (kinda.)

    I hate it when all that shit covers the entire screen, and it makes me jump over the opening sequence…

    Also, ok, you were trolling a lil’bit admit it if you dare. Ranting online make it fun. Even I accept that. Probably you touched a nerve there with all that crap that sometimes is necessary.

    But come on, there are the Otakus and the occasional little shits (like myself) who only cares about understanding, or getting the general idea of what’s going on screen. I download stuff like everybody else, and I’ve enjoyed your subs for a while now. But by no means I can store all that anime in my overly-raped hard-drive…not to say HD shows that I would never (or at the best of cases once) watch again.

    It’s not like people have to be such proper translation/grammar nazis over everything. Nor will somebody who has other things to do enjoy and admire the propper translation of an anime episode over and over again.

    Once again, you are also right about how the sheeps always follow the shepherd. There is not one fansubbing group until today that never made a mistranslation, or didn’t put their shit together. Not even the hyerarchy of fansubbers, like many faggots out there think…

    That said. I hope this actually stops, because other than it was fun…was. It turned boring now. BTW good job on the latest episode of K-on.

    P.s. I believe I have said this, but whatever, thanks for the hard work. Everybody should be thankful, and please stop with this fucking whining.

  94. 94 SeriousDann


    Oh please don’t be a hypocrite now, about Coal Girls. I admit I am a hypocrite sometimes, and an asshole too, but at least I have the balls to admit it.

    If people like you, good sir, who always preach to be right and evasive about giving their opinion ’cause “you didn’t really give a shit— however…” you gave your opinion in the end anyway… if people like you would just shut up a bit, then and only then I would believe the only hypocrites here are the ones insulting the fansubbers and not otherwise.

    I stand still on the side that people, and groups like Coal Girls decided to stand-for: The side that gives a shit, cause it’s not their fault that many fansubs shit over themselves because they can. The side that actually gives a shit when some asshat comes over one day out of the blue preaching some things that are true, but also a lotta bullshit and insulting the work of others, that by the way it is free for all of us goddamned leechers sonovabitches!

    So yeah, you think people like you gets on my nerves? Yes you do, and I don’t give a fuck if you think you don’t give a fuck about my opinion, but know this: if you are going to go commando online for every time a troll or a nagger comes out ranting, then do it all the way, but if you don’t really really give a fuck, then don’t go wasting your precious time fucking COMMENTING!

  95. 95 Cream of What!?

    Also, if you’re ever in need of a TL checker, feel free to contact me 🙂

  96. 96 Belliom

    This post made my day.

  97. 97 EdwardDFMA

    This is fucking worse than an episode of family guy 😮

  98. 98 Z

    that all and good, faggot. but your opinion does count for something, no?

    and some people WILL wait. i’m one of those type, cuz i like consisticy. if i didn’t, then it like, you don’t give a damn which group released the eps, as long as you’re watching it. that the same as telling the company that they can either butcher your fav anime or basically overcharge you on something stupid like 3 eps per disc with little extra for 30 bucks. hell no.

  99. 99 asagao

    @All those people with low standards:

    If a group’s subs have a single typo in them, those subs are not good subs.

    If a group uses inconsistent terminology in their subs, those subs are not good subs.

    “Minor” errors in subs are still errors. Any subs with errors in them are not good subs.

    Yes, by these standards, many subbed episodes, both fansubbed and professionally subbed, are not good. But *why try to paint garbage a pretty color*?

  100. 100 anon


  101. 101 Takuya-kun

    Yeah, don’t run out of server (and lunch) money before you finish burning your ass off so hard for the subs we use for our entertainment.

    All their subs suck. Ok, now just get back to work. That’s all we need you for anyway.

  102. 102 Takuya-kun

    No, correction. You should do more of this faggotry more often. It’s quite entertaining.

  103. 103 Detective

    Whaddya gonna do? Singers gonna sing.

  104. 104 ITT FAGS

    Everyone shut the fuck up. If you don’t want to watch a certain groups nonprofessional unpayed shit quality translation of a cartoon, don’t fucking do it. No one is forcing you. And if a certain group is the only one subbing something, than too fucking bad, I’d rather watch mediocre subs than miss a decent show.

  105. 105 IHaveAName

    This shit again? Let me explain something to you…

    You’re not fucking special. Your momma was lying to you when she told you that. It’s just something mothers are expected to say to their children or the fucking Parenting Police come after them and rape them in the living room.

    No one gives a flying asskidney what you think. All you need to worry about is getting your niggerfaggot ass on your computer and making subs. Otherwise, shut your whiney trap and close up shop. No one will give a fuck if you never make any subs again, so if you can’t take the heat, just give up like the pissfreak you are.

  106. 106 Everyone's MAD



  107. 107 Coalguy

    Talking shit about certain fansub groups? Check.

    Including other fansub groups and exaggerations to make it looks like a troll? Check.

    Talking shit about others while having shit in your pants and get away clean? Check.

    How To Be A Faggot For Dummies – 2010 Edition


    niggers look like ape

  109. 109 ty

    @ DmonHiro – I see nothing wrong here. The only thing this proves is CoalGuys > UTW. Now, fucking sub Rainbow because those cunts over at Frostii take 600 years to sub one fucking episode.

  110. 110 Old Man

    Ah, this reminds me of the old days where trolling meant something. You have recaptured that spirit.

    Now, all of you fansub groups should try to up your quality to try to be superior to Coalguys.

  111. 111 Azure_Shockwave

    LMAO, I’m in an anime club at my school.


  112. 112 Guanjyn

    Should I be glad that I’m not a hardcore anime fan?

  113. 113 Yeah!!

    CoalGuy is the best!!

  114. 114 Tsukino Kaji

    Anime Council’s yellow scarves bull shit proves his point.

  115. 115 QQ dddd

    Coalguys sucks on the translation imo~ (don’t ban me =( )

    but its true, sometimes I see stupid words showing up and I couldn’t understand any, It’s like everytime I watch k-on using their subs, I have to correct something to make it more understandable. just my 2 cents

  116. 116 O_O

    fail things can just keep failing.

  117. 117 Glorfindel

    You actually said the one thing that really hurts any sort of community doing this sort of thing. Feelings of entitlement. Working on any free public project be it, hacks, cracks, open source software, fan subs, does not make you special or important. This is not to say that the community doesn’t appreciate it, but most people don’t care enough to polish your knob so you shouldn’t expect it.

  118. 118 QQER

    pfff review your own work after criticizing anyone’s, I’ve seen plenty ENGRISH stuff on your subs, plus shitty translation, even totally changing the sense of some phrases.

    Not saying you’re bad, but you’re not better than anyone, TROLOLOLOLOL

  119. 119 $$$

    Chihiro has dropped subbing “Working” (The last ep)

    -they could not tolerate honest commentaries these Idiots!!

  120. 120 Sunny

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