K-ON!! S2 – 12

Perhaps it’s better to actually watch the episode before subbing it. Watching while subbing compared to watching before subbing is a totally different experience (in a bad way).

Download : [ Torrent | DDL | ASS ]

P.S. What to sub this summer? There should be a poll up soon. Fuck the poll. High School of the Dead it is.

P.S. I never said part one wasn’t true.

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  1. 1 nippah


  2. 2 sumi

    thanks (2)

  3. 3 Carlos

    What to sub this summer?
    Sekirei pure engagement

  4. 4 joeyjoejoe


  5. 5 Anon

    I’m so poor now that I’m leeching my neighbor’s internets now.

    Then I even bandwidth limit it and I think I’m in deep trouble.

    tl;dr Irrelevant. Thanks, Mango. <3

  6. 6 netvope

    Thanks… but… you didn’t watch the episode before subbing it?

  7. 7 pacanug

    Thanks brah.

    Also, faggots.

  8. 8 anonymous

    >What to sub this summer?

    Strike Witches.

  9. 9 holy_

    oh here it’s after all 😀

  10. 10 taiyaki 4ever

    And i love you tooo…

  11. 11 Blah

    Can’t believe Chihiro actually release before Coalguys… But well, the fact is you are more consistent, so the standard deviation is small.

    So you are really doing high school of the dead? This means I can do other shows without having to worry about you criticising.

    instead of starting @ like 10-12, started at like 4-5 today… so the timing is easily adjustable

  12. 12 adsf


  13. 13 Rizaria

    Fuck yeah High School of the Dead, looking forward to it.

    Thanks for some more delicious K-on~

  14. 14 phish

    buaha thanks for moar moe blob goodness, on time as always~

  15. 15 Ashitaka

    Yep, definitely looking forward to HSotD. Looks like mostly a slow season though, only a couple of other new (non-season 2’s) shows sound like they’ll be decent.

  16. 16 Anonymous

    defenitely the best choice for summer season

  17. 17 megalith

    Thanks TrollGuys!

  18. 18 Misaki Ki

    Oho, thanks!

  19. 19 boys

    i would have suggested the ookami-san to shichinin, but you already choose high school of the dead.

    thanks for the weekly moe!

    mazui is doing that and >jcstaff >lightnovel

  20. 20 guy

    thanks for another sweet release.

  21. 21 Jay

    HSD is gonna be fucking sweet.

  22. 22 Jay


  23. 23 DarkTigris

    Yes. High-school of the dead was the anime I been hoping a good team pick up. Thanks man.

  24. 24 Anon

    Let’s play something on my PS2 (even though it looks more like a PS controller and that scene had nothing to do with Playstation anyways).


  25. 25 Sanjan

    I originally came here to steal my weekly moe, but fuck that.
    Highschool of the Dead for the fucking win. o/

  26. 26 EdwardDFMA

    Bad choice man, your gonna regret subbing HSD.

    are you kidding me

  27. 27 darou darou

    leeching mode on… thx ^_^

  28. 28 Shiawacchan

    I wonder why the DDL won’t work.

    right click -> save as

  29. 29 Fishit

    fuck yeah definitely highschool of the dead..if u did thx a lot dude

  30. 30 AlienGamer

    Fukk Yeag, HSOTD…but only 1 show this season?

    k-on continues

  31. 31 AlienGamer

    Btw, any1 doin Sengoku Basara II?


  32. 32 ghost

    arigato gozaimazu for uploading i like this anime from 1st session so keep like this.. THANX ^_^

  33. 33 faggot

    Hey faggots, thanks for the sub faggots and dun call me a faggot because i know that i’m a faggot.

    >[email protected]

  34. 34 mr polite

    ddl seems to be down for me.



  35. 35 taggoF

    12 episodes in and literally NOTHING has happened in K-ON!!… I want them to train and finally perform on Budokan :<

  36. 36 kupi

    Thx a lot

  37. 37 AlienGamer


  38. 38 TenshiZetsumei

    HELL YEAH! SUB HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD! Don’t really know about DarkSubs but lets see if I can have mirrors =D while sekirei S2 is already getting subbed by other groups so I will at least expect highschool of the dead coz I only know that Darksubs are the only doing it

  39. 39 hikari


  40. 40 Joseph Ponce

    Sir, I just began DL-ing B Gata H Kei yesterday, and I was wondering where did the torrent of ep.3 go to? SORRY!! just curious…

  41. 41 billy

    UTW is also goin to sub high school of the dead! The rivalry continues! COALGUYS FTW!

  42. 42 Desert_Fox

    @Joseph Ponce…..all leecher won’t seed it again, my dear faggot…

  43. 43 Joseph Ponce

    @ Desert Fox…. WTF!! FAGGOT? :)) uhhh i finished ep 1,2,and 4. Why is 3 any different? :((

  44. 44 Cactu

    Finrando episode coming up? Why are they having so many finnish references anyway, did someone from the scriptwriters have a nice summerholiday in finland or what? Lol. Thanks for the subs as always.

  45. 45 Keeper

    Yay for zombies.

  46. 46 Chris123

    I love you

  47. 47 CowsGoMoo

    Yaay, Highschool Of The Dead. Love you fag.

  48. 48 NightShade

    Nice, TNX, waiting school… :3

  49. 49 Dist

    Oh come on.. HSD? There are plenty of better shows coming up next season, and you choose this shitty series ? It could be good, but since it’s full of useless ecchi, it’s bad.. very bad.

    I demand poll >=(

    .. K-On continues.. when ? I thought it ends at this or next episode and S3 … when?

    Thanks for the weekly moe though.

  50. 50 Art

    It’s actually funny that i read the “there are no good fansubbers” posts. Before i came here to download episode 12 of kon!! I saw that both chihiro and coal guys came out with their versions. I actually for the first time in a long time (in general not just between chihiro and coalguys)debated where to get my subs from since i’m not proficient enough to care to much about detail. I think that’s probably a big problem in making any argument about who is “good or bad”. back in the day good more or less meant you didn’t horribly suck at subbing at least to the point where even a novice could tell and people really based it on video quality. Nowadays there are larger numbers of good-great video quality so people really don’t care what things say. Is it degenerating our idea of who is good or bad? Sure why not but at least this might give more clarification as to why.

    Really though i chose coalguys because despite an occaisonal repelling social attitude to people in general and a seemingly lack of caring about quality. They (or he) does give out good quality subs through and through. I form my opinion in looking at actions not words hence why i can tolerate and even enjoy the occaisonal rant by coalguys.

  51. 51 dan


  52. 52 Reimu

    this summer, how about you take a break from subbing anime altogether.

  53. 53 Kirby

    Thanks for deciding on High School of the Dead.

  54. 54 Nyeguitarist

    <3 coalguys! I watched this around 1 am with my friends

  55. 55 Hospital


  56. 56 m

    Thanks for K-ON!!.

    <3 from Nova Scotia, Canada.

  57. 57 EdwardDFMA

    No I am not kidding you, you will see what I meant by my earlier comment when you actually start subbing HSD.

  58. 58 minzy

    the funny thing about bitchiro releasing first is that i download coalfags anyway, fuck chihiro.

  59. 59 Detective

    Strike Witches 2 do it fagggotttssss

    (HSoD is also cool)

  60. 60 Detective

    btw Edward is a nigger who can’t even

  61. 61 Someone Else

    So persocom is now an iPad and sports drink is now Gatorade, omg lol this few sub jokes are so funny, just don’t make the entire episode sub a joke

  62. 62 Not Important

    holy shit dude, HSOTD? FOR REAL? FUCK YEAH

  63. 63 K-own

    What if this (K-On S2) is suddenly a 24 Episode anime where the rest of it is angsty mecha? Will you w00t at that? I know I would.

  64. 64 Anon

    It’s actually 26 + OVA.

    Also, FUCK YEAR >350 kb / sec leeching. New Wi-fi spot spotted.


    Ok fine. I only watch Sekirei, SW, Ookami, and this anyways.
    Fail summer sure is fail.

  65. 65 Froman

    Great job as always but 2 questions:
    Are you going to batch this?
    Im pretty sure theres an episode 13 out are you going to do that one?

    -note- Hells yes high school of the dead, I’ve been waiting for this one forever!

  66. 66 fuckyeah!


  67. 67 Snakeman

    Anyone notice the sub error at 17:15 where the band vocalist says “Thank you” but the subs are “Thanks, guys!”.

    Seems CoalGuys aren’t perfect after all 😛

  68. 68 Zagrief

    Thanks! <3

  69. 69 Desert_Fox

    “Seems CoalGuys are faggots after all :P”

  70. 70 Karasu

    High school of the dead FTW!!!

    I wonder how much censoring there will be lol

    BTW you guys ROCK!!

  71. 71 Equil

    Xamayon is scanlating HSotD if anyone interested, also i wote for the poll 😛


  72. 72 Tom


    perfect =/= literal

  73. 73 Slowpoke

    Hey wait a minute. You can’t just make Yui imply she didn’t buy a PS3.

  74. 74 1 sec Slumber

    So how many episodes are there in K-on s2?
    and thanks for subbing high quality videos troll guys.. 🙂

  75. 75 HURRDURR

    How do people get so pissed off at some dumb comments made about some fansub groups?
    My mind is still blown.

  76. 76 imjuzteamSG

    thnx for subbing….!!!!!

  77. 77 arl4nj0i

    High school of the Dead. yeah!

  78. 78 Stumpy

    Hurray for High School of the Dead!

  79. 79 Good Boy


  80. 80 ta

    Edward and Dist are colossal faggots.

    HOTD ftw.

  81. 81 1 sec Slumber

    Can someone pls tell me when will the last episode of K-on be released?

    ftw troll guys

  82. 82 1 sec Slumber


  83. 83 Kokingz

    nice choice 😛

  84. 84 Coolguy

    Sub Strike Witches!! ..you know you want to

  85. 85 anon

    Please don’t sub HotD as another better group is doing it. You work will be much more appreciated if you worked on a different show.

  86. 86 That Guy


    There aren’t any better groups doing it, CoalGuys is obviously the best.

  87. 87 Sanjan


  88. 88 qweawfa


  89. 89 Mutsume

    touche for Highschool of the Dead *cheers*

  90. 90 Yarg

    I’m tired of all of this high-school trolly drama queen shit. As stupid as their running post jokes are, I’m switching to Chihiro for the rest of K-On!!

  91. 91 domhxc

    i am using divx and so far i have had no problems until now. everytime i add the .ass file my divx crashes.

  92. 92 Sachi

    okay..i know this is the wrong ep, but i can’t find the topic for ep 11..
    ANYONE know what song..was played in K-ON season 2 Ep 11 (when they show the ep name with the casette tape) ? anyone know what song that was references to?

    please email me the answer, if you have paypal, as a thank you i will send 5$ payment if you can tell me what song that is? (i have all the soundtracks and can’t seem to place that small rift)

  93. 93 Sachi

    oops and my email is [email protected]

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