Disclaimer: this entire post is strictly composed of my own personal views. However, as I am always correct, you do not need to take this with a grain of salt.

Hello. I am here to depict the mysteries behind the current fansub scene. Read no more if you do not want to destroy the perfect image of the group you adore.

People always argue that X subs are better than Y subs, and take this matter very, very seriously. Examples of this can be seen @ BakaBT, a great site with a terrible community (think Gaia for torrent sites). A good majority of fansubbers, like myself, think we are the shit. We spend the majority of our (work)time criticizing the work of others and neglect our own duties. Believe me. We get real angsty from criticism. Why? We believe we are important because we make your subtitles.

But worry not. I am here today to bring an end to this issue and change your view on the current fansubbing scene.ย  This is not really biased since I am also speaking out against my nakamas.

a.f.k. – Retarded encoding. Downscaled XviD in 2009? What the hell are they thinking.
ANBU – Led/controlled by a Korean with hwabyeong (this is proven by a very good friend of mine who has worked with ANBU). The chemistry between the team is shit. Slow. Have a terrible ego. Can’t really tl for shit.
Ayako – Think it’s cute to literally shit up their subs. Willing to sacrifice A LOT of quality for speed. Led by some guy who is very childish and immature. Releases a shitty/LQ version in order to “be first”. Thinks song lyrics are essential to a sub (three liner in Railgun, anyone?). Subs don’t really flow.
BSS – Really fucking lazy people for the majority. Drama over actual work.
Chihiro – Shitty aesthetic senses. Leader invents shit and backs it with his terrible logic. Slow. Delusional and think subbing for their own joy is a noble goal. Seriously, if you are not subbing for the audience, you might as well go get an actual hobby that will get you laid!
CoalGuys – No flaws. Best group ever. Led by a well respected black man who puts references in their subs in order to get a reaction out of the community. Drama over actual work.
Commie – Think they have the potential to become [gg], but they really go too far with the shit they put in their subs. Releases random episode/do stupid shit to try and “gain” fame/recognition. Led by an immature 16 year old.
Doki – Shitty translations. How do I English guys? I don’t need to say more.
Eclipse – Editor literally only spell checks and calls it “editing”. I’m not shitting you. I mean, isn’t Eclipse notorious for their bad editing and weird phrasing errors? Oh, and if you hadn’t realized yet, their OP/ED karaoke templates have been the same for at least 5 fucking seasons. Fucking terrible fanbase. #[email protected] is disgusting.
FFFpeeps – Fucking ugly fonts. Terrible English. Subs don’t flow. See:
Formula – Terrible translations. Terrible English.
Frostii – Most overhyped group. They believe stalling = quality and make embarrassing errors. Founder believes that the group revolves around her. “My way or the highway,” etc. Fansubbing is a team thing! You can’t force anyone to do shit! Read:
gg – You can’t spell fa__ots without us. Lots of random translators. HAD THE SCENE IN THEIR HANDS FOR A SHORT WHILE.
Kesenai – Can’t translate. Slow. Led by some retarded kid.
Lunar – Slow. Throws in fucking splash screens. Invented the most bastardized method of timing.
m.3.3.w – Slow. Real slow. Group is filled with retarded people who can’t get their shit right.
Mazui – V2s, V2s, and V2s. Terrible styling. Fucking annoying “lyrics” during insert songs. HONESTLY, WE DON’T NEED THOSE.
Menclave – SLOW. DEAD.
Nutbladder – Led by some creepy faggot who is terribly hard to work with (personal experience). The guy got kicked out of gg for being a faggot. OH, THE IRONY. Not to mention he sometimes write indecipherable shit.
Rumbel – Fucking slow. Fabulous TL notes.
SFW – This group is a joke. I don’t think anyone could take their leader seriously.
SHiN-gx – Shitty translations and terrible English.
StaticSubs – This group was once glorious, but now its standard has dropped. Current encoder is the biggest egomaniac you will ever meet on IRC, yet his skills don’t match up with the shit he spews.
TMD – Awkward translation. English, guys, English.
UTW – Styling, styling, styling. Sometimes make the most elementary mistake. Subs do not flow at all. Reading it makes me cringe.
Yuurisan – Slow. Bad translation in some cases. ENGRISH in some cases. Picks up shit without finishing other shit.

Groups not mentioned are either just SLOW, OLD, or not important enough.

Thank you for reading.


  1. 1 zaockle

    oh you

  2. 2 N

    Sweet, a list of fansub groups to check out.

  3. 3 XMtS

    I agree with you 100%. But I still don’t like you.

  4. 4 anon

    Excellent list of all the GOOD fansub groups

    Well, I guess some are shit. Nonetheless, I’m glad to see that most of these groups are alive and well to satisfy our anime fansub needs.

    Keep up the good work mate.

  5. 5 GameBoiye

    Where’s Dattebayo? I wanted to know your view on them.

    they are god amongst men

  6. 6 Nexus_Schwarz

    Actually I like when fansubbers post their opinion cause it makes you go, “Never noticed that, [x] is a bunch of faggots.”

  7. 7 XMtS

    Subs are subs, and subs are better than nothing. If you really care that much and aren’t a retarded faggot, then just learn a little of the god damn language. And I mean, just a little. Anime is fucking simple. People tend to get all pretentious and shit about it, but it’s really just written for fucking school children. So, it’s not like it’s really that difficult to understand what the hell they’re saying. I think that fansubbing should not exist and all you lazy fucks who hang on the every word of these “fansubbers” should just get off your asses and do something that’s useful with you lives and learn Japanese.

  8. 8 AlienGamer

    Lol, agree with the Chihiro one, Eclipse is pretty good though. I’d rate CoalGuys, Eclipse, Mazui as the best this season..And DB were god amoung men for me..But they gave up their best shows, and now…

  9. 9 AlienGamer

    For Chihiro, think u shud add, that they dont pick up shows unless there’s um little kid in them :P..I mean wtf?! they dropped Angel Beats for Loli Idolmaster!! i’m a bit freaked out by their sexual preferences, to say the least ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. 10 Troll

    Eclipse is saitei. Right next to Mazui (lit: Japanese for “Bad”) and Commie. Eclipse is only good because they actually finish the shows they start and their subs are watchable. Of course, every other group on this list is also shitty. Including CoalGuys. Seriously, Jaka, don’t you have anything better to do than post how much you hate fansubbers on your personal blog? In your own words, “you might as well go get an actual hobby that will get you laid!”

    you will never understand my feelings for fansubbing

  11. 11 Muyu

    Ahhh man I almost choked to death laughing at the THORA part. xDDD

  12. 12 XMtS

    What is wrong with all of you? Do you honestly not have anything better to do than follow all this bullshit? Are you all still in high school or something? Anime sucks anyway. Go have sex or something. OH WAIT YOU CAN’T BECAUSE YOU’RE ALL PATHETIC LOSERS WHO WATCH ANIME.

  13. 13 Anonymous



  14. 14 lawl

    Coalguys: Take stupid shit way too seriously (this thread). Translations are usually okay, sometimes horrendous.

  15. 15 TG

    I wonder where “official” subs spot in that list.

  16. 16 Itam

    What about talking about the fansubs you like?

  17. 17 That Dude

    What about Coal Girls?

  18. 18 zaockle

    @That Dude
    sup Kristen

  19. 19 Muyu


    @That Dude & Coal Guys

    Yeah! What about your counterpart, CoalGirls? xD

  20. 20 CoalGuys


  21. 21 Jarol

    I for one hold the same thoughts on all those groups. Luckily I don’t have to put up with the fucking drama of the fansubbing “scene”…

    Most of the current groups that are subbing these days that aren’t on that list just steal shit from crunchyroll and a raw from PD/Share and call themselves groups.

  22. 22 Itch-sama

    Thank you for pulling this shit together.

  23. 23 Jarol

    [Double postan’]

    Forgot to mention something on THORA. They steal karaoke from other groups without credit and they do not proof read for shit. Go see Blue Dragon if you want to know what I mean.

    THORA ain’t a group, just a warez scene wannabe.

  24. 24 Sensei

    Epic FAIL.

    Punsubbers are so punsubbers!!!

    First, Thora ain’t no even a punsub group!

    Second, now I finally know why the fuck all these idiots want fancy karaoke and retarded styling which is hardly bearable to read!

    Cause most of decision-makers in punsub are 16-20yo egomaniacs, of course!!

    Read my lips: KARAOKE IS AINT NO NEEDED. Show english and romaji lyrics and that is enough.

    Due to some evil genius (guess who!) I no wonder bovver about the styles — best ever feature in mpchc — overriding custom styles with a default style. Punsubbers are not qualified to do sub styling properly, what kind of fag needs coloured letters anyway?

    Recently watched Chihiro K-ON btw. I don’t even know what styles they used, never bovvered to check, my default settings pwn anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

    The bottom line:

    PUNSUB IS JUST TO BE READ! Instead of wasting time on karaoke etc they just need to make English text proper.

  25. 25 sleen

    don’t tell me they bombed you with nasty criticism somewhere…,anyway somebody may have said it before but its nice for a group to point out what they can see as faults in others,it all depends on how the receiving end take it,either constructive criticism or negative comment.

  26. 26 Oldtimer

    Several of the groups you list here no longer exist, having long ago fallen victim to staff burnout. “Thora” dates from before your birth – they went belly-up during the stone-age days of fansubbing when distribution was still through the sharing of VHS tape cartridges.

    Back then, styling was a luxury that groups couldn’t afford. It was hard enough to just get the translation and timing right before the tape the raw was on wore out, let alone do anything fancy with the font. (usually, only a single font was available)

    While you are entitled to your opinion, I suggest you look to groups that are currently active.

  27. 27 Anonymous

    Coalguys: The shittiest sub group of them all. Run by a fucking kid who thinks he is something special. A faggot who surfs 4chan all day and spurts memes left in right. Tries to be a funny nigger in his subs and only other faggots think it is cool. Translation mistakes abound! AVOID AT ALL COST! A GROUP OF KIDS SUPPORTED BY A GAGGLE OF KIDS!

  28. 28 Shiawacchan

    Yeah, yeah, whatever. Now where’s my K-ON!! 12?

    And I notice the lack of AnCo^2.

  29. 29 Now whereโ€™s my K-ON!! 12?

    Now whereโ€™s my K-ON!! 12?

  30. 30 Reyoku

    moar rage ๐Ÿ˜€
    i would add
    coalguys – most offensive pissed raging people ever.
    complaining with every release they do about their real life etc.
    but thats why i love you and leech from your main site and not from nyaa, etc ๐Ÿ˜€

    the most people really dont’t care about fansubs.
    the fastest group on the main torrent sites will get the most hits :/
    fansubs are just for understanding.. once some retard used google translator for an entire ova episode.. you could still understand the main things even though it was really terrible (maybe not even google translated)

  31. 31 mc

    but who was fone?

  32. 32 Vladson

    Thank god you haven’t seen Russsian fansubs (it’s more like FUNsub)

    95% of them don’t know even a single word in Japanese, all they do is translating English-fansubs (including bad ones) so errors are also get translated. 95% of those 95% don’t even very good at English (so the errors at least get doubled) and 95% of those not even good in Russian. And of course almost none of them ever made timing, they all waiting for subs of other fansub groups (and languages) including yours…

  33. 33 Miha

    THORA are just a cpl of faggots from private trackers who want higher upload ratio.

  34. 34 mt.andi

    We’re too lazy to do timecoding, that’s true.

  35. 35 A/L

    Look, on the current scene I like Coalguys >>> 99% of other groups. Eclipse, fine. They’ve been consistent over several years without shitting on what they put out. Static-subs, fine. Followed them for most of the series they sub over other groups for years. I know shit happens when groups get a retarded translator to replace a good one. I know shit happens when people leave the scene or stop caring. I know shit happens when a QC’er or editor is just a title for a fag who gets to watch the episode early and doesn’t know shit about Japanese or editing or English.

    I like groups that don’t try to make translations too literal when the translation would sound alien (idioms, culture jokes, whatever). Hell, my all-time favorite group is probably Anime-Kraze when they were doing GITS and Paranoia Agent or a.f.k when he did his shit. What busts my nut is when good groups start putting lines in that aren’t even translations or barely fit the situation.

    That being said, your last few BH episodes started to feel like gg’s Nyankoi before they kicked it, and I felt like saying “fuck you” on a few lines in your K-ON!! 11.

    BTW, have fun in LA. Bring your own food. Shit in the convention center is expensive unless you’re on the volunteer staff.

  36. 36 Cruel-Viper

    What is youre judgement about Ryuumaru fansubs?

    There 1 of my fav.

  37. 37 HURRDURR

    Who can truly and honestly say that they give a fuck?

  38. 38 blah

    I kind of agree with the “shitty translations” for most of the fansub groups you stated. I think this statement is needless because if translations are so good, be professional and earn some money instead of being escorts posting nude pictures online and asking to be fucked, in return for cold hard cash.

  39. 39 Mengy-Kun (aka Josef Mengele), Bishie Queen of the SS

    Yeah, you totally forgot to mention Dattebayo – The biggest assholes in fansubbing.

  40. 40 Ghost

    yeah dattebayo and HORRIBLESUBS

  41. 41 African American

    You forgot you have a big dick.

  42. 42 ludwig

    the best thing about this article is that now Ihave a list of good fansubbing groups on the net, since you mostly criticized them but included those groups because they were at least good enough to be worth mentioning, as you said at the end.

  43. 43 iPwnj00

    Big Time Trolling Ftw

  44. 44 Jay



    I’ll assume you are, good post.

  45. 45 Jay

    Also, opinion on Shinsen-Subs?

  46. 46 Equil

    Agreed with Cruel-Viper, they are as good as you coalguys, at least i like you booth

    “Tries to be a funny nigger in his subs and only other faggots think it is cool. Translation mistakes abound!”

    I bet u doesnt even understand a word in japanese also its not a critic if u say that an action film will only be loved by action film lovers, sucks to be a failtroll huh?

  47. 47 Cool Guy

    You forgot Shinsen-Subs

    I can answer this for you.

    Shinsen-Subs = Slow slow slow slow slow slow slowest slow slow slow slow slow dropped

  48. 48 PeepChan

    If i had to say that CoalGuys had a flaw that would be self absorption. lol yes what is important i think is Quality, Style, Flow, & Timing. Like Dattebayo, there attitude are of snarlingly bastards but they do know how to do the job. and from some of the things i seen posted like the name calling i guess also calling CoalGuys Snarlingly bastards would be a complement. lol

  49. 49 hatsukoi

    if only CoalGuys could sub all the animes i’m currently watching then i wouldn’t have look for other fansub groups anymore lol

  50. 50 Anonymous Coward

    People are flawed, more news at eleven. It’s not like the official subs are so wonderful, with their quality NES fonts and poetic Engrish, and in any case half of the shows I watch won’t be officially licensed for the foreseeable future. Like them or not, without these people we won’t get subs.

  51. 51 whatever

    Who cares? Honestly, you’re just a fansubbing team. You don’t make any difference to the anime! You merely translate the language and call yourself ‘special’? Give us a break, you delay all the time and now you’re ranting on other fansubbers? Get a life, dude and don’t waste our time by posting another worthless rant like this!

  52. 52 Kesenai Boss

    Hey! Thanks for thinking my group is worth mentioning, I love you too.

  53. 53 holy_

    CoalGuys is the best then?
    U do good job at K-On!!

    The only one I always follow is Eclipse since Shana..

  54. 54 Yam

    tl;dr (square root of pi/10 for attempt if I did)

    meh thanks anyway for subbing those shit jap cartoons called animu, I really appreciate it that you work your ass off so that I could leech it off for free (^^,)

  55. 55 Storrm

    lols hard core funny.
    what about Ryuumaru? i wont to here there dig

    Taka is the new DB as far is im concerned, at lest for Naruto.

  56. 56 Alestar

    Lol the best subber is SubDesu

    Reason: Check yaself ๐Ÿ˜€
    Subs arent that good but its the anime’s they subs ๐Ÿ˜€

  57. 57 darou darou

    i never even bother to rate any fansub cause i am cheapest leechers and they did it all for free , as long there are anime subbed i will download and watch it … XD.. but although i never even bother about rating but i know how to appreciate them by saying “thanks for subbing bro ” ^^

    p/s: though not all of them i said thx except i come across to their website

  58. 58 XMtS



  59. 59 Anima

    thanks trollguys, we <3 you

  60. 60 anon

    Chihiro โ€“ Shitty aesthetic senses. Leader invents shit and backs it with his terrible logic. Slow.

    HIS?? I thought Kristen is the leader, as in “SHE”?

  61. 61 The Enemy

    Well isn’t everyone in the fansub “community” a fat disgusting teenage weeaboo? You know/are the type, shunned by peers so they stuff their fatness in front of a computer and try to pretend to be an Animu translation god.

  62. 62 Reimu

    seriously, THIS post is gay. why do you bitch about the other groups yet claim you are perfect? biased much? FYI, i DO know enough japanese to see errors in the subs, but i wont CRY about it. those people still do better than i could. i could not care less which group does a better job, the subs are styled or not, V2’s, delays, or whatEVER! i have to give credit to the people who can finnish a series without dropping it cuz they have personal lives too.

    oh and when Yui says “Atsui” it means ‘hot’, not ‘Im dying’ so take a good look at yourself before saying stuff about other groups!

  63. 63 Cream of What!?

    Well, they’re fansubs ๐Ÿ˜€ I think you’re good, but there’s errors in your translations as well. Granted, most people won’t notice because they don’t speak any Japanese, but there are a few people who know your horrible secret lol

  64. 64 Yup

    The truth.

  65. 65 JC200X

    I agree with Reimu. Can you honestly tell yourself as a fansub group that you have no flaws? Just a while ago, you yourself (or selves) posted about an error in the latest episode of K-ON!! (Episode 11). And admitted that mistake.

    Despite that, I will still continue to watch your K-ON!! subs. I’ve always watched them ever since the very first episode and I will continue to do so, even with the occasional mistakes.

  66. 66 Belliom

    Dunno why people are getting upset over this. I, on the other hand, got a pretty good laugh out of this : )

  67. 67 Skie

    I salute you.

  68. 68 EdwardDFMA

    Haha, this should piss off a lot of people, mostly the fags though, but really the “CoalGuy” has spoken his mind is literally in chaos w/ the whole “Fansub World”.

  69. 69 You'd Think They Could Get It Right

    You’d Think They Could Get It Right…

    You’d think so, but then remember the medium. Nothing about anime is serious or planned well, so why should fansubbing be any different?

  70. 70 Yeahyeah

    successful troll is successful.

    Anyways the main two reasons Eclipse is one of the best groups are, that they finish what they start. And they don’t have any of this shit loads of QQ on their main site, like all other fansub groups have.

    If it’s so fun to write QQ then start real blog or something..

  71. 71 noob-otaku

    troll meet troll = happy ending

    gay meet gay = happy ending

  72. 72 Kesenai Boss


  73. 73 what he said


    The face I had when I watched some in the list. SubDesu too, ESPECIALLY. I swear some of you idiots don’t know what you’re talking about sometimes. Ah but anyway, if you were too stupid to realize that he’s not truly serious that he’s perfect and is just trolling you, well he is. Look up MADDOX and see a VERY similar character in him.

    Think Mazui is fine enough, Eclipse’s consistency is one of the better qualities of it, FFFpeeps are imo lacking and should and will probably improve if they want to be a good group but they are quite consistent so far. Agreement with Menclave, SFW, gg, Frostii, a.f.k and probably Ayako and UTW’s (for BGata) styling and overall I found yours and gg’s stylings to have the most consistency in terms of being pleasing to the eye, for example Durarara!! (before it was dropped) had truly fitting stylings, unlike ANCO.

    I don’t really know for Nutbladder since I never seriously looked into it since the subs genuinely looked very similar to gg (BSS-Eclipse too)

    Also, missed out Ryuumaru and DB among others.

    Anyway, I don’t really hate them, I just question their editing skills sometimes when some familiar type of errors come up consistently each week. Besides, who else would fansub [X] shows? e.g Omamori Himari (which Ryuumaru actually finished when none others did)

    And thanks everyone for the laughs, I enjoy being told to get laid or some sort.

    P.S FB, if you think so I hope you enjoy life with

  74. 74 what he said

    lastly, successful troll is successful


  75. 75 Sai1Nonly

    This post is bad and you should feel bad about it.

  76. 76 MMC

    AHAHAHHAHAHHAA i wonder how many of you fags just skipped over that blank space in the ‘coalguys’ entry

    Successfull troll is successful ^.^

  77. 77 Ga0

    Weeaboos, now with fansubs, for e-penis development and trolling purposes.
    I still like THORA and don’t think anybody will “destroy the perfect image of the group they adore” because of this post. Fat chance.
    But for the lulz I’d say I laughed irl.

  78. 78 Anonym

    “a.f.k. โ€“ Retarded encoding. Downscaled XviD in 2009? What the hell are they thinking.”

    Um, wut? Several other groups still release downscaled XviD, even in 2010. You know, it’s funny how everyone gloats and celebrates when a group decides not to do XviD or low-res encodes anymore. Because apparently when people’s preferred fansub format gets discontinued, it’s cool to kick them when they’re down. And yet when a group like a.f.k. doesn’t release .mkvs or shitty upscales, they throw a temper tantrum about *their* preferences not being met.

  79. 79 Derp

    This is why you do this all, isn’t it? You just put up with all the subbing shit so that you have some people who will listen to you when you need to vent, eh?

  80. 80 Razter

    Just curious what you think of dattebayo. They have kinda been a one trick pony but subs have always been fast and had limited mistakes for the number of episodes.

    Either way, you have my respect as the best subber, if only you could be cloned so you could sub more shows at once.

  81. 81 aers

    [ 02:30:17 ] [ Starmaker ]
    [ 02:30:18 ] [ Starmaker ] lawl
    [ 02:32:10 ] [ &KagiyamaHina ] we are lazy
    [ 02:52:57 ] [ &aers ] drama over work?
    [ 02:53:01 ] [ &aers ] tsk
    [ 02:53:03 ] [ &aers ] silly jaka
    [ 02:53:22 ] [ &KagiyamaHina ] >implying we talk enough to have drama
    [ 02:54:00 ] [ &aers ] i know right

    true dat.

  82. 82 the fucking boss

    some people are taking this 100% serious lol

    Things like asshole group leaders don’t really fucking matter as long as they put good subs out. I certainly don’t give a shit as long as the translation is CORRECT. It’s really not that hard people.

    that pastebin was really fun to read I’ll give you that. Post more of those.

  83. 83 RandomGuyWhoJustCaresAboutWatchingAnime

    This BIG rant seems like (probably it is) a cry for attention.

    /care at your oppinion about other fansubs, this kind of attitude is just going to make me watch K-ON from Chihiro or Frostii instead of CoalGuys.

  84. 84 AnnonOfEurope

    I can feel butthurt in this

  85. 85 ThumperZ1

    For just watching anime most of the groups (to me) are fairly good. What kills me is trying to edit some of the translations. Sometimes I have to correct the spelling and punctuation just to watch it.
    Check out two different groups doing the same show, and they almost tell a different story.
    It’s all what some people like, or are used to, so they put up with it.
    It’s volunteers donating their time. If it were professionals, we should really be pissed.

  86. 86 Sai

    You totally missed out on one site that would get you to masturbate…
    GWOD, missing that is soooooo not Coal Guys.

  87. 87 cpt. Misumaru Tenchi

    “a.f.k. โ€“ Retarded encoding. Downscaled XviD in 2009? What the hell are they thinking.”

    Well, at least it’s better than HQ H264 and nothing more. You’re not thinking about low-end hardware users, which just can’t upgrade it at the moment, at all. What’s so bad in LQ XviDs – can’t people understand that still there are need for LQs and leave everybody wtaching them alone?

  88. 88 Holo

    I am touched. Doki got a mention!

  89. 89 Butthole

    Wow, what a list. I’m going to have to check out the CoalGays, sounds like they’ve the only ones who’ve got their shit together. I don’t even care about their creepy personal habits as long as they can make good subs ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. 90 noko

    No mention of KAA, AniYoshi, Nekomimi, (KyouNo)Solstice, …

    Actually, there’s quite a few.

  91. 91 DEErP

    Fuck your “flows”, sacrificing accuracy to push a meme/reference, “fixing” lines and americanizing bullshit ๐Ÿ˜€

    You were part of and even responsible for some of the FAIL in certain groups.

    i guess this is either trolling everyone equally or some genuine left-loathing is mixed in as well ha ha.

    And the list is lacking some serious entries. I don’t see Ryuumaru, AniYoshi, Fucking SubDesu, Dattegayo ETC. ETC.

  92. 92 DEErP

    PS. Your just a speedsub group. If even a slightly less gay alternative is available you gonn’ get dropped.

  93. 93 bobbierob

    Chihiro dropped angel beats?………DISRESPECT.

    btw they’re slow as hell anyway

  94. 94 helo

    and the “winner” for worst troll group ever goes to…!

  95. 95 namednoob

    so how this solve the problem ? i might have missed the solution you wanted to mention from your entire text…

  96. 96 AppleIIGuy

    No Horriblesubs haet?

  97. 97 EdwardDFMA

    @ApplellGuy: Why the fuck would he even mention them?! they’re not even anything close to a fansub group! they just rip =p but HorribleSubs has enough hate already since that is CR’s job after all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  98. 98 Claves


  99. 99 noko

    We should really be grateful to CoalGuys.

    They’re pointing out other fansub groups we should go download releases from instead of theirs. ๐Ÿ˜€

  100. 100 Ampleforth

    Yo at the Laker parade today someone was carrying a Yui and Mio plushie was that you

  101. 101 anonymous
  102. 102 TenshiZetsumei

    I well know all people have their own preferences but I still think that people should choose which fansub groups that they want to get their anime from so im still here coz coalguys fansubs are to my taste so i dont really discriminate anyone from their subbing

  103. 103 lol

    lol, i think you need to make continuation for other fansubs group,

    or are you trying to indiscriminate them?

    there are still plenty fansubs that worth to mentioned.

  104. 104 dan

    Awwww SHIT! hahah that gets me every time…

    I think the ragefaggots don’t get that any publicity is good publicity? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    yay for dramafags!

  105. 105 fagot

    LoL! stfu
    thats all, cya

  106. 106 ย 
  107. 107 SP

    wow dattebayo is too old to be worth mention?

  108. 108 valadius

    ngl, i didn’t think anyone took fansubbing seriously enough to start drama over it. a bunch of faggots, but they have their uses.

  109. 109 Baka

    lol, are you on drugs? i’m definitely sure you watch one of those group’s project. Hell, you might even had stored them in one of your hdd. hypocrite..

  110. 110 Krovi

    I don’t see why you think lyrics are bad, they’re important if anyone wants to know what the hell someone is singing about.

    Also, Mazui is one of the best for this season. FFFpeeps, while they might not have the most fluid translations, they have a pretty cool community.

  111. 111 bendover

    a.f.k. didn’t want to compete against licensers or kristen.

  112. 112 Validictus

    Lol nice post. For the most part the errors are right (can’t say much about drama though). But just cause they have a few mistakes as long as the translation and editing is done right I’m usually fine with it.

    Nutbladder and FFF are total trash though, watching the hardsubbed sewage released in america is a better option than them. dubs also would probably trump them.

    I like SFW, Element, Ryuumaru, and your subs because the subs reflect the nature of the shows they do.

    It’s nice that you can think of yourself as one of the best though, especially when you sub amazing shows like K-on that can be translated on mute. (not to say that your subs aren’t good)

    Finally, judging by the comments, there are a surprising number of immigrants or just flat out Chinese people who watch fansubs or at least coalguys ๐Ÿ™‚ haha.

  113. 113 James

    Dattebyo is nothing without bleach and naruto they are dead imo

  114. 114 Azure_Shockwave


    Some of these are true, some of these you just said whatever because they weren’t important enough. xD

  115. 115 Philthy Rich

    It’s funny how you don’t talk about subdesu, Mango. Oh yeah, they’re learning their shit from you.

  116. 116 Leecher-kun

    LOL’d at CoalGuys
    Errors are fine. Nobody will bitch at you for it. You do a great job, however, you don’t have the right to bitch at other’s work. Delays are fine, as long as it’s within the timeframe, unless you drop it.
    Seriously, I don’t care about the quality of the subs too much, as long as they convey the meaning around 90% would be fine.
    The reason I download your B Gata is only because I started with your subs. I personally don’t like to change the fansubber, so I just put up with it even the fansubber are shit anyway.
    Lyrics are not needed, seriously, just browse google. I feel like “meh” when I saw this post anyway

  117. 117 DarkTigris

    Dattebayo, Eclipse And static-subs were my favorites since I started watching series. Now I can add Coal-Guys. M.3.3.w and Chihiro were a promise that died in that just a promise. gg is another dead promise. Ayako was one of the FS I was following but kind of slow now.
    I don’t know about the actual translation since I know just as japanese as the winning numbers of the lottery, but just based on visual appeal and speed.
    On second note I don’t follow the recent shows of Dattebayo because, even though I haven’t seen them completely I found them boring. I just loved, as a big majority Bleach and Naruto. Hope they still sub the movies.

  118. 118 Desert_Fox

    Hello, CoalGays…..:)

    nice announcements that u told us…

    i agree with u…

    CoalGays โ€“ No flaws. Best gay group ever.

  119. 119 attention everyone, i have an important announcement

    im gay

  120. 120 Gambo

    I dont care about fansub quality as everyonw knows they are just a placeholder until the dub comes out.

    Fucking reading hurts my eyes and i miss the action.

  121. 121 blah

    Actually i started watching all animes subbed by you since Toradora, i think all the animes you subbed are very good animes, i like your fansubs also. That is why i dun watch any other animes except the animes you subbed

  122. 122 CoalFags

    Fuck you!

  123. 123 Flybyhacker

    I feel sorry for you …..=_=(LOLX)

  124. 124 Francisco R

    I find it funny that this post has gotten the most comments of any post I have ever seen :). This post was too funny 5 stars.

  125. 125 Fidelis

    Lol what a wall of bullshit, your subs suck just take B Gata H Kei as an example of bad subs, stuff like “fuck fuckidy fuck fuck” or “She Looks like Cristina Aguilera” it just doesn’t make any sense, btw saying bad stuff about BakaBT comunity just because they said u were shit is childish because u are idd shit, just look at your subs and don’t make up stuff for simple lines, just write what they say and don’t mess up with it, like “fuck fuckidy fuck fuck” when it’s just a simple Damn it.
    So gl and learn from your mistakes instead of saying u are flawless

  126. 126 Solar

    Not biased? Oh really?! “Coal Gays – No flaws. Best group ever.” Yeah, part of fansubber’s works is to criticize other groups too. Epic Fail Coal Gays. But I think not. You’re not so serious about this post ๐Ÿ˜› Very easy to see through you simple-minded guys.

  127. 127 akonni2

    Man… CoalGuys. You made me dislike you more. I mean, I didn’t like your subs with B Gata H Kei. Some translations were far from what they actually said.

    And yeah, thank you anyway for your efforts in fansubbing animes even though you sounded in your post like your brains gonna explode with pride and all that sh*t you were saying.


  128. 128 Solar

    Oh I know. Maybe because you don’t have any quality torrent for bakabt to be proud of. You want to be promoted in BakaBT? 1st be humble then always remember haste makes waste. That’s all. You’ll not be simple-minded @ the future. Funny how you boast w/ your karaoke even though your karaoke is pure bullshit and it has no significance at all bwahahahah! Well I loved you released fast episodes for crappy anime that don’t need to be subbed for quality ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. 129 Solar

    Ok let’s ride your simple-mindedness. More post from me. I know you’re just expecting a lot of feedbacks. Hey this post is not a feedback.

  130. 130 Rosti

    For the record, ArabianSwan doesn’t actually lead Frostii any more. She’s pretty much left the group, aside from doing stuff on projects she was on before she left.

  131. 131 Gauzemaster

    No flaws, eh? Can you call excessive bashing as “no flaws”? Pardon me if I have to be cranky but you’re really in no position to bash other fansubs. Millions watch anime ahead of broadcast thanks to the thousands of fansub groups in the Internet. “They have bad English.”, “They have shitty means of fansubbing.” You say that as if you’re the “Fansubbing Authority”, the God of Fansubs. What about the entry title? There are no good fansubs? You just literally praised yourself!

    Listen, CoalGuys: there are tens of other groups out there that can do your job as well as you do or even better. So stop being a sorry a-hole! You’re making me sick. Troll or no-troll, you better start waking up.

    And here’s a parting gift from me to you: CoalGuys rates at 6.82 (out of 126 raters), 29 comments. Frostii rates at 8.15 (out of 108 raters), 45 comments. (source:

  132. 132 Azerik

    I found that very amusing, but I disagree with a lot of it. Good little tid bit to read though. I noticed Ryugan the people subbing Fairy Tail aren’t there ๐Ÿ˜›

    Also, the part about CoalGuys needs a bit of editing me thinks. SubDESU should be added and flames to bits as well ๐Ÿ˜›

  133. 133 Azerik

    &@Gauzemaster & every other flaming dick who commented: Do you perhaps know the meaning of “satire” my good friends? Even if this post is more serious then God when he told Noah to build a giant boat, learn to suck it up. Sad fact is, most of whats said is true, the good fansub groups make mistakes that make them look stupid because they are so simple, and the crappy sub groups make so many mistakes their shit becomes eye cancer.

    @XMtS: You’re a troll, and a dick, I hate you, bugger off. I don’t know if you know this, but the average English speaking Anime fan has not the correct mind set to learn Japanese, and as someone who is actually trying to, I can tell you its not easy after 18 years of speaking and reading just English. Also, you’re claim that ALL Anime is made for school children is so bullshit its not even funny. You should go shoot yourself for being that stupid.

  134. 134 noushi

    fukken lold

  135. 135 Solar

    the topic is called “THERE ARE NO GOOD FANSUB GROUPS”……………………………………………………. “CoalGuys โ€“ No flaws. Best group ever. Led by a well respected black man who puts references in their subs in order to get a reaction out of the community. Drama over actual work.”….

    Contradiction? Illogical? Troll! Blame your black mama w/ the darkest p*ssy for being so stupid ๐Ÿ™‚

  136. 136 jajajajj


    You got over 100 replies.

  137. 137 Ryuga

    lolz trolls n’ butthurts

  138. 138 Desert_Fox

    hello, COALGAYS !!!!!

    gud morning…..:)

  139. 139 Gregory

    Where’s my K-ON 12?


    Your trollsubs are the worst. Even if you have good translators, it’s ruined by the shit you think is funny. List of groups better than you

    Thora [lay off thora they have the best encoder ever]
    M33w [among the best]
    Tomodachi [shit, but still better than you]
    UTW [beat your ass at B gata H kei, your accusations make no sense]
    Doki [anything you can do, they do better]
    Frostii [they do the best K-on]

  141. 141 Cool Guy

    >UTW [beat your ass at B gata H kei, your accusations make no sense]

    UTW fucking sucks, dude.

  142. 142 A non ymous

    I can’t believe so many people are truly butthurt over this and make 100% serious replies. Stop being so tsundere, and just watch yer animu.

  143. 143 llKite

    CoalGuys used I TROLL U!
    It’s super effective!

  144. 144 dniknu

    yeah, lots of retarded translations, it’s nice to know enough Japanese to be able to tell what something actually means when you combine it with the shithouse TL though.

  145. 145 Pedram

    Hi, Guys.
    I don’t come here to say this subs (or maybe better say this “fansubs”) sucks, Or awesome, But at least this is what i believe: Fansubing is most very hard work because if you do this work “alone” it’s take too much time for translating, Encoding (If you use x/h264 codec and haven’t quad core cpu on your pc and something like cuda enable technology), Editing, Timing and much more other things. And to be honestly i love this fansuber (even he goes to gg, Even he apologies to chihiro fs and troll them again and…) Anyway I support this guy because I believe in him, Even he banned me or say to me, You’re faggot, I continue downloading his subbed show, And last thing I like to mention is his translated sentences, I personality prefer the purports of one dialogue, Not what they say in word by word.)
    Like this picture
    UTW translated: I made some fired chicken.
    CoalGuys translated: I bought KFC.
    Anyone know by saying KFC is mean quality and some tasty chicken, Is I’m wrong? So i hope CG(jaka) countuine his work and I looking forward for his other subbed shows.

  146. 146 erious

    >146 replies
    Oh wow, people took you seriously. 10/10
    Not that I disagree with your list all that much, some of that shit just really doesn’t matter to anyone but subbers themselves though.
    And hey, BakaBT ain’t as bad as Gaia. Well, ok, so maybe the offer related part and torrent comments are full of shit and circlejerking, but the forums are pretty nice.
    Most of the time.
    Anyway, amusing posts like this one are always welcome, even if only for seeing all the butthurt people taking dumb shit way too seriously.
    Keep on keeping on.

  147. 147 Anon

    cool story bro

  148. 148 fiscal3498

    this is a good troll

  149. 149 K-own

    As we say in our town: Successful troll is successful.

  150. 150 CowsGoMoo

    Haha, oh I lol’d. I love you CoalGuys. <3

  151. 151 BoozerX

    Lol I dont give a fuck.
    Thanks for your work.

  152. 152 bass

    Well I’ll say Coalguys are arrogant bastard fansub group, no fansub group is perfect but as for the most fanssubers like Eclipe or BSS, they’re definitely way better than you guys

  153. 153 boys

    preach my brotha!

  154. 154 megalith


  155. 155 Merydia

    Lololol successful troll with kernels of truth has kernels of truth and is successful.

  156. 156 lvhina

    I was never really a fan of coalguys…. But I LoLed at this topic so much. +1

  157. 157 you


  158. 158 x1o8x

    u might wanna change BSS = BullShit Subs
    nonetheless coalguy = coalgay

  159. 159 anon

    but chihiro has 1080p…

  160. 160 ejaz14357

    As we say in our town: Successful troll is successful

  161. 161 Fred

    Fun read.

  162. 162 PooperScooper

    Why do people think it’s their God-given right for fan-sub groups to sub their anime? For the most part, the groups are doing it for free (for the most part). Have at least a modicum of gratitude ffs. Seeing ppl telling fan subbers to “shut up and get back to work” just amazes me.

  163. 163 Tranc-Ilyace

    T-N is much better..

    but lacks of anime collection ..

  164. 164 Matteas

    Yes, of course. We all worship the only good fansub group and deem the others incompetent. Nice trolling.

  165. 165 noob-otaku

    there are so many losers who like to whine
    but too scared to remove “bad fansub” from their collections

  166. 166 vey

    “Drama over actual work.”

    Thats why I <3 Coal Guys

  167. 167 Mandigo_The_Drill

    My bitch Jaka = Mangochan translates for most of the fansub groups mentioned.

    Fagg, are u complaining about your own chinese -> engrish translation?

    Damn bitch, you need desperately my dick in your ass again.

  168. 168 Soccerk

    Coal guys = faggotry of the sub scene, but yeah there are others worse and even not worth to be on pair of you guys, that said, thank you and fuk you very much! Keep on the good work/whining!

  169. 169 SeriousDann

    And yeah coal girls speak the truth: It is just enough for a sub to be understandable without all that fancy/stupid/unnecessary shit all over the screen. Sometimes it’s a royal pain in the ass to have four to six different lines of crap on the screen, like people could read all that stuff at the same time and limited time at that.

    You guys and girls who kindly/out of need/out of need to some kind of recognition even if something not materially worth or satisfying (online shit)…subbing our anime shows, we (most of us) really appreciate it. You people do all this shit overall for us, people who know shit about Japanese. For that you have our gratitude…

    However all that doesn’t give you guys the rights to go on crying and whining over everything that happens in your real life, or just anything you learn, see or read online. Whining like fucking faggots you know you truly are/wanna be just deep inside your little sissy hearts. And I mean all-or the vast majority of subbers(yeah even fakers.)

    Shit, I am even sick of saying shit so I will say crap. Some subs are crap, but compared to what? Yeah, coal girls are so f-ing right…

  170. 170 mediumfag

    lulz epic flame wars

  171. 171 Void Templar


    Troll win.

  172. 172 raven

    wow,you guys like sucking cock .Biggest knob suckers on the web .Nice job assholes ,keep sucking like you do so well

  173. 173 nub

    “this entire post is strictly composed of my own personal views”
    ^this ๐Ÿ˜€

  174. 174 cloudsora

    I don’t follow sub drama bullshit unless it they lose members or die because of it but yeah all good subbers are dead and I honestly saw that WAY before you posted this and with my limited knowledge of japanese I can agree with most of what you said… except that you guys are the best, still better than most though and constant so I’ll give you guys that.

  175. 175 donno


  176. 176 wat

    It pains me to say that, by and large, I actually agree with the post. Also, dat drama. Good show.

  177. 177 KFC LOL!


  178. 178 Black Reaper

    Coal Guys – Has just as “shitty” fansubs as any of the other “decent” groups. Led by some immature kids who try to gain fame and recognition by make this long ass post to try and make themselves seem better than other fansubs.

  179. 179 Wait...really?

    Wait wait wait … people who acctually understand what is being said in animes READ subtitles … that just seems ass backwards to me …

  180. 180 i stopped take this post seriously when i saw "as I am always correct"

    i stopped take this post seriously when i saw “as I am always correct”

  181. 181 Anon

    Norikumi – Honestly think that there are stil people, other than the faggots that dwell in their comment section, waiting on their releases.

  182. 182 anon

    and I think you need to go out …laadie daadie da… have you heard about that oil spill? Heard that’s some nasty shit.

  183. 183 Slayz0rs

    Lol the author of the article is a badass.

  184. 184 some guy

    I actually agree with most of Coalguy’s shit. Subs should be bland and to the point, not flashy, taking up 90% of the screen and visually an eyesore. If the subs are taking away from watching the show, the subs are done wrong.

  185. 185 CoalGuys

    Seriously jaka, go fuck yourself. I’ve always thought beside’s your shitty attitude, you’re actually quite a respectable fansubber, but posting these shit about other fansub groups is just stupid. What people do with their fansub groups is their problem, oyu are in no position to criticize them. Don’t forogt you are also a faggoty nigga which lots of people hate as well.

  186. 186 Red


  187. 187 Kokingz

    haters gonna hate ๐Ÿ˜›
    well Coal Guys flaw would be trolling i guess, but u are still one of the best around. if i had to rate it i would say Eclipse, Coal Guys, Mazui are great. FFFpeeps, Nutbladder or Chihiro are good.

    most important thing in fansubs is that u actually understand what they talk about in the anime, not how the fonds look or stuff (since most releases are mkv nowadays u are all free to change the fonds to ur liking anyways..)

    i like that Dattebayo is not important enough to be mentioned *kekeke* i never liked them, just because they were doing narutard and bleach for a long time they thought they were some kinda gods… and all those stupid fans believed it… im quite happy that they dropped those shows, coz better groups picked the up now (Taka for Naruto and SGKK for Bleach)

  188. 188 jW

    CoalGuys โ€“ No flaws. Best group ever.

    Thumbs up =X

    I agree that there’s no good fansub, best way, which is also the least applicable way, is by learning the language and watch it RAW.

  189. 189 Natalie

    Ya know, I really did like your subs. No otaku subbing like “I’m going shopping-desu~” or “that’s so kawaii” instead of translating. Large fonts, not too large, and white with border so they are easy to see. I’m happy that you show no modesty in your subbing – it means you know you’re good and proud of it.

  190. 190 OnxEdge

    Eclipse is slow lately.. they are still one of my favorites but they never give any updates of what’s going on, etc.. just refresh page hoping episode is out.

  191. 191 QQ dddd

    Eclipse โ€“ Editor literally only spell checks and calls it โ€œeditingโ€. Iโ€™m not shitting you. I mean, isnโ€™t Eclipse notorious for their bad editing and weird phrasing errors? Oh, and if you hadnโ€™t realized yet, their OP/ED karaoke templates have been the same for at least 5 fucking seasons. Fucking terrible fanbase.

    Don’t troll man, i’ve been an Eclipse fan and they sub really good compared to others, (In my opinion, they are better than yours)

  192. 192 J Awesome

    Incoming shitstorm in 10…

    If anyone has the creds to talk trash, it’s you guys.

  193. 193 kazewa

    Sub is an instant way to understand the anime I watch. I’m a lazy faggot who have no time to learn japanesse first before watching anime. That way, even if the translation sometimes / often quite wrong, I don’t even have a clue. My English isn’t anywhere near good, not to mention perfect, either.

    Btw, I EXTREMELY DISAGREE if ALL OF ANIME don’t have vocabulries that children can’t understand, though I don’t know Japanesse that much.

    S*x? What a pathetic excuse to call oneself mature. Pretty much stupid. It even has a (little) chance to bring death. (if with random different-gender partner, yes)
    A faggot who like to badmouth someone else’s hobby sure had much free time on his hand, and used it unwisely, just like myself and this post. Hahahaha

  194. 194 Mr. Gay Men Watch

    may I start my own fansubbing group too

  195. 195 Skyknight

    Where the fuck is Aasasubs?! Fuck youz!

  196. 196 Ateen

    Wow. Never thought I would be commenting any of these (I’m usually not that retarded), but this one was some awesome outburst. Great to see you guys get sometimes bored on the internet. But it’s rare to find some HQ boredom.

    I like your subs, so keep up the GOOD work. Thanks.

    P.s. Don’t mention if the retarded guy is a kid. It sounds cool, but the truth is, it gives him a reason – an excuse for being retarded. It’s like telling there is still hope for him, which is untrue. It’s all in the genes.

  197. 197 IM THE BEST


  198. 198 Fro

    I don’t know shit about fansub drama, but I do know that Coalguys have some of the most natural, unobtrusive, and well thought out subtitles that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I know a little japanese, but not enough to actually watch the show without subtitles, and I can tell that the subs aren’t exactly what the characters are saying, but they’re put in such a way that they make sense in english. Isn’t that the whole point of translating something?

  199. 199 limitbreaker


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  201. 201 saitenmaru

    hey, i bought KFC yesterday

  202. 202 Johnnnnn

    CoalGuys … best yeah… Best fansub to drop Project…

    Congratulation…. guy!

  203. 203 LOL

    CoalGuys… a DROPOUT group who likes to dropped their project like they dropping SHIT!

  204. 204 catpipe

    LOL and wow, this post certainly stirred up a lot of different reactions and emotions from individuals.

    In my point of view regardless of whether they are good or bad fansubbers are doing a great job. Anything from 90% and greater accuracy is much much better then trying to watch a raw episode
    of a language you don’t know or can only understand 20%.
    Trust me I have tried watching a korean tv series dubbed in mandarin [a language which I don’t know] and trying to read the chinese subtitle [a writing that I can’t read]…that is f’ed up.

  205. 205 deviant2

    there are AniYoshi, Yibis, Dattebayo, Exiled-Destiny, etc.

    and … [Coalgirls] exists 2.
    yes … i’m 1 of fansub 2.

    and … [coalguys] will cause never ending war.
    yes … beacause of that you dropping your project soooo many times, not like me.

    and … thank u for these idea
    yes … i’m always infront of u.

    sayonara ni san.

  206. 206 Sara

    The list is good. I understand a little bit of Japanese and I can watch anime without the fansubs. But I use them, it’s better than nothing… And yes, they are doing a good job.

  207. 207 Cynthia

    Karaoke? How amusing. If it’s not in the original episode, then I don’t want it in a sub. Besides, most songs that have karaokes, those karaokes are featured on the CD single, so go buy that. Aside from that, a lot of groups are overrated and it’s sometimes difficult to find something of quality that doesn’t mistranslate or Americanize translations. However, I agree that any subs are better than none. At least if you can spot the error, you know enough to understand what’s really being said.

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  212. 212 Surprised by Idiocy

    I cant believe some people are actually taking this post seriously. For fuck’s sake! The guy is obviously trolling. Ofcourse everyone will have different peferences and shit, its how humans are. Fucking idiots!

  213. 213 Brian

    Excellent article! I’m also planning to publish a blog post in regards to this… cheers

  214. 214 Stealthmomo

    You may have a point with all the groups you listed. However, one thing remains clear to me… the WORST of them is better than watching some fucked up “professional” butcher job like FUNimation.

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  227. 227 baka

    Talk about the other groups.
    2011-06-02 14:58 2011-06-02 14:58 5 Centimeters per Second 3 3 3+0 0 complete N/A (0) 0
    2009-12-16 22:47 2009-12-16 22:47 Aki Sora 1 1 1+0 0 complete 7.32 (10) 3
    2010-04-02 18:33 2010-06-18 16:42 B Gata H Kei: Yamada`s First Time 12 12 12+0 0 complete 2.56 (49) 22
    2009-03-27 18:02 2010-02-05 07:06 K-On! 12 12 12+3 0 complete 5.33 (132) 29
    2010-04-07 10:45 2011-03-22 19:04 K-On! Season 2 24 24 24+3 0 complete 5.64 (53) 21
    2012-07-20 02:32 2012-07-20 04:23 K-On! The Movie 1 1 1+0 0 complete 4.13 (19) 8
    2009-01-10 14:18 2009-03-28 15:56 Samurai Harem 12 12 12+0 0 complete 4.80 (43) 4
    2012-01-10 12:32 2012-03-27 09:18 Waiting in the Summer 12 12 12+0 0 complete N/A (8) 2
    2008-12-24 21:13 2009-02-25 14:41 Akikan! 12 7 7+0 0 dropped 5.41 (56) 12
    2010-01-14 22:57 2010-02-11 21:29 Dance in the Vampire Bund 12 6 4+0 0 dropped 4.41 (20) 0
    2011-10-14 12:45 2011-12-23 06:37 Guilty Crown 22 11 11+0 0 dropped N/A (4) 9
    2013-04-14 05:28 2013-04-14 05:28 Henneko: Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat 12 1 1+0 0 dropped N/A (1) 0
    2010-07-05 20:16 2010-07-12 19:37 High School of the Dead 12 2 2+0 0 dropped 3.29 (27) 16
    2008-11-07 02:34 2008-11-07 02:34 Seto no Hanayome OVA 2 1 1+0 0 dropped N/A (8) 8
    2009-04-07 19:18 2009-05-20 18:01 Tears to Tiara 26 7 7+0 0 dropped 6.13 (45) 7
    2009-05-22 16:14 2009-05-23 13:56 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2009) 28 8 1+0 0 dropped N/A (0) 0
    2010-01-11 10:34 2010-02-16 19:58 The Qwaser of Stigmata 24 6 6+0 0 dropped N/A (6) 2
    2009-07-02 16:29 2009-07-02 16:29 Umineko no Naku Koro ni 26 1 1+0 0 dropped N/A (0) 0
    2008-11-05 19:14 2008-12-24 22:45 Ef: A Tale of Melodies 12 12 8+0 0 finished 4.00 (44) 21
    2008-10-30 18:55 2011-12-23 10:48 Toradora! 25 25 20+1 0 finished 6.36 (126) 23
    2010-01-05 18:44 2010-01-05 18:44 Sound of the Sky 12 1 1+0 0 stalled N/A (0) 0

    I see alot of drops and the quality lacks with errors to boot. I checked out you Toradora release and it wasnt that great. rating 5.12 thats low compared to some of the groups you bad mouth

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    Short but very precise infoโ€ฆ Appreciate your sharing this one.
    A must read post!

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