WTB working media player with WORKING global hotkeys.

Tried VLC/SM/MPC-HC/ZoomP and they all fucking failed, unless I’m doing something wrong.

Tired of this SHIFT ALT TAB -> MOUSE CLICKING shit.

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  1. 1 TechnoCat


  2. 2 Clay

    I use KMPlayer.

  3. 3 CoalGuys


  4. 4 ilih

    “Global Media Keys” enabled?

  5. 5 CoalGuys

    ticked that, does it work for you?

  6. 6 HettGutt

    Sorry if there’s some obvious reason why it can’t be MPlayer and I’m just an ignorant faggot.

  7. 7 CoalGuys

    smplayer = mplayer

  8. 8 smbobs

    i can only share my good experiences with the KMPlayer,
    here’s a good torrent link
    it worked perfectly for me, hope it does for you too, and keep the good work up, already anxious for K-on 12^^

  9. 9 Reyoku

    WMP classic home cinema (included in cccp) would be the best..
    I used KMPlayer but it had few problems playing blu-ray 1080p so i changed to WMP
    now everything’s perfect.. but u can make ur own hotkeys with both programms

  10. 10 storrm

    VLC sucks go for CCCP. there’s a panel in CCCP that lest you set all of the short cuts. i’ve been looking for something like it for MPlayer on Ubuntu but haven’t fount it yet. im on ubuntu rite now so its hard to tell you were the panel is seeing as i was playing with it like last year. CCCP.

  11. 11 blah

    CCCP is not a mediaplayer, anyway i’ve used GOMplayer but it has troubles with custom fonts in subtitles.

  12. 12 Mezhone

    Well i have two mediaplayers that have working global Hotkeys.

    aimp and Winamp both have working global hotkeys.

  13. 13 Storrm

    blah i meant “Media Player Classic Homecinema” which comes with CCCP. its ezzyer to say CCCP then MPCH.

    options> player> keys.
    then a gen this is XP.
    what OS are you running?

  14. 14 Jarol

    Autohotkey and probably Media player classic.

    Autohotkey is a small program where you can make it so that a single key press can be a series of presses directed to a single program or to windows in general. You can even make it so you control the mouse with the keyboard or remote control or whatever. Go look it up.

  15. 15 ken

    In order to get the media keys working in mpchc you may have to map the keys. In the option>keys scroll over to app command and make sure that’s mapped to your media controles.

    Media keys work fine for me even when the player is not the active window or on the main display. hope this helps

  16. 16 ken

    make sure that’s mapped to your media keys*.

  17. 17 soreil

    Mplayer / MPC HC or gtfo. Learn to use them ffs.

  18. 18 Atreidies

    Am I correct in assuming you’re inside a seperate fullscreen program/game while trying to use the Global Media Keys? I’m going to also assume Vista or 7 for this since it’s the only helpful advice I can give.

    If so, you need to give Admin rights to your media player when you open it whether you right click and Open as Administrator or you set that option in Properties for the EXE. Once you do that, the media keys should be responsive while using another fullscreen app.

  19. 19 Kalos

    Global Media Hotkey in MPC works perfectly fine for me.
    But you can only map media key… (don’t forget to set them in the App cmd column, not the Key column)
    If it still don’t work, another prog probably intercept your keystroke, try to remove all hotkey with the media key in every program you run at the same time =)
    Worst case (like keyboard without media key), AHK (AutoHotKey) can do the job, but is probably an overkill.
    But if you need some help with it, I’ll be my pleasure.

    Good luck and thank for your subbing =)

  20. 20 sakazekillaz
  21. 21 AlienGamer

    KMPlayer, Hotkeys work for me

  22. 22 AlienGamer

    Think u have to assign your own Global keys though..Btw, lemme know which u choose..Wanna try it out just in case

  23. 23 MadCelt

    I like GOMplayer for most things, hotkeys for tons of things, and the skip back ten sec. feature make reading badly timed subs less of a pain. Seems to have issues with some .mkv files and not others. no idea why. So i usually watch MKV on MPC, and everything else on GOMplayer.

  24. 24 Chlose

    Splayer. Simply the best.

  25. 25 sumi

    kmplayer mate

  26. 26 J1TT3R

    I would just like to point out that VLC has global hotkeys. It’s under the hotkey tab in preferences. It came out in version 1.0.0 which is old. Unless you guys have very old versions, you should have hotkeys.

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