K-ON!! S2 – 09

Somehow I found this episode quite touching… Maybe I just have a soft spot for the elderly -3-

Download : [ Torrent | ASS | DDL (Use at your own risk, or check CRC after complete) ]

P.S. Anyone good at MATLAB (or perhaps in general programming and has taken calc 3 or above) and is willing to help/tutor me in doing something real basic? Thanks for those who offered. Being the teacher’s pet, I got an automatic A in the class. Feels good, man.

49 Responses to “K-ON!! S2 – 09”

  1. 1 Anon

    First. FUCK YEAH

    Thanks. Mango as always. <3

  2. 2 butsecks


    now i will suck your dick

  3. 3 Hardcore

    Many thanks for your awesomeness.

  4. 4 balance

    matlab is for losers

  5. 5 netvope


    I use Mathematica more than MATLAB, but if you send me questions I’ll definitely try to help ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 6 CoalGuys

    no i need to write some DOUBLE INTEGRAL PROGRAM for the intersection between 2 smooth curves


  7. 7 Jay

    Just finished cleaning the fucking grill at my McD’s… this really makes my night, thanks CGs.

  8. 8 NightShade

    TNX, you rulz ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. 9 Jay

    Oh, and I finished project-based calc III, computer science iv, and every stats and probability course at my school and I have no idea how to use Matlab. Enjoy.

  10. 10 h~

    I know MATLAB but I fucking suck at it and only did a basic course in it since it’s a requirement for engineering students.

    Good thing I’ll never use it in Environmental/Civil Engineering cause I fucking hate that program

  11. 11 yay

    yay the shit speed subs release quicker with more errors

  12. 12 anon

    thx for the subs man

    btw, a picture of you was posted as op thread on /a/

    in thread – apparently you raped koda

    gg mate

  13. 13 Code537

    The video freezes and jumps to black (STOP) at around 15:15 in MPC HC. Anyone else?

  14. 14 Code537

    BTW, don’t mean to sound “ungrateful”. Wasn’t complaining, just informing. Gonna re-download again. Thanks for your timely release! CG is my “Must Watch Tuesdays”! Cheers~ Long Live K-ON!!!

  15. 15 nicky_008

    It’s good to hear that you don’t use ANSYS. XD

  16. 16 Anon

    It tanks at about 39 seconds in, using zoom. Time continues to tick but audio and video are frozen.

  17. 17 CG4LIFE

    use graphing calculator

  18. 18 David

    B Gata H Kei is the best anime this season not k-on.

  19. 19 FBSM

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks! =)

  20. 20 lunatic

    if you used maple, i could help you out, im sure if you have the MATLAB book, it tells you in the same chapter, shouldnt be much diff from maple

    something like

    x = int(*insert expression*);
    y = int(x);

    not sure, but its worth a shot =D

    thanks for k-on and b gata h kei

  21. 21 PT


    I am also a mathematica guy, but I guess it’s not all that much different?

    I take that you have an integrand f(x,y) which maps R^2 to R, and you want to integrate it over an area on R^2 bounded by two smooth curves.

    A couple questions:

    1) Do you just want to get out a number somehow, or do you want analytic answer where possible?

    2) Is this a one-off calculation, or do you want to have something recyclable, that allows you to plug in different curves and different integrands to perform similar calculation?

    3) Do you even care about performance?

    Shoot me an e-mail with detail of your problem…

  22. 22 herp

    hey. Thanks for the relatively timely releases of K-On!!.

    As for double integrals once you have your target formula set up you can evaluate like so (if I remember correctly):

    derp = int(int(f(x),limit1,limit2),limit3,limit4)

    should produce the volume under the surface generated. Of course you have to figure out your function and the limits. You can program for that, or do it by hand, I dunno your reqs. gl broseph

    p.s. here’s a link. It just might have all your answers

  23. 23 CoalGuys

    wait, is everyone getting problems with the playback?

  24. 24 Jay

    Plays fine.

    Using SMplayer on Ubanto 9.10

  25. 25 krizzlybear

    @CG: The playback from the torrent file is fine. It’s the DDL that’s a bit wonky for some reason. Might want to check that out.

  26. 26 Brandon

    First time I downloaded it, it cut off at 22:08 for me. Turns out the DDL had stopped at 233/265MB, but my computer acted like it was complete. Firefox said it finished and the .part file vanished, so I didn’t notice until it stopped playing. I downloaded it again, made sure it actually finished, and then it played fine.

    Also, thank you for taking the time to sub this. The speed you get this done with is greatly appreciated.

  27. 27 dan

    my love for you is like warm caramel syrup

    come and get some XD

    cheers for the wicked subs broski!

  28. 28 cj_nf

    I downloaded ASS-version. Not sure if it’s my problem or not, but the timing went off after the opening and I had to manually adjust subs to show ~30 seconds earlier. Anyway thanks for fast translations.

  29. 29 cj_nf

    ..Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t think about commercial break time.

  30. 30 Renzokuken

    I’ve got something running in my head that might help but its from a game developers point of view (which basicly is just maths).

    I’d run it as a collision detection function between the two objects and the point that their origins meet (without a bounding box/sphere) have the program store that within a variable and report it out.

    Sadly to do this you would have to build a quick games engine so I think its out of the question. Code is simple for the program though at least.

  31. 31 Code537

    Plays back beautifully after re-download via DDL. Still love the DDL option – willing to take the RISK! Thanks CG…!

  32. 32 ShiroKuro

    Hey nice Version
    I have a Question
    I was downloaded the cap 09, but when i was see it, show the subs of cap 08
    Itยดs me, or what?
    Well, good work

  33. 33 animeSUXX

    thx a bunch

  34. 34 Vitu

    Loved episode 9 :3 thz coal guys

  35. 35 nevin

    thanks, breeder.

  36. 36 Humhu

    I don’t quite see why this is a double integral, but if I understand correctly, here is how I would do it in Matlab:
    1.) Make anonymous functions for the two curves if not given
    2.) Define a x (or w/e variable) step size
    3.) Calculate the value of the curves at each step and add the area of the smaller value to a running total
    You will have to implement some logic for the boundary conditions at start/finish.

  37. 37 peter

    sorry for being a newfag but what does crc mean?

  38. 38 Oipo

    Yeah, sure. Suppose that after all series I’ve watched from CoalGuys, send me a mail if you want some help.

  39. 39 Hanover Fist

    @peter CRC is one way to check a file to see if a download was corrupted. You could use this to compare your downloaded file to the 8 character hex in the filename: http://www.erikburd.org/projects/crc32/

  40. 40 peter

    oh i see now. thank you very much for the info.

  41. 41 Validictus

    Yes. Nose-less eyebrow monster time!

  42. 42 les

    there is nothing to get emotional about.

  43. 43 osirisguard

    Another dose of my drugs… >.< well I love this episode as much as I love playing FPS games… haha… thanks for giving my day happiness!

  44. 44 imjuzteamSG

    thanks for subbing….

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