K-ON!! S2 – 08

Fuck verizon. It’s like, everything bad happens on the day I sub K-ON… I’ve gotten two blackouts, and now, some internet connection bullshit. Derp.

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  1. 1 Rokodo


    Thanks man, you’re awesome. :3

  2. 2 Cimmerian

    Releases are getting slower each week it seems.

    Thanks anyways though.

  3. 3 megalith

    Them moe haters should die. I SAY BURN VERIZON!

  4. 4 OCON

    Wtf Cimmerian? You sound like an asshole. Can’t you tell he’s frustrated enough that he was having problems? You don’t need to say shit like that. Just be grateful he’s actually doing this.

    Thanks man. Sorry for the shit you have to deal with. =/

  5. 5 boys

    wow wtf. sorry that so much shit is going on. thanks for the release though!

  6. 6 anon

    Funimation has licensed K-On! Expect a cease & desist shortly.

  7. 7 guy

    thanks for another sweet k-on release

  8. 8 Anon

    Sub Eva 2.22 please if you have a time. :3

    Thanks for K-ON anyway <3

  9. 9 cake

    stay awesome, coalguys.

    lol @ verizon. i has it too T_T

  10. 10 Burninator

    Every week I see the comments that are posted pretty much instantly after the release, and every week I feel better for not being the only person that refreshes the page all night waiting for it to go up.

  11. 11 Larrycarriata

    Gracias por la traducciรณn

    PS. Me dio weba escribir en ingles xD

  12. 12 >translators

    get yourself a better ISP

  13. 13 Scypher


  14. 14 Nemo

    Verizon might be horrible, but they can’t be any worse than Qwest.

    Thanks again for the awesome subs.

  15. 15 dan

    Best dude… You ROCK!

    Btw, your interwebs is easily better than anything in australia >_<

  16. 16 nevin

    thanks, with a lisp.

  17. 17 coal guys subs ftw!

    tan kiu

  18. 18 doki doki

    thank you and don’t let this make you feel down.

  19. 19 Zagrief


  20. 20 EdwardDFMA

    @Larrycarriata: Habla ingles pendejo o si no te corremos de este website! LOL no te precupes solo estoy jugando perp usa un translador o algo.

    Well I don’t watch K-ON!! but thx 4 the release lol and that verizon crap sucks you should go w/ T-Mobile!! =p

  21. 21 allyaddison

    thanks COALGUYs for the uploads~~!!!
    keep up the good work please, am really a big fan of K-ON^^
    (would like a new feeds about the latest release of K-ON from you through email if you dont mind, sincerely my biggest thanks to you)

  22. 22 Equil

    Creepy, we got 2 blackouts here and the internet gone dead 3 times today already /i live in central europe/ is that some kind of a global weapon test? xD

  23. 23 RF

    What does the song that Yui sing in this episode means? As in, what is she suppose to use it for?

  24. 24 kupi

    Thx a lot!

  25. 25 J3fk33

    Thnx for this new release ๐Ÿ˜€

    i’m glad u want to do those fan subs, i can immagine it take some time to translate everything :O

  26. 26 Papaevil

    Thanks man for all the hard work. GOTTA LOVE the younger versions of the girls. Yui is just so damn cute.


  27. 27 Detective

    I feel shitty over here too bro. This release definitely made my day better, so thanks man.

  28. 28 HoHum

    So is it even worth downloading CG’s version?
    I always notice some stupid change in the translation somewhere – which means: how much of the translation is crap?
    I gotta find another source …

  29. 29 Anonymous

    I was wondering the same thing.
    Are they troll subs?

  30. 30 Ike

    Thanks for the releases, especially K-ON!

  31. 31 osirisguard

    dude, it’s getting crappy each day and everything is turning my whole day into some kind of shit. But I assure you when I see your vids, It makes my day go high like I’m having drugs ๐Ÿ™‚ XD

  32. 32 taiyaki 4ever

    ohhhh…i love my drugs…..

  33. 33 yuri

    switch to comcast…

  34. 34 yaoi

    THX lady!

  35. 35 Cool Guy

    I never understood this whole “troll subs” bullshit.

    Just because there’s moments where there’s some loose translation doesn’t mean jack shit. You know what’s being said, why do you care? If you understand Nihongo (Japanese) well enough to pick up the looseness (your mother), then why are you getting subs? Watch that shit raw (like meat).

    Kisamas (Your face)

  36. 36 Joseph Ponce

    yeah i agree with cool guy, if you don’t want the subbed because it has some errors, go watch raw vids. i can’t understand nihongo but i’m still into cg’s subs.
    btw love k-on! ๐Ÿ™‚
    P.S. I’ve figured out something everyone might want to know, the release of “B Gata H Kei” episode is 2 days after the release of the previous “K-On” episode and the release of the latest “K-On” episode is 5 days after the latest “B Gata H Kei” episode hahaha!
    So I think that you should browse this page every-Tuesday(Philippines) or Monday(America) if you are expecting new episodes of K-On. haha ๐Ÿ˜›

  37. 37 HoHum

    They aren’t errors – they are on purpose changes by CG – like they do to BGata – except even more obvious due to the fact that K-On ISN’T BGata so it’s obvious that they shouldn’t be what they put in the subs
    As I said, I wonder how much more they screw with.

  38. 38 Joseph Ponce

    ohhh maybe it’s for the best.

  39. 39 brains

    There is a lot to translation, it is not transliteration (IE, a fairly straight mapping between one language and another) A good translation tries to not only map the words sentences, but abstract concepts. There may be several english analogues, phrases, or exchanges of dialogue that may get the same concepts across as the original. So, cut the translator some slack, offer your criticisms constructively if you think it could have been done a bit better but don’t just bitch and question the source because of some discrepancies with another fan-subbing group.

  40. 40 HoHum

    LOL – sheesh for the last time – it’s done ON PURPOSE by CG
    Nothing to do with your ramble …
    My question is how much do they screw with on purpose that we don’t realise?
    Or is it just those rare obvious changes …

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