B Gata H Kei – 07

8 hour test and then fansubbing this shit, feels bad man.

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48 Responses to “B Gata H Kei – 07”

  1. 1 wille

    shouldn’t it be 07?

  2. 2 dsfdfs

    you are so stu… moe.

  3. 3 CoalGuys


  4. 4 Pancake

    I love you guys! I didn’t get to see B Gata H Kei since ep2 and now I can! All thanks to the awesome group, that is CoalGuys! WOOT!

    Much love,


    whoa you beat utw this time. Good work.

  6. 6 CoalGuys

    i always beat them

  7. 7 lawg

    ur a cool dudester

  8. 8 dude

    thanks! watchan 😛

  9. 9 kupi

    thx a lot!

  10. 10 battousai

    coalguys way better than any other niggerlipped group :(|)

  11. 11 dude

    baller. lul

  12. 12 Yoshio

    weren’t there a few too many liberties taken with the translation? some parts looked like you were trolling, and other parts only loosely took the meaning of sentences…

  13. 13 Zero

    Thanks for the fast release!

  14. 14 Jon

    Thanks for ur hard work, all the best for ur test!!

  15. 15 norio

    The Americanized translations are getting to the point of ridiculous…

  16. 16 Interwebs

    Uguuu~ so tempted to drop this series….maybe I’ll just try another fansub group.

  17. 17 rin

    Thanks for the subs, even if they are getting a little too troll like.

  18. 18 jkidd

    I lol’d at the subs so many times during this episode. Probably a little too far away from what they actually say a few times, but hell, I still laughed my ass off.

  19. 19 Derp King

    So CoalGuys are trollsubs now? Guess I’ll move to UTW.

  20. 20  

    Keep doing what you’re doing with the subs. I like.

  21. 21 EdwardDFMA

    I suggest you guys keep on subbing and no KARA! and trolling I guess it’s okay if it’s not too much 😉

  22. 22 btown

    watermel’in, awww shit!

    bwahahahahaha. xD

  23. 23 Galen

    Thanks for the subs! I think you should sub them to be a LITTLE closer to what they actually say though. Remember that people who watch fansubs are usually pretty cultured and would understand non-native things.

  24. 24 shitsubs

    You are a fucking joke, Jaka. This is WRONG, these are not translations, this is just you making shit up. If you’re gonna fuck around and release bullshit like this, then you shouldn’t release anything at all.

  25. 25 Internet White Knight

    @ the people bitching about the translation: herpderp, like you missed important parts in the conversation.

  26. 26 Anonymous

    I agree 100% it is pretty shitty what you guys have done. Dont take it so lightly… v02 hopefully… I hope it is done better next ep otherwise I will just watch another group’s subs.


    I actually hated Toradora because of Coalguys subs. Then I watched AniYoshi’s fansubs and realized how awesome it was.

  28. 28 someone
  29. 29 Anonymous

    Cap’n, I’m detecting strong sources of butthurt in this sector.

    The KFC shit was just retarded though.

  30. 30 Jomann


    quit trollin, any translation that is different from shit like “it can’t be helped” is a better translation no matter how you look at it. shit’s hilarious.

  31. 31 dlydjst

    lol at 17:20 of that episode that translation is legit son


    someone isn’t trolling. He has a legitimate complaint. o_O

  33. 33 OoP

    Your localization’s the most hilarious I’ve ever encountered! (As in, beating frostii’s “I’ve got my dick in many holes” line!) Thanks a ton!

    You guys are pretty baller!

  34. 34 Nyoro~n

    I came here to find out if the file I got was really from CoalGuys because holy shit that was awful

  35. 35 stAtic

    This translation was just too much.

  36. 36 Anon

    Hay, stop the hatin. It was funny <_<

  37. 37 koopa

    this was great i lol at the baller and KFC , keep it up.

    (its cool as long as it doesn’t affect the story thats my 2 cents)

  38. 38 KFC LOL!

    Tottaly shit. Btw what’s the meaning of Americanized?

  39. 39 LOL!

    Some of that was pretty funny, esp the one about the watermel’in.

    And for all those bitching, those sections weren’t even hard to understand, if you couldn’t get those parts by yourself then you pretty stupid. Also it aint hard to fit it if your really that upset else switch groups and stop bitching.

  40. 40 LOL!

    fix not fit*

  41. 41 Menacle

    This was a big fat joke. I’m disappointed. Switching to UTW.

  42. 42 itt fags

    I actually loved the subs. If you’re watching this for the plot you should already be disappointed, so who cares if the subs just add comedy?

    Really, a teenager saying “Fuck fuckity fuck” is much more realistic to English speaking audiences, so just deal with it, nerds.

  43. 43 chineseHacker

    after seeing the comparisons in that screenie, I’m def going with cg – that shit is gold. byeeee! I gotta go and hack teh interWebz with my trs-80

  44. 44 what he said

    i love you CoalGuys, someone’s post made me love you more.

    Bitchers, if you’re not happy, just move subs and don’t let the door hit you on the way out because we couldn’t care less.

  45. 45 Cool Guy

    Subbing like this accomplishes one thing.

    It tells you who the neckbeards are when they rage at you.

    Funny ass shit bro. The general point/message of the episode came through just fine. Subs didn’t fuck up the experience at all.

    Haters gonna fucking hate.

  46. 46 blarg

    V2 please, sub was funny at first… then went too ridiculous …. too much liberty taken = shit… but thanks though!

  47. 47 Menacle

    Subs fucked up the experience completely.

  48. 48 neiru37

    funny shit man.. haha!

    i have a suggestion to rid of these faggot haters.. why not encode 2 subtitle tracks so that shitheads who don’t get your humor get what they want.. the downside though is that it takes more time (obviously).. so there you go, 2 sub tracks = more time and less haters while 1 sub track = less time and more haters

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