B Gata H Kei – 05

Okay, I know this is a few days old, which is near-ancient on the internet.

>>Anime is going to die.

I pretty much agree with this and I am very proud to say that I’ve been a part of killing the industry, the R1, at least. 60 years later, on a Saturday morning, I would reminiscent about this as my grandchildren are watching cartoons on TV, and I will proceed to tell them how about how the non-existent Japanese Cartoons from my age were so much deeper and so much more attractive. Feels good, man.

After reading 3 lines of this butthurt wall of tl;dr, I didn’t feel bad for them at all. Perhaps if they were a little smarter and realized the market is dying and not try to be so clingy of it, they might not need to be in the situation they are in now. Oh wait, smart people won’t be working in this piece of shit industry in the first place. Hahahaha, disregard that, I suck cocks.

Back on topic, this show is absolutely great. Though I feel like a kid for laughing at its joke– oh, wait.

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39 Responses to “B Gata H Kei – 05”

  1. 1 Maximatum99

    Thanks for teh subs.

  2. 2 Anonymous

    fuck Bang Zoom!, they better deliver.


    I actually gave this version a chance, it was a better job than previous releases. But the thing is; unless you use images, doki will always be superior.

    son, I don’t even

  4. 4 beno

    God i know right… Coalguys just releases low quality garbage… honestly I’d rather get late subs than these poor quality ones…

    1/10 quality.

  5. 5 Jay

    I’d rather my whole night made with this awesome release, woot.

  6. 6 Coree

    Bang Zoom’s argument is equivalent to a bottle company getting made at people using tap water instead of buying Evian.

  7. 7 Chumara

    Hell yeah I torrent water, screw paying for it.
    Completely unrelated: I love this show, thanks for the quick release.
    I still can’t believe they actually had her do THAT in the classroom, Hilarious.

  8. 8 bonitis

    meh they overprice that shit so much it’s not even worth bothering. plus most dubs are of poor quality. if the american anime industry dies so be it.

  9. 9 anime sucks anyways

    Congrats anime industry. Welcome to the new era where people don’t need hard copies of their shit on space occupying, costly, unorganized CDs/DVDs/Blu Rays. Blu Ray is going to be dead by the end of the decade. Evolve or die.

  10. 10 Photanide

    Let’s ask ourselves this shall we: Was the anime industry in North America EVER good?

  11. 11 Andrew

    Link for .ass sub leads to ep. 3 instead of 5 🙁

  12. 12 Moon Knight 066

    Fansubbers should get to go pro for a decent wage, no corp. has 0day releases of shit. Fuck waiting 6 months for niggers to sell me something. I’ll wait a week maybe 2 tops. The Japanese bitches won’t release rights over here quick enough for us to shelf a tangible product — and tangible products are a thing of the past. Online is the way to go – Crunchy subs are some of the shittiest but its a step in the right direction? Make Anime like fucking iTunes, $1 an episode or some shit – everyone gets paid. If a nigger can’t sub right, shitcan him for someone who can. And DUBs? Yeah … right. I can think of maybe -5- anime over the last decade with a Dub worth a shit, so fuck them. The only person i know who likes Dub anime and dislikes sub, is a yaoi BL manga loving cunt bitch sister of my coworker. She tried to call Loli perverted when she reads about guys wanting to buttfuck eachother? lol.

  13. 13 China...?

    If you hadn’t realized, recent anime titles have no content. It’s always H, or harem romance comedies, or a mix of both. It’s simply not Code Geass and 5 CM anymore. Follow ups of DTB and FMA have been terrible. Naruto started sucking after ep 90 when they decided to inflate it with fillers. One Piece began lowering its animation quality and creating more easier-to-sketch eccentric characters to further reduce production cost.

    Let’s face it. Japan’s porn industry is losing out to America’s. Sony is playing catchup with South Korea, and now Japan even started co-producing anime with China. I understand that mainland China has the world’s third most technologically advanced military and will become the second largest economy in 6 months, but come on! China…?

  14. 14 LaLa the Space Pirate

    Thanks! Keep up the good work!

  15. 15 taiyaki 4ever

    What a whip!!!
    Drop dead bitches…and
    thanks for the subs
    (P.S This is why people need to know how the world spins)

  16. 16 Equil

    Bitches are crying for money, “fandubbing and selling for horrible prices market” will die, not the anime.

  17. 17 kupi

    Thanks you very much! Fast and quality release!

  18. 18 rin


  19. 19 Pedobear

    Fuck yeah I pick up shows just because they are subbed by coalguys. Keep up the good work bitches. Also american anime industry can have my money when they release a quality dub for a reasonable price in a timely manner. aka never lolz

  20. 20 chieftain20

    Lol, Anime is going to die.

    Just some of the big guys QQing. They should stop QQing and actually do something about it. Like release a cheap sub only DVD/BluRay with no dubs, and people just have to get over it because it will only be like $20 for 4-5 episodes vs $35 annnnd release some actual good series as well.

    Thanks for the new episode, just watched 04 yesterday lol.

  21. 21 TsunTsun

    They see me trolling they hatin’ and tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty.

  22. 22 Cool Guy

    Black Judgment is so Pringles.

    But where is his curly mustache?

  23. 23 Ryan

    So you bash Bang Zoom for asking people to support the R1 industry, then turn around and ask us to save an anime torrent site two paragraphs later?

    Irony? Hypocrisy?

    no, saving the torrent site concerns me as i use their tracker and my site is hosted on it

  24. 24 Anonymous

    No, that isn’t what hypocrisy means.

  25. 25 Glenn Hurlburt

    I didn’t see the conversation in question, but I see nothing ironic or hypocritical. the R1 industry dons not DESERVE support. All they produce is badly altered, badly dubbed, badly censored “Americanized” version of the product.

    For example, how many shows has FUNimation utterly RUINED. Did you see the dubbed Strike Witches, as a latsdt example?. It was like chewing tinfoil. If they license K-ON I guarantee they will change Yui’s name to “mary” or some stupid-ass shit. ARRRRGH!!!! I HATE HATE HATE AMERICANIZED DUBBED JAPANASHIT.

    Which is why I just bought Rosetta Stone Japanese edition.

  26. 26 Nyeguitarist

    I’d rather pay for subs and the dubs can fuck off. I know I’d pay coalguys for k-on subs each week. And anime isn’t going to die if all the dubbing companies go out of bussiness. Last time I checked the k-on DVDs and BD’s were selling rather well in japan.

  27. 27 Slowpoke

    Did that guy literally just go to a Best Buy, not see any anime DVDs, and type up a page-long rant? Really?

  28. 28 buthurt

    but LOL

  29. 29 wootwoot

    lol this guy has too much time on his hands.

    he hates on the anime industry but at the same time spends half his life subbing.

  30. 30 Anonym

    Glenn Hurlburt clearly hasn’t seen any R1 releases since the 1990s. Last I checked, Funimation’s Strike Witches still has the Japanese audio + subs on it, in addition to the dub.
    R1 industry dies = Japanese industry loses a revenue stream = lower budgets = more crappy generic harem stuff that everybody loves to complain about.

  31. 31 Glenn Hurlburt aka/stealthmomo

    Why does Japan lose a revenue stream? They sure as fuck are getting MY money. $100 on an ALTER Yui. $180 something on my prized Tsukasa and Kagami figures. Those Drama CD’s I bought. My subscription to Megami Magazine. I wouldn’t even be WATCHING anime if I had not re-discovered it through the fansub community.

    In getting MY dollar, “Japanese Industry” owes more to Coal Guys and the like, than to FUNImation.

    They could dub them there, or at least have the big boys (if they MUST be included) use some of the fansub resources, (maybe PAY them) we would get a decent product. Because, for some reason, American companies seem incapable of not fucking around with the intent of the script.

  32. 32 Papel Shop

    lol. that’s funny, because i e-mailed NyaaTorrents like 2 weeks ago and never got a reply. ;A;

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