B Gata H Kei – 04

Every week, I get more and more amused by this show.

It’s already accomplished things that some shows never will:

Holding hands [x]
French kissing [x]
Groping [x]

Feels good, man.

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37 Responses to “B Gata H Kei – 04”

  1. 1 nicky_008

    Ah, I see. I also feel that too (for this EP). lol

  2. 2 The Awesomest

    W00t! First Comment!

  3. 3 The Awesomest

    I just wanna thank CoalGuys for the time they spend on doing some awesome subs at high quality with only a few people at a very fast speed! Really, thanks!

  4. 4 beno

    no one reads these

  5. 5 Glowingpenis

    This shit blows and you know it.

  6. 6 beno

    ur just mad k1d

  7. 7 hollowmanu

    awesome show, thx for subbing it 🙂 i also followed ToraDora because of your hard work keep it up 😛 btw ddl is broken

    what the fuck already?

  8. 8 ilike2sleep

    Thanks and you got point over there

  9. 9 bonitis

    when the hell does it this air?
    anidb said this shit was airing tomorrow?wat

  10. 10 h~

    It is tomorrow in Japan…remember there’s a thing called time zones.

  11. 11 shadowolf

    Thanks for the awesome job on this show. Also what time does this show air in Japan? Anyone know?

  12. 12 anonymous

    it’s tomorrow in japan <- hell yeah!!

    thank you coalguys

  13. 13 h~

    It airs at 1am on Fridays in Japan..so one could say it aired an hour ago on the east coast.

  14. 14 hells_finest

    you guys have my eternal gratitude

  15. 15 kouk2002

    For better or worse, this is probably the highlight of my week 🙂

  16. 16 kupi

    Thx a lot!

  17. 17 FiFoFiFe

    lovely, thx


    here’s the UTW fansub link, they did a much better job like usual…


    so here’s my evaluation of the B Gata H Kei fansubs

    DOKI > UTW > Coalguys

    Doki is the best but their releases take too long.

    UTW is better than Coalguys but they don’t translate images

    Coalguys has poor english because he’s chinese.

  19. 19 btown

    bwahahaha, no matter what you post I always find myself chuckling at it. 😀

    Hope its a good ep, keep up the good work!
    (as you always do)


  20. 20 RaaiK

    Thanks <3

  21. 21 RaaiK

    btw, how much faggots from gg are in CoalGuys?

  22. 22 faggot

    SO the TL from Coalguys is chinese? Now i am disappointed…

  23. 23 Cool Guy

    B Gata H Kei is one of the best shows this season.

    Not joking.

  24. 24 March

    Lol @BlackJudgement, why the fuck do you bother to post here? Coalguys have been an amazing fansub group for a long time. If you think Doki subs are better, then by all means, gtfo. As for us, Coalguys pwn.

  25. 25 rin

    Thanks guys.

  26. 26 Detective

    Thanks bros.

  27. 27 NightShade

    the best tnx

  28. 28 Forced Anon

    fantastic, as usual. thanks.


    @ March, Coalguys quality has been rapidly deteriorating. Their poor quality is especially noticable because of the aformentioned 2 groups that vastly “ECLIPSE” them in quality. I think he should give this series up. Not only are UTW subs far superior in quality, they’ve also become faster than his releases.

    lol, so who are you on Rizon?

  30. 30 Mindflayer

    Don’t forget the slutty little sister that is sleeping around “searching for the meaning of true love”. [x]

  31. 31 Rick

    lol good show keep them coming thank you

  32. 32 Equil

    where is my k-on? move ur ass mango /we luv u :3/

  33. 33 hayata123

    BLACK_JUDGEMENT If you think there are better fansubs for this show then watch their releases as for the rest of us we prefer coal guys! COAL GUYS ROCKS!

  34. 34 Equil

    dont feed the troll

  35. 35 aNoN

    Official lyrics for K-ON!! ED&OP are out, any chance of them making it into tonight’s ep?



  36. 36 dude

    awesome show! keep it uppp and thanksssss!

  37. 37 PeteSam

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