K-ON!! S2 – 03

I hate you all.

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  2. 2 Anon


    Might wanna fix that typo brah, them fans of K-On!! are a rabid bunch

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  9. 9 Esper

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  25. 25 anonymous

    even if you hate the fanbase, thanks for subbing the show. 🙂

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  27. 27 Von

    Ritsu is awesome.
    FU2. And thanks. ^^

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  36. 36 eto

    Hey the DDL isn’t working.
    That said, thanks for the fast subbing 🙂

  37. 37 Detective

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  39. 39 what he said

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  43. 43 Pseudonymous

    Only way you guys could get any greater in my eyes would be if you dropped the show altogether. Really show the courage of your convictions, y’know?

    But it still gets you plenty of traffic and attention, so who really gives a fuck.

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  46. 46 SonicDaMan

    Lemme guess… the whole team bailed out on you, leaving yourself stuck translating the whole episode on your own? right? XD

    Thanks for the quick subbing ^_^

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  52. 52 Nigger

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  53. 53 haigaiz#3

    My First Time

    If you had a choice, would you want to know how your first time would unfurl?

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    Thanks for the release!

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  61. 61 LA

    Why are u guys so vitriolic?? K-ON <3.

  62. 62 Glenn Hurlburt

    So whats up with all the K-ON Hate? Why would you take on a project like this with an enormous workload if you hate the show so much?

    I have to feel, at the very least, you won’t do your best work here. You didn’t even bother with the episode title on the version of 02-03 I have.

    G’wan and call me a faggot if it makes you feel any better, but how ’bout you answer the question?

    what do you mean, i don’t bother with episode title

  63. 63 Vietgeta

    K-ON sucks, but I have no clue why I keep watching it.

  64. 64 asdas

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  65. 65 hye

    why did you remove episode 4’s link 🙁

  66. 66 Cyc

    You forgot the /coal in the DDL link 🙂

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    hey thanks for subbing it. but are u still in school

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  69. 69 Mauricio Dewing

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