K-ON!! S2 – 02

Fuck, had to do like 80% of the crap today and I still have a lot of homework.

Btw, enjoy 24 episodes of this terrible show. -v-

Download : [ Torrent | ASS ]

P.S. It’s over, Japan.

35 Responses to “K-ON!! S2 – 02”

  1. 1 El heroe

    Thank you Faggots!!!

  2. 2 SCANDEL


  3. 3 venomqo


  4. 4 venomqo

    noooooooooooooo. FML T_T

  5. 5 ssg

    Thanks a ton.

    Or maybe 2 tons.

  6. 6 jesus


  7. 7 NiSHOW

    7th download

  8. 8 Xanathos

    But… is there any way see an LQ version?
    Or a way to use the .ass to get it? :S

  9. 9 fuck you

    sure is butthur faggot in here.

  10. 10 crimson

    the fuck is china doing???

  11. 11 Afaykay

    zOMG, chinese gonna buttrape our anime makers! We must launch our combal loliz to smite the enemy!

  12. 12 ilike2sleep

    whoooaaaa…kill those bastards
    owh and thanks anayway

  13. 13 kouk2002

    Who needs combal loliz, any kind would do the trick, though tsundere loli would probably be more devastating, i’d switch sides in heart beat :).

    Anyway thanks, and thanks for the extra work you had to do to get it done.

  14. 14 Anon

    A late reply for a late release.

    Fuck you, mango-chan and thanks. <3

    Btw, it’s actually 26 episodes.

  15. 15 Zalthu

    24 or 26 both are strange giving the state of the story as is, there is no way they could follow what is out there. If they are doing that many shows it is going to be a ton of fillers (not that it would matter on this type of show) or completely leave the story line. Either way it is okay, I find it quite relaxing to watch so I will enjoy anything K-Onish at this point I think.

  16. 16 Anon

    More gigs and competition events could have been better just like the 14th ep. Also, I think they’re planning a graduation finale so yeah.

  17. 17 shani

    This isn’t the worst show airing. enjoy subbing. many will follows this horrible show.

  18. 18 [email protected]

    omg dis is d end of d wold

  19. 19 kupi

    Thx a lot!

  20. 20 K

    Thanks for subbing^^. BTW you left out the episode number on the post title…


  21. 21 nyeguitarist

    Thank you so much <3 <3

  22. 22 Flash Gordon


  23. 23 Glowingpenis

    >terrible show
    >chooses to sub B Gata H Kei
    1/10, mango-niisan

  24. 24 Detective

    >terrible show
    >best show in existence

    -1/10, mango-neesan

  25. 25 Anonymous

    Guys, he’s trolling you. He loves this show seriously… look at his previous posts on the topic. A true K-ON fan.

  26. 26 NightShade

    Thanks man ;D

  27. 27 i0

    ah yes, I’ve missed coalguys k-on subs… thanks, keep it up.

  28. 28 DarkTigris

    This season song are not as good as first season one. A shame really. Will be around to see if the middle season song are any better.

  29. 29 hi

    Its a great show but I dont know where 24 episodes are going to come from.

    I guess it was a deal between it being a moe-cashcow, and the fact that they are already seniors.

  30. 30 Kawaiimo

    Thanks a bunch!

  31. 31 chieftain20

    Thanks for the release!

    For those of you who have iTouches and would like to have this show on your iTouch give my site a visit. I’m releasing this show in a LQ 80MBish .mp4 compatible for iTouch and iPhone.

  32. 32 Nokutisu

    Holy fuck on the Japan part.
    Its over.

  33. 33 doki doki

    will there be a v2? There are several parts with frozen bits
    9min 56 sec, 10min 41 sec

  34. 34 nyeguitarist

    lol u sure doki? it worked fine for me

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