B Gata H Kei – 02

Took a bit of time because I was messing around with my nexus one… It’s so beautiful ;_;
Also, I feel really honored as one of my fans confessed his love for me.

I’d totally tap that. No jokes. (For those who can’t read it, it reads “I LOVE MANGO-CHAN” :3)

Anyways, enjoy.

Download : [ Torrent | ASS ]

P.S. If you hadn’t already realized, K-ON!! will most likely be 24+ episodes. (read: FUCK)

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  2. 2 ChrisK

    “Don’t you dare steal this phone” lol

    And thx!

    you’re not supposed go to browsing around in my folders >:o

  3. 3 Black_Judgement

    great sub. don’t go for doki or UTW releases. Their grammar is atrocious. But it’s still a good attempt.

  4. 4 Scr1be

    Lulz same phone I got….I love my N1, I haven’t had any of the probs some people have had with it…. if you like spankin’ booty try this app http://www.androidpit.com/en/android/market/apps/app/com.andoop.spankbooty/aSpankBooty …. ^^; anyways thnx for the release

  5. 5 h~

    I got a quick question, since SFW is dead in the water, is there any way you guys could do the last episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund? I’m asking this since you did it in the beginning of last season and then dropped it to let SFW do it, but as it stands they haven’t done anything in weeks now and for the many people who watched the show they get fucked over. It’s kind of a shame that so many people cant get one more episode subbed ;_;

    Also, if you can get that maybe some of us fans of DitVB could donate some cash money to you guys instead of fucking Funimation, since at least you put out subs at a decent pace and at least announce when you’re going to drop something.

    no, keep your money, ditvb isn’t worth it and I don’t accept money for doing the actual subbing anyways. I’m pretty sure they’ll have it out soon as the translator who does ditvb also works for me.

  6. 6 WTF

    H~ you’re an idiot. Funimation is doing Bund. And Jaka, stop using Chinese subs. You fail in SOSG

    lol u mad? protip: I’m not even in SOSG

  7. 7 jhs

    H~: Read the manga. I assure you it is far, far better.

  8. 8 mc

    so who was phone?

  9. 9 >translators

    >P.S. If you hadn’t already realized, K-ON!! will most likely be 24+ episodes. (read: FUCK)

    NO SERIOUSLY?! I mean… how the flying fuck can KyoAni cover 24 episodes if the manga is not even finished yet. unless they fill up the episodes with fillers, like bleach (ugh).

  10. 10 Decagon


    KyoAni does a good job with fillers, and they usually get the original author involved with writing the scenarios for em. How much of Lucky Star could you tell was “filler”?

    The K-ON manga’s pretty much one lame gag after another. The first season was lots of original stuff padding the author’s bland 4koma jokes, so really there’s nothing to be afraid of.

  11. 11 zoi

    great job with subs.
    btw site is broken, when you press “plder” button it gets fucked up

  12. 12 Twinkly Pants

    hey, you guys are subbing all the right shows at breakneck pace.

    If you were women, I would make passionate love to you for days on end and probably never cheat on you

  13. 13 Black_Judgement

    Hey >.< don’t edit my comments. The subs suck. Edit your subs so they’re better don’t hate on me for pointing out that they’re crap…

  14. 14 Detective

    Oh my head. 24+ makes me beyond happy.

    Thanks for your release of “How to Sex” too. This show is shitty AND good.

  15. 15 hells_finest

    omg thanks, i love this show, also, why didnt you buy the htc? i mean this is something to boast around with: http://handylist.de/images/handys/460/original_htc-hd2.jpg

  16. 16 fresh_frozen

    is that the P90X guy?
    thanks for the sub

  17. 17 Blue Lightning

    Over 24 episodes of moe girls drinking tea and being wacky <3

  18. 18 fuck you

    fucking piece of shit faggot, finish the goddamn sub for episode 2 of k-shit instead of fapping to the chest of that dude.

  19. 19 El heroe

    I want my second episode of K-on!!

  20. 20 Mandigo_The_Drill

    Thx, Jaka. i’m glad that you like my note. You know my # call me whenever u need somebody to spank your yellow ass.

  21. 21 balancebox

    its official jaka is gay

  22. 22 Joseph Ponce

    you’re a girl??!?!?!1

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