Everything dropped

Seems like I always run into bullshit when subbing alone. Basically, I don’t have the time for these two shows due to having 4 extra shows thrown at me at gg.

Tues – KnT, Kobato
Wed – Bakatest, Bund
Thurs – Durarara!!, Ookamikakushi
Sat – Qwaser
Sun – Some random H anime weekly to get $$ to pay for the server (lol paying for fansubbing)
???? – Thriller Restaurant
Other shit: Do stupid shit for another group, eden*

As you can see, I’m already pushing my own limit hard. I still have school to attend to and my valedictorian status to maintain. Despite that, I don’t even know how the fuck I would handle 7 shows.
CoalGuys is at the bottom of my list of concerns (this is just some stupid solo/whatnot project if you haven’t already realized), so if I were to cut down my work load, Bund and Qwaser would be the first ones to go.

I’m sorry for any inconveniences.
You can go download Qwaser from SubDESU. They sub the uncensored the version and that is the version you should be watching.
You can go download Bund from SFW, we use the same translator so they should be fine.

We will definitely be back next season for K-ON! S2.
Hopefully you all would be able to understand my situation. Thanks! m(_ _)m

95 Responses to “Everything dropped”

  1. 1 Mish the Bish

    yeh u shouldnt stress yourself. hope for the best in whatever u do 😀
    I don’t watch those shows anyway lolol

  2. 2 baka~

    quite a pity but to hold out in FANsubbing X number of animes alone, that’s quite a feat. thanks for the earlier releases of Qwaser

  3. 3 Ringo

    Koda quitting… >_>

    Drop everything except Baka.. ;_; It’s only thing that is actually worth worth watching this season… ;-; BSS is doing Durarara anyways…

    and guess who’s working on that?

  4. 4 WsE

    Don’t stress yourself. Spend your time wisely. Thank you for any releases you’ve done and those to come 🙂

  5. 5 Phocus





  6. 6 Neet

    lol hope you won’t turn into that dude who went to Virginia Tech and do a massacre

  7. 7 R

    That sucks. Still, thanks for finding alternate sources for us. I can totally understand the whole excessive workload thing – hope this gives you some breathing room.

  8. 8 wong

    err although why don’t you try to find some more speed subber asap although i understand not many people can sub after a few hours of release

  9. 9 noel tepes

    is it just me or is this just another attempt to impress/amaze us by dropping his ‘valedictorian status’ casually into a post?

    ok ok, j/k. all the best with your life. been watching out for your subs whenever I want to watch something 🙂


  10. 10 Bizounours

    Bizounours says : Good luck with the rest.
    Looking forward to watching K-ON² from CoalDude.

  11. 11 indifference


  12. 12 Anon

    Eh, DRRR >> Bund anyway. Good luck, bro.

  13. 13 mc

    cool story bro

  14. 14 koneko-chan

    awwww man im sad beans now i realy like ur subed version of qwaser who ells is subing 720p version of qwaser because subdesu only has low quality version well good luck in school hope you can do qwaser some time in the future and continue frome were you left off if only i knew Japanese 🙁 gambaro

  15. 15 Anonymous

    Wait, CoalGuys subs hentai!? Where the fuck is it???????

  16. 16 Pleo

    Is there any other group that do Qwaser using the TV Censored version?

  17. 17 Zipper

    There was some group called Clover that realeased a few occasionally, but I dont know if they plan to continue. I Can’t even find a website for them.

  18. 18 A/L

    That’s the most eloquent rant I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Good luck with everything, and see you when K-on!! comes out.

  19. 19 Ironman

    Finally at least now those dumbass people who watch seikon can bitch even more then when they were back then for the uncensored version. Im glad subbers stop/hold/drop anime they are subbing. Even though i wont be able to understand japanese at least those stupid ass ungratefull dumbasses who dont give a shit about fan subbers can go to hell.

  20. 20 human scum

    Drop everything except for Baka and DRRR. Thriller maybe, it’s short anyway. Or just do the H for some extra income. :V

  21. 21 venomqo

    cheers for all the anime up till now. /waits for k-on 2

  22. 22 V

    Why sub duradura anyways? Its on crunchyroll. If douchebags want to watch it, they can pay a small monthly fee to watch it in 720p the day after or wait a week and watch it in 480p. It supports the people who make the anime anyways so we continue to get quality anime.

  23. 23 V

    Oh and thanks for the subs. Always appreciated.

  24. 24 Anonymous

    I respect your opinion, but seriously, WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT PORN?

  25. 25 PLH

    H-anime WHERE!?

  26. 26 Ironman

    fuck all you ignorant faggits out their who gave Coalguys a hard time just because they wouldn’t sub Seikon or show Seikon uncensored. You guys are really fucking pathetic. Cant watch the fucking show the way it is instead all you care about is uncensored? get a fucking life or a real girl you anime porn watching faggits. Just because of you and other reasons whatever i cant watch this series anymore

  27. 27 PLH

    If your watching Qwaser for the plot, you’re doing it wrong. The plot sucks. Besides, the way it is intended IS uncensored.

    Besides, SubDesu and Chibi-Doki are still subbing it anyway.

  28. 28 vx

    gambatte ne, Mango-chan!

  29. 29 Ironman

    @ PLH just you are wtf chibi doki stopped subbing after 2 episodes and SUB Desu are releasing raws yes they’ve have subbed it but they are not up to date

  30. 30 Ironman 2

    @Ironman: Umm I think SubDESU is up to date.. they have released up to ep 6 and 7 uncensored is not out yet so… just wanted to point that out.

    Oh and thanks coalguys for all that you’ve done. Hope to see you around soon.

  31. 31 Detective

    ITT: how to shrink epenis

    I will patiently await K-ONS2. It will be glorious.

  32. 32 Midori

    I’m sad and I can’t understand why you subbing DRDRDR and Baka instead of Qwaser and Bund but it’s your decision.

    Thanks for subbing and good luck for school and erverything.
    See you soon.

  33. 33 uhmm

    “I’m sad and I can’t understand why you subbing DRDRDR and Baka instead of Qwaser and Bund but it’s your decision.”

    Maybe because Durarara! and Bakatest are the best shows this season, while the other two are the biggest disappointments?

  34. 34 starkillr

    Who are you subbing KnT for? Eclipse or FMS fagberries or whatever? I agree on tossing Durarararararara. Crunchy has it anyways. Yuurisans is doing Bund, but they are 1 week off, maybe because of the raw they use. See you when fag-on 2 comes out. Hopefully it won’t suck.

  35. 35 uhmm

    Propably Eclipse. Koda once said that gg is friends with Eclipse and BSS, so yeah (looks like they have some common teammates too).

    Also, Jaka is subbing Durarara! under Eclipse/tic-BSS, I can’t see why would he sub KnT for another group.

  36. 36 EdwardDFMA

    Dude if you needed like extra help you could atleast said that on the main post? you need an extra QC’er/Encoder I’m glad to help =p

  37. 37 wiggletuck mcrawly

    I love you 😀

  38. 38 aniluv

    Life moves on and u still gt ur valedictorian status to maintain, so no point slogging urself for a bunch of leechers. Best for ur endevours. Ciao…

  39. 39 Lind

    Thanks for the hard work so far, I’m looking forward to the work you continue to do. And good luck with your studies, they are important mate, so please do things at your own pace 🙂

  40. 40 Anon

    So where is the H anime?

  41. 41 Anonymous


  42. 42 Quintessential Paradox

    As long as you give me my delicious K-ON 2 I’ll be happy. Yes, I am a pedophile.

  43. 43 Chinese too hard?

    So, I take it that translating from Chinese text to English is too hard for you…?

  44. 44 Ginta

    No Durara on Crunchyroll for germany people you fags! Damn rest of the world!

  45. 45 EdwardDFMA


  46. 46 Zirch

    As long as you do K-ON!! I’m fine with your decision. keep it easy :3

  47. 47 wong

    hey jaka any good jp porn out thats recent and no not the hentai stuff

  48. 48 aethon

    Wow Mango, you’re a fucking beast. How the fuck are you subbing so many shows all at the same time and still sane?

    FUCK, keep it up, nigger.

  49. 49 lawl

    totally cool stories, bros.. all of you

  50. 50 animewingsforever

    i hope you’ll pick the censored version of qwaser up when you find the time,since you are the only one subbing them.

  51. 51 Clay

    We are all super thankful for your dedication and beautiful job subbing these shows. If anyone here gets annoyed about your life, than he/she’s a minority.

    Thank you again for everything you do!

  52. 52 somebody

    Are u ever going to continue censored versions? I cant find any >.< except u guys

    please continue!

  53. 53 suki

    i hope you continue seikon uncen >.<


    waiting k-on s2 😀

  54. 54 tokidoki

    Note: real coalguys would sub the CM 🙂

  55. 55 John

    Isn’t tomorrow april 1st?… Oh wai

  56. 56 Korokun

    Mango-chan, I thank you for all the help you’ve done thus far helping me pay the server. Hope things are going well for you and school and what not. See you when I see you.

  57. 57 dlydjst

    March 21, 2010 at 7:32 am

    i hope you’ll pick the censored version of qwaser up when you find the time,since you are the only one subbing them.

    wth who watches censored version i mean ya there quality is better but fuck i wouldn’t want to miss half the show lol

  58. 58 Anon

    are you still subbing Kaidan Restaurant? 🙂

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