Qwaser – 05

Subbing is getting boring and stupid now. Only get like 2 free days a week (without subbing). Note to self: don’t pick up more than 2 shows each season, especially shitty ones.

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17 Responses to “Qwaser – 05”

  1. 1 Puff-kun

    subbing sucks 😀

  2. 2 sotandem

    Subbing sucks, but suits you guys since you guys suck.

  3. 3 R

    Anyone know where I can get a copy of 04 uncensored?

  4. 4 Puff-kun



    no subs, just a stream rip. enjoy your tits

  5. 5 Linh-chan

    ^.^ yeah, subbing sucks sometime…
    But thank you for your hard work! =)

  6. 6 hells_finest

    does coalguys consist of only one guy or is it only one tler and some others who endode and stuff?o.o

  7. 7 J

    I’m not sure if I speak for anyone else, but I wouldn’t mind if you only released the uncensored edition; could lower your workload a tiny bit.

  8. 8 Hmm...wtf

    How about you stop subbing the censored shit version nobody cares about? Although the director’s cut doesn’t show pussy, at least it doesn’t make us watch random screenshots.

  9. 9 tbustin79

    Does anyone know if there are english subbed directors cuts available that are as high quality as these edited versions?

  10. 10 EdwardDFMA

    I agree with “Hmmm…wtf” yall might as well drop Seikon no Qwaser it would give you less work and pick it up again once the real deal(BD/DVD’s) is out. It’s what I did since jst seeing some stupidass screenshot was really getting anoying as hell and makes less work for me doesn’t make me encode as much anime! >.<

  11. 11 Inf

    censored version of qwaiser is a joke, man up and get the director’s cut. If you compare the two, they cut out half of the action

  12. 12 takkatakkawakkawakkatakka

    sub desu did a decent job…

  13. 13 wiggletuck mcrawly

    Only sub K-On and K-On related materials.

    Fuck this vampire shit.
    Don’t let it get popular, they might make a Twilight anime adaption in Japan if this keeps up.

    Because I know so much about Japanese culture and shit.

  14. 14 anon

    yea really Qwaser really seems like a lame excuse to show tits, lol… oh well

  15. 15 Epyon

    I’m really thankful to you for subbing Qwaser, because your translation is by far the best (I checked all other fansub groups for Qwaser, both for uncensored eps and censored ones, and I don’t like their translations, they are not nearly as accurate as yours).

    I’m looking forward to each new episode, and although I don’t like the censored episodes, I watch them because I want to see what happens (since they change some stuff from the manga), and the uncensored eps come out later.

    If it’s too much work for you, I wouldn’t mind you dropping subbing of the censored eps and only releasing the uncensored ones (either the Director’s Cut or the real uncensored ones, whenever the dvds come out), I would wait patiently, but please don’t drop the anime entirely, because I reeeeally love your translations. ^_^

    Thank you for your hard work, it’s verry appreciated! <3 Ganbatte ne~

  16. 16 Epyon

    @ wiggletuck mcrawly
    Since there is going to be a korean manhwa about Twilight, they might really make an anime if it continues to be so popular. XD Let’s pray they don’t make it, or at least really change it, like into something watchable. XD

  17. 17 anonymous

    thank you coalguys

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