Seikon no Qwaser – 04

Sorry, totally forgot about this show. Translated it on Saturday night… Got too carried away doing college application-related shit.
Will do the uncensored tomorrow, I suppose.

Edit: YATTA is awesome.

Download : [ Torrent ]

13 Responses to “Seikon no Qwaser – 04”

  1. 1 nasi_goreng

    it’s ok since this is censored version

  2. 2 R

    Wait, so you’re subbing the uncensored version as well?

  3. 3 R

    Wait, so you’re subbing the uncensored version as well? I thought ATX aired censored.

  4. 4 takkatakkawakkawakkatakka

    so is it the webcast?

  5. 5 Dullahan8

    Surprise, surprise! TokyoTosho is down again!

  6. 6 >Translators

    what college are you entering? MIT? lol.

    no, I’ll tell once I get accepted -3-

  7. 7 sotandem

    I strongly suggest you start subbing odd episodes of qwaser ONLY

  8. 8 UncensoredNeeded

    SubDESU has released the uncensored for eps 1,2 and 3. Does that mean they used the webcast or they found some good uncensored raw? Anyway checking that out, it’s better than nothing 😛

  9. 9 takkatakkawakkawakkatakka

    they said themselves that its shitty quality

  10. 10 UncensoredNeeded

    That’s cos that’s the quality that came, and it’s not as shitty as they made it to be.. anyway dont really care, got the uncensored that I needed 😛

  11. 11 RAWR

    thx for recommending subdesu.

    uncensored is SO good. i can’t wait for ep 4. 😉

  12. 12 EdwardDFMA

    ehh..I dropped qwaser lolz might as well pick it up again once the BD/DVD are out and wait patiently for the uncensoredness to be subbed in HD by whatever fansub group subs it first =p

  13. 13 DepositFiles

    thanks for ep4. Srsly, we need the uncensored version really. really bad
    BTW who’s namelissis?

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