Qwaser – 03

Few things first:
1) Bund will be on hold until I figure out how to work shit out.
2) Still recruiting translators. Before someone asks “WHY DON’T YOU DO IT YOURSELF,” I would like to point out translating two episodes in one night isn’t very reasonable.
3) K-ON BDs… Uh… IF SOMEONE IS WILLING TO DO IT FOR ME SURE BUT I’M NOT DOING IT MYSELF. The previous encoder was KIA’d. May he rest in peace ;_;
4) Qwaser uncensored… Waiting for ATX, but somehow I don’t think they’ll air the director’s cut. If someone is willing to pay and rip the streams from Biglobe leave a message. Otherwise, I’ll just use some random PD raw.

Enjoy your fucking censoring.

Download : [ Torrent ]

44 Responses to “Qwaser – 03”

  1. 1 sotandem

    Actually I would rather you encode it into that shitty uncensored webcast then watch a high quality censored one.

  2. 2 namednoob

    yeah atleast later on you could release a HD/Q version of it…

  3. 3 sotandem

    I’m still waiting for your Vampire Bund, and I don’t really mind if you delay it for a few days because it clashes with Baka Test.

  4. 4 Jack14

    can anyone point me to the torrent of uncensored raw of episode 2?

  5. 5 imtheboss

    this the only place i found the uncensored raw of episode 2 http://www.megavideo.com/?v=QA3P758L. If you already have a premium megaupload account you can download it.

  6. 6 Slowpoke


  7. 7 imtheboss
  8. 8 Jack14

    thanks guys ^^

  9. 9 >Translators

    instead of asking “WHY DON’T YOU DO IT YOURSELF?”, I’ll just ask “why not steal one of Koda’s TLs?” or even better “Why not have a joint with Nutbladder? I heard mandoric wants moar work aside from Hidamari and kobato lol”

    hope you’re kidding about the second bit… trying to do the first bit

  10. 10 sotandem

    I’m so bored, and so I read the above comments other than mine.
    I saw someone asking for the torrent link to uncensored webcast of qwaser.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but people, go to tosho and type qwaser and then leopard-raws shows up with the director’s cut version. How hard can it be?

  11. 11 anon
  12. 12 Jaconada

    you know im actually glad these fansubbers like Coalguys provide the censored version because all you piece of shit faggits out there who only know how to download, watch, and disregard the fact that these people provide good quality and on top of that spend the rest of their fucking day subbin these episodes for you ignorant selfish fucks. You guys that desperate to watch uncensored and uncut episodes? then watch hentai you faggits. Face it you guys arent even watching the damn anime just skimming through for sexual scenes. Get a fucking life.

  13. 13 anon

    @Jaconada: wow you really need to calm down. I dont know about everyone else here but I just want to watch the show the way that the original manga’s author intended. Even the fansubbers here have complained about how much this censored version sucks.

  14. 14 Jaconada

    @dumbass above this comment so i see, Most of the censor revolves around the ecchiness of this anime, granted there are blood and other violent censorship but thats not what people want is it. Like i said, if people such as you would love to watch uncensored versions such as this and worry about the uncensoring of this anime only because of the nudity then your better off watching hentai because other then that, Your in it for the sexual or ecchi content not for what it reallys worth the anime it self with the story

  15. 15 anon

    @Jaconada: First of all: don’t go calling me a dumbass because not once did I ever insult you in my first comment. If anything you’re the dumbass for getting angry for something as stupid as this. Second: I read the original manga months ago and if there is any reason I like it is because of the story and the awesome fight scenes. The ecchi is just eye candy to compliment the story and keep the reader entertained. And third: Go *beep* yourself (enjoy your precious censorship).

  16. 16 Luffink

    @Jaconada I actually thank the fansub for their job. I can´t totally disagree with you in that topic: I watched the first episode uncensored out of pure curiosity, and yes, I admit that if something made me want to keep watching it was the story and not the ecchi, but I won´t watch the censored version.

    Why? Not because I don´t want to miss the lolhentai, but because if I´m going to watch this, then I want to watch the original version, the REAL version, not a “parent´s approved” cutted-and-zoomed version.

  17. 17 CoalGuys

    12 years old etc

  18. 18 Jaconada

    @anon first off i dont mind censorship thats why i dont bitch about it why thank you. Angry? oh yeah okay sorry for intruding into your business where in your world its pretty much okay to watch full body full contact full sexual action content well excuse me for not liking the things you do sorry i dont get the thrill of watching animated girls getting raped up the ass or showing their goods in an uncensored way but then again its what people such as you who can’t possibly keep your eyes off full adult content is it? You see in my opinion (which i dont give a shit whether you agree) is there there are 2 forms of censorship. You have the adult sexual content and then you have the extreme gore and violent cutting up ect. Now when i say i watch anime for what it is i mean watching it without asking myself every 20 seconds “Ooh whens the next sex scene” or “damn no titties” So by all means if you love watching your adult situations then by all means you miles while watch pornographic videos because thats what your asking for right now so you know what? i think ill enjoy the censorship while telling myself someone such as you need to get a real girl then watching animated girls getting it on

  19. 19 Jaconada

    @anon you dont like me calling you names then alright i wont but ill tell you what i will call you a sick son a bitch who actually needs the enjoyment of full ecchi to fulfill his need in the “Anime” world

  20. 20 anon

    @Jaconada: …what are you stupid? Let me write it out again in huge letters: I LIKE SEIKON NO QWASER FOR THE STORY AND THE FIGHT SCENES. I don’t like it simply because it has ecchi. And that applies to any anime or manga I follow. Next time please read the comments properly before bitching and writing a wall made entirely shit. Go *beep* yourself again ya big baby.

  21. 21 I'm Jaconada / anon

    Shut da FUCK up. (All of you)

    – I love ECCHI + ACTION, Yeayea i’m one sick son a bitch. Thanks.
    – I hate HENTAI, don’t ya ever compare it with ECCHI, fuck.
    – I don’t give a crap about REAL or not, as long it is fucking good, fuck.
    – I Hate da fucking nothing-to-watch-scene, Thanks to the censored.
    – Stop yar crap-keyboard-tapping about other people taste,fuck.
    – I’m an adult, like my parent fucking care.
    – Go Complaint da Japan for airing the censored one,fuck.
    – I Pity CoalGuys, becuz they have some fucking-stupid-dumbass commenters here.

    Got Something to say to me? Im don’t give a shit-crap care.

    Besides, I’m not going to read dis shittest comment ever again. there is alot of crappy kids here who likes to fuck up da comment’s box. I don’t care who started this fuck. Ya fucking-kids keep typing and typing, thats why u kids are a fuck-up kids.

    I’m so SORRY!

    for not realizing this sooner.
    U guys really are one hell of idiots.
    (By Ironman)

  22. 22 Carl

    Can anyone point me to AVI format of this please or any ofer format offer then MKV as its crap?

    Whats censored in it and could anyone tell me why??

    I like everything about this story its a shame the creators censored it doesn’t really make much sense that they would ifer probably do an uncensored version later on.

    Thank you for doing this aniama and all the ones you are doing only recrest I have is can you please do in avi format as well if not instead??

  23. 23 Luffink

    “I don’t care who started this fuck. ”

    It´s funny, because it was you.

    Meh, who cares, I´ll download 2 and 3, nothing to watch tomorrow. Thanks for the good work, Coalguys. ^^

  24. 24 Guy

    u gotta love internet drama

  25. 25 Wetrix

    Michael Jackson died?

  26. 26 namednoob

    No, he was taken by aliens just like Elvis.

  27. 27 Sol Falling

    I’m not even watching Qwaser, but lol at the moralfag n00b who thinks it’s not ‘okay to watch full body full contact full sexual action content’ and is getting pissed off at people for it. Hahaha wow.

    Coalguys (or rather, Jaka, but I’m namefagging and don’t know you personally), am still waiting for your Bund. Was kinda curious what ‘shit’ needed to be worked out specifically. (To be clear, can’t/won’t help, but the ‘how’ made it sound like there’s a story behind it.)

  28. 28 Ironman

    lol really? how about you be more clear then the fact that pretty much your really good at watching things getting shoved up people’s ass and of course animated porn? yeah okay how about you do more productive things then sittin in front of the computer staring at and jackin to nude scenes since thats the only thing that interests you so pretty much there isn’t a need for subtitles at all if your just gonna glue your eyes to animated asses and titties. looking like a certain faggit needs a real girl.

  29. 29 Neet

    wow those who is bitching about those who want the uncensor version you must have not seen it (episode 2) the whole fight scene was pretty much filled with one picture and it was a red night sky with a moon and a cross in the center and then when his scythe got turned into some type of sharp metal and toss it at that lady, we don’t know if that lady blocked it or he missed (if miss he must have really bad aiming) it just fucks the story also those bitching about how ppl just want to see nudity are a retard who wants to tell what others can and can’t watch like those who want to force religion on people.

    either way coalguys take your time on the anime have fun reading on these dumb comments like mine ~.~

  30. 30 baka~

    i was wondering, are the streamed Biglobe webcasts supposed to be better in terms of quality or they would still suck? like how horrible subs rips crunchyroll webcasts and somewhat retains a decent visual quality?

  31. 31 Hanekawa

    i don’t mind the censoring as long as it is only for the sake of censoring the xxx parts. but really, this qwaser… they censored the whole scene at important times that i’m having a hard time figuring wtf exactly is happening there. it is like having your eyes covered by somebody in a movie. sigh, even that flapping bats censorship from a shitty-anime-i-dont-remember-the-title is much better.

  32. 32 Cyber


    I’m willing to pay for the Biglobe streams, but as far as ripping goes: I haven’t got the faintest clue on how to do that. Especially since the site is completely in Japanese 😉

    So if you’re willing to do the ripping and translating part, I’ll cough up the yens for it. Drop me an email.

  33. 33 Neet

    ohhh nice cyber i hope you can really follow through with it

  34. 34 lol

    Can you post how to rip the streams? I think a lot of people would give it a shot if you did.

  35. 35 venomqo

    ye man id be willing to donate a bit too if you or sum1 u know is willing to do the rip. just point me in the right direction lol.

  36. 36 anonymous

    thanks coalguys

  37. 37 adr

    Dont Bother with AT-X Channel. They censored it just like the other channel.

  38. 38 venomqo

    think ive figured out how… and it comes to like 210 yen an episode… no idea how to rip though.

  39. 39 Y10NRDY

    wow. ya know just when you think the ship has sailed for the cliched internet tough guy along comes a sloppy faggot like jaconda who gets butthurt and teaches us the real meaning of christmas.

  40. 40 wiggletuck mcrawly

    Only do K-On!, drop everything else.

    I’d be happy. :c

  41. 41 loli vamp

    and loli vampire too 🙂

  42. 42 Mystic Eyes of Death Perception

    Oh wow.

    Try reading all these comments in a nigger voice.

    Fucking hilarious.

  43. 43 ingrid00

    Fate-Subs release the 1st episode uncensored (in italian). For the info, their quality is much better than the webcast (clearly 480p). I wonder from where they taking the RAW version? Since It seem there’s nothing good quality uncensored version RAW out there.

  44. 44 EdwardDFMA

    you guys ever tried here? http://say-move.org/comeplay.php?comeid=46839 Goodluck.

  1. 1 玩具
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