Everything delayed

So the place I live in is a shitty place.
The transformer for the complex blew up.
It will take 2 days to fix.
No electricity.

Everything will be done by then; fuck.


18 Responses to “Everything delayed”

  1. 1 dudeman

    Have fun subbing in the stone age, broseph.

  2. 2 thewizardninja

    But I don’t want to wait for my naked loli vampires!!

  3. 3 Chris

    What? You mean important services like Fansubs do not have backup generators in their basements? What is the world coming to…

  4. 4 sotandem

    Jaka, for some reason I actually believe you. The thing is, I find SFW a fucking son of the bitch and is nowhere as bad ass as coalguys even though they try to be one.

    Coalguys can never be beaten in terms of being fucktards. Take this as a compliment.

  5. 5 Ari

    Fuck. And I’m still waiting for your episode 1 release till I start Vampire Bund.

    Hope you do get your electricity back tomorrow.

  6. 6 R

    Dude, that sucks. I know I’d go insane without electricity. Good luck dealing with it.

  7. 7 BleKohl

    Hi I can translate you know me lol

  8. 8 asdf

    That’s a poor excuse for being late with episodes. Your even worse than that “gingers have souls” guy on youtube…

  9. 9 nish

    As long as you get things done Jaka and not disappear for another 65 years ffs.

  10. 10 Puff-kun

    Jaka you’re such a faggot.

  11. 11 Waryas

    So how did you post this? hurr.

  12. 12 soymilk

    Left a msg in your k-on thread about tl’ing

  13. 13 Anon

    “So how did you post this? hurr.”
    Maybe by going to a friend’s house or any public place that provides internet? Hurr.

  14. 14 Shiba

    Holy shit, I want my idiots show…

  15. 15 Shuffleblade

    Good luck fighting this shit, that’s one fucking truckfull of bad luck 🙁

    ganbatte ^^

  16. 16 takkatakkawakkawakkatakka

    A real man would have a peddle powered generator

  17. 17 Neet

    a real man would have a 20 pound wieght lifting machine as it’s power generator (phew I would be dead if I had to use one)

  18. 18 PJ

    LOL WTF!!
    Did a loli get stuck in it or something?

    Talking about blow up…
    we our ISP had a short circuit
    >.< whole internet in whole netherlands (well my ISP actually only)
    Went down..

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