Seikon no Qwaser – 02

The amount of censoring in this show is disgusting.

Also currently recruiting translator(s), if you’re interested please leave a message here with your email. I’ll email you back. You’re looking at lots of fun opportunities here!

Oh, Mafuyu is the only girl that makes this show worthwhile.

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20 Responses to “Seikon no Qwaser – 02”

  1. 1 Loli moe mahjong!

    This show sucks.

    it could be amusing if they did it right… but jesus christ the adaptation is a trainwreck. only good thing is the voice acting.

  2. 2 iGX


  3. 3 namednoob

    Thank you for subbing this show i really WISHED you guys could grab an uncesored version HD somewhere 🙁

    I’ve seen EP 1 censored and EP 1 uncesored but the web cast quality IS a dirty piece of thing that i did prefer not watching it uncesored but the scenes with it uncut MAKES SO much more sense …

    Thansk for the hardwork 🙂

    the only uncen version drifting around is the webcast from big globe, and I heard atx will be airing the cen ver too… I hope that’s not the case

  4. 4 guigui

    Wrong ! Katcha is the loli girl that makes this show worthwhile 🙂
    And all the others girls have great value !!!

  5. 5 Orangemilk1986


    I sent an e-mail to you earlier, I hope is was to the correct address. I’m interested in helping your team translate. This show is just so enjoyable. Keep up the good work, take care 🙂

  6. 6 Tarutaru

    man the censoring is totally terrible but great job

  7. 7 >Translators

    why not ask gg?

    in b4 Seikon is so shit that not even Koda and her slaves would want to sub it. durr.

    that is truly the case

  8. 8 sotandem

    coalguys looking for translators? No thanks, because no one will be able to match coalguys speed expectations.

    On another note, i’m still waiting for your “Fuck in the Vampire Bund” 01, I will not watch 02 unless 01 is there…

  9. 9 Neet

    wow something needs to be done about this censor if you find a horrible quality uncensor one if you have to, try to waste a little time upscaling it cuz wasting time staring at a blank picture is just retarded

  10. 10 BlackLightning

    Wow, This is so horrible censored its almost imposible to watch, Please if you can guys do the uncensored version’s instead when they come out, The entier fight scene is censored, It’s unbarible.

  11. 11 R

    I never thought I would see censorship worse than Rosario + Vampire, but this is ridiculous. Please sub the uncensored one. I don’t care if the resolution is lower, the quality of censored one is worse.

  12. 12 namednoob

    After watching ep 2 with cuts i’ve come to the understanding that subbing this anime as it is, is a waste of time you have scenes like watching the moon like the shit is happenning and sometimes you just lost the history because the uncut scenes tell you much more of what the hell is going on aswell as showing you the hot scenes which is prob the soul of this anime.

  13. 13 kupi

    Thx a lot!

  14. 14 venomqo

    a fairly engaging story, good art. enough to put up with until the uncut one imo lol… just as long as the uncut aint too far away

  15. 15 p0l4r21

    This show is shit censored. Let’s hope uncensored airs on atx because a webcast is pure shit hands down.

    Quality sub as usual

  16. 16 IGChris

    With the censored version of this show, at least it seems less like japanwtftitsuckfest and more like genericposwtfanimefest. Also, it probably would require being in a bit more solitude to work on subbing the uncensored version due to a lower leverl of SFW-ness.

  17. 17 namednoob

    Thanks for the reply on my first comment, but i already knew about that … but i saw somewhere that there was a webcast in 720p but either way this anime without the uncutt scenes is kinda of worthless … even tought i appreciate your previous projects and all your hard work. Still i will keep looking forward for all your works 😉

  18. 18 arnuxii

    There is an uncensored raw out there

    thanks in advance

  19. 19 Hank Ackies

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  20. 20 Rueben Lao

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