Dance in the Vampire Bund – 02

I don’t know what the fuck am I doing up at 3:00 subbing some pedophile show when I have a test in 4 hours.
Anyway, as promised. Thanks to those who helped since trying to sub two episodes in one night isn’t really feasible.
Ended up making some embarrassing mistakes such as this. I’ll do episode one sometime later this week.

Enjoy your pedo show while I go enjoy my 4 hour sleep.

Download: [ Torrent ]

Oh P.S., blame SHAFT for the terrible video. We did everything we could to make it not hurt your eyes! (literally)

24 Responses to “Dance in the Vampire Bund – 02”

  1. 1 w/e

    this show is horrible, drop it

  2. 2 sotandem

    Thanks jaka, for doing episode 1. It’s good that you guys are putting in effort.

    Any vulgarities?

  3. 3 wakizaki

    Your effort is well-noted, thanks for Ep 2 🙂

  4. 4 Ciel

    >implying we give a shit

    this is my blog, therefore i blog

  5. 5 namednoob

    Ep 1 any chances ?

  6. 6 ssss

    why not 720p?

  7. 7 frost99

    thanks a lot, the episode 1 was troll ¬¬

  8. 8 anonymous

    i really like this anime ^^ thank you for your hard work

  9. 9 DarkTigris

    Way better episode than the first one. Hope they’ll turn down the loly stuff.

  10. 10 Ontaro

    thanks 4all

  11. 11 guigui

    This anime massacre the original manga

  12. 12 namednoob

    if you guys are not subbing the ep1 can at least point me to some one who did pls ?

  13. 13 asdf

    It’s called Google, do some legwork.
    And Jaka is going to sub the first episode later. lrn2read

  14. 14 Chelelo

    namednoob ask for help not for some ironic remark. Learn to have some manners and if you dont want to help keep your remarks and comments to yourself.

  15. 15 asdf

    Manners on this blog?! Since when.

  16. 16 Detective

    Wrong place for common courtesy.

    Thanks for the subs dood. I do certainly appreciate your hard work, hope you got some rest and didn’t fail that test.

  17. 17 jakabff

    #[email protected] | The only group that has subbed both episodes! <– who actually likes this fail group -_-

    thnx jaka for your chink quality

  18. 18 ClemXII

    @ jakabff

    Seeing how there subs are pretty good, I’d say everyone but you. = )

  19. 19 jakabff

    clearly you don’t know what is quality… so i’ll just wait for the english dubs

  20. 20 ClemXII

    @ jakabff

    Fail comment is fail.


  21. 21 asdf

    Isn’t there an HD version of this airing somewhere or at a later date? I appreciate the subs but shouldnt you wait for those…? Providing there are any…

  22. 22 awsome

    this is a great anime, but they don’t really follow the manga. The manga is way better but the anime has a lot of potential. Thanks for the subs and keep up the hard work.

  23. 23 Elrondp

    thanks for subbing it =D really

    huh, no favicon? =P

  24. 24 thewizardninja

    They’ll follow it eventually, I recognised quite a few of the scenes in the preview from the manga. I’m guessing this should happen around episode 4 or 5 because Akira’s yet to reject Saeguchi due to him being a werewolf and all. I think it’s good this way though, the manga had a horrid exposition and it looks like SHAFT are trying to give it a better one (if we forget about ep. 1 of course).

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