Seikon no Qwaser – 01

Status this season:
Baka to Test to Shoukanju – tling/etc for gg
Durarara!! & Ookamikakushi – helping gg
Vampire Bund – probably will do it starting ep 2 since episode 1 was a fucking disaster
Seikon no Qwaser – what the fuck is this shit????
Sora no Woto – CR (told you faggots)

Some blogging:
To be fucking honest, I nearly wanted to just fuck this show. I spent 12 hours, yes 12 motherfucking hours, encoding it because the latest 32bit x264 was fucking bugged and had memory leaks, and that took me QUITE SOME TIME TO FIGURE THAT OUT. God fucking dammit. Argh, not to mention I only slept like 4 hours last night. Moral of the story: CLI x264-64bit.

Enjoy your terrible show with horribad censoring.

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53 Responses to “Seikon no Qwaser – 01”

  1. 1 Loli moe mahjong!

    Vampire Bund starting ep2? Get real fags, no1 needs halfassed shit group, sub all or don’t start.

    archiving is for faggots

  2. 2 lance-sx

    if its not uncut bad time to start subing it

  3. 3 Texts

    Fansubban sounds like too much trouble. Screw it and take down the site.

  4. 4 uhh...

    Thank you for taking the time to sub Qwaser =)

  5. 5 Megas

    This show is fuckin garbage, your subs look great though. This show is painful enough just to watch, let alone sub…

  6. 6 input

    Hmm… is it only I who think this show seems to have some potential, after watching only ep1 that is?

  7. 7 wjot

    i only watched the trailer but for my taste this looked like best show this season

    you’re fucking kidding me

  8. 8 mx

    hey thx for the subs and qwaser is an ok show i have seen a lot worse

  9. 9 Hanzo

    Qwaser isnt bad compared to the real shite this season, ladies versus butlers and chu bra are far worse.

  10. 10 Lier

    Qwaser is shit because it’s censored as hell, fuck it, I was waiting this fucking shit, thx to the faggots who censored this. Now if shaft fucks up the ep 2 of the loli-vampire, this season is the worst ever.

    btw, I blame feminazis for this

  11. 11 red255

    Not sure whats the point of censored borderline hentai.

    So I will get to see. been toying with the idea of a guy that can alter a girls breast milk to form hormones in her bloodstream to make her horny or produce more milk, or stuffs… but likely this series doesn’t go down that route.

  12. 12 annoyed

    the show wouldn’t be so bad if coalguys could do a better job of timing

    effort found another timer to time b/c i didn’t feel like doing shit after 12 hours of battling with X264.EXE

  13. 13 guibin

    Wait, so will you sub Vampire Bund episode 1 or not? Seems kind of odd to sub the rest except for episode 1.

  14. 14 thewizardninja

    You don’t need to force yourself to sub the first ep of Vampire Bund, it was horrid and a disgrace. As long as ep 2 starts with chapter 1 of the manga it can all be forgotten and possibly forgiven.

  15. 15 huh?

    To all the people who are bitching about the censored ep A-TX will air an uncensored version after 2 weeks

  16. 16 Darky-san

    Why do they have to censor it?!?!
    Censored Qwaser equal pure shit
    it’s good to hear that there will be an uncensored version…but 2 weeks wait!#@#[email protected]!#$ damn better drop the whole show.

  17. 17 sotandem

    You fucking son of the bitch Jaka`, I was waiting for the fucking daughter of the whore “Fuck in the Vampire Bund”, WHY U DO TIS?!

    In any case, Jaka, start Vampire Bund from ep 01, you have no idea how fucking SFW’s shit was. Besides, they won’t be any faster because they are having a joint with chihiro.

  18. 18 aethon

    missing you, love. love and kisses, come back to rizone soon.

  19. 19 Ciel


  20. 20 asdf

    Why dont you just wait for the uncensored version of qwasar and then sub it?? It would be awesome if you guys re-release ep 1 uncensored and just go from there πŸ™‚

  21. 21 anonyhamster

    So Jaka&faGGots drop Sora no Woto because of CR yet they still sub durararararararara? Hypocrisy much?

    not really, we can’t really sub something within 1 hour of air; however, 24 hours is possible

  22. 22 andyMB

    GET IT

  23. 23 Klero

    On 16:28 Sasha said “Zelezo zdes” wich means “Iron is here”. I wonder why have you written that “Zelaza”, I mean, there were a translation of his words on the right side and there were kandji for iron. Same for 19:44, he actually said “not trembling”, but it makes no sence in that situation.

    furigana/way or reading on the side is zeleza or whatever

  24. 24 deadFreak

    @anonyhamster SnW is not only dropped because of CR, but also because gg staff realized that the show was shit. Go to gg website regards Durara.

    @andyMB AT-X really sucks. Worst quality is worst. Wait for DVDs or BluRay disks.

  25. 25 Karas

    SFW got Vampire Bund. So let them, and Id say wait the two weeks for the uncensered, but get the translations and shit ready ahead of time. That way you will save yourself the hassle, and don’t have to rush these fucking censered garbages. I can say I would gladly wait for better, then watch something that would just annoy the hell outta me.

  26. 26 anonymous

    Thank you so much coalguys!!

  27. 27 kupi

    Thx a lot!

  28. 28 Holy Qwaser

    for god sake, this crap really makes my hope….zzz!
    I read the manga, So i was expecting something cooler with da anime,
    (please don’t sub this shity censored version anymore,thanks)
    still, great work and thanks.

  29. 29 luke

    guys, if you plan to continue subbing this anime, i’d say wait for the uncensored version and just take it easy.

    thanks for this (temporary?) release

  30. 30 Ontaro

    Thanks for this…. but wait until the uncensored version comes out.

  31. 31 annoyed

    [CoalGuys + Trueoblivion] Seikon no Qwaser – 01v2 (720×400)

  32. 32 niggerfuck

    >implying anyone cares about crunchyroll
    Just sub it anyways faggots

  33. 33 Hanekawa

    care to tell where did gg said that they realized that SnW is shit?

  34. 34 ken

    Looks like he already hates this show after one episode.
    This crap is as good as dropped.

  35. 35 Neet

    well hope you guys have it easy through out the rest of the winter season with just a small rough start

  36. 36 Lolwut

    What the fuck is with the censorship hte? If you want to see some tits, go watch a hentai you fucktards.

  37. 37 8-tails

    most hentai are cesored as well – dicks n clits atleast

    but this show aint meant to be censored Xp
    u dont even get wtf is going on here
    it be best if CoalGuys just save the time to do their other shows
    and do this one when the uncensored versons pop up

  38. 38 PinkiiGirl

    I prefer CoalGuys to CR! πŸ™

  39. 39 ziex

    thx for subbing it. but it Really is shit.
    how about uncensored version ?

  40. 40 CDP5280

    @ Lolwut
    The fact that it was censored is not the problem, the problem is how it was censored; it was annoying as hell! You couldn’t tell WTF was going on during the censored scenes.

    @ CoalGuys
    I appreciate you guys for taking the time to sub this first episode, but I won’t be watching anymore of this unless you guys sub the uncut episodes. I’m sure a lot of people here feel the same way too.

  41. 41 vipervoid1

    U guy , THE WORST…

  42. 42 Danthule

    Must say its great coalguys is back in buisness just too bad it had to be with this interesting looking on anidb, but crap when animated, show.
    Anyways IΒ΄ve always liked your subs alot donΒ΄t know why, might be because you dont take crap from other subgroups and give as good as you get, or it might be the quality of your subs compared to some other groups.
    Anyways, good to have you back.

  43. 43 8-tails

    my thoughts exactly

  44. 44 EdwardDFMA

    wow same goes here 8-tails XD

  45. 45 Asian Teens

    Happy New Year!!!
    I think You need watch about it also.
    It’s Asian Teens

  46. 46 Adieu

    This crap doesn’t deserve to be called a plot. It doesn’t even need the ORIGINAL AUDIO, much less english fansubs… either watch it on mute for the titties or say fuck it (the better call).

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