Umineko 01 (w/gg)

So apparently Koda and I made up (or not), and decided to sub this show with FABULOUS BUTTERFLIES.

Since this is a serious show, we’ll take subbing this seriously. (No troll shit, or funny shit, as we call it)

Download : [ Torrent | Script ]

P.S. At the airport right now flying back to HK 8)

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  1. 1 wat


  2. 2 Sied


    Let’s see how FABULOUS is this

    Anyway, thx dude you rock <3

  3. 3 Ryan

    Won’t leaving the title untranslated be easier for seaching? But anyway, good job!

  4. 4 VDZ

    Awesome. Thank you very much for deciding to sub this show. That makes this the third season in a row I’ll be downloading subs from CoalGuys…

  5. 5 lol

    >we’ll take subbing this seriously

  6. 6 wat

    no troll shit? pity, I loved how you put some entertainment into my entertainment.


  7. 7 Anonymous


  8. 8 Scr1be

    O.O o my looks like I’ll b in HK at the as lil Mango-chan though I dont leave til tommorrow …Hopefully you and koda dont have a “lovers” quarrel again and drop this =P

  9. 9 Anon

    Inb4 fansub drama and ragequit

  10. 10 葉前

    >Taking this seriously
    >No troll


  11. 11 Lothies

    Thanks for the sub, but there’s one thing that must be corrected:

    When Rosa slaps Maria, it’s important to specify that Maria is saying “uu~ uu~”, not just “that sound”, because of a VERY important fact that is revealed in the 4th episode of the novel.

    I know, we’ll find a way around it 8) nothing is impossible

  12. 12 Himie

    Dialogue: 0,0:11:52.81,0:11:56.32,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,Ten tonnes of told, it’s outrageous.

    wouldnt it be Ten tonnes of gold like in

    Dialogue: 0,0:12:24.61,0:12:28.06,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,Then I received ten tonnes of gold from the witch.

    anyway thanks for this and nice no troll serious subbing

  13. 13 copyrights


  14. 14 Gar

    Thanks so much!

  15. 15 asdfdasdf

    Where are the widescreens for K-ON?

  16. 16 anonymous

    thank you, glad to read that you made up ^^ (you look mature lately and thats cool)

  17. 17 Anonymous

    Delicious Sea Cats.

  18. 18 anonymous


  19. 19 izmosmolnar

    Thanks for releasing the .ass script sub, I hope you gonna keep doing that.

  20. 20 ShittyFaggot

    >we’ll take trolling seriously.

  21. 21 Sven Viking

    Heh, it does indeed contain fabulous butterflies :).

    Though I appreciate some of the liberties taken by yourselves and gg in other series (can’t see how the ‘DeLorean’ line could be taken as anything but an improvement), glad to hear that you’ll be playing it straight this time. In something like Umineko, a small change to the script in the wrong place could easily create confusion that would make unravelling the various mysteries more difficult than it already is.

  22. 22 siaoidiot

    lol wut have a nice trip

  23. 23 blah604

    ddl? O_O

  24. 24 Shaxe


  25. 25 Mr. S

    italian lines in the op are ABSOLUTELY wrong -_- it would have been better for you leaving them untranscripted and untranslated than writing those dumb rubbish -_____-“

  26. 26 Lmm

    So if you and Koda are coal now, will you be picking up Haruhi again?

  27. 27 Lanced Jack

    No DDL?

  28. 28 fag

    inb4 koda dropping it

  29. 29 あら

    fuckin’ sweet dude

  30. 30 Detective


    I love CoalGG!

    Although I will miss some troll shit…

  31. 31 chibidoro

    Great Work!
    I just have one question?
    Would u tell me plz which RAW u used (torrent link would be appreciated).

  32. 32 Crimson7

    So will you guys sub Haruhi again?

  33. 33 Anonymous

    Watch out for Koda’s time of the month.

  34. 34 kupi

    Thanks a lot!

  35. 35 d3ad3r


    What are you talking about? Only the first half of the first verse is a tad bit wrong but they rest 1 and a half is good.

    “Il giudizio vien dal mare e sta per essere emesso
    Nessuno puo liberarsi dal peccato che scorre nelle vene.”

    “The judgement comes from the sea and is about to be issued
    Nobody can free themselves from the sin that flows through their veins.”

  36. 36 d3ad3r

    “but the* rest”
    bad typo

  37. 37 Taiga

    I hope you’re lying about the trollsubs; that was one of the few things I enjoyed about Toradora. I’m glad you’re subbing this show, though; I’ve been looking forward to it and you do a good job.

  38. 38 Freya

    omg…Maria makes the most annoying sound I have ever heard.

  39. 39 monkey-kun


  40. 40 animeBB

    thx for subbing this anime. The first ep looks interesting but nothing really major happen. Hopefully the next ep gonna be more exciting.

  41. 41 Haruka

    According to animenewsnetwork the alternative title for this one is currently listed as “When They Cry 3”.

    Apparently this series seems to somehow belong with:
    Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (When Cicadas Cry)
    Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai (When Cicadas Cry – Solutions)
    Higurashi no Naku Koroni Rei (When Cicadas Cry – Gratitude)

  42. 42 Smorgasbored


  43. 43 INB4SEX

    Coalguys=/= no more trollsubs

    That doesn’t compute <_<

  44. 44 anonymous

    Seriously, Roken Island? It should be Rokenjima for god’s sake!
    Also, you should keep Maria’a “uu”, it’s like Rikas “Nipah”

  45. 45 paranoidHAMSTER

    Back to HK? You’re gonna hate the fugly weather we’re having here >.>
    thunderstorm rainy + sunlight = death by humidity

  46. 46 Sven Viking

    “Higurashi no Naku Koroni Rei (When Cicadas Cry – Gratitude)” was a fandisk, apparently. Not cannon.

    The story takes a while to get going. The problem I actually have with the first episode is that they’re skipping so much explanation, character development etc. that I’m not sure things will make sense later. Introducing two of the characters just with “These are my parents” isn’t just a simplification, it’s somewhat misleading. Maybe they’ll try to work it into later episodes.

  47. 47 Sven Viking

    Oops, can’t edit :). I meant, of course, ‘canon’. And the parents thing is just an example of the type of information they’re leaving out. Obviously they can’t pack everything in, but it seems pretty extreme. Guess they’re tying to rush to the action before people lose interest.

  48. 48 Equilibrant

    ITS SO COAL!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!!1!!!
    Thx. coalguys 😉



  49. 49 Duality

    I have no idea what this show is so far, but why the hell does this perverted main guy want to squeeze his cousin’s tits? That’s messed up.

  50. 50 yousuckdicknigger

    Fuck you piece of shit, sub Haruhi instead of this shit. Asshole

  51. 51 Duality

    Wooooooowwww…. That was HORRIBLE. I can’t believe how annoying that show was.

    The main character is called ‘Battler’? He outright tries to squeeze the tits of two women within the first 10 minutes or so and one of those women is his cousin?? O_o The whole family seems like a bunch of assholes who randomly explode and yell at each other.

    The whole thing seems extremely vague and lacking in detail, we have names of characters shoved down our throat for about 5 minutes and we’re supposed to remember it and HOLY SHIT SOMEBODY SHOOT THAT LITTLE KID IN THE HEAD. What the FUCK is with the noises she keeps making? I was practically cheering her mother on while she beat her up. WTF. Also, then her mother emo’s out over beating her? WTF. Somebody get these people to therapists ASAP.

    It’s just, so horrible. I can’t believe you guys would sub this. O_o It’s not like you didn’t do a good job or anything, I just don’t know why you’d pick this.

    Haruhi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This garbage.

  52. 52 ano0n



  53. 53 Duality

    SEZ U.

  54. 54 nope

    Its some trolls on coal.

  55. 55 Sven Viking

    Duality: The first episode does not represent the overall story well. As I mentioned above, it skips anything that makes the characters likeable or interesting, and also skips so much detail that it can be difficult to know what’s happening some of the time. For example, the mother doesn’t “emo out over beating” the child, but because she fell asleep and then, hours later, realised the child never came back (she’s been standing out in the storm for about six hours).

    “Somebody get these people to therapists ASAP.” — you don’t know the half of it, yet.

  56. 56 Doomzzg


  57. 57 CrossChris

    A very nice sub indeed. You really seem to have done everything right, which is extremely unusual in the current “market”.

    I do have a couple of points though:
    1) Consider putting the hiragana transcription in the karaoke below the English translation – people read top to bottom so it makes sense to have the primary line – the English – above the less important one. (You don’t need to move the English line; its current position is fine.)
    2) At 8:41 you put “1800’s” and “1900’s”. It is a sin to put an apostrophe in a plural so please don’t do it again. 🙂

    Otherwise a terrific job. Keep up the good work.

  58. 58 Sen

    This is excellent! Cant wait for the next one, thank you for subbing it

  59. 59 CrossChris

    This is re: my previous post.

    For some reason I wrote “hiragana”, this should of course be “romanji”. I don’t quite know how that happened.


  60. 60 anon

    Ouch. gg just cut CoalGuys out. Not to dog on you guys, your subs are great, but I do prefer gg over CoalGuys.

  61. 61 Anonymous

    Koda bleeds drama out of her whore-hole by the gallon.

  62. 62 Anon

    inb4 gg ragequit

  63. 63 Anonymous

    Too late anon

    >Edit: Bye bye CoalGuys. Here’s a v2. Re-encoded and with some typo/tl fixes. Also I decided to do the cool kids things where you don’t properly label your v2’s. Feels good.

  64. 64 fubar

    Why, those shit suckers will never complete anything anyway. I was horrified that Coalguys was going to attempt anything with gg, cuz though they have some skills, they are useless as a fansub group, love fuckin’ their fan base and telling them to fuck off if they don’t like it, don’t complete series by dropping them as they see fit, etc. I wouldn’t download anything by gg on a bet,waste of time. Count your blessings, now you won’t have to lube your ass. gg is a waste of time.

  65. 65 Gar

    really? the groups split AGAIN 🙁

  66. 66 anon

    anyone who expected a joint to last more than a day is a moron.

  67. 67 Anonymous

    Coal will continue translating the series?

  68. 68 ano0n

    [gg] will continue subbing umineko

  69. 69 Anonymous

    Yeah, I know. But CoalGuys?

  70. 70 muteKi

    CrossChris: For some plurals, consisting of numbers or single letters, the apostrophe may be used. Unlike with a standard word like “dog” getting pluralized with “dogs” (as obviously “dog’s” is not the correct plural), things like “back when I was a boy, in the 1600’s” or “make sure to cross your i’s and dot your t’s” could be considered correct.

    I’ll give you that pluralizing numbers with an apostrophe is falling out of favor, though, but last I checked it was considered acceptable.

  71. 71 Vandrare

    It’s been a long time since I saw a series so bad as this one.

  72. 72 CrossChris

    muteKi, allow me to quote the Oxford Style Manual (I love doing this).

    “The apostrophe has two main functions in English: to indicate possession and to mark contractions.” (p. 112)

    “Do not use the apostrophe when creating plurals. This includes names, abbreviations (with or without full points), numbers, and words not usually used as nouns” (p. 115)

    “Confusion can result when words, letters, or symbols are referred to as objects rather than their meaning, especially when pronunciation may not be immediately clear. Such items are normally either italicized or set in quotes, with the s set in roman outside any closing quote” (p.116)

    So in the case of the quotes you provide you could italicize the i and t while there’s no need to do anything to the 1600.

    Grammar is a beautiful thing.


  73. 73 Palamacia

    Well I had great expectations for this show, seeing I loved the visual novel. But I have to say I agree with the posts on the series being rushed. I also find some of the voice actors to be oddly out of place for some reason…maybe I’m just picky…
    Liked the OP, and hopefully they’ll also add some music from the novel.
    I’m still going to watch it though, while holding on to a small hope that the series might improve as it goes on.

  74. 74 hikari

    Could you also release a .avi format of umineko? It’s for archiving purposes. It would be a plus if you could release not juts .mkv but also .avi episodes of umineko thanks

  75. 75 CrossChris

    hikari, just re-encode the videos into avi if you want an archive.

    About ten minutes of googling will get you the information and software (free) you need.

  76. 76 Maetin Munnery

    CrossChris can you show me an example of some “romanji” please.

  77. 77 play150


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