K-ON! 08 & Haruhi S2 01

Haruhi S2 (joint w/ Koda even though she kirai’s me) and K-ON! 08.

After subbing two fucking shows (With one being >400 lines of HIRANO AYA) within 10 hours I’m fucking exhausted so I’m not going to blog.

Haruhi S2 01: [ Torrent ] ( Scripts etc, go visit gg’s page )

K-ON! 08 : [ Torrent | DDL | Script ]

P.S. The preview-title should’ve been “Freshmen!” last episode, it will be changed on the WS.

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  1. 1 wat


  2. 2 aero

    Woot, thanks for the quick release like always.

  3. 3 blah604

    thanks ~

  4. 4 SnooSnoo

    This will be humanity’s biggest rickroll if Kadokawa goes “LOLTHEREWILLONLYBEONEEPISODEOFHARUHILOL”

  5. 5 SnooSnoo

    This will be humanity’s biggest rickroll if Kadokawa goes “LOLTHEREWILLONLYBEONEEPISODEOFHARUHILOL”.

  6. 6 phae2y


  7. 7 Kougeru

    thanks for both of these. watching haruhi again felt kinda nostalgic even tho its only heen 3 years lol

  8. 8 pewpewpew


  9. 9 Ayano Katagiri

    Haruhi and K-ON at the same time. <3

  10. 10 Nozomu

    You. Are. God. Thanks !

  11. 11 Ex14

    thanks…..buts whats with the picture at the homepage lols? Alot of ppl would be stuck out there XDD

  12. 12 Kaminos

    Thank you so fucking much.

  13. 13 paranoidHAMSTER

    Thank you for the extremespeed two punch combo. It is greatly appreciated.

  14. 14 guorbatschow

    gosh. both haruhi AND k-on.

    you guys rock

  15. 15 KingGuy

    TY CG!! nice nice nice

  16. 16 EcchiMan

    yea that website is trying to hypnotize me or sumthing
    too bad im alrdy half asleep
    i dunno wad the deal was with the 1st season i mean it wasnt THAT funny >.> even though a lot of ppl recommend it
    lez juz hoap tiz iz gunna b a lut moar funniar *hick*
    i ish tjalkin bout haruhi duuhhh *burp*
    i 2 m a victim of haruhi-ism *barf*

  17. 17 Doomzzg


  18. 18 Asgrimm

    Yessss, Coal Guys and GG do Haruhi? Count me fuckin in!
    Its like 11 in the morning here in Germany, so you kinda made my day.

  19. 19 SnooSnoo

    I was expecting a change in OP for K-ON! since there’s a new character now. Maybe next ep?

  20. 20 Taumaturgos

    MINI MIO!! F*ck yeah!!!
    Good job!

  21. 21 Raki

    What happen to ur site b4 k-on ep08 was release? Disappearance of CoalGuy and GG ar? still till now GG’s site is still the sos bridage logo… haha brilliant

    Coalguys and GG subbing haruhi… count me in…
    and thanks again for another k-on release.. cheers

  22. 22 case logic


  23. 23 C0r

    I have really, really started to dislike K-ON. It’s such complete fluff, and the music angle seems so insultingly tacked on.

    Thanks for the Haruhi sub, anyway.

  24. 24 DJReiBread

    Haruhi season 2? The real deal? HOLY SHIT.
    I was raging earlier when I couldn’t get to the site because of the SOS image.

    Now my pants are full of jizz from seeing both K-ON! episode 08 AND haruhi ep 1.


    You…you are my idol.

  25. 25 Weaboo

    Why are you numbering it from 1? It’s ep. 8 of SuzuHaru re-run. The new SuzuHaru will be kinda “full\extended version of the series”. There is no “2nd season”, exactly as KyoAni told everybody months ago.

    You better sub eps 1-7 😉 I like your subs very much.

  26. 26 Alc o Meter

    Thanks !!

  27. 27 Shaxe

    This is gonna be one awesome KyoAni Friday night.

  28. 28 DJReiBread

    Aw dang, I thought haruhi would actually be out now. I haven’t really payed attention to it much.


    I kinda want to ragequit life.

  29. 29 Duality

    I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. Haruhi is an unexpected delight. >: D!

  30. 30 My God is hotter than your God.

    O_O! I bow down to you guys. Thanks!

  31. 31 Detective


  32. 32 cnet128

    Yeah, I personally think labelling it as episode 8 of the new series would be more sensible. The series is designed to be watched in order with the old episodes, so even if you don’t plan on releasing the old episodes along with the new, labelling it as episode 8 and giving an explanation would be clearer for everyone (as well as help stop people from wondering and complaining about why there isn’t a new episode for the next three weeks =p)

  33. 33 kuagelo

    LOL @ “400 lines of Hirano Aya” and SOS logo (was it me, or did it look like ZOZ??).


  34. 34 mimimikuru

    what happened to the ddl? i’ve already halfway done and then suddenly it got 404’ed 🙁

  35. 35 General Asakura

    I believe that the logo thing is a reference to Suzumiya Haruhi episode “Mystérique Sign”. Check it out if ya haven’t seen it before.

    Thank you for subbing Suzumiya Haruhi, I love you 😀

  36. 36 Anonymous

    So, there’s a bit of a discussion going around /a/ about the fact GG translated Mikuru’s “kinsoku ni gaitou shimasu kedo” as something other “It’s classified information (but)”.

    Any ‘official’ word?

  37. 37 Modhesh

    wooo!.. > 400 lines of HIRANO AYA>.
    An epic win!..

    thanks for the release and I’ll be expecting Haruhi Suzumiya S2 releases from you and no one else.

  38. 38 slayer_ken07

    thanks for haruhi….then why anidb call eps 8 of haruhi instead of eps 1…where other 7 eps?….>_<

  39. 39 slayer_ken07

    just ignore my early comment…i think know what happen….just receive call from haruhi-chan and she get mad about it…>_<

  40. 40 Keeper

    I checked the tracker as soon as I saw the website image lol.
    Great release as always!

  41. 41 kap

    where can i get script’s on gg’s page? O_O

  42. 42 chokushi

    lol kap

    anyway well done for releasing haruhi early

  43. 43 evhy

    thank you so much !!! k-on 8 is soooooo cool and yui is singing *——-* but can u tell me the original title/japanese title of my love is a stapler ??? i want to have the japanese lyrics for karaoke *—*

  44. 44 AsukaRED

    Move out of the way Mio, you’re blocking Haruhi.

  45. 45 Terzzi

    K-ON 07????

  46. 46 vin

    Hey, is there a reason why “konoyaro” got translated to “you fag”? It just seemed… out of place.

  47. 47 ScribbleS

    Thanks you SO MUCH for subbing Haruhi, and K-ON too, of course.

  48. 48 srdd


    Settle your differences in the arena!

  49. 49 yaryar

    Putting aside Haruhi…

    New K-on was great… new club member O.o

  50. 50 Raiden

    DDL for K-ON! 8 doesent work, thx for double release btw.

  51. 51 indanglaya

    DDL for K-ON 8 just got 404’d.

  52. 52 Kaitsu

    GG subs had the SOS logo…BSSubs had it too.
    Though…Dattebayo “randomly” finished their sub throughout the whole day yesterday, while all of you guys were subbing. D:

    Usually, you’d expect it to be a troll.

  53. 53 michaelfeb16


    A rickroll is tricking someone into watching Never Gonna Give You Up.
    It’d be more of a troll, I think.

  54. 54 Valrntine

    Thank you!

  55. 55 amanda

    The document cannot be found.
    What’s wrong with the K-ON! ddl file?

  56. 56 DaVince

    Oh man, I am so confused right now. I have created one directory “Haruhi S1 re-release” for The Plog/Yuki Fansubs, and another “Haruhi S2” directory for CoalGuy’s release of what supposedly is s2e1. Good choice, or should I throw it all in one folder and relabel CoalGuys’ release episode 8 later?

    A big thanks for this release though, definitely! 😀

  57. 57 Iboy

    uuhhh… is there something wrong with the haruhi-08 raw, coalguys?
    i’m seeing lots of horizontal lines across the whole screen. they’re there through the whole night where kyon met loli haruhi.

    anyway, thx for both subs! coal, as always!

  58. 58 balance

    haruhi > k-on

  59. 59 Mr Green

    Really nice episodes guys, thanks for the translation coalguys 😉

  60. 60 fuck you


  61. 61 lvrhina

    Everything about this is good except the partner with GG…

  62. 62 DaVince

    Who’s dropping K-ON, now?

  63. 63 kumarei

    “Hey, is there a reason why “konoyaro” got translated to “you fag”? It just seemed… out of place.”

    I second that. It’s usually translated as ‘bastard’. Fag has a lot of extra connotations that the Japanese word doesn’t have, so more than being slightly offensive, it’s just bad translating.

  64. 64 cy

    its just a fucking joke for itsuki always being fucking gay.

    i love fansub drama

  65. 65 Leo Reiss
  66. 66 ferrelas

    About Haruhi: One of the worst releases ever, this is even worse than Chihiro, they just didn’t try and thus their subs sucked, this on the other hand is done by ppl who can do better, but for some reason fucked up the editing, v2 or gtfo.

  67. 67 higuys

    Thanks for the work you guise put into these.

    <3 haruhi

  68. 68 CaffeineFree

    Haruhi season 2? Wow fucking, if you guys would sub the whole season that would be so fucking awesomeeeee.

    Thanks I love you guys, if you ever want buttsecks just track me down.

  69. 69 DaVince

    ferrelas: I’m halfway through, and I could only say the use of language is colorful at times (like “Where’s our Delorean?”). Definitely can’t call it the worst release “ever”.

    Unless you mean “the worst so far by CoalGuys”, then I can’t comment because I haven’t seen them all.

  70. 70 runedot

    I’m disappointed in the quality of your subs for Haruhi.
    The tone is off and in some cases, the translation itself is wrong as well.
    Not up to your usual standard.

  71. 71 CaffeineFree

    Are the Haruhi eps going to be released on Chronilogical order or the fucked up way again

  72. 72 Oscar

    On Haruhi: Would CoalGuys and gg be kind enough to reduce the amount of spoken English slang in the translations, and to keep the 24 seconds of sponsor frames at the beginning and the end, please 🙂 ?

  73. 73 Yoo-jin

    I find the subs for Haruhi too… liberal. The slang and “inaccurate” translations of words and phrases are pretty distracting. Such as the use of “Where’s our Delorean?” when he clearly even uses the english phrase “Time Machine” so there’s no point on using something else… All in all, I think it lacks accuracy.

  74. 74 Raiden

    srry to dissapoint u all, but if my sources are true, the series is being broadcast chronologically, meaning, the next new episode will be JUNE 18th-_-,

    Apr 02 ep01 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 1
    Apr 09 ep02 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2
    Apr 16 ep03 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 3
    Apr 23 ep04 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 4
    Apr 30 ep05 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 5
    May 07 ep06 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 6
    May 14 ep07 The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya
    May 21 ep08 Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody (NEW)
    May 28 ep09 Mysterique Sign
    Jun 04 ep10 Remote Island Syndrome Part1
    Jun 11 ep11 Remote Island Syndrome Part2
    Jun 18 ep12 Endless Eight (NEW)
    Jun 25 ep13 The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya 1 (NEW)
    Jul 02 ep14 The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya 2 (NEW)
    Jul 09 ep15 The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya 3 (NEW)
    Jul 16 ep16 The Adventures of Asahina Mikuru Episode 00
    Jul 23 ep17 Live A Live
    Jul 30 ep18 The Day of Sagittarius
    Aug 07 ep19 Someday in the rain
    Aug 14 ep20 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya 1 (NEW)
    Aug 21 ep21 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya 2 (NEW)
    Aug 28 ep22 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya 3 (NEW)
    Sep 03 ep23 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya 4 (NEW)
    Sep 10 ep24 Charmed at First Sight Lover (NEW)
    Sep 17 ep25 Snow Mountain Syndrome Part1 (NEW)
    Sep 24 ep26 Snow Mountain Syndrome Part2 (NEW)
    Oct 01 ep27 Where Did the Cat Go? (NEW)
    Oct 08 ep28 Disappearance Epilogue (NEW)

  75. 75 blue_blue

    K-On DDL error! T_T
    Fix please T_T
    Fix please T_T
    Fix please T_T
    Fix please T_T
    Fix please T_T
    Fix please T_T

  76. 76 cathy

    “its just a fucking joke for itsuki always being fucking gay.

    i love fansub drama”

    This isn’t drama, it’s a legitimate complaint to Coal, made without malicious or wankish intent. I really like their subs normally, and I’d like to stay with them for the rest of the series, but this just flagged me as wrong the minute it showed up. There’s a reason why people kick up a fuss over the use of the word “fag”, fansub or not, and like people have said in the comments, the problem is that even if the fans have a joke about itsuki being gay, it isn’t a connotation that’s present in the original word, “konoyaro”. It’s shoddy did-it-just-for-the-lulz translation that carries the extra weight of being offensive. It’s like if someone translated a girl being described as “otoko rashii” into “she’s such a dyke”.

  77. 77 lvrhina

    gg ftl

  78. 78 be0wulf

    Subs were horribad. Try harder next time.

  79. 79 Drummin

    K-On! >>>>> Haruhi
    Quit Haruhi and pick up Pandora Hearts… or better yet drop TtT, keep the overly fan serviced Haruhi, and pick up Pandora. I don’t really care as long as you guys keep K-On! Great work as always and thanks for the release.

  80. 80 lvrhina

    Coal guys subs are not horrible , they just partnered with GG which let to horrible … heh , i think that is amusing what i just said

  81. 81 Italo

    So cooolll!!! K-ON rox, and…haruhi…speechless!!

  82. 82 Italo

    ps: pandora hearts is mostly crap. No need to sub it >__>

  83. 83 Koi

    Fucking job well done.

  84. 84 lvrhina

    trick : learn japanese
    solution : gg can burn in a fire
    outcome : coal guys is still good subs because they don’t partners with fatties

  85. 85 OhSnapsIan

    Very nice! Lol I’ve been waiting for Haruhi S2 for a while haha glad to see it’s finally here! n_n thanks a bunch!

  86. 86 EIyron


  87. 87 YEH COAL GUYS!!

    Thanks for the release!
    why was there a v.2 tho


  88. 88 Silvanoshei

    Requesting K-On! Season 2 and 3…

  89. 89 Taler

    Indeed the translation leaves a lot to be desired. And I had no idea what a Delorean is until I looked it up.

  90. 90 Name (required)

    More wide screen K-ON, please.

  91. 91 Pyotr Tatamovich

    > I was expecting a change in OP for K-ON! since there’s
    > a new character now.
    Hm, I was myself wondering what the olo does teh club need this Azusa for since the elder girls make a full house. Yeah, they were having some issues considering a vocalist but now they’ve got like TWO vocalists. Isn’t it that one of the club veterans is about to quit? I could even guess which one T_T

    BTW the ‘Delorean’ thing is no more weird than ‘All your sweets are belong to me’, and no one has said a word of complaint about this joke yet, neither did anyone ask what the heck ‘are belong’ was. SUDDENLY, everybody appears to know Zero Wing but nobody proves to know BTTF ‾∇‾

  92. 92 EcchiMan

    omg if wad raiden says is true
    then i say wtf
    wuts the deal broadcasting the previous episodes again?!?!?!
    sun of a beach they lettin me wait till october too jesus christ superstar

  93. 93 Anonymous
  94. 94 Raiden

    @ EcchiMan,

    I would think since the original series was NOT broadcast in chronological order, and this is technically more of “insert” eps than a new season right now. So when they reran it they decided to do it in the right order, or else it wouldn’t make any sense for first time watchers. Of course we don’t care since we can finish it, rewatch it again and piece it together,(and its fun) which is what we did…but to save some new viewers the confusion of the order and not to spoil anything, there following chronological. (I would think)

    But still, to a new viewer this is just some random anime-_- what about the fans who’ve been waiting?! June18th till next ep is ridiculous.

  95. 95 yaryar

    Is this all that’s going to be subbed this summer =3? Quite curious lol since summer is right around the corner and I just watched a couple of pv’s <_<

  96. 96 Trevor

    Thanks for the retranslation of the last line (konoyaro) on 01v2. v1’s translation of the line irked me in a bad way.

    I’ll now be sticking with Coal/gg for the upcoming Haruhi S2. 🙂

  97. 97 Pyotr Tatamovich

    > Requesting K-On! Season 2 and 3…
    Pretty troublesome that the series is gonna end pretty damn soon. But I think OVAs will save the day :3

  98. 98 boneknocker

    Hey Pandora’s Heart not crap because many sub-groups stop subs it but because the raw files that released till now were suck. Not say some thing if you never talk with them by IRC before !!!

    You know Many sub-groups out there they just stop but not drop it yet. They just wait the better raws come out enough to make sure that they can subs it till complete it.

    And finally if some one try to judge any shows good or bad PLEASE prove it with reasonable. Some thing about story line, graphic or any thing but not just judge it bad because who subs it or no one subs it.

    It make who did that like someone their brain were full of SHIT !!!

  99. 99 wtf

    Good thing boneknocker isn’t in a sub-group. That guy sucks at English.

  100. 100 Sinergy

    i thought the delorean joke was funny.

  101. 101 Phocus

    a.f.k. subs are out.

    Out of curiosity, what does everyone think of a.f.k. VS CoalGG? From what I’ve seen last season, a.f.k.’s subs were superior in quality. And from what other people have stated, his (Strato’s) translations are godly.

    But after comparison of this first episode, CoalGG’s subs seems more “localized” to fit normal English translations. I dunno, any thoughts on this?

  102. 102 Pyotr Tatamovich

    The problem is that all CGs’ fansubs I’ve seen so far seem somewhat TOO ‘localized’. I mean, these ‘oldfag fanservice’ gags do seem fun but they are made up, after all. And it’s crucial that a translator DOESN’T make anything up, even ‘for the great justice’.

  103. 103 boneknocker

    To wtf

    What you expect from who living in the 3rd world country that always on top 10 of the most corruption ? Yeyyy If you ever watched Black Lagoon. That where I live.

    The country that an ex-prime minister who was chased from country become he cheated and sold his country. Hired that RED SHORT ARMY burned a capital city of this country at 12 – 15 April 2009 just for make his way back.

    Oh….today Coalgirl just released Haruhi S2 in 720p version. Would Coalguy have any plan about it ?

  104. 104 boneknocker

    Aggg Crap I typed “become” instead of “because”.

    How fool I am.

  105. 105 boneknocker

    For a.f.k. subs I think they only released .avi files (may be clearer if I could contact just one of their stuff on IRC).

    But Coalgirl released the 720p version was more annoy me than what a.f.k. subs did.

  106. 106 Dagmar

    Great job(s) all. I love your work on K-On! All Hail Haruhi!!

  107. 107 Modhesh


    My country is also in the “10 most corrupted countries” and is also a 3rd world country. Don’t use that as an excuse for being bad engLish.

  108. 108 Rewston

    How good I think Coal is I rather download Haruhi s2 from Dattebayo.

  109. 109 GonFreaks

    Nice work for Haruhi S2… Thank you very much! ^^
    But honestly…
    ETA for Pandora?

  110. 110 yaryar

    GTFO Rewston you’re a nobody anyway

  111. 111 Rewston

    Where is K-ON! e7? Think I’ve lost it 😛

  112. 112 Rewston

    Then we are the same, as far as I see it you are a nobody aswell.
    Sry to brake it to ya hun.

  113. 113 lol-kun


  114. 114 Good job.

    DB’s release was flawless. I didn’t even bother with Coalguys for Haruhi. So go get your Haruhi there. Trust me, it’s a much better sub.

  115. 115 yaryar

    Rewston – The difference between you and I is that I have already accepted the fact of many things that have happened to be found in the internet. Yet wasting time with such menial things to post shows me not only your insignificance here, but in the life you lead today. Yet I do not expect you to understand anything past your normal thought processing. Individuality is great to a certain extent; spouting nonsensical ignorance is even more so entertaining. Please though, tell yourself that you are important if it makes what little joy you have come out. You are merely a grain of salt in the vast sea.

  116. 116 jkjhjhjk

    @ Phocus

    no one can touch a.f.k.’s translation. It’s basically going to be a speedsub race for a very good sub from coalguys/gg or db/l-e or wait 2-3 days for an unbe-fucking-lievably good sub by a.f.k.

    Seriously, I’m a translator for a living and I can’t touch Strato’s script writing ability. Neither can coalguys/gg. Neither can DB/L-E.

    And coalguys/GG and DB/L-E are both very good. Strato is just in a different level altogether. The dude is too good.

  117. 117 LOL


    Nothing to do lol

  118. 118 hosh

    @ jkjhjhjk

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only pro translator who wonders what planet Strato is from that he’s able to get such perfect scripts out with such speed. It makes me feel like such a slacker. I wonder if he does professional translation work in some other field, and this is just like slumming it for him or something.

    Is he even a “he”? I don’t know anything about him.

  119. 119 Dark5009

    Seems like the DDL links for most things on the site are 404ing.

    Wanted to finally finish Toradora, but the DDL for ep 25 is also down.

  120. 120 Anon555

    K-ON 05 WS どうした?

  121. 121 desu

    For those complaining about DDLs failing, use imageshacks torrent thingie. I can’t torrent, so I get imageshack to torrent it for me instead. Or get the DDL as soon as it’s released (even if it means waking up in the middle of the night when my Coalguys RSS alarm goes off).

  122. 122 Unanonymous

    Delorean = Epic Win

  123. 123 Myoukochou

    I laughed at the DeLorean reference, considering he’s asking where the time machine is, but… well…

    Your subs really were not that good this time.

  124. 124 Roman

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this,would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

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