Tears to Tiara 07

Taking it a little more seriously, but not serious enough. (MOAR GAYMEN).



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P.FUCKING.S Still looking for a translator >:( PM Mango-chan/`Jaka on rizon, thanks

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  1. 1 won't let me post without a name

    Do you guys have an official stalker yet?

  2. 2 naumedey-kun


  3. 3 Anonymous

    Thanks this is a fast one

  4. 4 karin


  5. 5 kupi

    Thanks a lot!

  6. 6 balance


    ‘Server Domination : Achieved’ ^

  7. 7 hahafunny

    Yes Gaymen is a good author.

  8. 8 siaoidiot

    yea dominating!

  9. 9 Doomzzg

    Cheers for episode

  10. 10 hellknight

    PLEASE 400p Xvid PLEASE!!! T_T

    400mb mkv(sd or hd???)???!!!

  11. 11 B街-(btown)

    the only way I can see it being a 400mb sd .mkv would having it be a 1hr special, and I highly doubt that’s the case..

    It’s only TtT, don’t need to take it THAT serious.. Should really consider doing 3 this season, and getting on the Pandora Hearts bandwagon.

  12. 12 Anonymous

    Sure was quick this time. I watched 05 & 06 just yesterday and 07 is already out.


  13. 13 Shadow
  14. 14 waffo

    I swear why do these fags always ask for shit quality XVID, It’s 2009, we’re already in the HD age.
    If they want something to play on their shitty PVP/PMPs then they should get MENcoder and re-encode the episode themselves. Even on my shitty 1.8GHz laptop that only took about 40 minutes for one episode.

  15. 15 EIyron

    Thx for the ep §

  16. 16 Jakubbu

    That Elf Is She! i think x]

  17. 17 Good job.


    What anime is the banner from, the one that says “CoalGuys, Obviously the Superior One.” in blue glowing font???

  18. 18 アノンくん

    @Good job. : Toradora

  19. 19 lordzenchi

    Thanks for the release. Keep up the good work! ^_^

  20. 20 Anonymous

    I think the others didn’t realize this because of her hat.

  21. 21 michaelfeb16

    SD requests are annoying as hell. Get rid of your 14 inch CRT.

  22. 22 Flammentod

    Fuck yes, wild seaking!
    Thanks for the episode, coalguys.

  23. 23 case logic

    Whoop-De-Dooo0 im 23rd

  24. 24 Chuckles

    “Rathty?” Are you sure it isn’t just “Rusty”, ffs? Theriouthly!

  25. 25 Calan

    Look, “Chuckles,” if that is even your real name (if it is, I pity you), before you go criticizing our use of names, how about you go to a simple site such as Wikipedia, look up “Tears to Tiara,” the popular videogame, and tell me what it says the character names are. Please do not tarnish my reputation by downloading my fansub, you worthless poo.

    @B街-(btown): What’s that? We should do a shitload more work on a shitty series? Why would we fansub a shitty series? Pandora Hearts is probably the worst series this season – this is confirmed by the fact that a shitty group like AniYoshit is subbing it. If you want shitty subs for your shitty show, you can download from them.

  26. 26 Mith

    Thank-you for picking this up

  27. 27 Keeper

    If Pandora Hearts was so shitty then why would CoalGuys be the one to suggest it in the first place? lol.
    So you’re saying that CoalGuys is a shitty subgroup then hm?

  28. 28 DrownedInCoke

    if you played the original game by leaf you will never guess that “rathty” is a she in an instant and RATHTY it is right ogam?

  29. 29 Chuckles

    Calan, maybe it would have been better if you had gone with “Rasuti”. I’m “tarnishing” your rep’ by downloading this anime? Nonsense, your replies do you that justice. Check yourself… go get a Calanoscopy.

  30. 30 Aidan

    so new haruhi ep is confirmed… you should sub it

  31. 31 boneknocker

    This may be too late.

    I think you forgot to put translated chapter’s name of episode 6.

  32. 32 boneknocker

    Why some one always say Pandora’s heart was shit ? And more than that they say AniYoshi subs was also shit !

    Are they always eat their shit for breakfast (or may be all day) !!!

    Did they never known that Ani Yoshi subs was one of not many sub-group that many big website that have animation’s torrents prefer ?

    If some one try to say Pandora’s heart was shit by only this bullshit reason.

    That very sure they are not eat food but EAT SHIT whole their shitty life !!!

  33. 33 BlueFlame

    I suggest to CoalGuys to finish this series. It is really getting interesting.

  34. 34 runy

    why hasn’t ANYONE subbed TtT 10 yet??? it’s been a week since it’s been aired!

  35. 35 RCola

    Coalguys, why don’t you have Tears to tiara Episodes 08 and above? i like your subs and video quality. I don’t like Solstice subs and quality. It sucks. I hope you guys will upload episodes 08 and above. thx

  36. 36 asak

    please continue…

  37. 37 aida135


    I love your fansub. The language for the subtitle is far better than others. Not to mention the (very) good quality video :). Thank you.

    Hope you’ll continue the rest of the episodes

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