Honestly, eta?

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  4. 4 Anonymous

    honest question. what?

    read the banner, derp

  5. 5 Irukandji ? o_o;; I’m lost.

  6. 6 ZEED

    I agree

  7. 7 Silvanoshei

    Honestly don’t know what anime you’re talking about… who is this chick and what anime is she from?

  8. 8 someguy

    I don’t want to be a critic, however, that doesn’t make sense. “ETA” or estimated time of arrival, does not fit with “till we sub this”. As a clarification of “ETA” it works though… If it was ETC it would make sense as stands or if there was a hyphen it would also make sense.

    it’s an ongoing fansubber-joke thing.

  9. 9 cloudsora

    this is pandora hearts im 90% its B-Rabbit I mean Alice

  10. 10 Anonymous

    What is this?

  11. 11 Soulshade


  12. 12 Greenskye

    I’m lost. Who’s this girl from? Looks cute tho…

  13. 13 slvx

    Alice is hawt

  14. 14 meow

    U guys going to sub Pandora? hmmm now i’ll see competition from u guys and Hatsuyuki…. so far been watching Hatsuyuki’s decent episodes…

  15. 15 random

    what anime is this girl from??

  16. 16 random

    and what does eta mean??????????????????ßß

  17. 17 Pocket full of Rainbows!

    Mochi is best choice till now, but if CoalGuys subs then i guess i’ll choose u guys 😉

  18. 18 MaStar

    @random: It’s Alice, a.k.a. B-Rabbit from Mochizuki Jun’s manga ‘Pandora Hearts’, as cloudsora already said before, and ETA stands for ‘Estimated Time of Arrival’ (also mentioned above by someguy)…

    …and about the ETA – well, it’s Alice. The sooner, the better. ^^

  19. 19 random

    thanks (=

  20. 20 Dearka

    by putting a picture of alice there, i think u guys should be refering about the ETA of pandora hearts episode 4 by mochi subs.

  21. 21 Pocket full of Rainbows!

    ^ :DDDD 16:9 res airing just started, mby it’s reffered to that? 😉

  22. 22 Kostas

    Yes! Sub it!! ^____^ But no upscales or shits like that. ¬¬ Just the best possible quality.

  23. 23 Dunder

    Aslong as it’s not a second season I’ll watch it.


  24. 24 Keeper

    Awesome. Quality subbing of this would be most appreciated =-]


    That would be sweet if that’s PH cuz that’s the one I voted. Waiting in vain for some good subbers releasing the WS version of it…

  26. 26 naumedey-kun

    fuck yeah! also, i’m hoping for a quality video.. the ones out there sucks real BAD. i don’t care how long it takes for you to release it, as long as it’s good!!

  27. 27 Essdus

    “Hatsuyuki’s decent episodes…” Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME??!!! They stretched a 4:3 episode to 16/9 HOW THE FUCK IS THAT DECENT????

    Thank you CG for doing this, and please sub the WS version. You guys rock.

  28. 28 naumedey-kun

    lol.. seen this at TT- [CoalGuys] Fullmetal Alchemist – 05 [A62F1AB7].mkv @ 1.66 gb.

  29. 29 lol


  30. 30 Edward

    LOL HAHAHA 1.66GB 😀

  31. 31 Anonymous

    Alice is the new pimp. Ed is a loser.

  32. 32 Dude

    1.66? Seriously CG?

  33. 33 renzuko

    yeah i actualy clicked the fullmetal link on…then i realised there was no seeds, so i did some investigating, never even realised it was 1.66 gigs -.-;; i cancelled it a while ago, but only cuz i realised coalguys isnt doing fullmetal, and cuz it was finished around 2h’s after the raws, and im not that sure if its possible to get the raws, and do all the work needed, in 2h’s, without it bein kinda…bad lol

  34. 34 Kuro

    Yeah it’s like “Woah it’s already subbed? Wait, CoalGuys isn’t… the tracker isn’t… 1.66GB?!” and now it’s dead.

    Hmm, I haven’t even watched Pandora ep3 yet. But if you guys pick it up, I’d definitely follow it.

  35. 35 Dragonzbreth

    PHT aint that bad, i definatly seen worse.

  36. 36 A French inhabitant

    Haha xD. At first glance I supposed the meaning of ETA was « Euskadi Ta Askatasuna », a very known basque separatist/terrorist organisation in both France and Spain. So the misunderstanding was complete.

    But…anyway, good luck with your new project =)

  37. 37 Detective

    Please sub this. All I have for this show is shit subs.

  38. 38 Tasdern

    Think of ETA as meaning debased, or of the worst cast. The lowest of the low.

    Coalguys is nothing until it is subbed.

  39. 39 Giang

    Actually the best fansub on this show is Phantom-subs … Aoshen’s just a shit, Mochi’s a slowpoke, Hatsuya-&@*# seems to be a very wierd combination, like 2 monster inhierit each other’s bad points…
    Good news coalguys ‘ll sub this decent show, ‘d love to see each episode..

  40. 40 Anon

    Phantom’s translation is horrible.

  41. 41 Felox

    1.66 GB?, this is high level trolling dude…

  42. 42 Pocket full of Rainbows!

    Mochi is slowpoke, but their subs are decent. I prefer a bit more quality than speed…

  43. 43 balance


  44. 44 Anon

    TBH, I don’t see the point doing it. :/
    Aoshen is for speed already
    while Mochi, despite being a slow ass, is for quality.

    Kind of a waste of time.


  45. 45 PsyAndrew

    Quijote de la Mancha: “Si los perros ladran es señal de que avanzamos”.
    Which means: “If dogs bark it’s sign that we are moving forward”, I find it very suitable with all this CG trolls thing made up by other “groups”. Stop wasting your time mofo’s and get better.
    Long life to CoalGuys.
    Greets from MEX. Thanx 4 everything.

  46. 46 naumedey-kun

    ^ LOL. i can hardly wait for cg’s sub of ep 1.

  47. 47 Yaryar

    Nice pic. Too bad the artwork in the actual show is suck.


  48. 48 Yaryar

    Let me put it a tad simpler….


  49. 49 Another

    Here’s an interesting look on the romanized word “eta”.. though I think what they meant was ヘタ

  50. 50 boneknocker

    It must be better if Coalguy subs the ws version. Currently many sub-groups ruin this animation (especially that Ass subs).

  51. 51 boneknocker

    For Pandora Heart I think Mochi subs was the best for now but it too slow (they still not release the ws version yet) and the PHT subs just acceptable (or better than nothing) their graphic quality not as good as Mochi (may be because they alway pick the bad raw to subs).

    So Coalguy was my only hope for this animation.

  52. 52 Saev

    Aoshen is the best in terms of quality versus time of release if you ask me. As long as you can keep up with Tears to Tiara go for it! Since those two along with Valkyria Chronicles and Eden of the East are shaping up to be the knock outs this season. I’ll take the FMA manga over the anime any day, and K-on is just… too moe for me.

  53. 53 Kikio

    Who is that? Is a anime?
    I’m basque o.0 But i’m not part of ETA (lol) I hate the terrorism!


    Aoshen? LOL NO WAY

  55. 55 Keeper

    So what IS the ETA for you to sub this?
    Unfortunately most of us aren’t fansubbers, so we don’t get the inside-joke =-)

  56. 56 Waryas

    my name is waryass and i liek cock

  57. 57 RideTheWalrus

    Pandora hearts! WOOOOOOOOTTT!!

  58. 58 cloudsora

    Ok the only decent quality ones are Phantom and Mochi but mochi is god awful at releasing even close to near date but phantoms translations are… meh
    If you guys sub that would be ill but I’d like to see you guys catch up with Tears first dont overload yourself (make this lowest priority or something)

  59. 59 MaStar

    Is it just me, or has the Waryas’ comment been edited? I mean – lol

  60. 60 karin

    Alice from anime “Pandora Hearts”


    tears to tiara is a fucking retarded anime

  62. 62 Lops

    Why choose speed or quality? Since CoalGuys got’em all 😀

    And yes, for now TtT is kinda dissapointing, hope it gets better later.
    Also i checked “Pandora Hearts” manga.. idiotic pace and weird shoujo’ish narration, if it aint fixed in anime i’ll just ignore it~

  63. 63 Yaryar

    @ Lops it literally follows the manga exactly… as in manga chapters–> Anime Episodes…. So far the first 5 episodes match up with the 5 manga chapters. Only thing different would be the monster’s look in chapter 4 and the chapter 5 pew pew scene.

  64. 64 Lops

    @Yaryar – Not for me then. Thx for info =)

  65. 65 bowenarrow

    ASU no YOICHI?


    “Why choose speed or quality? Since CoalGuys got’em all”

    lol good joke.

  67. 67 DevilGirly

    anyway the fact thats its Pandora ish cool

    i cant await see the final EPs from u

    greeting from devil

  68. 68 AzureAngel

    wow… she’s cute =D… can’t wait to see when you guys will release eps =D… I’ve put Pandora on hold since i didn’t like fansubbers who were doing it… but now if you guys do it… god hurry! XD

  69. 69 Dex

    she might be cute sometimes but don’t forget that she’s a freakin’ huge rabbit with a schyte.Now that’s not cute,that’s badass.

  70. 70 alenesi

    after i follow this anime for a while….. i think the story getting more and more intereting. better then “tears of tiara”.

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