Tears to Tiara 03 & 04

As promised -v- I feel as though I should blog about something… but idk what to blog about…
I heard it’s p. fabulous.


03 – [ Torrent | Script | DDL]
04 – [ Torrent | Script | DDL]

40 Responses to “Tears to Tiara 03 & 04”

  1. 1 ManZ

    Thanks a zillion.

  2. 2 Essdus

    Bravo. Thank you for the quick release.

  3. 3 Tau

    Thanks man

  4. 4 mangaka-chan

    Thanks for the subs!

  5. 5 huy

    yes finaly :)))

  6. 6 naumedey-kun

    hell yea!

  7. 7 acadia

    Haha, love the top logo on the page. Great stuff. (no you’re not stupid, just the fans asking constantly why this or that fansub isn’t out yet!)

  8. 8 xeno

    God bless CarbonicGuys 🙂 THX M8S :*

  9. 9 Mindflayer


    The Netherelands are the antagonist of Eureka Seven? Maybe I dropped that series too early and did miss some major improvements.

  10. 10 miden

    thanks for thisss guys! ^_^!! holland final boss!? what! xD

  11. 11 Doomzzg

    Cheers for the episodes

  12. 12 kupi

    Thanks a lot for the double release!

  13. 13 PsyAndrew

    Thanx for the double release guys, and I think you’re just kidding with the Holland final boss thing, I watched E7 series and I think this movie will be a compact version of it.

  14. 14 Anonymous


    Hey, if we beat you again on episode 5, will you guys wait to release that one till the next week, too?

    are you implying that we remove our 36 hour delay limiter? (note: i start ttt 30~ hours after air)

  15. 15 Red_Moon

    You guys are awesome, thanks for the high quality 😀

  16. 16 Anonymous


    Awesome as usual CoalGuys.

  17. 17 Lops


    Just wondering where is TtT going ..
    Utaware was nice but game pwned anime anyway 😀

    p.s. Looking forward to Your E7 movie release 😀

  18. 18 curious one

    the eureka seveN movie just came out in theaters, so won’t it be 9 months before you can get a dvd rip to translate?

  19. 19 anonymous2

    Is it just me or is the timing off on TtT3? can anyone confirm?


  20. 20 merokei

    I LOVE COALGUYS! <3333333
    Super excited. 😀

  21. 21 lordzenchi

    Oh double release. Thanks! Keep it up CG! ^_^ Looking forward for more…

  22. 22 BowenArrow

    sub Eden!

  23. 23 Pocket full of Rainbows!

    Thanks for TtT. Eden got enough sub choices which aren’t so bad.

  24. 24 Pocket full of Rainbows!

    btw xvid-man i’m waiting ur release on tt.info ^^

  25. 25 luke

    thanks for the double release guys! keep it up 😀

    btw..i agree with curious one. hasn’t the Eureka movie just arrived at theatres? or is our info inaccurate? either way, thanks for considering the Eureka7 movie! much appreciated!!

    p.s: u guys rule!!!! ^_^

  26. 26 cloudsora

    wow nice a twofer

  27. 27 Alexx

    >>The Netherelands are the antagonist of Eureka Seven?

    Hahaha wow.

    >>I watched E7 series and I think this movie will be a compact version of it.

    Uh, no. It’s a completely different story with the same characters from what I read.

  28. 28 Yuki

    Wow. Thank you so much! =D

  29. 29 meow

    XviD release? please?

  30. 30 venomqo

    lol, your home banner is behind this pages banner O.O yay for hq release.

  31. 31 Shadow
  32. 32 meow

    Thank you Shadow ^_^ you’re a big help!

  33. 33 Shadow

    Your welcome I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful then that.
    Have a nice day.

  34. 34 Raiko

    FYI, the .ass of #3 seems to be corrupted. Apparently, it got cut off mid-line at the ending lyrics section.

  35. 35 YEH COAL GUYS!!

    Thanks coalguys!

    Why not take a break from waiting for anime
    and play Mybrutes at

  36. 36 日本ろん

    I saw E7 the day it came out at it’s first showing. My gf couldn’t understand the movie and why otakus (Myself included) wanted to see it. It is not the same story, it is a different mythos. It’s ok, if you’re in to the whole giant robots and ships thing…the story is kind of generic in terms of originality and plot lines…still good though

  37. 37 Teslanaut

    “That is why we should think him and pray for him”


    Love your work btw CG. 🙂

  38. 38 Montenegro

    so when r u guys gunna be done wit translatin it n thanks a million for translatin it

  39. 39 Elaina

    There seems to be a problem with the TtT 3 torrent link. I believe it said the tread is broken.. though I myself don’t know what that means.. and thank you for your (assumingly ^-^) hard work! Love you Guys

  40. 40 EkaCoralian

    I would be forever grateful if you guys could sub the E7.
    Its out RAW right now, and I’m restraining myself from watching it. xD I’m waiting for a sub.
    If you guys could do it, that would be AWESOME! Please! D:

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