K-ON! 01 Widescreen

ZzZzZz so busy recently -3-;

I think TtT 03 will be released with 04 tomorrow, sorry for those who are waiting.

Anyway, enjoy your widescreen version with errors fixed. m(_ _)m

Download : [ Torrent | DDL | Script ]

P.S. BS-TBS is horrible >:(

39 Responses to “K-ON! 01 Widescreen”

  1. 1 rawr


  2. 2 rawr

    Hahaha I won. thx for WS. coalguys r0xx0r.

  3. 3 ( ゚д゚)

    How did you encode that? There isn’t any .ts yet, as far as I know.

    personal source/chihiro’s ftp/etc

  4. 4 kuagelo

    oh yeah! thanks CoalGuys.

  5. 5 Raphael

    Will there be a 720p version as well?

  6. 6 zeroherrera

    guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow for tears 03-04 T_T

  7. 7 gununu

    What no script link?

  8. 8 mirage

    why no script link?

  9. 9 CoalGuys

    hurf oops

  10. 10 ZEED

    lawl at header

  11. 11 tamashii

    Why a 480p and not a 720p ? o_O

    …it looks like shit in 720p

  12. 12 ZEED

    oh you changed it, not kewl mang

  13. 13 en

    thx CoalGuys

    looking forward to Tears subs cause other groups are a bit fail (IMO)
    thanks for the work!

  14. 14 venomqo

    will this be comin out weekly now?

  15. 15 thousand hand

    you guys are great
    very fast and has a good attitude
    not like another site (mt-org) where the admin really —–
    their favorite line “if you don’t like it, leave”
    yeah they use the word “leave” often
    sorry for this piece of —-

    thanks guys for this episode

  16. 16 Bakso

    Say are you going to release 720p version too?

  17. 17 Waryas

    720p won’t look any better, the source is shit.
    Tell me if you want screenshots of the actual transport stream.

  18. 18 Rambo

    Screenshots of the actual .ts please.

    I’m curious to see.

  19. 19 Red_Moon

    ah nice can’t wait to see tears to tiara, you guys are awesome 🙂

  20. 20 Waryas
  21. 21 balance

    wow that is pretty bad lol

  22. 22 Kenadian

    Oh, both tomorrow? Sounds good. Thanks.

  23. 23 desu

    W00t widescreen! Hooray for unstretched Mio!!! (although, now that I mention it…….)

  24. 24 runedot

    So you know, that line in the ED where they talked about skilled hawks hiding their talons.
    That’s an idiom that actually means something along the lines of “Those who are skilled don’t often show their skill.”

    Also, I’d like to thank you for being so coal.
    Both your subs and your funny posts brighten my day.

  25. 25 Briareos

    Thanks a lot for the widescreen version. Much love!

  26. 26 Anonymous

    out with the old in with the new

  27. 27 meow

    can’t wait for Tears to Tiara 3 n 4 :3 been waiting

  28. 28 CryptWizard

    Yes, much better than non-WS.


  29. 29 microdark

    What a difference in image, there is much more to see in the WS and the quality in nicer.
    Tanks for the WS and keep up the good work

  30. 30 A.P.

    Thanks for the release~

  31. 31 Mr. Moose

    Need 1080p!

  32. 32 innerchihiro

    Thanks for the release!

    But what do you mean when you say “BS-TBS is horrible” ?

  33. 33 boneknocker

    Would you release it to 720p version in the future ?
    It was very annoy me when I saw Chihiro released 720p version even their work not as good as yours.

  34. 34 Myoukochou

    innerchihiro: Have you seen the screenshot above? That’s what he means… wow. I seriously cannot believe how terrible the source looks. That is monumentally awful, not even remotely near DVD quality let alone HD. I can’t believe they broadcast it—they’re not always THIS bad, are they?

    Makes me wonder if it’s on purpose, maybe as unusually fierce video watermarking. Is the .ts corrupted? Are there lots of CRC errors? Thunderstorm on the day of broadcast? Did the satellite’s hamster fall off its wheel? What’s with the horrible dot crawl?

    In any case, no matter the cause, congratulations and thanks to your encoders for being able to filter this into something that is, if not exactly perfect, is at least watchable (which is more than I could say for the source).

    Maybe a better raw will show up later, or maybe not. Oh, well.

    Also, mad props to the awesome—if nutty—typesetting on the OP and ED. It’s not the most readable in the world, but I’ve got to hand it to you that so rarely do the subs fit the video that well!

  35. 35 miruza

    720p raw for k-on with rev2 has been released on the net
    is it better? then would you like to release 720p as well

  36. 36 Waryas

    It won’t change shit, we don’t encode from public raw, we have our own capper and if the source is that bad, the only way to fix it is to nuke it.

    K-ON! isn’t natively 720p, forget about 720p

    If other groups are doing 720p then it’s an upscale. (Please don’t say station upscales, it makes no sense as everything in japan airs at 1080i, be it letterboxed or not, SD or HD)

  37. 37 new

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  38. 38 Cory Scheiderer

    This is this what I was serching for (K-ON! 01 Widescreen at CoalGuys – report)!! thx

  39. 39 หนังx

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