K-ON! 04

Urgh, busy week for me… APs, etc, etc -A-; Tears to Tiara might be delayed a little longer, sorry for those who are waiting (funfact: my life/week is actually pivoting on subbing k-on because IT’S OBVIOUSLY THE TOP PRIORITY).

Back on topic:
This week’s episode reminded me the beauty of friendship… ;_; TOO BAD I HAVE NONE


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P.S. OOPS My fault on the vibrato line, apparently I’m not googling hard enough. It will be fixed on the ws version m(_ _)m

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  3. 3 Arquill

    Second 🙁

  4. 4 Wcastro


  5. 5 ARTA8SIMS

    Nice, thats quick man! 😉

  6. 6 Hikikomori


  7. 7 RMR

    many thanks!

  8. 8 noice


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  10. 10 Anon-kun

    Fuck yeah i get see my waifus in swimsuits

  11. 11 Anonon

    Holy shit, break neck speed.

  12. 12 DrownedInCoke

    what would you expect coals burns fast! LOL

  13. 13 00

    Thanks guys

  14. 14 EmLeingod

    Awesome thanks guys! I know its a douche thing to say but please hurry on tears, onegai.

  15. 15 pistol

    i love u guys…
    sankyuu naa…

  16. 16 acadia

    There seems to be some audio sync issues near the latter half of the episode. Mio with the Watermelon, preview to next ep… ect

  17. 17 kupi

    thanks a lot as usual!

  18. 18 Hikikomori

    Omg Mio gave me an orgasm

  19. 19 bakachan

    loved the epi, but i found a few grammar errors and a guitar term error (vibrato -> bending) i hope you would fix that in the widescreen

    tbh, i dont mind if you take extra time to release the sub
    anyway i appreciate your hard work

  20. 20 Nitcher

    Fast as always ~ ^^
    Spanks ^^

  21. 21 rum1rum

    thanks for the release.

  22. 22 RandomDude


    Awesome episode!

  23. 23 Reyn

    Thanks for yet another good(and fast) release!

  24. 24 lordzenchi

    Thanks for the release. Keep up the good work! ^_^

    PS. I will be your friend!

  25. 25 Terablast

    Yosh….Sank Q CGs!! That was uber fast ^^

  26. 26 YEH COAL GUYS!!

    thanks coal guys!

    wanna take a break from anime COME PLAY MYBRUTE at http://sdgkuyk.mybrute.com

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  29. 29 Nozomu

    Thank you Coal Guys ! You’re so fast that’s amazing ! Good work like always, thank you again 🙂

  30. 30 b-town

    @CoalGuys — Its all good, take your time with shit if you have to, there’s always tomorrow for watching anime. haha. You’re subs are the best so its I’ll wait an extra day or two to wait for this to come out. Side Note: Please keep Tears to Tiara going, I rather enjoy it =] and its wayyy back than that shitty Akikan that was dropped last season, and is worth keeping around 😀 haha

    Anyways, keep up the good work! d-(^_~)z

  31. 31 Lolz

    Dude, you have some of the randomest comments on your life ever :))

  32. 32 Angelo

    awesome release CoalGuys.

  33. 33 anonymous

    Awesome. Much appreciated!
    -anonymous, south korea

  34. 34 p


  35. 35 Modhesh

    that was way too quick!.. As expected on CoalGuys

  36. 36 :D

    High Quality Subs + Speedy Releases = win.

  37. 37 naumedey-kun

    LoL 😀

  38. 38 -_-

    you guys are the best subs ever!

    fuck chihiro!

  39. 39 Aaron


  40. 40 nyoron~~

    Thanks. K-ON is my priority as well 🙂

  41. 41 anonymous

    you have, all people grateful for your hard work! thanks

  42. 42 AnimeJunky

    I loved this episode so much. Thanks for the release. I was also wondering if yall could pick up Polyphonica Crimson S cause the group that was subbing it dropped it. Its a really good anime. ^.^

  43. 43 ZinC

    05:34 “By the way, aren’t those are my pajamas?”

    Thanks anyway for the release – been waiting for it since last week, You do a really good job there D;

  44. 44 desu

    Ahhh. The obligatory beach/hot spring episode. It was only a matter of time. Very awesome, full of comedy and full of “moe” (in more than one sense of the word).

  45. 45 crazy-german-guitarist

    I said (check comments… second episode) that’s called “bending”…
    You guys have my email, just ask me about such stuff (if you don’t find something with google…)

    sorry orz… I was in a rush and I asked a friend… -A- I’ll pay attention next time

  46. 46 High Off Pixels

    Hey quick question:

    Anyone can explain the line about “A haunted house of barnacles”?

    All I could discern from what she said was the 屋敷 part. Did she say “ひざのさらやしき”? If so, is that a cultural reference I’m missing?

    ヒザの皿屋敷 was the original line, basically it’s referencing to “barnacles growing on knees” earlier on in the episode plus the haunted house; however, since “A haunted house of people with barnacle growing on knees” is too long for that line, I decided to shorten it to “A haunted house of barnacles” because it kinda fits the context, and it won’t appear to be too long of a line

    tl;dr you can call it a “localization” if you want to

    if you have any better suggestions, please leave another comment~ 3q

  47. 47 CaffeineFree


  48. 48 desu

    @High Off Pixels
    I’m guessing that barnacles are scary or something (I didn’t quite get this bit).
    Combining barnacles (2 scary points) with haunted house (3 scary points) = 5 scary points + terrified Mio

    So I think it’s just to uber terrify her. I might be missing something, so don’t take anything I write as fact. Like the following sentence:
    As the story series seems to be heavily music based, though not a musical, we’ll probably be seeing a fair few insert songs (I hope).

    The following sentence IS fact: I need to save up for OST and character albums!!!

  49. 49 Nante

    Omfg, nosebleed cause of Mio <3! She’s moer than moe ^6^

  50. 50 venomqo

    moe, moe .. kyon!


  51. 51 High Off Pixels

    Thanks for the response, boss. I’ve gained insight into how moe-tastic Mio actually is.

  52. 52 NO

    only 4 episodes in and already a fanservice beach episode? i wanted to see yui rockin’ it out on the guitar.


  53. 53 Ichigo-chan

    yayy! thanks for the subbs again 🙂 can’t wait for the nextt xD

  54. 54 NO

    nvm it still had yui rockin’ out

    thx for all the great work coalguys

  55. 55 The Jumper

    HEEEEYYYY, why is the .ASS file out of sync

    i dont feel like DLing the whole episode

    me mixing it together with the RAWS are good enough but why is it out of sync?

  56. 56 orewa~

    wow…i like yui and ritsu more in this episode..
    they’re very funny, especially ritsu..
    it would be boring if ritsu is not around.. 🙂
    i can’t wait for the next episode..

  57. 57 orewa~

    to The Jumper
    i think coalguys use their own raw
    they don’t take it from zero-raws or leopard raws etc
    that’s why it’s out of sync
    i did try the raws (1024×768) and adjusted the timing of the subtitle a lil’ bit —
    you can get it here –> h**p://www.sendspace.com/file/22ajz3

  58. 58 con

    .ASS is probably out of sync because you are using the wrong RAW. Good luck finding the right one.

  59. 59 Lops

    ep.4 = Yui guitar genius? O.o

    Lookin forward to full band performance ^_^
    Thats a firs.. no, second animu that i want to hear songs in 😀
    (haruhi school fest concert – win) :p

  60. 60 Locke

    Absolutely BRILLIANT episode!

    Moe Moe! Kyuun!

  61. 61 act

    just after how many days is the widescreen aired?

  62. 62 Kevin

    You should really leave vibrato, and bending alone. The term choke use by the characters are commonly used by musicians, and the joke where Ritsu “choked” Yui would have been more easily understandable if people heard the term.

  63. 63 theBlocker

    i hope you continue the Tears to Tiara fansubs, because too bad i’m forced to take Kesenai subs…. and they are (somewhat) crap, because their video are skipping and freezing.

  64. 64 YEH COAL GUYS!!

    thanks coal guys for another great ep!

    – come play brutes at http://sdgkuyk.mybrute.com

  65. 65 naumedey-kun

    kyun~ ftw 🙂

  66. 66 jdmtee

    Much much MUCH love to Coalguys, thank you thank you thank you!!

  67. 67 orewa~

    how come —>

    April 24, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    thanks coal guys for another great ep!

    – come play brutes at —> xxxxx is published?

    i’m sharing the edited subtitle.ass for another raw but my post is not published..this if confusing me..

    so, you don’t allow people to share your subtitle?

  68. 68 Kyuusai

    Since some other folks already chimed in to say that “choking” is a legitimate term in English as well, I’ll just say that “princess bed” works directly in English, too. As as a noun, I mean. Which is to say, the type of bed depicted is actually called a “princess bed”, so there’s no need to adapt it.

    Don’t burn yourself out with getting the releases out! I mean, I always appreciate fast releases, but I’d rather have my subbers of choice maintain their sanity and stamina to continue.

  69. 69 Irukandji

    Thanks for the release! 8D

  70. 70 Aeren

    Thanks Coal Guy 😀

  71. 71 Anonymous

    A bit late this time, but best release as usual~

    Waiting for WS + new TtT.

  72. 72 Jo's

    thx ^^

  73. 73 SnooSnoo

    The lack of hawt TtT subs has left me in despair.

  74. 74 AdaigoForCoke

    i hate this vagina show

  75. 75 ^_^

    Very nice, thanks for the subs. :3

  76. 76 Someone
  77. 77 zeroj

    u guys are niggers

  78. 78 Pyotr Tatamovich

    2 iichan level otaku
    This is blasphemy, king! This is madness! How much does Yui know about sumo if she is interested only in kawaii things and hiding under a kotatsu?

  79. 79 Pyotr Tatamovich

    Also before that she said to Nodoka that she wasn’t the one into sports at all. ZOMG TEH BIG LIE

  80. 80 Yuki

    I wub you~~ You’re so fast *I’m a Girl!* LOL.

    I hope to see Ep 5 soon =D

  81. 81 ChetMcDown

    Thanks guys!

  82. 82 lol

    (19:48ish) o.. i read frostii’s post on the beach scene and they said something about a funny bone, saying that ritsu said “tsubo” and mio heard “fujitsubo”.. re-listened to that part and ritsu does say “tsubo datta mitai da na”.. (dunno what the kanji look like so i didnt turn on IME) which would be “it’s like a funny bone” to which mio would turn it into fujitsubo for barnacle for the ongoing joke. the vibration in the guitar causing the laugh just like you hit the funny bone and it vibrates and you start laughing. and there was no 笑う so i dunno where the smiling came from.. i remember thinking that line was weird

    fix in ws amirite. i still luv u coalgaiz

  83. 83 lol

    “it’s like a funny bone” -> “it’s like it was your funny bone”/”it’s as if it were your funny bone” fer past tense datta .. ***

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