Tears to Tiara 02

Fuck yeah -v- this is probably the best season for me so far in my fagsubbing career (1 legit harem, 1 serious romance rpg, 1 moeblob)

Anyhow, I have high expectations for this show. Riannon <3


Download : [ Torrent | Script | DDL (Tomorrow) ]

Slow seeding because I’m too lazy to upload 400mb to the server.

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44 Responses to “Tears to Tiara 02”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    The game story sucked. Is this any different?

  2. 2 luke

    i saw the first episode, and it didn’t really click for me. is the 2nd episode any better?

  3. 3 dragon132004

    This anime is just my genre….IT ROCK…way to GOOOOOOOOOOO guys

  4. 4 SnooSnoo

    Leaf = Win? I hope an anime adaptation of Kimi no Yobu, Megiddo no Oka de comes out soon.

  5. 5 Solman

    Meh. Nothing to see here. This show doesn’t really do much for me. I want more moeblob >_<

  6. 6 b-town

    @Everyone who thinks this series sucks so far… —
    You’re basing it off from what, 2 eps. so far? I mean come on, if every good anime was judged off from the first couple of episodes, where would we be? I know a few good ones that took a few eps. to really get it going, and it turned out to be one of the best series in years. Like Code Geass, that shit was nuts once the series progressed. I dunno, that’s just me, and how I see it.

    So far I though the first ep. was pretty good, waiting on this one to download, but so far its a plus for me.

    Keep up the good work CoalGuys, you’re on a role this season! ^_^

  7. 7 Puppet_Master

    Tks for this ep but 400mb x episode is a bit too much.
    Love & Peace

  8. 8 KIJIN

    This one has incest? I’ve only recently DLed the game, and I’ve yet to play it. W/c one’s the guilty parties? >_<

  9. 9 aero

    Damn shit where’s the theme song!!! I thought they would use the theme song for either the OP/ED…I mean, it’s so awesome!!!


  10. 10 Keeper

    400mb?! What is this? Ultra high-def? lol.
    Thanks though.

  11. 11 SnooSnoo

    1280×720 H.264 I don’t think 400mb is a lot.

  12. 12 tenken

    lol people are complaining about 400 mb? Jesus christ, are you on 1999 computers?

  13. 13 dark

    i was wonder if you could make a avi version around 230 Mb max if possible??? don’t like to burn all of the episodes onto too much blank dvd

  14. 14 TSHolden

    Please release a SD version for those of us who have to watch anime on netbooks (because not all of us can stay home and watch it on our workstation towers). Smaller files for shittier internet never hurts either.

  15. 15 Atelier Zero

    No Wincest sorry hahaha… Great Game and but Arthur looks gayer in the PS3 ver. unlike the PC ver. nevertheless it has a Good Story…

  16. 16 Doomzzg

    Series is decent, have to play the vidya in a near future.

    Cheers for subbing

  17. 17 Aeren

    IF someone says it’s good after the 5th ep I’ll give it a try. Couldn’t get past the 15th minute of the first ep, I was bored shitless.

  18. 18 kupi

    Thanks a lot!!

  19. 19 Slowpoke

    Seconding the request for a SD version. Eh
    Thanks for the subbing, CoalGuys. Coal for you

  20. 20 Dest

    I think this anime is one of the best this season. It combines the serious atmosphere of the war with the more playful attitudes of the characters very well and also the casual insinuations of real events and persons is very good done (e.g. the name “Gaius” resembles Gaius Juluis Caesar, an emperor of old rome).
    Well, I’m really happy that you guys decided to sub this and I’m even happier that you’re releases are this fast!

  21. 21 mor

    Thanks for the sub.

    There were a few points in the conversation in the last scene that strike as odd though : since the Empire is apparently based on the Roman Empire, I think the soldier guy was warning Gaius about “Delator” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delator), rather than “Talator”.
    Also, the guy’s name is most likely Decimus (valid Roman name), rather than Dekmus…

    ah, ok, thanks for the input, i’ll remember that from now on -v-

  22. 22 KIJIN

    I’m one of the adherents of the ‘Smaller sizes for the little people, please’ mentality. Sp I’d like to request smaller files (175-230 mb) for peeps in the boonies, like me.

  23. 23 Detective

    Once again, coolguys delivers. Thanks Bros.

  24. 24 capoxD!

    thx for the episode, stop complaining about the size even one said to watch it on notebooks come on i use a hp tx100 and is great there’s also someone who does sd version on the internet you just have to look for it or do it yourself thanks for again coalguys =D

  25. 25 Dakkar

    Actually, Octavia seems to be way more popular than Riannon, but it will take some time for her to show up…

  26. 26 pbjt

    thanks. making the file a bit smaller would be appreciated. i wanna keep em on my hard drive 🙂

  27. 27 Wakabayashi

    Why? Why you can’t do SD version? I’ts so hard? And yes – someone watch anime on notebooks, old computers or have internet 64kb/s. I wait until someone do 190-230 mb version (like they do to episode 01).

  28. 28 Dest

    Well, if you would use the time you wait for downloading, you’d have the anime by now. Also, for watching it on a notebook, even there you are still able to encode it yourself, if you want (it just seems that some/many people nowadays are too lazy to do even such small a task and wait for others to do the whole “work”).
    Sorry if this sounded offending but, in my opinion, it’s just insolent to ask for even more from a FREE fansub group who do their task very good and, again, for FREE, just because you are too lazy to do anything yourself. Also, you are ridiculing yourself; You can wait for others to make an SD but don’t have time to download/encode yourself? Well, I don’t think I have anything to add.

  29. 29 Jelly

    The comments section looks really different now that no one is DEMANDING TORADORA!!!

    Keep up the good work guys!

  30. 30 luke

    @b-town: geass was catchy in the beginning, but got better. i think the only people who would watch this and get excited from the first episode (which didnt really grab my attention) were the ones who have already played the game or heard good reviews about the game story at least.

    for those who are waiting for smaller encodes, so far i know tthere is someone who re-encodes the CoalGuys episode into 175Mb, and adds a [LoRez] tag to the torrent.

    i think some people who want smaller files are those who want to archive the show on 1 DVD instead of 2 or (like myself) don’t have much free space on the computer/external hard drive. either way, i’ll watch an other 2 or 3 episodes before deciding to drop it (unless 2nd episodes bores me as much as the first)

    anw, thanks for the release guys. keep it up

  31. 31 Taler

    @b-town, the original RPG sucked. Adaptations are always worst than the source. There are no exceptions. Which one is the harem?

  32. 32 nyan

    just played the hentai pc version of this game and the story was typical but fine (well I don’t mean the reasons for h-scenes, just the arawn/pwyll background story). don’t know about the ps3 release, and I suppose the anime will follow that soft version, I wonder how it’ll turn…

    ah well, let’s hope for the theme song to be used as insert :p

  33. 33 jonaht

    >.< I’m still waiting for DDL link~ U broke ur promise~

  34. 34 BanitA

    It’s going to be a good series so I will watch it for sure. Thx for your work CoalGuys.

  35. 35 teetree

    Shitsux. Worst show I’ve watched in my 25 years of life.

  36. 36 LKK

    Thank you for subbing this. 🙂

  37. 37 0.0!

    teetree, for you is a worst show but for others are worth to watch! So please don’t give us that crap!

  38. 38 Tentacle-kun

    Nice release coalguys, the show is one of my favorite.

    You also released it in 720p which made it more enjoyable!

  39. 39 DrownedInCoke

    thanks for the XviD version! =3=

  40. 40 EndlessraiN

    Thanks for the great ep. Looking forward to episode 3 (whenever it will be released…)
    Many people are calling Tears to Tiara shit, but I highly disagree (people who judge anime by the first 5 episodes don’t know shit IMO)
    so please don’t drop this series.

    EXTRA: Will you guys sub Polyphonica 2? Been looking for it…

  41. 41 meow

    Love you guys! Can’t wait for episode 03! 😀

  42. 42 Red_Moon

    I think the series is interesting, I don’t see how anyone can claim its bad yet.

    looking forward to episode 3

  43. 43 indanglaya

    DDL still not up?

  44. 44 The Vertical Jumper

    i just watched when in rome. it was a great movie. i loved kristen bell in it; i think she did a great job.

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