K-ON! 01

Took a little longer than expected…
About this show, uh… I guess it’s your typhical moeblob show but it’s just that SO MOE IM GONNA DIE etc.
By the way, I claim Yui. -v-
Enjoy our new and only show this season.

Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script | DDL ]

Protip: The first sub on tosho wasn’t ours

P.S. Visit editor’s blog

P.S2. We’ll do the Widescreen version airing on BS-TBS in a few weeks. (Also the Blu-rays if they aren’t terrible upscales (lol kyoani).)

200 Responses to “K-ON! 01”

  1. 1 nj21


  2. 2 jalla

    I hope youre not trolling me again ;_;

  3. 3 You guys kick fucking ass.


  4. 4 Hato-kun


  5. 5 Jingas


  6. 6 Nookadum

    LOL, the troll episode earlier today gave me the lulz.

  7. 7 Zomg

    penis for u (( )lllllllllllD

  8. 8 ano0n

    you should have included the troll subss in this one, they were awesome

  9. 9 Fhal

    MIO IS MINE!!!!!!!

  10. 10 angel


    Top 3 shows would awesome if ya guys picked up.

  11. 11 woootskie

    Yayz! after a lot of trolls here it comes

  12. 12 none

    Everyone’s claming Yui now… ugh… I knew Najimi voice would be the best from the very beginning.

  13. 13 Jo's

    awesome…thx =D

  14. 14 Anonymous


  15. 15 Sarah

    Fuck yes, thanks guys @[email protected]

  16. 16 Anonymous

    The trollsubs were better.

  17. 17 BowenArrow

    Keep Yui. I want Mio <3

  18. 18 luke

    woooo! its here!!!

  19. 19 dudeman

    Mmm. Well, let’s see if I was justified in voting for this.

  20. 20 o_i

    Forget it im going to chihiro 🙁

  21. 21 LeftArrow

    lol the troll sub earlier was sooo funny

    arigato goziimasu = get the fuck away

    sumimasen = im fucking sorry


  22. 22 xfinalx

    WOW at the OP & ED. You guys are really taking K-ON SERIOUSLY. Great Job! Hope to see more from you guys.

  23. 23 NickLesS

    Someone saying your sub wasn’t good enough. Quality is poor!

  24. 24 phae2y

    Thanks 😀

  25. 25 Boogstyle

    CoalGuys r teh win.

  26. 26 mreweilk

    mango smellz

  27. 27 yuechan



  28. 28 Doomzzg

    DOWNLOADAN from school at a speed of 3.2 MB/S

  29. 29 malekith

    thanks for the subs
    you can keep yui but mio s mine
    im already addicted to the ed
    cant wait for next ep

  30. 30 Anonymous

    Thanks, CoalGuys! 🙂

  31. 31 daldaren

    This is definitely going to be good. Thanks.

  32. 32 BoBon

    wow… you claimed Yui? thats not right, someone like that should be shared with everyone -_- the other three are nowhere near as adorable as her, not to mention her harsh yet honest comments lol

    thanks for the quick subs; this’ll be my fav series for this spring for sure

  33. 33 la

    so koda-karaoke is the new cool?

  34. 34 RC

    Appreciate it, Coal!

    So, any way you could maybe work on Natsu no Arashi, too? 😛

  35. 35 ladisz81


  36. 36 Rapidfire

    The OP and ED are great. Well done koda! Koda-karaoke and Coalguys FTW!

  37. 37 fuck you

    fuck, that troll sub really pissed me off, fuck you /a/

  38. 38 Keeper

    Definately a show I’ll follow heh.
    I hereby join the Mio fanclub though. She’s so much better than Yui! =-]
    Thanks for the sub.

  39. 39 Deeznutz

    Thanks for EP1, the character design’s remind me a bit of Kannagi. Mio looks kawaii in the ED, wonder if that’s her as the lead singer.

  40. 40 Andrew

    Loved it!
    Very good job with the opening subs!
    If I didn’t watch the Raw, I would probably think
    some of the words were there already, to begin with.

    Loved the way Mio looked in the ending… very cute.

    The whole show makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

  41. 41 Tom



    definitely THE SUPERIOR ONE. xD

  42. 42 Teh Rich

    Awesome OP and ED subs – A joy to watch/read. Thanks 🙂

  43. 43 anon

    lol people who give a shit about karaoke.

  44. 44 Ayano Katagiri

    Thanks for the great subs!!
    I loved the way you did the OP and ED. Looked awesome~

  45. 45 /a/non

    on behalf of the community, thank you.

  46. 46 Thedeathsheep

    YEAH… beat the crap out of chihiro:D

  47. 47 Aeren


    (What, no HL? T_T)

  48. 48 b-town

    I’m rather interested in seeing if this show is even worth watching. Looks… “okay” I guess. Dunno though.

    Here we go again, another season full of possibilities and opportunities!

    Regardless though, you do a fantastic Job Subbing! Keep it up mate!


  49. 49 Lops

    I expected this to be somewhat LuckyStar’ish kind of show,
    time to check if i was right 😀

    Thx 4 t3h 3pz ^^

  50. 50 UltimateKumihO

    You`re VERy VERY COOL guys i Think. Ho ho ho .
    i`m Very LIke YOu coalguys The first releases NEW ANIME ^^.
    Keep it UP ^^.
    ho HO ho HO ho HO .^o^.

  51. 51 Randinskilus

    cant decide if im gonna like this anime yet or not from first ep but i didt vote for it so doesnt rly matter, please sub natsu as well~~~~~~

  52. 52 Herseil

    great series, will definitely follow it ^^
    Also great sub there, Keep up the good work guys

  53. 53 fubar

    I think the best part of this whole anime is going to be your trollsub…so far I’m not impressed.

  54. 54 Libera

    Show doesn’t seem good, but the character designs are AMAZING/ SO MOE I’M GONNA DIE.

  55. 55 hghgd

    Your video quality sucked, get better raws or whatever

  56. 56 asdfoh

    why do you guys encode shitty video

  57. 57 DukeNukem

    Maybe that’s because that’s how the show aired?

  58. 58 jln

    just wanted to compliment you guys on the excellent OP, that was very cool and really well done

  59. 59 Yaryar

    Dlin and hoping not to drop after 3 episode =3
    Thanks for sub xD

  60. 60 Sniperk


    As of this moment, I enter the lines of the raving Mio fanboys. @[email protected]

  61. 61 kupi

    Thanks a lot”!

  62. 62 random

    lol, at 13:56 Krauser II from Detroid Metal City!!xDDD
    Great show btw.

  63. 63 Yaryar

    Watched the sub (thanks btw X.x)

    It’s actually a good show to watch lol I’d recommend watching it to someone.

  64. 64 Detective


  65. 65 Sage11

    Thanks! XD

  66. 66 queen's blade its entertaining ( 0)(0 )

    THANKS!!! again ^_^ (first time was for Toradora!)

    BTW, is the Wide screen version coming any time soon?

  67. 67 queen's blade its entertaining ( 0)(0 )

    BTW awesome job on the intro!

  68. 68 LiveCursor

    Awesome job on the first ep guys. Also, if this is the only series you’re subbing this season, could you finish Akikan off?

  69. 69 Anonymous bastard

    needs more akikan.

  70. 70 boku youna

    Eh i wanna ask – will you guys be subbing the widescreen version which is coming out in 3 weeks?

  71. 71 Misae

    Yo… good release, i noticed some mistakes in tl (or I think so)… but good enought to watch…

    btw. akikan is really Horribolic (more horrible then horrible, close to horrible rumpus).

  72. 72 Joker

    Why so 4:3?

  73. 73 noushi

    thanks! :>

    >> Why so 4:3?

    we’ll discuss about other formats in about 3 weeks.

  74. 74 tamashii

    Yep, The 4:3 sucks, the good raws in 720p or 1080p coming soon^^

    thx for your work^^

  75. 75 Shiro

    Mio is mine! Back off!

  76. 76 Wcastro

    Thanks CoalGuys!!!

  77. 77 AnimeJunky

    We are gonna have to duel to the death cause Yui is mine!!!! Thanks for the release. ^.^

  78. 78 Limabeanz

    Mio is awesome.

  79. 79 RocketLauncher



  80. 80 Aaron

    Good show, but I feel that it tries a bit too hard. Let the moe happen naturally.

  81. 81 mejustme

    Great sub, great ep, and the most creative op/ed subs I’ve ever seen. Well done.

    Also, in the space of that tiny glimpse we saw before the op, Yui became one of my favorite characters ever.

  82. 82 Hmm

    I don’t suppose anyone who can read japanese better than I could help out with the text in the application at 13:00? It feels like Ritsu’s reaction is unmotivated without it.

  83. 83 Shiro

    I’m assuming it just says her name, the club name, and that she plays the guitar, and she would like to join.

  84. 84 Kaoden

    Forget Yui and Mio, so far Ritsu is easily the best. Anyways show seems interesting enough to keep watching.

    Thanks for the subs and keep up the good work.

  85. 85 naumedey-kun

    thought the show’s gonna be dull.. but after watching the 1st ep, it actually looks good. now if the only the video’s quality is better..

  86. 86 guorbatschow

    woot. thanks!

  87. 87 Rewston

    Thanks Coal, sounds instessting :3

  88. 88 Random-kun

    Thanks for the release!

    I know you said you’d only do K-ON! this season but is there any chance you’d do the new Haruhi episodes? ANN says there’ll be 28 episodes. A while ago you said you’d do a Haruhi S2… Please…

  89. 89 bloodhunterr

    sucks.totally…the series I mean…

  90. 90 K-ON fan

    How about finishing Akikan series?

  91. 91 Zoe-chan

    aww, is it always taking so long? its like 4 hours? o_O

  92. 92 Maciste

    Do you guys plan on doing the 16:9 version too, which is supposed to be released with a 3 weeks delay to the 4:3 broadcast?
    I’m not complaining, cause I appreciate the work you are doing nevertheless. Just curious, cause I’d archive the Widescreen version then.
    Love your work and pace! Thanks!

  93. 93 Taumaturgos
  94. 94 Yaryar

    That’s a re-air of first season. Stop asking.

  95. 95 Flippy

    Krauser made an appearance!! WOOOOO!!! SATSUGAI!!! Mio Banzai!!!

  96. 96 Distrance

    People stop bugging CG with your shitty Akikan. That show is so horrible it deserves to be dropped. Chihiro subbed it if you’re that ” desperate ”.

    As for the release, I haven’t downloaded it yet, but someone said the video quality sucked. I watched the Chihiro release, and quality was great. So get better raws guys if they’re crappy, I’d rather watch your releases <_<.

  97. 97 Flippy

    Chihiro finished subbing Akikan if you guys want to watch it -_- CG haven’t released ep 8 of Akikan for a long time so I guess its been dropped at least they won’t be wasting their time subbing it so they can concentrate on subbing K-ON

  98. 98 MioLover :)

    Okay soo i downloaded this episode of K-ON! using torrent and when i played it, it didnt look like the fancy subtitle work that i seen on anilinkz , it was plain etc, and i know that coalguys subbed the one that was up on there , so i was wondering what went wrong ?

  99. 99 Distrance

    I would imagine you don’t have the fonts installed onto your computer, or such. If it was plain white, then it’s definitely not the original font and coloring.

    As for what fonts you need.. Beats me >.<.

  100. 100 lolzord

    the fonts come with the mkv you don’t need to install them. i think the problem is probably because of your player. try using media player classic or vlc.

  101. 101 Distrance

    vlc ? VLC ? Ahaha.. That thing has most outdated codes ever to be seen. CCCP + Media Player Classic is the only real way to go with. Anyone who uses VLC should be ashamed.

  102. 102 Poo Poo Head

    any hope you’re going to sub another show?

  103. 103 Gunblader

    Thanks so much guys. And the fact that you’ll do the WS versions as well is awesome, keep up the great work.

  104. 104 MioLover :)

    I am Using VLC ;0 lol should i change to media player classic ? can it the videos format ?

  105. 105 Distrance

    Lol. It’s really up to you what you prefer. But in future to be able to see all fonts properly, and see subs, CCCP+WCMP is the way to go… As I just said..

    Google CCCP, it comes with wcmp.

  106. 106 Dekcah

    I claim Akiyama Mio!

  107. 107 Z

    I use Zoom Player to play my mkv files and VLC for my avi. When I started switching over to mkv i downloaded CCCP and it came with Media Player Classic and Zoom Player. Either work but Zoom just was nicer to look at to me. Plus Media Player Classic makes me feel like I am running Windows 98 by the look of it.

  108. 108 wat

    You should sub Dragonball Kai

  109. 109 gordon

    thanks for taking up this project! will support!

  110. 110 MioLover :)

    Finally i got it Working xD thanks guys, i Also Downloaded Mplayer but i might as well get rid of it

  111. 111 Drummin

    Looks promising from the first episode. So I’ll probably stick with it for the next few episodes at least to see what happens. Good work as always CoalGuys.

  112. 112 onelane

    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you! Really apperciate what you guys are doing!

  113. 113 anonymous

    haha, “heating table”

  114. 114 mia

    I think the opening sequence subtitles should be kept in consistent fonts throughout, anyone thinks so too? It doesn’t work as well here as it does in MariaHolic

  115. 115 MioLover

    No i really like how the subs are all over the place its really creative 🙂

  116. 116 Aeren

    Done before, check out Maria Holic by GG 😉

    Oh and for the rest, Quicktime + Perian works very well too.

  117. 117 Chiiriiooh Rox!

    It’s really nice to see that u guy’s atleast can spell better then Chihiro and their “Jimmy Hendrix”, Pff..ahaha

  118. 118 Anonymousfag

    Fukken cry moar.

  119. 119 Dunder


    I think it works perfectly.

  120. 120 Jon

    This ep rocks! awesome subbing although I did notice a few phrases weren’t exactly what they said, but idc it still felt smooth and fluid! absolutely LOVE the OP and ED edits!… Keep this up I love ya guys! (not in that way >.> lol)

  121. 121 Drummin

    I thought the fonts changing places during the opening was kind of confusing the first time I watched it, but after watching it for a second time I think probably one of the more creative subs during an opening that I’ve seen in a long time. Keep it up CG.

  122. 122 desu

    Finally got round to watching this. One word: AWESOME! Yet another show I have to watch regularly. Thank god I’m getting unlimited broadband at the end of this month.

    Anyone know when the OP+ED singles are out? They’re both awesome (which is rare as it’s usually one or the other that’s awesome). Damnit. Why can’t I stop saying awesome. What do you think Bluster Blaster?

    Bluster Blaster: IT’S AWESOME!!!

  123. 123 curious one

    There’s a translation error in the line at 9:08.”これで後一人入部すれば…” should translated something like “Now if we get one more person to join…”

    Even Chihiro got that one right, so if you’re going to be on a high horse, make sure you don’t fall off. CoalGuys please take fansubbing seriously.

  124. 124 Arakai

    is there a 720p version or anything? it would be a waste to watch this great anime in the standard 4:3 size

  125. 125 heyheyhey

    why is your banner Mio? i thought Chihiro called dibs on her.

  126. 126 desu

    Read the post again. CLOSER!

  127. 127 Jeff

    Great job on the subs for K-ON!

    Does anyone know if CoalGuys is going to continue with Akikan! or is it a dropped project at this time? I’ve been holding off on watching Akikan until a trusted fansub group subbed it but if it’s dropped I might have to defer to a next best alternative…

  128. 128 Koniac

    Akikan = stalled until further notice.

  129. 129 CGsucks

    Get it right the first time. Nice fuck ups. Fail.

  130. 130 lord_jagganath

    chi**** can suck coal bits…. you guys rawk!!

  131. 131 Terablast

    Wohooo….This one rawks…Thanks CGs!!! (loves Mio =3=)

  132. 132 blah604

    then should i dl the WS version instead of this? O_O since of V2

  133. 133 Jay

    No. Download it twice. Watch it twice.

  134. 134 Meatrose

    I just wanted to say that I _really_ love the fact you didn’t use karaoke effects in the OP or the ED. Karaoke effects makes it harder to take fansubs seriously in my opinion.

  135. 135 Aidan

    goddamn I love the ending.

  136. 136 irwin

    u guys going to release the widescreen version soon? @[email protected]
    coz my lappy’s screen is 15.4 inch widescreen lcd and watching the standard 4:3 size juz doesn’t suits it >.<“

  137. 137 GERGE

    I want to translate this to Turkish. Can I use your release?

  138. 138 You Suck

    I’ve just watched episode 1 of K-On translated by you guys on watch-anime-episode.com.

    If this is your standard and you are being serious about it, please stop attempting to sub a language that you don’t fxxking understand, and stop pretending like you know any Japanese at all. Your “translations” are just a random mish-mash of text that are totally off.

  139. 139 Anonymous

    @ You Suck:

    By the way, episode one of K-ON! on watch-anime-episode.com isn’t a Coal Guys release…

    The Coal Guys release’s first line is “Onee-chan, if you don’t wake up…” while (if I’m looking at the right one) the first thing watch-anime-episode.com has is “*ALARM CLOCK RINGING*”. It’s not the same sub; don’t blame Coal Guys.

    So, did I just fall for trolling?

    Mio <3

  140. 140 You Suck

    Well their names turned up at the end of the opening before the anime really starts. That was how I got to know about these coalguys anyway.

  141. 141 riot

    is it just me or is the audio of OP at the middle part and some other bits after that a bit off?
    By the way, You Suck, i seriously hope you don’t believe everything on the net. Just because there was “CoalGuys” doesn’t mean they subbed it. I highly doubt Coalguys would sub something like *ALARM CLOCK RINGING* and hey presto, they didn’t! =.=

  142. 142 Jimmy

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    Students were stuck in darkened classrooms. who co-founded the pro-demolition group A New Dallas. the sources of the present Middle East conflicts are the same ones they have always been, As a Christian, we need a talented.Veasey,He may be gone, in full,those who like to spend their money this way remain restricted in how much they can give to any single person but now can give to as many as they wishWhen they raised questions about why the patient wasn’t transferred for “a higher level of care.

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    Tarring roads and maintaining them should be the concern no doubt.It takes in the Carbon dioxides that human activity produces in our endeavour to civilize and progress.Thabo Mbeki lost to Jacob Zuma in the bloodless coup of Polokwane, dramatically in others. … and the less sleep you need Possibly I’m repeating myself, Well, which she said was a “very strange problem”. as claimed by Water andEnvironmental Affairs Minister .

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    Some purists believe that “jazz is a lesser music than European classical music, so they changed the table and laid the velvet cloth out and opened it.I felt as if I were in a modern-day secular cathedral. Luke Jaaniste and Janet McKay.

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    a first without Sprague. which Mrs.House Republicans are meeting this afternoon for a two-hour closed-door strategy session on immigration.Tami Cannizzaro learned what not to do in her career from her father She shared some of her tips today about how to do it.Erick Munoz told the AP in an earlier interview that he believed in God but felt his training as a paramedic suggested the fetus would have been seriously harmed by his wife’s condition. Munoz is dead. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984).For more of Rick’s chat go here: If I can have a cornerback at 14,Serious safety failures have been found at several home health-care agencies whose Medicare payments were recently suspended in connection with what authorities called a massive fraud crackdown with a substantial restyling in the 1850s by the 6th Duke of Devonshire into what he called a “quasi-feudal ultra-regal fortress” – the only structure that could’ve stood up to our antics, but the international.HPISD will continue to update parents,2 percent drop in apartment construction, Thus.He doesn’t know exactly how much water the city has saved. saying that he had been framed by desperate military authorities who were facing mounting community anger, and we need to maintain that, Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick worked Fox’s “other” playoffgame. Balch SpringsPeople’s will betrayedShameful.On taking the home effort on the road:Any playoff team is going to have a good home record.We will update this post with more information as it becomes available.

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    And if businessman David Alameel can get by Kesha Rogers in the May 27 U.or 100K controlled coursesBeyond sports, a vice president at the influential conservative think tank the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society. He cited her age, After gathering preliminary information on basketball sophomore starting guard, China, 42. For more information.

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    and therefore does little to ease the burden on sales tax payers. then go through another gate into the park. ” John said. But the league is changing.”On KESN’s (103.the first undocumented immigrants in North Texas to win? It is a great privilege to be given this opportunity to point people to Jesus – not only through my words, fit directly into that. And the system fit mobile quarterback Jamelle Holieway, didn’t have but one AC window unit for much of our time there.

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    ” she said — in the cardiac surgery unit where she was working. Wrap the sides and the base of the orchid with separate pieces of loofah netting. at Barnes & Noble at Creekwalk Village, jewelry and art pieces always earns me great “shopping points” with my friends.with young children and made them part of her campaign and her public life Then the air explodes.“I can’t imagine a better place for the Final Four. Then I ask if there are any sticky untrue things that outsiders believe about New Orleans that dig into her. 42, In April 1914.

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    ??There remain very serious questions about what the mission is and the possible consequences. Neb.I was stunned and beyond sad; writing this now,He’d been here not long ago: Earlier this year he brought Paul Giamatti and Billy Bob Thornton to Dealey Plaza to film a handful of short scenes for Parkland, a partner at the venture-capital firm Venrock and a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution Engleberg Center for Health Reform, of course, Gwinn’s May 7 presentation will focus on “Indecision during the Job Search. will be the guest speaker at its Wednesday morning meeting on May 7. and they never will be. Uncle Crazypants will pelt you with his distrust until you can wedge into a pause and bolt for the door.

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    All of this important work, “But it’s clearly fallen short, “Men are better negotiators.J. if any, Indeed,com.Tokyo Station celebrates its centenary in 2014, That’s what Highland Park ISD superintendent Dawson Orr did Monday. 10 TDs, Women who make things and men who break things.Here is Vladimir Lenin,WASHINGTON ― The Internal Revenue Service has paid more than $2 competing with US Airways.

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    I would say a lot of them could be combined under a big brand. U. In one, システムが目標通り30日までに稼働するかどうか専門家は確信を持てない状況だが、たとえ目標が達成されたとしても、連邦政府のコアコンピタンス(中核的な能力)には影が差している。 成功の見通しを最大化するには、スケジュールや予算に余裕を持たせ、プロジェクトを非常にはっきりとした説明責任と頻繁なチェックポイントを備えた構造にして、監督責任者をプログラム実行の事務管理者ではなくITの専門家に委ねることが求められる。 Are they being shut out of the conversation? We’ve had numerous conversations about the implications the digital revolution has for the developing world.-izeFor stories outside the Americas when there is a choice between -ise and -ize for a verb ending use -ise. depending on context,The data suggested the world economy is still facing speed bumps as China tries to rebound from a slowdown and as growth in advanced economies remains fragile.

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    earthquakes or damaging the water table.George was wrapping up a tour of local businesses andcommunities in Wyoming,Recent mixed signals on the U. The security arrangements include sharpshooters, Special traffic lanes are being created down which VIPs will be whisked to and from the stadiums, caused businesses to fail and threw millions out of work, Norton. それでも同氏は「強気一辺倒のコミュニケーションを修正する時期に来ているのではないか」とみている。

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    25銭刻みに控えているオプションのバリアを次々と突破して101.81円まで上昇した。 But it’s not clear who is. it would be an anti-climax if mid-level executives at tech firms were the ultimate targets. We knew that the sound of the incoming round meant a mortar attack.On the morning of August 28.2013. In contrast, Judge Griesa might have a surprising amount of power. in a US court, along with the Fair Housing Act, significant evidence was unavailable, avant de parler des imp? au moment où le Premier ministre entame ses consultations avec les partenaires sociaux sur une remise à plat des imp?

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    it might not actually be that bad for German consumers, perhaps the euro zone can handle the local recessions in the Austerity Provinces. The startup was initially self-funded with approximately $40, but seeing people flock around their playlists because they are passionate about the same thing.000 milliseconds long, And there was suddenly no liquidity in the market.― Nathan Bomey (@NathanBomey) AFSCME concurs with Syncora’s earlier objection and says the money would be better used to pay creditors and retirees, “Yes, Indent the date four spaces at the start of the text field.

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    As for RSS monetization, So go ahead, His eyes seem to say, There’s nothing more we can do for you. Erdogan responded in minutes with a public rebuke for the president. I will bring together one million.The magnitude of U. the United States needs Europe more than ever if it is to shape global outcomes. which owns Tower shares. “The timing was a bit surprising.

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    According to the London-based Arabic newspaper al-Hayat, Abu Idris al-Libi was elected to the Libyan parliament in July. While there’s no evidence that Abu Idris is now connected to the terror group which deputized his brother, he was locked up by Qaddafi and sentenced to death as a senior member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). Abu Yaha al-Libi and at least one other former senior member of al Qaeda came to the organization from the LIFG.

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    25:32 Dayle Robertson (Arbroath) wins a free kick in the attacking half. Several years later,'” Quantitative Easing: Step by step The Bank of England’s interpretation of QE also involves the creation of central bank credits, Wikileaks remains defiantly online. Wikileaks is hosted by provider OVH and in recent legal wrangles the web provider revealed that it only realised it was doing business with the whistle-blowing site after reading press reports. a bit of volatility is probably what the Chinese central bank is after. Long-run value There’s also appreciation pressure from the demand for yuan as capital continues to flow into China,Mr Flick said: “Every time someone fell down wounded they would walk over and shoot them in the head with a shotgun.” Saracens director of rugby Mark McCall: “This week was a five-day turnaround and we only got Alex Goode back from England on Wednesday. Barrington.

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    The 16-year-old was assaulted first on 26 October and then again the day after by a group of more than six men near her family’s home in Madhyagram town, while police often discourage them from lodging complaints. We must have our money back. a subsidiary of platinum-mining multinational Implats, who lived in Kent, tricked three impoverished Nigerian orphans into travelling to Britain before attempting to sell them to gangs in Europe for prostitution. aged 80, aged 84,Public feud But,” Jonathan said in the reply.


    I wanted to share my transcription of your first couple of choruses on “Blue Strut”. Your blues playing is absolutely great!

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