Chihiro, please take fansubbing seriously

Since we’d probably be doing only one show next season – K-ON!, I thought I’ll take a look and see what type of competition we’ve got.

I came across:

I seriously don’t know how anyone can fuck up a 30 second trailer this badly.

  • Dialogue: 0,0:00:03.26,0:00:05.51,KON,,0000,0000,0000,,Well, it’s ABOUT to be abolished.


  • Dialogue: 0,0:00:07.39,0:00:09.17,KON,,0000,0000,0000,,We’ll join the club!

Dear Chihiro’s translator-kun, the line is “入部希望者を待つ”, 入部希望者 = people who wish to join the club , を = subject particle, 待つ = verb for wait. The correct translation is “I will wait for club applicants.” I honestly have no idea how the fuck you get “We’ll join the club!” because 入部希望者 is one noun and therefore 入部 is not a verb. But hey, on the bright side, you got half of it correct!

  • Dialogue: 0,0:00:05.93,0:00:07.39,KON,,0000,0000,0000,,What are you going to do?
    Dialogue: 0,0:00:07.39,0:00:09.17,KON,,0000,0000,0000,,We’ll join the club

Subject-object agreement, learn it for fucks sake. I mean, when I catch shitty editing like this, the editor must be pretty awful.

Also, they’re even using the same dialog font as us! Jesus christ, 7/10

So Chihiro, about how you fucked up a 30 second trailer with less than 10 lines
I am not happy.

Hopefully, with closed captions, you won’t make silly mistakes like these.


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  1. 1 Waryas


  2. 2 Aenonar

    Chihiro has always been a last resort

  3. 3 Dest

    Well, it may be true what you said (I can’t really judge because I can’t speak japanese at all) but I think it would be better to leave it for yourself; laugh about it but you should keep it because this will only start an unwanted (this time maybe even wanted) drama again and I think that is just unnecessary… Well, I can’t tell you what to do so just take this as an advise – not a command or something (because people seem to be fast to misunderstand).

  4. 4 Colton

    I’m Crying From The Laughter…… >.<

    Can’t Wait to See K-ON! Thankz For All Your Hard Work!


  5. 5 tripledouble

    I thought everyone already knew how awful Chihiro was? I’ve seen them translate names spoken as “insertnamehere-san” as “insertnamehere-chan”. Thank you for providing additional proof regarding their incompetence.

  6. 6 Rizaria

    The funny thing is, they’ll get all up in arms after having such flaws pointed out.

    I know it’s annoying you, but I agree with the comment above; mebbe laugh and keep it to yourself. xD; Drama only spirals out of control.

    Just view it as you really have NO competition.



  8. 8 Red

    Damn, I read Chinese and not Japanese and I can still recognize that that phrase wasn’t “We’ll join the club.” Sad.

  9. 9 radnom


  10. 10 Aeren

    Only K-ON?

    No HL? 🙁

  11. 11 nyoron

    I can’t understand why you care, you do your fansubbing they can do theirs. Let the FANS decide.

  12. 12 Matt

    Wow, this is sad. You please go ape-shit over a 30 second trailer and have a bash fest. You want to bash Chihiro, wait till they really screw up on something important.

  13. 13 Greenskye

    I don’t know… I really appreciate the subs that you do and the hard work you put into doing them. But it’s hard to understand why you get a kick out of bashing Chihiro.

    From what I understand they’re a speed-subbing group and maybe they aren’t even a good speed-subbing group but why does this affect you? I’m not fond of Chihiro, I don’t mind waiting weeks (or months) behind everyone else to watch my show if it means I’m getting better quality, but I don’t look down on the groups that aim to get out a sub as quick as possible. Some people just wanna watch the sub, crappy translation as it may be.

    Personally, I think it reflects poorly on you for calling them out. It’s kinda low to criticize them over and over. You’ve made your point, so why keep dragging it out?

    I guess I just wish you’d let it go. But if it’s fun for you who am I to tell you to do differently? I’m thankful for the quality (free) subs that you provide and I can always choose to ignore the troll posts.

  14. 14 Fludbucket

    nyoron most fans dont speak japanese or they wouldnt need subs. So the fans sometimes dont know. As mentioned earlier I have seen them ruin jokes and just other wise just ruined moods in anime with thier asshat subs

  15. 15 daldaren

    I kind of agree with Greenskye. Personally, I enjoy some of Chihiro’s releases. I also enjoy CoalGuys releases, however, the drama is always annoying.

  16. 16 tirentu

    Wow, I follow both groups and basically take whoever’s release comes out first, since honestly, you both suck, but are really fast. Which is what you’re trying to do, I guess. The being fast part, that is.

    Quit it with the drama. You’re just trolling for the sake of it, then make blog posts about how you hate fansub drama. Fucking hypocrite.

  17. 17 haha

    I can’t believe there are STILL some people around here who just don’t get how this goes…

  18. 18 neothe0ne

    I agree with Fludbucket: The fans don’t understand Japanese so someone has to point out such flaws. (Funny how it works out, that when a random blogger (or not so random blogger) points it out there’s no drama, but when a group “itself” points it out DORAMA)

  19. 19 Nojiko

    Half the people fansub to actually fansub and the other half do it to rip on people and troll the fuck outta everyone. I love it.

  20. 20 uncoal

    This was uncalled for.

    I was able to accept the rant after Kristen and Soichiro rated you on anidb. I was able to shrug off the joint as a possible goodwill.

    But this is just trolling. There is no excuse for this.

    I will not buy any more whines from you about drama. If you want to get away from it stop causing it.

  21. 21 uncoal

    Other than the anidb trolling has Chihiro trolled at all?

  22. 22 Tweekz

    Fact: All groups have flaws. Coalguys has flaws, Chihiro has flaws, etc etc etc. What it comes down to is a person’s preference. By making post like this, is rather retarded. Majority of people who view this site don’t give two shits about translation errors. As long as they can get the general meaning or there of of the episode and whats going on, who cares. Sure the post is a vent for the fansubber which is fine but again it creates more problems than it solves.

    To be honest this drama wouldn’t exist as long as you don’t start it. Look at Static-subs and Eclipse, they’ve been working together to release animes with quality subs (to me they good quality), as far as I know, no drama. Banding together on doing something they enjoy as far as I know. Maybe if you guys put aside your angst and maybe talked Chihiro, maybe offer an editor to help out and release a joint project, there wouldn’t be drama. Just a suggestion. Better to work together on something worth watching and have fun with it rather than having pissing contest.

    With that being said, I enjoyed the Toradora releases from Coalguys and I look forward to the K-ON! releases from Coalguys. Chihiro is more of a speed sub but my own personal preference is of quality. Thanks for the hard work Coalguys.

  23. 23 Magnus369

    This may have been just another rant, but I still laughed. Besides embedding self referencing crap in the subs, I’ve still found I like coalguys sub’s a hell of a lot better than chihiro’s crap. Sadly, if you take a google translation of nearly any japanese website, the engrish looks damn familiar. google translate == chihiro translations?

  24. 24 Greenskye


    I myself speak almost zero japanese. Coalguys could completely BS an episode and I probably wouldn’t figure it out. That being said, the tone in which you illustrate another group’s flawed subs tells a lot about the group/person. There are a million better ways to say that Chihiro’s subs weren’t up to par than this.

    Heck, just continue with your own releases and let the masses figure out which wording they prefer. Those with japanese speaking abilities will no doubt illuminate the rest of us as to which group is more accurate. There isn’t really a need for this kind of bashing.

  25. 25 Yaryar

    People who don’t even know what they are talking about should stfu imo
    Just sayin~

  26. 26 daldaren


    SS/Eclipse tend to avoid drama all together from what I’ve seen. They just keep quiet and sub. Dattebayo is kind of the same, they just take the mentality that everyone else sucks – they know it, they don’t need to say it out loud.

  27. 27 LeonCloud

    Actually Dattebayo bash alot of fans, as you can see from their
    press release. But thats cause of peoples own stupidiy.

  28. 28 Crimson King

    I don’t get why this bothers you. The person who translated it probably didnt give a damn about since its a 30-sec preview.

  29. 29 Bonzai

    And this is why I have popcorn. Gotta love this shit. Yay coalguys.

  30. 30 Shiro

    I think we should explode the whole damned nebula.

  31. 31 Bilal

    You CoalGuys rock

    If you can catch other people’s mistakes, and review them fully to the point where there is no excuse I can see why we hope you never die 😉

  32. 32 holic ♪

    Coalguys – God Tier
    Chihiro – Shit Tier
    gg(rest in peace faggots) – Schneizel Tier

  33. 33 Doctor

    It only confirms how useless and crappy chiwhoroe is. If they can’t translate short trailer corectly, then what what r we talking about ? Jesus f**king Christ …

  34. 34 gator

    “Heck, just continue with your own releases and let the masses figure out which wording they prefer.”

    This isn’t a matter of “which wording” is preferred. This is a matter of calling left right and calling up down.

    The question isn’t “Which is preferred?” it is “Which is correct?”

    Now, is it coalguys’ responsibility to call them out? Who the fuck cares? Is there justification to have done so? Well, I guess that would depend on the level of conviction. If coalguys group is dedicated to the art of fansubbing in a manner that is open to constructive criticism and is truly attempting to convey the fansubs in a properly translated way, then more power. If this is just a jab at Chihiro based on a personal vendetta, then I feel sorry for Mr. Coalguys. Either way, I won’t judge. But, the issue stands that.. right or wrong, it seems coalguy (jak.. whatever your name is) is pointing out a valid flaw in chihiro’s translation.. albeit, perhaps in a less than charitable manner.


  35. 35 Ippo

    Instead of bashing Chihiro you should concentrate on doing an even better job. Just because you’re subbing only one show you get all butt-hurt and bash Chihiro for messing up. You act like a child who is secretly in love with the kid they enjoy picking on.
    I don’t speak Japanese so should I believe what you say is the truth? Why should I DL your releases instead of Chihiro’s? Try to convince me and do so without using translation mistakes as examples because I don’t speak Japanese. Why are you even whining about dialogue font?
    Since it appears that K-ON is your only show I will expect a flawless job from you.

  36. 36 neothe0ne

    wow Ippo, you’ve got an amazing mindset.

    “I don’t know if that is wrong so don’t tell me it’s wrong, tell me something I know is wrong, then I’ll believe you!”

  37. 37 Shiro

    Ippo they do it for free. Understand love and accept Jesus as your personal Lord and savior.

    Respect the awesomeness of Coalguys or go download Chihiro’s Fansubs. Either way- NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOUR OPINION.

  38. 38 Dest

    Quote Ippo: “You act like a child who is secretly in love with the kid they enjoy picking on.”

    Well, if you look back at the history of Chihiro and CoalGuys then this is rather unlikely to be true, don’t you think?

  39. 39 EndlessDreams

    This is why I fucking love you guys !

    I hated when Boxtorrent chooses Chihiro because they had better quality, I DONT CARE ABOUT THE FUCKING QUALITY !


  40. 40 Ippo

    @ Shiro

    Guess what? I Don’t give a shit who you worship and coming at me with your religious views, who are you? Did you decide on expressing your religion on a fansub site instead of knocking on people’s doors Saturday mornings.
    I’m not bashing Coal Guys or Chihiro on their quality I’m just questioning what Coal Guys is doing. I enjoy watching Toradora from Coal Guy and I’m aware that fansub groups do this for free which is why I find it irrelevant that you brought this up.


    Yes you maybe right however, it’s what it appears to be because Coal Guys enjoys bashing Chihiro especially when they work on the same shows. One kid pushes the other and that same kid pushes back. I’ll be surprise if any of Chihiro’s staff post something about this although, Chihiro’s leader has previously stated that they will try to not get involve in matters such as this.
    It would be nice for Coal Guys and Chihiro to work together for once. I think I’ll ask Shiro to ask Jesus for a favor.

  41. 41 gator

    Ahh, also, the “subject-object agreement” argument doesn’t really apply here. There isn’t enough reference to the dialogue to make this case. The sentence “We’ll join the club!” could have resolved any number of sentences prior to and then including “What are you going to do?”

    Please, please, please.. lrn2burn.. If you’re gonna flame someone, at least be right. haha

  42. 42 gator


    Coalguys + chihiro = endgame scenario.. I’m too young to die in a massive explosion that ends mankind =( I think your chances are better to see a pig fly than they are to see these two groups unite.

  43. 43 Mudler

    This is why I love coalguys and will always come to check out the site even if im not watching the shows theyre subbing.

    Now, where did I left my popcorns..

  44. 44 Joni

    Damn are you just bunch of teenagers trying to get at each others nerves as hard as possible? I sincirely thank you for the subtitles for ToraDora and I hope that it’s enough for everybody to satisfy thousands of people with your personal effort, but no

    What the hell is wrogn with you and your “I can translate Japanese better than you”-scene? And some of you people really concider this entertaining. Well hell, where do we need anime anymore?! Let’s all just give a little “wtflolnoobgtfo” for the whole world!!!1

    I think I shouldn’t put this much effort posting this when I know that exactly nobody cares. Thanks & Sorry. I’m leaving.

  45. 45 404 - Not Found

    Great Joni, don’t let the door hit you on the way out 🙂

    i believe this is great, creating some tension between the groups while forcing the fansub-groups to try a little harder to improve 😀

    i bet this will make the groups try harder.. and I don’t mind getting a good laughter from reading posts like this 😉

    just 1,5 week till airing time \o_

  46. 46 asdman

    haha owned

  47. 47 Kuu


    GoalCuys, This post is made of win.


  48. 48 empty

    i would like to inform all posters other than myself (because i am awesome) about a thing called The Game… and how you’ve all lost it

    thank you – have a… you know what… fuck it… GTFO my internets and go use macfari to browse nothing with nothing while you nothing on your nothing machine…

  49. 49 Mudslinger

    Seeing things like this make me realize what is “e-penis” is.
    So what, CoalGuys’s e-penis is larger than Chihiro’s?

    Besides, both of them are not professional Japanese translators for Pete’s sake! They just do this for free for the love of anime, so stop mudslinging.

    I don’t care anymore.
    I wish SS-Eclipse will sub K-ON! than both of these guys if these mudslinging goes on. And I’m sure this will not end until one opposing group disbands.

  50. 50 Matt

    Well, this is quite sad. You found a small error in a 30 second preview by Chihiro. So instead of informing them nicely about the error and possibly offer a joint effort, you decide to go ape-shit and completely bash them.

    For what? Attention? Well, if it was for attention, even negative attention, you got it. Happy? This only proves you have the mentality of a 10 year old.

    If you want to wow people and prove how much better you are, do so only AFTER you become superior to Dattebayo, in every aspect.

  51. 51 dudeman

    Hah, I laffed.

  52. 52 Doomzzg

    This whole post is filled with drama.


  53. 53 essiw

    you know what coalguys, this drama has made me to like chihiro more and unless you sub something chihiro doesn’t I won’t watch it… if you want to lose much people go on…

  54. 54 BowenArrow

    Who ever is faster i’ll download their subs. I give a shit who’s better, give me subs and thats that. Keep trying to get Chihiro’s attention you dick sucking faggots.

  55. 55 Shiro


    1) you latching onto the whole Jesus thing made me laugh, really hard.
    2) because Coalguys are the bad guys in this relationship for pointing out a really REALLY bad flaw. Maybe if Chihiro didn’t fuck up so badly this wouldn’t be warranted.
    3) never expect flawless from free.

  56. 56 Rerudem

    Trollz = lolz.

  57. 57 m2

    that was damn low of you guys
    i thought you were quite a good fansubbing group but now i just wish you’d all die.
    dattebayos trolling was fun, yours is just insulting
    i never watched chihiro but this post was way below the line

  58. 58 bloodhunterr

    So very true…After all it’s called “fansubbing” , which means free anime most of the time.I watch you guys and obviously a lot of people watch Chihiro for speed(and other reasons I don’t know about)…It’s just that 5-6 years ago people didn’t care that much about those things,they just watched anime and were happy…

    That thing you did was just lame and childish…Please grow up and let Chihiro be…

  59. 59 FiSSion

    wow this kind of post is why I once considered downloading CoalGuys subs, looked around for a bit, then decided never to come back. You guys remind me of that one woman at work who digs up shit about people then spread rumors for no reason just to start drama cuz they have no other thing to do with their lives. Grow up.

    Both you and Chihiro sub for free, and while your TL and ED might notice some problems with Chihiro’s subs, that means you have the time to watch Chihiro’s subs as well as sub your own. If you have time to watch the same shows twice, how about you get some more of your own projects to increase the quality of the subs out there instead of bashing other people who you think are doing a shitty job. As I recall Chihiro is doing 5-6 subbing projects right now, whereas you are doing… let me think… oh yea – one. Who knows, Chihiro might have done a half-ass job on a 30-SECOND TRAILER because its a TRAILER not a show. So get off your high horse and get your own shit out there to have something to compare to before you bash someone else.

  60. 60 Anon

    I lol’d so hard at the subject-object agreement part. Keep it up, niggers!

  61. 61 QUALITY

    Toradora 09: “That’s why you got trolled by the stupid Chihuahua”

    Yes, Coalguys is all about quality subs.

  62. 62 NK

    translation owned

  63. 63 KenDL

    CoalGuys learn how to troll, because this is just pathetic, you do subs, Chihiro do subs, why do they always stay silent while you always try to make fun of them?

  64. 64 dudeidu

    lolololol stop hazin its just sub 4 fun!!!.. 4 a peacefull world

  65. 65 *Facepalm*

    Since rumor has it SS-Eclipse will be subbing K-ON!, you go ahead and heckle Chihiro all you want. The above fact would ideally mean no sane person downloading neither your nor Chihiro’s version, rendering all your misdirected anguish meaningless.

    Thanks for Toradora! though, got tired of waiting for AniYoshi and watched the last episodes from you guys. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of your work.

  66. 66 Basara

    personally I understand some japanese cuz of a couple of clients of mine, thus making it easier to pick up on translation, spelling or grammatical errors. I don’t mind’em once in a while, but when they are present much too often per release, it just gets really annoying.

    a completely off topic example is when I watch 2.5men, dr house, family guy, etc on latin cable channels: eng lang + esp subs, they have translations that make just no sense whatsoever. And because you know someone paid to write’em, it’s even more annoying than catching little mistakes on “free fansub” releases.

    Regardless, these little rants are actually fun to watch… too bad Dattebayo hasn’t released any new silly PRs after they dropped shippuden.

    AAAnd on a side note to CoalGuys…. since K-On will be your only show, could you please, please, really please finish Akikan? I saw other groups subbing it, aside from Chihiro, but yours are the better choice by far. Onegaishimasu!! 😛

  67. 67 Rinny

    lol troll guys I <3 you

  68. 68 RandomTL

    You pointed out Chihiro’s fault, but you have your own.
    廃部 means the club will be scrapped, and hence Chihiro “abolished” is a better word choice. You use “suspended” which means it’s a temporary thing, which isn’t right.

    The pot calling the kettle black?

  69. 69 Sakagami

    F A B U L O U S (also do another qc pass on your trolladora 23 and 24. editan was awful dawgs <3)

  70. 70 Unanonymous


  71. 71 33333333

    Lol at first you were complaining about the drama. But now it looks like you’re getting into it.

    Well, so long as you’re enjoying yourself!


  72. 72 Aaron

    Wow. Complaining about Chihiro FANsubs?

    Jeez Coalguys, can you not read anything else besides japanese(or so you say you can)? It’s FANSUBS! It really doesn’t matter!

    Personally, I download from people who can actually sub using different formats, sch as avi and mp4. Stupid MKV’s are retarded and cannot be shown anywhere else besides your comp.

    So can you guys just stop complaining? Or should you just be called coal ladies? Maybe while your at it, wipe the coal from your eyes and see the world clearly.

  73. 73 Iani

    I’m glad that Chihiro chose not to acknowledge a lesser fansub for their insulting nature. Their fans, on the other hand, are spreading the CG rant as far as they can. So. If the CG’s were wanting to become attention whores, get in line. If your work is quality, it will stand on its’ own. Yet, to try the reverse “look at them” routine is truly infantile. No sense in asking you to grow a pair. You probably don’t have them to start with. I’m glad that Dattebayo quit listening to the fansub idiot base and continued to do what they loved. As for the rest of the trolls out there with nothing else to do but hide under bridges, trolls will be trolls. Looking for new bridges to hang from.

  74. 74 Yaryar

    “I’m glad that Chihiro chose not to acknowledge a lesser fansub for their insulting nature.”

    I loled.

  75. 75 Your Mother


  76. 76 BlueDragon

    More Drama while we wait plz lol

  77. 77 Thelostsheep

    I heard this is where i can meet femalez in real life?

  78. 78 Lops

    1st episode is supposed to air on april 3 right?

    My band disbanded without creating one damn song cuz we cant play 😀
    So i’m quite interested in this anime.

    Looking forward to Your great sub’s CoalGuys.
    Love and Peace.

  79. 79 Gah...

    Please, Coalguys, take funsubbing seriously, i’m waiting for Akikan a lot and all i see it’s drama and more drama… so boring… Chihiro’s subs sucks? and what about you? Sure you’re best… when you remember that there’re people waiting for your releases… instead of this dramas…please, try to do your work: finish Akikan first or tell us if it’s dropped.

  80. 80 Babo

    Chihiro has always sucked. Even if they claim to be speedsubbers, at least be half decent at it. gg was a good example of a speedsub.

    I avoid their subs, and don’t even watch them for last resort anymore. The only good thing they’re for are to piss off other subbers and force others to sub the show themselves.

    And not once did Coalguys say they were the best in the above post.

    “please, try to do your work”
    They do this for free, as a hobby…

  81. 81 -_-

    Coalguys, please take fansubbing seriously

    Since we’d probably be doing only three shows last season – Toradora Akikan Asu no Yoichi, I thought I’ll take a look and see what type of competition we’ve got.

    Toradora is a good sub and on time.

    Asu no Yoichi is beautiful. Thank you so much for doing the widescreen versions. Look at episode 5 widescreen encode it’s just so…

    Oh wait. You were too busy trolling to do it.

    Akikan is a wonderful sub. Just look at episode 8 at how they… Oh wait. You were too busy trolling to do it.

    Group that keeps their promises >>> Unreliable trolls
    Chihiro >>> Coalguys

  82. 82 Lol

    I always get a kick out of how people go crazy over these posts.

  83. 83 Shiro

    the “hack” earlier tonight was funny xD

    redirecting to Chihiro made me giggle

  84. 84 Hurrdurr

    ITT: ppl who don’t know what the fuck a troll is

  85. 85 Stefan

    I personaly prefer to sit back and enjoy the drama, its almost as good as the anime getting subbed 😀

  86. 86 Jo's

    Coalguys…you will taking just one show between 30new Anime??
    at least 3shows!! =/

  87. 87 Luca

    1.) If they didn’t care about the quality, why bother releasing it?
    2.)If they release it, they should at least try and get an accurate translation
    3.)I see no foul, no harm in Coalguys pointing out such a GLARING flaw in Chihiro’s subs, it was said above that most of you can’t understand japanese in the slightest, so you’re just going to sit there while another group shoots their hot, premature load in your mouth? Yeah, they’re gonna be real happy that they fooled you, and this shitty translator is going to continue to release shitty subs.

    Hopefully (lol who am I kidding) the translator will either a.)feel enough shame to kill himself or b.) shape the fuck up. I could have translated this after my first semester of japanese.

  88. 88 CryptWizard

    So, about the joint with Chihiro for the K-ON preview, is that likely to continue, or was it just for April fools?

  89. 89 huy

    this is LOL i do think chihiro sucks but sometimes there the only subs out their for the anime you want sadly 🙁

  90. 90 aero

    “Majority of people who view this site don’t give two shits about translation errors. As long as they can get the general meaning or there of of the episode and whats going on, who cares.”

    and another correction: Chihiro do not claim to be a speed-sub group, THEY CLAIM TO BE A QUALITY-SUB GROUP, in other words all these mistakes should have been rectified before release. correct me if I’m wrong? And so far, I’ve not seen CoalGuys claim to be a quality-sub group(correct me if I’m wrong again), so mistakes are generally more common/expected in their releases than Chihiro’s. But what are we having here, Chihiro screwing up. I do watch both groups releases, and I’ve heard some people say that Chihiro seems to be not as good as they were some time back.

    To some of you guys, do at least some research before you argue, at least I can say that I’ve seen both sides of the argument before.

  91. 91 Kaze

    Yawn boring moe shit.

  92. 92 j

    lol u guys got hacked very funny.

  93. 93 woootskie

    Hey CoalGuys plz don’t do the joint with Chihiro. I wouldn’t want to see your subs get ruined.

  94. 94 asdfoh

    OH NO


  95. 95 asdfoh

    competition for what? to see how many people you can get to suck your cocks?

  96. 96 Dest

    I just checked out Chihiros Website and discovered this:

    The post states that Chihiro agreed to a joint project on K-ON with CoalGuys and that they have reedited their release of the K-ON preview, which they indeed did.
    I think it would be quite interesting to see a joint project with Chihiro, since both groups complement one another pretty well.
    As today is 1st April it’s quite possible that this is an april’s fool but since CG offered the joint project a month ago, it’s not utterly impossible that this is the truth. Well, currently only Chihiro and CoalGuys know the truth.

  97. 97 Detective

    8/10 Chihiro

  98. 98 Anonymous

    “I’ve heard some people say that Chihiro seems to be not as good as they were some time back. ”

    Impossible. Think back to their Code Geass. This is back when Jaka, the head of CoalGuys, was translating for them. The QUALITY on that made me die.

  99. 99 noushi

    chihiro fucks up everything they begin, tell us something new, drama llama.

  100. 100 Flinn

    With this amount of butthurt we could power an entire city.

  101. 101 EvilLinkz



  102. 102 korgito

    Oh my.. lot of comments.. haha.. and most of them are really funny.. hehe.. i really can’t say if CG is bad or chihiro is bad.. because i compare some of their sub episodes to that of aniyoshi’s sub.. and it means the same just different wordings.. oh well, i don’t japanese to really comment on translations and stuff.. hehe..
    well reading your blogs and the comments of defenders, lovers, haters and trollers have been really entertaining.. hehe..

    well.. more power to both of you and Chihiro.. 🙂 godbless CoalGuys

  103. 103 korgito

    o yah… correction.. I don’t know japanese.. hehe

  104. 104 lol

    So who posted the April Fools troll video of the Detective Conan vs Lupin III by “CoalGuys”?

  105. 105 Calan

    As head CoalGuy editing staffs at group CoalGuys, I have to say that I am shocked and apalled at all of this.

    Firstly off, I see people professing that CoalGuys sucks. This is untrue. The details of our suck have been greatly exaggerated.

    Secondly, Chihiro sucks. I edited a couple episodes for them in about 20 minutes each, without looking at video/audio, and was told I was amazing editor and they wanted me to keep editing for them. I said no since they had already given me their FTP, which is what I wanted.

    Third and final, we are not “trolling” or trying to create dorama by pointing out flaws. I am always have huge disappointment with “oversub” – when more than one decent group subs a show. Chihiro will probably have several other shows, and I’d rather see them raise the quality of those shows and NOT do K-ON!

  106. 106 123


    Really? It’d be awesome if Eclipse subbed K-ON.

  107. 107 Tweekz

    “Majority of people who view this site don’t give two shits about translation errors. As long as they can get the general meaning or there of of the episode and whats going on, who cares.”

    My response: Yo Aero, there’s a reason why I said “majority”? Also how can you care about a translation error, if you don’t even know the japanese language. I don’t understand the language, nor do 95% of anime watchers. I wouldn’t have known that line in the K-ON preview was a translation error if Coalguys didn’t bring it up. To be honest they only brought it up for their own immaturity cause they feel its fun to make another group look bad in public. This is what i like to call junior high school drama. Grow up children.

    FYI I’m in my mid-twenties so no one starts questioning my age from my last comment.





  110. 110 heyheyhey

    I don’t get why you guys always bash Chihiro, they haven’t even done anything to you guys really. Plus, fansubbing isn’t a competition, it’s just to get the subs for people who don’t understand Japanese but love watching anime. So please, just stop the bashing.

  111. 111 Kanaka

    In before drama… wow am I f’ing slow or what 🙂
    Hi, how’s everyone doing?

  112. 112 Scorch

    There’s no need for you to bash them, I mean, nobody is perfect. Most of us here do not know / understand Japanese, so we probably do not know about the translation error. It’s fine if you merely wanted to point out their mistakes, but to put it in such a way is too much. Furthermore, your Japanese is not perfect, so why waste your time on trying to find errors in their subbing and criticize them for their poor translation when you may have some yourself instead of concentrating on subbing anime. Just leave them alone, they’re just doing what they love and want to do. If you don’t like it then don’t watch the anime released from them.

    Anyway thanks for subbing Toradora, enjoyed it.

  113. 113 Nanahara

    What’s wrong with pointing out translation errors and editing flaws? That is not bashing. Coalguys did offer to do a joint on K-ON!, and if Chihiro doesn’t want the competition or the drama they should take up the offer. Anyways, keep up the good work Coalguys!! I’m looking forward to K-ON! Almost 3 hours until the first episode!!!!

  114. 114 00

    chihiro staff = likes to tell fake stories -_-”

    @coalguys: did you subs conan vs lupin? (i found it at nyaatorrent this morning & it’s gone at the evening)

  115. 115 Wrong

    “Third and final, we are not “trolling” or trying to create dorama by pointing out flaws. I am always have huge disappointment with “oversub” – when more than one decent group subs a show. Chihiro will probably have several other shows, and I’d rather see them raise the quality of those shows and NOT do K-ON!”

    Wrong. You are trolling because you are pointing this out so the entire world can see it. If you really cared about the flaws you would have sent a private message to a chihiro staff member instead of humiliating them.

  116. 116 fsdaf


  117. 117 BowenArrow


  118. 118 Kenadian

    Sooo…so much for hating fansubber drama right?

  119. 119 Boogstyle

    trolling is srs bsns

  120. 120 DaVince

    Can’t you tell the Chihiro guys directly? I come here for the nice subs and then crap like this is mixed inbetween all of the nice blog posts.

    I understand you want Chihiro to improve, but does it really have to be done in such a public and harsh way?

  121. 121 MasterKeaton

    drama drama drama

    also subs where, etc.

  122. 122 Yoshio

    Thank you…

    calling them out on their translation quality just made my day… especially since so many people don’t realize how often they screw up translations

  123. 123 TIM


  124. 124 anon

    Chihiro never was a “last resort” becouse sux to much.
    Die Chihiro, Die!!!

  125. 125 hurrr

    Jesus fucking Christ. You complain about drama and then you start it? Grow up.

  126. 126 Mako

    chihiro vs coalguys blah blah… and about “taking fansubbing seriously”… when do we get k-on!?

  127. 127 NickLesS

    Did you upload torrent for K-ON! just now? Or am I downloading troll K-ON in ur website?

  128. 128 nanashisan

    Well, I’ve a PhD in Japanese, so I know the language…
    Btw, I’m an Italian fansubber and Italian groups usually use english script for their releases… that’s why I watched/read a lot of works released by Chihiro and Coalguys (and other groups of course).
    Well, thx guys for your efforts, but the sad truth is:
    Chihiro: 4/10
    Coalguys: 5/10
    …well, even gg get it wrong sometimes (I just saw sky crawlers), ochikomamaide! 😉

  129. 129 aero

    “if you don’t even know the japanese language.”
    I think everyone who watches anime enough can catch a few errors here & there. At least, I can.(I know how some of the words sound and their meanings)
    Besides, at the very least I have a good enough grasp of English and I can tell that in the situation that person can’t be joining since she was probably already in the club. You can tell that at least from the trailer.

    @Anonymous: you mean that sucked? I didn’t get that release. I think I went for SS-Eclipse.
    @woootskie: yo SH anime mod! SH member here lolx.

    And well, CoalGuys already admitted they like the troll. Not everyone likes the trolls, but some do. They are perfect as entertainment for some people.

  130. 130 Anonymous



    that is all

  131. 131 Nicklost

    fagots que sou

    i coming for troleig

  132. 132 Anonymous

    Ahahaha, keep on trolling.

  133. 133 Kou

    Sadly, I’m gonna go with Chihiro because you guys subbed the alarm clock, and put translator notes…no one needs that. Unless that wasn’t you guys, and was someone posing as you to make you look bad. I don’t think it was fake though so. Thanks for Toradora tho. I see no point in translator notes, if people can’t figure stuff out without them it’s their own problem. Most people can figure it out with just translations and context clues. Sorry if I sound rude.

  134. 134 Ipsod

    Translating is for the birds. Fuck everyone.

    Just watch the RAWs.

  135. 135 Josh

    Kou – I wouldn’t be shocked if CoalGuys got trolled, since Chihiro’s did too, though it seems like an awfully lot of trouble to actually sub the episode, unless they were just putting crap in the text (which wouldn’t be shocking).

    At first I thought the notes and stuff were done to make fun of ADV’s CLANNAD release (which has an excessive amount of translator notes), but then when the translation of the lines started getting weirder and weirded, I started wondering what the heck was up.

  136. 136 Anonymous

    .ass where?

  137. 137 arthurprescott2

    seriously hope the K-ON release in your name wasnt yours at all… plz?
    the first couple mins were ok at best and then when yui is in the classroom with her friend the subs just went haywire… completely off-script – anyway good luck getting the real one out

  138. 138 Kou

    Yeah, I take back my earlier comment…there’s no way that’s CoalGuy’s subs. I’m sorry for posting what I did earlier.

  139. 139 Anonymous

    Sub verification:

    1)Open a new tab.
    3)Search for K-ON release post.
    4)If no post…

  140. 140 Techno Spice

    Wait, this isn’t some kind of hilarious April Fools thought up as a joint joke betwixt Chihiro and Coalguys? I thought it was some kinda “haha we troll ur sub, you troll ours, we drink a beer together in the back room and laugh as the fans all flip out over it.”

  141. 141 Silent Xenocide

    What’s with all these people complaining at CoalGuys for this post?
    For one, it is not bashing, you people saying so should learn what the word means. CoalGuys provided valid criticism on a shitty translation from Chihiro, a group that claims to be a quality sub group. If Chihiro didn’t do such a shitty job in the first place, CoalGuys would have nothing to call them out on. What’s wrong with pointing out the mistakes in Chihiro’s work? Maybe it will convince Chihiro to work a bit harder so the same thing doesn’t happen again.

  142. 142 Anonymous

    The front page of TT is completely flooded with fucking troll subs. Save yourself some HDD space and wait a few days.

  143. 143 Limabeanz

    Well it looks like the troll went crazy on tokyotosho…

  144. 144 Limabeanz

    Oops I didn’t refresh before I posted.

  145. 145 Britannian Anon

    Yo guys, I know it takes away your motivation but is there any chance Akikan! will be finished, I really don’t want to use the other groups shitty subs (Chihiro) when I like the show so much.


  146. 146 Koniac

    “Wrong. You are trolling because you are pointing this out so the entire world can see it. If you really cared about the flaws you would have sent a private message to a chihiro staff member instead of humiliating them.”

    In that case, DarkMirage trolled the fuck out of Lolfang last year. It’s not trolling, it’s pointing out flaws that they can work on. For example, me pointing out a flaw to work on would be capitalizing “Chihiro.” By your logic, I would be trolling you by saying that.

  147. 147 This is Troy

    jesus, there were like 5 fakes on there.

  148. 148 zeroryoko1974

    There is a sub out on Tokyo Tosho for ep 1 attributed to your group, but it looks like it’s a joke or troll sub track

  149. 149 LeftArrow

    LOL really you dumb ass idiots thought that the stuff you saw on tokyoshoto was legit? And then come to this website to ask if its legit?

    Use your brain, if it was legit then they would have posted it on their website. Its obvious it was a troll

  150. 150 The Hordesman


    Serious fucking business.

  151. 151 Andrew

    Yeah… Chihiro has always been last resort for me too.
    Sad to find out they were that bad at translation.

    I mean, I appreciate their work… but they shouldn’t
    do it, if they don’t know what they are really doing.
    You can take the other side of the argument too.

    In anycase…. looking forward to seeing your sub of
    K-ON! Love Kyo-Ani…. Keep it up, guys.

  152. 152 ano0n

    hahhahaa oh wow, look at those chihiro butthurt fans

  153. 153 Sparta

    lol u take them 2dabar|

  154. 154 Lud

    can someone explain the subject-object-agreement error? i don’t get it.

  155. 155 cleodux

    Reading some of the comment posts here, make me chuckle a bit. What the hell with you people bashing at Coalguys because of the entry post. This is their blog/site, and they have a freedom of speech doing everything that they want to, and subbing anime for your own comfort, don’t like it then don’t read the post and don’t come to the site, and also don’t download their subs.

    My self i like it the subs quality to be good, and i don’t give a damn how rude/jerk a group is so long theirs subs is readable, and i enjoy reading it.

  156. 156 Tweekz

    funny Cleodux. I agree, their site, they can post what they want. But in doing so the comment option was left open so with that being said we can also post in return in comments with what we feel we want to say. Called freedom of speech. Such a slippery slope ahahaha

    Also Cleo, to clarify, Coalguys is complaing about Chihiro’s translations, not the typesetting. lol

    P.S. There was a comment early about possibly Chihiro and Coalguys just sitting back drinking beers together laughing at all the comments posted, just laughing away. I think that is probably whats happening, and I would be laughing too, which I am.

  157. 157 Robbydesu

    hii~ first time here and first time commenting 🙂

    I can’t remember if i ever watched anything with you guys being the subgroup, but I came here since I got interested to K-ON! (although I can’t guarantee I’ll stick with it XD)

    I saw this post and i just have to say. TONS OF LOVE AND HUGS FOR YOU!!! You have no idea how frustrated I get whenever I download an anime episode….only to find out that the subs are crap. I’m not saying I’m an expert in japanese, I’ve only studied japanese for a couple of years, but I’ve still got tons to learn (my learning is on hiatus though), but when I start finding myself re-translating really simple and obvious lines while watching an anime, I get all =_= face.

    Chihiro are one of the subgroups that I have learned, the hard way, that they aren’t really the best out there (no offense to Chihiro fans). You don’t know how painful it was to watch Skip Beat! (when it was sitll being subbed) cuz their subs just didn’t make sense sometimes.

    Anyways, just want to thank you for putting this all out, Chihiro really needs a wake-up call. Now because of this post, I expect the utmost best subbing from you guys!! (hahaha do you feel the pressure :P?)

  158. 158 Max_Otaku

    Drama is always amusing, but to be honest, it’s also fracking childish. Wasting time pointing out the flaws in another groups one of many projects while only subbing one show yourself is pretty arrogant, you are light years away from earning the right to be such a primadonna.
    Instead of wasting time trashing someone else’s work how about you put that effort into doing your own work, if you are so great, prove it, dazzle us with your accomplishments. We are all waiting to be impressed.

  159. 159 DarknessAngel

    fail topic … you both suck , live with it and stop looking more retarded then you already are

  160. 160 Nayah

    Darkmirage hit Nyoron ALOT HARDER and the crowds (well, most of them) were a lot more supportive of his crusade. Half the crowds here are obviously people just never pay attention to what they are watching. A little common sense plus actually caring about what your “idols” stand for will help to make your argument look a lot more coherent.

    Oh, i avoid Chihiro like the Plague.

  161. 161 FANSUB ROBOT


  162. 162 Aenonar

    I find it hilarious how people get upset about a simple little troll that proves how horrible Chihiro’s subs are. And the fact that people don’t care if the subs are correct or not. Why do you even get a sub if you don’t care about the content? Geez, the fansubbers could just as well make a standardized sub and add it to every episode cause obviously no one really cares if it doesn’t match what’s really being said.

    Just take the troll for what it is. It sure helped me by giving me yet another reason to avoid Chihiro’s subs. And Chihiro should take it as a reason to improve their translations. If you feel like watching Chihiro’s crappy subs just because of a simple troll, it’s YOUR loss. I’m here for the actual story the way it’s supposed to be, not something someone made up by themselves. If I just wanted to get some bogus translation with moving pictures I’d do it myself.

  163. 163 Aenonar

    Robbydesu (April 3, 2009 at 6:22 am) says it really well. Even I with my simple 2 year “learn by hearing” Japanese could spot that simple error. -.-

  164. 164 cnet128

    I find it somewhat amusing that the guy who wrote this posted “Subject-object agreement, learn it for fucks sake” after mistakenly calling “wo”, the object particle, the “subject particle”.

    …or was that part of some kind of over-convoluted joke? ~_~

  165. 165 lol


  166. 166 all in good fun

    wow there are some funny posts. normally i pretend that I’m the only one on the internet and the rest of you people don’t exist, but a good troll is a good troll.

  167. 167 Kevin

    Pathetic children feeling the need to fit in comes together and insult Coalguy just because he found something that he considers an insult to fansubbers(“HE CONSIDERS” which means an opinion”. But people who are clearly not subbers take up arms and defend something to grab attention, or to sound like they are finally part of a cause. “Oh look some guy posted that coalguy trolled,shit I should do that.”
    As if any of you give a damn about fansubbing other than to get your fix, and pretending to have a voice. I think I saw the same comment in different variations like 8 times on this post alone. Hey at least try to be an individual and give a valid, non inflammatory comment on the subject. Thanks for making what could have been a discussion on quality control in different fansubbing groups including this one, into a annoying childish piece of shit rant with almost identical points of view coming from both sides.

  168. 168 coalcunts

    fuck off u miserable bastard and get a grip no1 gives a fuck on ur opinion of other groups.

  169. 169 Garyuu

    You should worry about your own translators instead of some other group’s. If someone else screws up, why should you care? That doesn’t effect your work. If you are so “superior” then people will notice while watching these shows. They don’t need you whining about it. Do even think Chihiro would care? From what I’ve seen they seem to act more maturely.

  170. 170 Ek

    Bahaha, I always love me some good drama. It’s a competitive field, you gotta take opportunities like this by the balls if you’re gonna stay in the game.

    Cheers for this, I had a nice lol. I’ve never even seen their subs, but I feel as if I shouldn’t. And all these tarts spouting shit about just to worry about your own subs are all lame.

  171. 171 Apple

    I’ve heard that the founder of Coalguys was an ex-member of Chihiro, he’s/she’s probably annoyed because Chihiro now has new translators and editors and is trying to vent his/her anger by doing all this drama. I personally don’t care, in fact I enjoy reading all these troll posts. I wonder why other people are getting so annoyed after reading this post, @Coalguysfanclub- it’s not like the founder of Coalguys is your wife/husband. @Coalguyshateclub – it’s not like the founder of Coalguys is your ex-wife/ex-husband.

  172. 172 RogerOskaner

    Ahaha, people are actually defending Chihiro. Hilarious.

  173. 173 foolish mortal

    it’s more surprising that people are defending a bunch of arrogant pricks who talk high and mighty but can’t get it right themselves

  174. 174 Garyuu

    It doesn’t matter who the fansub group is. It just is immature, and unprofessional. It’s not that big deal. Neither group is any good.

  175. 175 huy

  176. 176 Anonymous

    I can’t believe you guys are still going on about this.

  177. 177 Johnny Faux


  178. 178 Dave

    And this is why the anime fansub scene is laughable.

  179. 179 tomoe

    Well done.

  180. 180 Sasha


    ***** *****
    ******* *******
    ********* *********


  181. 181 Modhesh

    Wow.. just Wow!..

  182. 182 Anon

    At least Chihiro finished Akikan.

  183. 183 Anon

    I love you both equally so stop fighting 🙁

  184. 184 tatsujin

    you guys should concentrate on what your doing. ignore chihiro and the rest of the other fansubbers. i love all fansubbers, they bring us anime … regardless! and its free!

  185. 185 -.-'

    If i had to choose, i would choose Coalguys.

    but I still don’t get why you are after Chihiro

  186. 186 Valrox

    Bitch moar please. I’m happy that Chihiro subbed ‘Rosario + Vampire’ since not many subbers were interested in the anime. And they did it quite well actually.

  187. 187 rime_

    Why do you guys care that bashing causes drama. Last time I checked, drama is great fun. Is it really wrong for Coalguys to bash another subber on THEIR OWN SITE? And do some of you people defending Chihiro even understand Japanese enough to realize how often they fuck up? How can some of you claim that Chihiro is doing a good job without having any real experience in Japanese?

    Short version: <3 Coalguys

  188. 188 crane game

    yes, chihiro failed in so many points. but coalguys, you’re not the best fansub. there are so many subs that better than you are. maybe you win over chihiro now because no other fansub take this series.

  189. 189 yo

    At least Chihiro do KARAOKE in the opening.

  190. 190 retsnom

    “At least Chihiro do KARAOKE in the opening.”

    Either a great troll or a giant fag

  191. 191 Kandis Marichalar

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  192. 192 Stealthmomo

    I am thankful for ALL fansubbers, even the ones that may mess up sometimes. It is way better that the horribly dubbed, censored, needlessly changed and recut GARBAGE from every so-called ‘professional’ (read corporate) entity. FUNimashit. Call it being Sakuraed (anyone familiar with the butchery Nelvana committed to Cardcaptor Sakura). I now hear that MX Media is going to stop honorifics in their translations. A “creative decision” they claim. Well, what happens to all the jokes or subtle character development that relies on honorifics? Guess they will make up their own dialogue. That must be where the “creative” comes in.

    Thank god for CoalGuys, Underwater, SubDESU… ALL of them. Even Chihiro. Thank you guys. I am beginning courses to learn Japanese soon. I will be happy to help out somebody once I am knowledgeable. And I can translate for myself if something bad ever happens to the fansub community.

    Just to be clear, American dubbed anime is a steaming pile of offal, geared to the average American (i.e. Nascar-loving, sister-fucking, inbred, mouth-breathing dolts living in a double-wide). Fuck them all.

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    Chihiro, please take fansubbing seriously at CoalGuys

  202. 202

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