Asu no Yoichi! 12 (End)

Finally, this show is over. (FUCK YEAH)

So after 12 episodes of hurr and durr, this is my tier list:


Enjoy your last episode toka.

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Oh and also: I guess we’re open for recruiting (translators only), message Mango-chan / Jaka on IRC. Thanks.

32 Responses to “Asu no Yoichi! 12 (End)”

  1. 1 Guest

    Thx CoalGuys 4 d hard work on this series!

  2. 2 PBJT

    Thanks! What series are u guys going to pick up for next season besides K-ON?

  3. 3 question

    will there be WS encode and rls of this series from you guys?

  4. 4 Colton

    Thankz For all the Hard Work!

    Great Job!

  5. 5 Bilal

    Thanks guys, good anime, hopefully the ending is good, gogo Ayame

  6. 6 Question

    CoalGuys, may I know whether u drop Akikan! or not? Because it is been quite a few weeks since you stopped Akikan! episode 7.

  7. 7 AnimeJunky

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo I don’t want it to end.=[ Thanks for the release.

  8. 8 Boogstyle

    another day, another release. and what do you know? another finish to another series. keep up the great work CoalGuys, you guys rock!

  9. 9 Exias

    thx for the hardwork

  10. 10 LeonCloud

    Thanks for the show

  11. 11 BowenArrow

    why do you sub shows you don’t like? just say fuck this and don’t do it, dumb shit faggot coalfags

  12. 12 LIER


    Kiss kiss CoalGAYS

  13. 13 BlueDragon

    Thanks for doing this series I have really enjoyed it πŸ˜›

    Good Luck on your future projects πŸ™‚

  14. 14 404 Not Found

    another anime done then 😐 … “now i don’t have to come in and read your blog since you’ve got no shows to sub”… but one thing is sure … i will definitely keep visiting your blog. Being a lonely troll if thats needed to make you feel good and keep subbing πŸ˜‰

    anyway … have you thought about subbing the remaining episodes of toradora (the episodes that you’ve missed/skipped)?
    would be awsome to see a ‘coalguys’ batch on boxtorrents … which is like the mekka of all fansub groups, once you’ve reached the point where your fansubs gets uploaded on that tracker you’ve really succeeded as a fansub group … or whatever ;P

    will thank you for this episode and for all of your effort making the subs πŸ™‚

    // 404-NOT FOUND-CHAN

  15. 15 Doomzzg

    Damn that was fast.

  16. 16 SnooSnoo

    Btw, you mentioned in your previous post that the seiyuus for K-ON! needs to be changed. Why? The 30s trailer didn’t show much, but I couldn’t catch anything too wrong there.

  17. 17 NRLeels

    That was a disgusting ending to a fairly good anime. Akikan as a whole scores a higher rating now, and isn’t it ironic that you postponed it instead now. Thanks anyway for the subs.

  18. 18 lololololololol

    wuuuuut asu nno is waaaay better than akikan…i love the charackter models more and the main chrackter is just brilliant hes kinda naruto/goku type of guy!!..they have to make more episodes

  19. 19 Sync

    Heh, Asu no Yoichi is done now…
    how about finishing Akkikan? πŸ˜€

    Thanks for all your hard work,
    did love my animus! :3

  20. 20 P

    Thanx guys for the fantastic job you delivered on this show(Y).
    I am looking forward to K-ON πŸ˜€

  21. 21 Rewston

    Thanks for bringing this to us :3

  22. 22 Anonymouse

    Finally decided to post a reply ^^ Thanks for all the work you put into this series, hope that K-On becomes another one of your succesful projects. I really love the quality of the subs Coalguys make so hope you stay in the fan-subbing scene for a long long—-long time XD

  23. 23 Ren

    wow i had low expectations for this show and the ending was far worse then what i thought it could be…on another note hope there season 2 will do better. gj on the subs im sure ill be watching some of the spring season shows from u guys

  24. 24 Drax

    Yeah, I got a few hearty laughs out of this, mainly from how bad this was to how ridiculous some things transpired. Then again, it’s fuckin’ anime.

  25. 25 ANY!FTW!

    I dont care what CoalGuys sub cause it’ll be fookin kickass work!

  26. 26 noushi

    thanks for subbing asu :>

  27. 27 ashlee123

    thanks for the release. Are you guys gonna do the DVDs??

  28. 28 Viper-chan

    thx for making this series possible Coal-Guys πŸ™‚

  29. 29 Shuffleblade

    Just gotta ask, anyone understand what was going on with Washizus friend, getting smaller and smaller and in the end being…. a girl in Washizus vision?

  30. 30 Nathan G

    yeah i was wondering on that to i dont check this site much but can someone email me at [email protected] about Toriga (think thats how its spelt) getting smaller and being a chick in Washizus vision =p ty

  31. 31 none

    Great, now Akikan.

  32. 32 lordzenchi


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