Asu no Yoichi! 11

Site was down and that delayed a few things…

I should take fansubbing a little more seriously -v-

Download : [ Torrent | Script ]

48 Responses to “Asu no Yoichi! 11”

  1. 1 fag

    I din’t think it works that way. Thanks though.

  2. 2 Peace on you

    Yeah! Be fucking serious~~

  3. 3 lol

    No you shouldn’t. You should quit fansubbing. Then we won’t have to put up with your shitty translations scaring away good groups from good shows.

    cool logic bro, feels great to have “good groups” fearing a shitty group like us -v-

  4. 4 Rifer

    You should quit fansubbing. Anyway for those who want Asu no Yoichi from a serious group, there is Chihiro ( They are more Fast subber than quality subber but they are fast, funny and not complaning at every release.

    >>Chihiro >>Serious

  5. 5 Vladson

    Anyway for those who want Asu no Yoichi from a serious group

    F*ck the quality, i need speed !!!

  6. 6 Bilal

    Thanks Coalguys πŸ™‚

    Love waiting for your subs, much better than the ones from arrogant fansubbers who think theirs are better

  7. 7 aero

    can idiots who don’t like CoalGuy’s subs GTFO? seriously…
    and, why not just take it like you usually do?

  8. 8 BowenArrow

    How come Chihiro can do so many shows and still bring them out on time? You guys are just too lazy. fat fagots

    tl note: i don’t tl asu no yoichi

  9. 9 lol

    thanks! it appears i am one of the few that like quality > speed. i refrained from watching the shitsux subs and waited for these so thanks. and please don’t try to be coal by like dropping the series before it ends ;-; i love this anime.

  10. 10 jaws

    If you guys aren’t happy with coalguys releases just f*** off and stop complaining about them….
    In other words, thanks for your great work coalguys!

  11. 11 sidke

    Maybe because they don’t do them well?

    Thanks a ton, CoalGuys!

  12. 12 nish

    comon now, Coalguys
    Dont slip up on Akikan :/
    But good to see new releases as always.

  13. 13 Doctor

    Thx Coalguys ! U r the best, not like ultimately lame chickwhoroe or whatever their name is . Coalguys FTW !

  14. 14 magicminus

    Eighter you stay in buisness or you quit. If you stay, be happy about it.

    jesus fucking christ kid, bitching about it != disliking it

  15. 15 Rerudem

    Long live the Coal!

  16. 16 Tousen


  17. 17 Jay

    Thanks to the concept of free market, if you don’t like CoalGuys subs, you can go purchase better subs. The market share will reflect quality/satisfaction, and when CoalGuys falls into financial trouble for being unable to sell their subs, that’s when they’ll start stepping up quality.

    Oh wait, what’s that? All subs are free? Then anyone who complains is a huge butthurt faggot.

    Anyway, good job as always, CoalGuys. Looking forward to more from you.

  18. 18 Moargazm

    Thanks for the ep bra.

    I can’t rely on the grammar-retarded, editorless, encoding-braindead fucks at chihiro. <3

  19. 19 Dana

    god, people need to quit bitching. people take time and effort to make fansubs and get NOTHING in return, who the hell are we to make demands at all?
    errrr but yeah whenever you want to sub that toradora series finale… i’ll be waiting >_>

  20. 20 Drummin

    Thanks for the episode CoalGuys. I downloaded the Chihiro release just to see what kind of work they did, and I about shot myself after two minutes of watching it. Can’t wait for you guys to release the finale to Toradora! Keep up the good work.

    Quality >> quantity/speed.

  21. 21 Jimothy

    All of these idiots saying Coalguys suck can’t tell the difference between what is good and what is bad, anyways.
    Keep it up Coalguys.

  22. 22 404 Not Found

    shanks alot πŸ™‚

    baba ganoush!

  23. 23 P

    Thnx guys for the great release;)
    F*ck those haters, cuz they don’t have any selfrespect.
    Keep up the good work πŸ˜€

  24. 24 ANY!FTW!

    Thanks after watching a couple chihiro releases of AnY! I definitely prefer CG’s work on everything CG releases.
    Chihiro doesnt even get the title of the episodes right

  25. 25 Basara

    since I don’t watch any anime until the weekend, i prefer quality over speed. That’s why I choose staying w/ quality subbers like doremi, coalguys among others.

    I watched akikan 8 from chihiro and definitely speed isn’t always better, specially in their case. Dude, please sub Akikan… don’t leave me with the bad aftertaste of a chihiro release of it… ggggaaaaaaggg…… Oh, and thanks for this release, as well πŸ˜›

  26. 26 doesnt work? y am i blocked?


  27. 27 ANY!FTW!

    CG works is the best on yoichi and toradora not elses work is good enuff.
    chihiro is ok for some stuff but yoichi or toradora

  28. 28 ANY!FTW!

    CG works is the best on yoichi and toradora no elses work is good enuff.
    chihiro is ok for some stuff but yoichi or toradora

  29. 29 Ichigo-chan

    I’m one of the peoples who rather have quality than speed. i can wait for coalguys fansubs because their sooo much better than Chihiro. and plus the people here probably have LIFES rather than Chihiro.

  30. 30 Teh Cookie

    lol i love how ppl come here to bitch and advertise about other groups, if you don’t like coalguys then why are you here in the first place?

    anyways thanks for the sub, and i can’t wait for toradora!!!

  31. 31 AnimeJunky

    Glad to see you are building up more courage.=] Thanks for the release. I hope you start subbing Akikan again soon.^^

  32. 32 jobobmcgruff

    lots of tolls means your doing a good job, don’t let them get to u though.

    P.S. thanks for the hard work coal guys

  33. 33 ι­‚ι­„γ€€ε¦–ε€’

    ι Όγ‚€γ‚ˆγ€‚

  34. 34 BlueDragon

    Awesome Thanks for hard work I will enjoy πŸ˜€

  35. 35 BlueDragon

    just finished downloading and noticed that we have another 4351 people that have finished the file on the day of release and its not even evening Awesome xD

  36. 36 Tyler

    Thanks for the subs. There’s been an inordinate amount of trolling subbers and scanners on 4chan lately, don’t take anything too seriously.

  37. 37 Chan

    Thanks for the subs guys. Ignore the trolls and please keep subbing ;]


  38. 38 Blargh

    Toradora! Fucking now.

  39. 39 Anonymous

    disable comments
    disable messages
    regestered downloading only
    profit like a mother fucker.

  40. 40 nobody

    fcking is like playing with us >..<
    already im watching Asu no Yoichi ep11 from other site…i prefer sub by coalguys but i can not watching it again T^T

  41. 41 Icy-nee-san

    Fansubbing? Seriously? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!1!1

  42. 42 Coronia

    I can’t believe this Chihiro Vs Coalguys bullshit is still going on.
    No offense to CoalGuys, but I prefer Chihiro. However, this does not mean I do not respect CoalGuys. Love your Toradora releases and I would probably have watched your Asu no Yoichi releases if I did not find them on Chihiro first, but that is how it goes.

    Both groups have my support.

    Peace out, yo!

    P.S. People like RIFER and BOWENARROW should lie dead in a ditch somewhere, there is no need to BASH CoalGuys and promote Chihiro like that. TBH, If I was a fansubber and had supporters like you, I would probably stop subbing.

  43. 43 someguy

    Hiya, im behind a torrent block here at uni, so if you could put the DDL for this ep, it’d be awesome Thanks!

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    For once, I completely agree.

  45. 45 Cheap Shower Enclosures

    I will come back.

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