Toradora! 23

Okay, let me make a few things clear (It looks like I have to every single fucking week):

1) I’m not really sure if it’s a “drop” or not, but I’m sure it’ll be quite a stall. As you see, I was sick last week due to pushing myself too much (durr), however, I do hope you understand I am a student, I study, I have homework, I have exams to worry about. Anyhow, I am also prioritizing Toradora over everything else I’m doing because I enjoy it the most, I believe most of you do, too. Doing 4 shows this season was somewhat of a mistake. I planned 3, but the 4th one just somehow… “happened”. So I apologize for letting down people who are looking forward to it. m(_ _)m

2) Regarding donations: Please, a donation is a donation, you’re not “donating” to us so that we’d sub a show. I will continue to sub no matter if I receive donations or not. It’s just that donations help us to smooth things out and make things easier. I am doing this as a hobby, I enjoy it. So if you’re planning to “donate” to us so that we will sub something: don’t donate, I mean it.

Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script | DDL ]

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186 Responses to “Toradora! 23”

  1. 1 naumedey-kun

    finally i can watch 🙂

  2. 2 Wcastro

    Arigatou coalguys.

  3. 3 Jelly


  4. 4 Mako

    many thanks

  5. 5 Jelly


  6. 6 Detective

    Lol thanks /a/

    “Don’t donate”
    I really want to donate now


    Domo Arigato!!



  9. 9 Wcastro




  10. 10 themaster

    YES! THANKS! I was expecting having to wait another few hours.

  11. 11 Radiance

    Woo, early release.

    Love you :D.

  12. 12 anonymoose

    thanks broski

  13. 13 TheWashitsu

    Thanks guys!

  14. 14 Dr.Tenma


  15. 15 Nanahara

    Thanks for the sub!!

  16. 16 apeshark

    thanks as always!

  17. 17 TriAxis101

    Thankyou; you are the leetness! ^-^

  18. 18 roBernd

    I’m so grateful… really I mean it.
    Thank you very much. orz

  19. 19 dudeman

    Wow, early release tonight.


  20. 20 Lier

    For point 1.

    I REALLY DIDN’T care you student or what ever fucking you say. You want say student or employee or joblessness ya what ever. I just REMIND YOU, YOU ALREADY MAKE THIS GRUP NAME “COALGUY” AND WHEN YOU MAKE THIS GROUP YOU, YOU ALREADY REALIZE YOU WILL LOST MANY TIME FOR THIS….. SO…… DON’T USE YOUR STATUS
    “I was sick last week due to pushing myself too much (durr), however, I do hope you understand I am a student, I study, I have homework, I have exams to worry about.” BLA BLA BLA.


    fuck you, I do whateverthefuck I want. fuck off and never come back

  21. 21 df00z

    Thanks, you’re awesome!

  22. 22 LeftArrow


    and wow you are fucking fast!

    And I’d like to see akikan subbed eventually. but if it means getting in the way of other stuff then i could care less.

  23. 23 fucklier

    just have to say, fuck lier, and thanx for the release

  24. 24 naumedey-kun

    Lier = LOL SICKO.. maybe a chihirot faggot lurking in here

  25. 25 fisheric

    Lier, i hope you are just being sarcastic.


    Im not sure if i understood what you were talking about 3 episodes. do you mean you were only going to do 3 episodes?

  26. 26 lol @ lier

    hmm lier doesn’t look like its english subs you need…

    good work coalguys

  27. 27 serin

    thanx for the release

  28. 28 LeftArrow

    Leir is a douche ignore him

    Why the fuck should coalguys care about what people like Leir thinks? This is not their business this is their hobby. They’re doing this for free so other people can enjoy anime shows, they probably loose money every month because of the cost of running the site.

    And lets be honest, akikan isn’t that good, its interesting, kind of like flavor flav interesting, you watch it to see what weird things the people say and for the scantly clad women and occasional fight

  29. 29 LeftArrow

    and ahahhahaha lol @ lier

  30. 30 Grunger

    thanks dude!
    although I find the coments a little harsh (just a little xD), your studiying is priority, so you shouldn’t even apologize or anything to the leechers.
    On the other hand, I think maybe… 90% of Fansubs in other languages (spanish, german, french, etc) depend on your version for fansubbing, so it’s quite a world-wide dilema your situation xD

    peace from Chile 😀

  31. 31 Tsubori Locka

    Thanks for the goodie.

  32. 32 lol @ lier

    yea lets be honest akikan isn’t worth any subbers time

  33. 33 Nanahara

    Lier, eat a bag of dicks!!!

  34. 34 RDS

    My favorite day of the week 😀
    Thank you for another great sub good sir and I sincerely hope your studies are going well and you get better soon.

  35. 35 naumedey-kun

    lol yeah, lier dont need english subs.. what he needs is to attend english class

  36. 36 Lier

    For point 2.

    Look “I will continue to sub no matter if I receive donations or not. It’s just that donations help us to smooth things out and make things easier.”



    “P.S. Regarding our donations, our target is now 58e/month, we changed it because we realized we’ll never get an encoding server (IT’S LIKE A DREAM), moreover, I already spend 600$ myself getting a new computer, so whatever. Once again, thanks to those who have already donated. (donations.txt will be updated soon)”


  37. 37 LeftArrow

    I hate seeing people correct other people’s English when theirs isn’t right

  38. 38 Cronus

    Either Lier is a skilled troll or he’s serious. If he’s a troll, props to him, he caused a lot of people to bite (including me). I give him a score of 85/100. He’s got the basics down: close-mindedness, insensitivity, defending a retarded claim + ALL CAPS.

    If he’s serious, same comment as above applies. LOL @ Lier

  39. 39 BowenArrow

    Who gives a shit about if you’re sick nigger. No one cares Jaka. I’m also a student and I have other priorities to take care of, BUT I DO SUB MY SHOWS. Look at Hyakko and World Destruction. psh. You suck Coalguys. I have a girlfriend who I fuck everyday, but do you see me complaining about being sick of the tight pussy she gives me everyday? fuck you

    lol shrimped dick faggot

  40. 40 Hey!

    Question…I can’t watch it apparently because its a mkv file…anyway I can turn it into a mp4 or wmv?

  41. 41 jcs (lier=fagotron)

    I learned a new word today! OTSUKARESAMA!

  42. 42 Nanahara

    BowenArrow, you can join Lier and dine on that bag of dicks together!!!

  43. 43 Nanahara

    And if you “fuck” your “girlfriend” everyday, you must have a small dick if she’s still tight!!

  44. 44 InuyashaX

    We all should be thankful that coalguys spent time on subbing while juggling other works as well. Well.. If anyone out there thinks they can do a better job subbing animes.. Go Ahead And Do It!
    Dont Complain! Be Patient For Your Next Episode!

    Even if you learn Japanese and no longer have to wait for subs..
    you will probably complain to the anime producers for being late..


  45. 45 Radiance

    Just saw the episode.


  46. 46 Lier

    Oh Yeah For MY FANS *kiss* *kiss*
    or for anyone who didn’t like my Comment in her *kiss* *kiss*

    I REMIND YOU. HERE FOR COMMENTS “Toradora! 23” release by COALGUYS and for “Okay, let me make a few things clear (It looks like I have to every single fucking week):

    1) I’m not really sure if it’s a “drop” or not, but I’m sure it’ll be quite a stall. As you see, I was sick last week due to pushing myself too much (durr), however, I do hope you understand I am a student, I study, I have homework, I have exams to worry about. Anyhow, I am also prioritizing Toradora over everything else I’m doing because I enjoy it the most, I believe most of you do, too. Doing 4 shows this season was somewhat of a mistake. I planned 3, but the 4th one just somehow… “happened”. So I apologize for letting down people who are looking forward to it. m(_ _)m

    2) Regarding donations: Please, a donation is a donation, you’re not “donating” to us so that we’d sub a show. I will continue to sub no matter if I receive donations or not. It’s just that donations help us to smooth things out and make things easier. I am doing this as a hobby, I enjoy it. So if you’re planning to “donate” to us so that we will sub something: don’t donate, I mean it.”


  47. 47 AnimeJunky

    Thanks for the release. I look forward to all your upcoming releases.^^

  48. 48 Dago

    Thanks for the early release.
    And i hope you guys wont drop Asu no Yoichi!,because the other group tha is subbing the latest eps isnt good.

  49. 49 Fludbucket

    Too much trolling AHHH!!1111

  50. 50 BowenArrow

    Nanafaggot you just mad cuz I’m gettin’ that pussy

  51. 51 Nanahara

    If i was a faggot, why would I be jealous about you getting pussy? Ignorant mother fucker!!

  52. 52 Teh Cookie

    sweet, you are amazing!

  53. 53 Nanahara

    Now go back to eating that bag of dicks you were enjoying. Or go back to fucking your blow up doll

  54. 54 lol @ lier

    BowenArrow gets LAID goddamit

    unlike ryuuji

  55. 55 Crushin

    sweet! Thanks for the subs! I seriously love you <3

  56. 56 kupi

    Thx a lot!

  57. 57 Tee

    As long as you get my toradora on time your a god.

    Less QQ about school though, please. This isn’t a fucking blog and we ALL go through the hardships of studying, homework, etc.

  58. 58 Boogstyle

    thanks for all the hard work. Three cheers for the amazing CoalGuys!


  59. 59 LurkingWilshy

    Tee please realize your an idiot kkthnx

    As for the sub… Tyvm <3

  60. 60 Fingo

    Thanks for the release. It’s your dedication to your HOBBY that makes people like your work. Thanks again it’s much appreciated.

  61. 61 Gogo!

    Yay! More Goodness! Thanks! DONT worry about us. Some of us needs constant rebuke to understand that your a normal person that does this for fun. Don’t waste your energy on do that =).

  62. 62 David Ikari

    As the recipients of free work supplied by CoalGuys, I don’t see how anyone (ie. Lier) could complain. We’ve made no investment for this work. It is being supplied for free, modified with subs created and distributed for free.

    At best, we have the right to comment on quality. But even that is a suggestion that the subbers can take on board if they feel it’s valid.

    If a show is late, wait. If you want it earlier: find another subbing group; do it yourself; import the original and have someone sub it for you. Else, live with it.

    As for CoalGuys: keep on keeping on, and thanks for the effort you put into this one!

  63. 63 Gunblader

    I just wanted to say thanks for your hard work, to my knowledge you’re the only one subbing toradora anymore, I really appreciate it.

    And forget those 2 idiots

  64. 64 renzen

    ignore the troll…
    thanks for the good work, this show changed so much from the first few episodes.

  65. 65 Zer0

    Ignore the hate. There’s more love here.

  66. 66 Aidan

    Awesome! Keep up the good work, and I hope you can resume work on Akikan soon.



  68. 68 Choke

    pick up maria holic plx!!11

  69. 69 Drummin

    LOL @ Lier!!!

    What are fucking 10 years old, dude? If you want to bitch that’s cool, but you may want to brush up on your English skills before you go off on a rant. Because as it is now, it’s just a bunch of broken sentences that don’t make sense. A+ for effort, but alas you fail horribly now and always, you cold-hearted prick.

    Anyway, as always thanks for the great sub CoalGuys!!! Can’t wait for next weeks finale.

  70. 70 mackyman

    @lier, I really hope you ain’t that stupid… Let’s leave it at that!

    @CoalGuys: Thanks a lot for the subs and good luck catching up with your homework after the sickness! Keep the good work up!

  71. 71 DunderAxel

    No more Akikan? Aww.

  72. 72 DunderAxel

    I knew it wouldn’t work!

  73. 73 luke

    dude, if you’re sick and have other, more serious stuff to do, then do them and stall subbing for a while if you have to! some will wait patiently, others may not, but still end up with CG subs!

    ps: is it possible that you guys will sub episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 after the show ends? (while taking your time on it)

  74. 74 luke

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, nice pic! classic All Bundy expression!!!!!!!!! XD

  75. 75 base

    Trolls attract each other it seems 😉

    But seriously, thank you very much. It doesn’t make any sense to me that you put your hobby over your personal life or health but hey – if you really like it that much – good for me 🙂

  76. 76 Tsukino Kaji

    Fast work as always.
    And grats on not bastardizing the eps.

  77. 77 Zenchi

    That was an intense episode… whew! Can’t wait to see the last 2 epi. hopefully it gets even better! WAHAHAHAHA!!!

  78. 78 nemu

    wow what a speech is akikan now dropped or not

  79. 79 mudduck

    well lets not forget, coal guys is the only subber bringing toradora out this quickly, everyone else i see are stuck at around episode 12 or so, they do not care to release it that quickly, at least someone does it so we can enjoy it,

    so instead of complaining, you should be thanking him, and akikan is an ok show, so why not let an averageor lower group sub it for now,

    shows like toradora deserve great treatment, and shows like akikan deserve to wait, so if you doi it or not, oh well, jut keep up the good work on what ever you do, and i wont complain it toradora is not out right away

  80. 80 Joni

    Thanks again.

    You made it possible for me to enjoy this great show straight from the release.

    I hope you’ll find more anime like ToraDora to sub. I’ll be checking your releases out probably even after this show is over.

  81. 81 Cyber1

    Thanks for a sub, separate .ass is really appreciated (though it had to be retimed (-10 sec)x2 for watching with ad-free raw from Zero-Raws).
    My advice is: grow some skin. “Fuck you” answers just lower you to troll’s level, so just ignore trolling unless you can win by trolling a troll.
    Regarding ep.23, inevitable is coming head-on; poor Ami.. Seriously, would Ryuuji have some brains, he’d go marry successful Ami and adopt that little bitch he’s gonna end up with (no, I don’t know the ending; I still had some hopes, but now it’s just too obvious). I’ll still look forward to next ep(s), though )

  82. 82 jeffollo

    Hey man, Thanks for the hard work that you guys have put into this series, I am very thankful of you guys, keep up the good work, hope you recover soon and good luck on your school work ^^

  83. 83 Holydragon34

    Keep up the good work. Study hard, and get better

  84. 84 njohn

    Thank you very much for your work. I’m looking forward to your future projects.

  85. 85 404 - Not Found

    Bah! Man.. there are a lot of comments in this thread 😮
    2 bad there is so many negative comments!

    like 60 comments thanking you, 5 stupid trolling post, 30 comments trying to defend you (you deserve these imo!) and like 5-10 posts that have something they want to know… and i found one of these comments really intressting:

    Posted by Luke : ( March 12, 2009 at 10:39 pm )
    “ps: is it possible that you guys will sub episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 after the show ends? (while taking your time on it)”

    Probably the best post for many forums … since he must have been thinking somewhat like me regarding that question : ” I wonder if the coalguy will sub the missing episodes so you can make a nice batch out of all episode … so you don’t have to mix 2 groups. ”

    I’ve been watching this anime from the start … probably with all subs out there … and i came to one conclusion : Your subs where the most fitting for this anime. period. (so it would be a shame to have a… mix up batch in the end…) . I cant make you sub em, but I bet that everyone else that likes your subs would appreciate it!

    (though i can’t force you to sub em … I hope my post did atleast make you consider it 😉 )

    Take your time, don’t ever stress and let your schoolwork worse because of subbing, it not worth it … people can wait, thats what you have this thing named: patience for! 🙂

    …anyway, have to say thanks for the episode like everyone else (should!) … since this anime has been one of the few animes worth watching this season.

    Thanks, and keep on fighting in school and with the forumtrolls! 😉

    Best Regards // 404 – Not Found-Chan

  86. 86 Damnite``

    AWESOME EP !!!1!1!1§! I LOVE 😀

    I’m crazy about this anime!! Thank you so much and keep up this awesomeness work !!

  87. 87 korgito

    Haha… all i can say nice work trollers, forums will never be complete without you, you make me laugh and smile.. thanks.. haha

    o yah.. haven’t the episode yet, still on the process of downloading it.. thanks for the fast release mr.COal.. thank you very much..

    o yah.. if u ever get delayed it’s okei, i’m used to waiting.. can you believe it i’m still hoping that paradym would continue their work.. haha..

    godbless.. Mr.COAL.. more power.. 🙂

  88. 88 Domination

    Keep good work. and releasing this good quality fansub!

  89. 89 wizz

    thank you very much for all the subbing for toradora, and you are prioritizing it!

    i hope the fans are appreciating as much as i do

  90. 90 Lops

    Thanks as always.

  91. 91 Charcoal

    @ BowenArrow

    Who the hell brags about getting laid everyday?
    Seriously, you are a desperate liar.

  92. 92 sushi

    i love you so much, dude! itsumo honto ni aritou gozaimasu!
    only 2 more weeks you’ll be free from your first priority 😀

  93. 93 Packard20

    Thanks CoalGuys, as always, your bro’s.

  94. 94 Sarah

    Damn, in school atm and can’t watch it.. tysm anyway <3

  95. 95 Elea

    thank you, it was great !

  96. 96 nano32

    woot! thanks!

  97. 97 PhaxeNor

    Thanks for sub 🙂

  98. 98 S22


  99. 99 Stradaniye

    Is it just me, or is the link broken?

  100. 100 Eugenius

    thank you! yes keep Toradora as priority but dont wear yourself out 🙂

  101. 101 Jienn

    Thanks, without you guys i’ll be watching ‘nothing’ in Malaysia.
    Many of the fansubbers just went halted half way through the anime,
    GAM BA TEH!!!!!

  102. 102 mephisto

    TY so much again and again…

  103. 103 whtvr

    yeah the torrent link isn’t working for me either. use ddl instead. it’s faster anyway

  104. 104 Over99

    Comment #100, BITCH.

  105. 105 L

    It is amazing how immature some people can be- posting trolling comments and hate messages that don’t even have anything to do with the episode. I guess it’s to no surprise, as this IS the internet; the place where people abuse the relative anonymity bestowed upon them to start hate wars. CoalGuys, I, as an anime fan truly appreciate your efforts and sacrifices that you make to produce quality results that perpetuate the spirit of your hobby. I have seen many series myself and it is distressing when there are holes in the subs [i.e. half of the conversation was subbed, or a critical background voice wasn’t translated]; however that is not the case with your work. For that, I applaud. I could care less when you sub it, just go with the flow. Life isn’t so simple and easy as to allow you to be perfect (or even up to the standard of your ideals) all the time- so don’t fret, we’ll live if toradora is delayed X number of days because someone is sick.

    Thank you for your time~

  106. 106 Aguiar

    torrent didnt work for me either… as with all other links to

    but in my case the DDL is stupidly slow



  108. 108 whtvr

    yeah I just noticed that. funny – my speed was pretty good when I posted that comment..

    anyhow google and friends already picked up the torrent

  109. 109 lalalla

    wats with the flaming… chill guys

  110. 110 Aguiar

    hadnt thought on google the moment i posted it anyway (duh?)

    but now im getting it thks anyway

  111. 111 Keeper

    Uhm… lol…
    Anyway. In actual related commentness, many thanks for the release.
    Stay healthy =-]

  112. 112 BowenArrow

    so i woke up today and got some pussy. im bout to head off to school when i get back im getting more pussy. then sub quality anime. kthxbai

  113. 113 The N

    Again, thanks for your hard work subbing Toradora! The series will definitely leave a hole after its over. 🙁

  114. 114 Soulshade

    wow fast release nice one coalguys

  115. 115 Randinskilus

    That guy is probably a virgin, you guys rule coalguys! Thx for subbin this series and please keep up the good work (*’-‘)b

  116. 116 DaVince

    lol, lier doesn’t understand that being quite busy is quite a valid REASON to be slow.

    Thanks for subbing this awesome series, Coalguys. I’m enjoying tons.

  117. 117 Kelvets

    Way to go man, thanks for focusing on Toradora since it’s the only thing I download from you guys anyways =D

    Wonderful job as always!

  118. 118 kenbb48

    thank you for the work you have put into this. we are in your debt

  119. 119 Ryūji Takasu

    I am deeply touched on this entry. Doing a hobby not just for yourself but also to others. I thank you with tears of happiness for making subbed Toradora! possible. I promise to lend a donation after my graduation. Coalguys deserve my first salary. I’ll also cook something for you or you can just let me clean your bathroom and prevent mold from growing. 😉

  120. 120 Shuffleblade


  121. 121 desu

    How I spend my fridays (I’m on GMT):
    1) Wake up
    2) Set off download of latest episode
    3) Go college and work butt off
    4) Come home
    5) Watch Toradora!
    6) Sleep

    Some eating in between. What a day.

  122. 122 Anonymous bastard

    pfft akikan is much better than toradora.

  123. 123 Soulshade

    hang on dont coalguys need donations for keeping the site up at least?

  124. 124 Jeff

    =[ if this means you’re cancelling toradora please don’t. There are two eps left till the epic conclusion so please follow through~

  125. 125 Distrance

    Lier : One word. LOL.

    BowenArrow : Wait.. did you say Hyakko ? Look at how fucking much time you took to release each episode you being lazy asshole. Now shut the fuck up about you releasing shows on time faggot.

    Thanks to CoalGuys for release.

  126. 126 ohyes

    Awesome episode. CoalGuys FTW.

  127. 127 MaNiaC

    Lier = Queer.

    Thanks for the sub.

  128. 128 Basara

    Tonight I finally took the time to watch eps 19-23, big thanks CoalGuys!!!!
    I hope you don’t drop Akikan. I really enjoy that show… even if the sports and grape cans are kinda annoying. XD

    With that said, I’m in no way rushing you dude. As many here will know, finding time to do these side things while studying or working can be really hard at times.
    Heck, I still have over 3TB of anime, movies and series to catch up to since 4 years ago, cuz of my work. Your subs are among the few series I make time to watch in between trips or days with nothing better to do.

    Keep up the good work, and if you need to take a break (as all humans do from time to time), I’m sure we can all wait a few days for your releases, and find something better to do during that time (bowling, tennis, billards, spend time w/ the gf, wife, fam, pet, buds, or whatever comes to mind) aside from working or studying, of course.

    I still haven’t found the time to sub for my gf the original japanese assobot senki goku series that she so much likes. Until then, she’ll have to settle for the tv-rip dubs I got off CN a while ago…. So yeah, Kudos to u CoalGuys dude for actually doing this for us lazy fans 😛

  129. 129 hamtaro1234

    hey. I totally understand you dude. I’m sure everyone really enjoys what your doing. If your a student then of course its important to study. I for one really appreciate the fact that your doing it out of satisfaction. Keep it up dude. Ill Keep looking forward to your next submission.


  130. 130 EndlessDreams

    i love you!!

    daisuki !

    If you would release the other ep that you didn’t sub [Toradora]

    I’m sure I’ll donate some more funds for ya, I’m planning to donate 4 ya after the end of Toradora and Asu no Yoichi.

  131. 131 EndlessDreams

    Also, I understand that you didn’t drop Akikan

    just because you are sick,

    if you have some time plz sub Akikan 8th that you miss cause I want a collection with only your name on it lolz

    anotherthing- I just knew that you were a student, just like me so I totally fucking understand you

  132. 132 ANY!FTW

    Thanks for saving the underdog animes
    epi 23 at mega

  133. 133 BowenArrow

    Distrance: you just mad cuz im gettin dat pussy and yea i do release anime on time bitch. check my stats

  134. 134 DarkPuppet

    If it’s a hobby why push yourself to the point that your sick, or u remain sick…? prioritize dude…

  135. 135 love

    Thank you for the lovely episode! Don’t put the subs before your homework and health though. There’s only a few more episodes; people can wait. 😉

    To about half of the people in this thread: the trolls, stop feeding them.

    Looking forward to future eps from you CG!

  136. 136 shiken!

    Thanks for the subs as usual! One small complaint, though: I’m one of the 4 people who downloads your subtitle scripts (since episode 1, gg and qq days) rather than your actual videos, and use my own 720p HD raws. It’s a bit of a hassle to go through the work of re-adjusting subtitles since some raws include the 10 second sponsor thing and some don’t, (no big deal though really, I just had to highlight the subtitles after the OP and bring them back 10.5 seconds with a program) just to watch an episode of anime. Your usual raw group might’ve been late this week so it’s understandable, but maybe you could note which type of raw you’re using in each release.

    Looking forward to your finish of this series and more releases to come. 🙂

  137. 137 Johnny Showed Up Early

    Thanks for the work put into subbing this episode…!!! Everyone’s bitching about pairing Ryuuji up with her and her. You forgot one more, Yasuko. Hell it’s anime, incest is suppose to happen. She’s all over him anyways. Go Yasuko, take Toradora into a new level of echiness…!!!!!

  138. 138 Distrance

    LOL BowenArrow.

    I used to follow Hyakko but I had to move into different subs because your subs took WAY TOO LONG. So stfu.

    I don’t mind waiting but stop bashing CoalGuys for delays. Why the hell are you here anyway, you don’t watch the shows they sub so gtfo.

  139. 139 Jienn

    BOWENARROW how many pussies had you fucked… such a kid..

  140. 140 ARTA8SIMS

    Nice man. Thanks for the hard work. Make sure you don’t push your self too hard, we all worry about you man! Get some rest when you need them, looking after yourself is very important.

  141. 141 BowenArrow

    Jienn: I get plenty of pussy. When you have a girlfriend they tend to give it to you for free. 🙂

  142. 142 BowenArrow

    Whatever Distrance, you mad cuz i get pussy and I sub anime.

  143. 143 LurkingWilshy



  144. 144 Pimalee

    Thanks a lot for Toradora.
    Good luck for your exams and I think many of us will understand if you’re late for any show so, don’t push too much yourself because of that.

    (And hell yeah, I prefer Toradora over all the rest XD)

  145. 145 DunderAxel

    Wow Bowen, you truly suck.

  146. 146 Kenecix

    Thx alot

  147. 147 ToraDoraAddict

    Thanks man, i know you can have some people that think you ” have ” to sub for them. Like you’re supposed to sub these things. They don’t really understand that most of the time, its just either people having fun or doing things to help others. I appreciate you’re contribution with the toradora series. Its my fav one this year so far and i hope you get on the other really good shows, even though you have. ( Asu no Yochi, Akikan, ToraDora ) damn subbing to aru majutsu no index or michiko to hatchin would be an awesome thing, but i guess thats not going to happen. I can do all the technical shit myself when it comes to subbing, typesetting, kareoke, timing, encoding, everything. Im just not fluent in the japanese language so i can’t translate which sucks, because i wan’t to make my own subbing group sometime. But anyway, thanks man. Appreciate it, wish i could chip in some funds, but i got no way too atm. I will eventually, again thanks. ~Kev

  148. 148 elmasterdiego

    sorry to bother to come through this message but could ask if you could continue with the project maria Holice? because I think it stalled. thank you very much for your attention and congratulations for your excellent work in toradora

  149. 149 Frank

    Would there be any possibilities on you picking up Maria Holic, were GG left off. I mean GG stopped at 9 you would only have to do episode 10,11,12. It’s only 3 episodes. :S I’m just asking. Thank you.

  150. 150 nish

    Mango-chan, clearly you are being mega trolled by BowenArrow, just dont feed and ignore
    but back on topic, take your time to recover to full health.
    Also Akikan subbed by Chihiro is unwatchable, so im sticking with CoalGuys, unless you decide to drop it, and go MIA like gg.
    well, good talk.

  151. 151 BowenArrow

    Don’t worry Mayu-Genjo will sub all the necessary animes for you. (^^)y

  152. 152 Karin

    No “Akikan!” anymore by coalguys!!!

  153. 153 Lier

    Tsk Tsk Tsk

    I can’t speak english so good. But it’s ok, if you undestand my english LOL.

    LIER << From sunda (indonesia) mean Fuck Coalguys Mother / Fuck the human front you.

  154. 154 Lier

    (:| HOAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM I’m so tired read fucking comments like FUCKLIER ,

    naumedey-kun ,

    fisheric ,

    lol @ lier,

    Nanahara (YEAH I will eat your dick, come on cut your dick i will eat your dick . ARE U COURAGEOUS??? I WILL WAITING (:| HOAAAMMMMMM JUST BIG MOUTH you Nanahara),

    jcs (lier=fagotron) (i will teach you new WORD “SAYAH KAMPANG”),

    Drummin ( WOOOW SORRY GRANDPA I so stupid but i not FOOL Like you GRANDPA , HOW OLD ARE U??? 100 YEAR?? OH SO OLD??? Are You pee in pants? OH Sorry heard that :-” LA LA LA LA)

    DaVince ( ARE u didn’t understand the consequence ???? ck ck ck )

    mackyman ( I’m SORRY WACKYMAN ups wrong i meant WACKYMAN)

    MaNiaC ( QUACK QUACK QUACK ???? Oh there is MR DUCK IN HERE … )

    I LOVE THIS COME ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING MORE !!!!!!!

  155. 155 Lier

    Hemm i should make fans club… :-”


  156. 156 Terablast

    Thanks CoalGuys for the sub!! You guys does best….
    Be grateful u ungrateful bastards!!

  157. 157 Samheinwk

    Thanks heaps for the new ep and Keep up the good work!

  158. 158 aba03

    i’m actually shocked about people complaining.
    you get a free service of ones good will and you guys complain because this dude has real life to attend to?
    to the people complaining, get a life,
    learn to do it yourself if you don’t like how it’s done.

    it’s just a anime show, it will get here.
    coalguys are bigger than any of you after continuing this after all the BS they get. i wouldve flipped you off long ago.
    to all of coalguys, thanks you very much for the work.

    be gratefull for something free you little rotten kids.

  159. 159 BowenArrow

    Why am I banned?

  160. 160 BlueDragon

    Quote: BowenArrow
    March 13, 2009 at 9:38 am

    “so i woke up today and got some pussy. im bout to head off to school when i get back im getting more pussy. then sub quality anime. kthxbai”

    Dude that’s your sister not your a girlfriend lol 😉

  161. 161 イチロ イノ Ichiro Ino

    Episode 23
    Why is that each episode since before that Christmas party, I get hurt and hurt every time I watch toradora, I think I can relate to it very much, as it happened to me in real life…

    I’m following this series until it ends, so coalguys! please keep it up!

    Been downloading here since after you coalguys linked me here. Thank you very much…

  162. 162 naumedey-kun

    lol yeah, akikan subbed by chihiro aint funny 🙁

  163. 163 Andrew

    This ep and 22 really made for some interesting twists. I mean dang, this show is really getting even better than I thought it would. I can’t wait to see 24 and 25. It’s been awhile since there was a romance comedy anime quite like ToraDora. I hope there are more like it to come.

  164. 164 Yoritomo!


    pls. continue subbing AKIKAN!!!


    chihiro is so damn SLOW!!!!

    i hate it!!!

    they sub an episode after the next episode airs!!!!!


    i just hate them~!

  165. 165 MKV

    Indeed, be grateful that someone is actually subbing this for your ass. So far Coalguys has been releasing it on acceptable terms, so if your pissed at this dude for having a life, get one yourself.

    Overall…Minorin finally turned around from being some weird ass bitch to someone that actually helps.

  166. 166 The Crowned Clown Azimuth

    Finaly saw The fucking show, just to say thank you for yout work, can’t wait for The next one. Also lier = fag even ir i am little late :3

  167. 167 Sugoi

    Thanks for the hard work, I love Toradora. The only subbed episodes of Toradora I watch are yours. Oh and there’s no need to apologize for delays, health and school/work goes first. Waiting just makes me enjoy the show more when each episode is released.

    And to all you faggots out there who can’t do anything else but try to insult coalguys; you obviously have nothing better to do than to try to flame people who work really hard to bring us enjoyable episodes with awesome subbing, and I seriously doubt you can do any fucking better, so grow some balls and GTFO.

  168. 168 jcs

    Thanks for that. What’s this ‘sayah kampang’ bullshit? I can’t understand you when you hide behind gibberish like a pussy. (The pussy BowenArrow boasts about, perhaps?)

  169. 169 NK

    Thanks a bunch guys. keep up the good work, looking forward to what you guys produce next season

  170. 170 kaolla

    thanks a lot man! and yes, i think many of the fans out there would really appreciate it if you could consider subbing the rest of the episodes from 1 to 9, but anyway, looking forward to you completing the series, many thanks yet again! 🙂

    P.S. forget about the trolls, we are humans anyway ; different league

  171. 171 person

    I’m really sorry you have to deal with the trolls. Thank you very much for this excellent release!

  172. 172 MaNiaC

    Lier = Boring Queer.

    Thanks for the sub.

  173. 173 ThexGreek

    your such a good man.

  174. 174 Randinskilus

    Needs moar toradora! I woke up thinkin today hell ya can watch toradora 24 now and bam its not done yet D: *cries*

  175. 175 anon

    <3 ur work

  176. 176 anon

    any1 knows how many hours/days coalguys need until sub release ? (regulary)

  177. 177 anon

    its supposed to be today

  178. 178 anon

    When it’s done.

  179. 179 Lops

    Ryu will now go after Taiga just because Minori said NO lol
    Now aint he a bitch 😛

  180. 180 ANONN

    I will donate IFF Toradora is released before I head to bed for the night and have to catch a flight and miss it for this week. =P

  181. 181 Enk

    Why is it that certain people like to complain about subs when they so desperately depend on you. (Talking about “bowenarrow” or w/e his name is and lier) You bitch about it. But you wait every week for coal guy. If you’re such a great subber why don’t you just watch it raw. fool.

  182. 182 Baka-Sama

    @Coalguys: Thank you so much for continuing to sub this series. You’ve done such a great job subbing it, really! I’ll also say that all fansubbers that continue to sub after all the BS must have saintly levels of patience. Don’t mind us though, health and school comes first. I go to school and work, and through that I can barely find time to WATCH anime, let alone sub it, so kudos for your hard work. Hope ya feel better soon~

    @Lier: …wow

    @Bowen: I hope you get AIDS

    @Everyone else: Am I really the only Minori supporter? Really?

  183. 183 bubblebumble

    ahhhhhhhhhh waiting for toradora 24 T_T sooooooooo long T_T

  184. 184 Baka-Sama

    Oh, forgot to ask. Regarding the trolls… can you guys do IP bans? d^.^b

  185. 185 Ramon Escobar

    omg i am having withdrawl symtoms. i am dying

  186. 186 DaVince


    There are so many great anime out there that get subbed so slowly (as in it takes YEARS before they even pick it up) or even not at all, you should at least try to appreciate what Chihiro and Coaluys are doing: making the subs fairly quickly.

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